New Age: Channeled Messages 👽

So before i go into this topic i wanted to make a note that last night i was sleeping and these demon assholes woke me up at 5am shouting and screaming in almost a helium voice. And then i wake up and i felt a humming vibration leave my body specifically my head and move to the left of me on my bed.

I could see the energy swirling in the air and a shadow on the surface of my bed. I saw it moving around back and forth like a tornado standing still……My sheets started moving like there was actual pressure on the sheets. While i was frighten at first cause i just woke up i as always exchange my FEAR for CURIOSITY. I watched it for a little while to make sure i was seeing what i was seeing. And then i just said “you guys are assholes……” (for waking me up at 5am) and went to the bathroom.

So they make it so hard to sleep at night for some reason. Also as a note my eyes are very tender today. The vibration feeling was at other spots of my body as well. And i figured this is how they make dreams feel so real sometimes. But maybe im wrong. Not sure totally the purpose of vibration energy. Anyways just making a note.


So in the New Age community there are a lot of Channelers. Or people encouraging others to be “clairaudiant” or clairsentient ect. Which basically means you can sense or communicate with non sentient beings…. energy …. whatever.

There are some that listen and relay the message and there are people who allow the beings to speak through them.

Sigh. Yall!

Like first of all most of these people have no idea who or what they are talking to. Very few of us can see these beings fully. Only in part. Like you may only see the light magic illusion/vision they show you but not their true for walking the earth. Or you might see just the energy clouds of their being with your two eyes but not the actual form. The demon/aliens that I SEE…. LOVE to “play”. This can be in our waking life or dreams. They love to take on different personalities (real or made up). And they are able to do so THROUGH US. If they dont have a conduit to an audience, does it really matter? A bald headed casper the ghost looking alien was pretending to be telepathy with my ex in the begining. Even sounded like him too. But it wasnt my ex, it was and entity of sorts probably with a costume on. (YEA I KNOW THAT SOUNDS CRAZY!). But i have seen them use masks and like put coverings on. I honestly can’t even make this stuff up. Its not even what i want to bring into the world. Tbh.

Like y’all out here channeling and allowing just any ol’ entities to speak through you? They are PLAYING YOU! It is not some someones grandma or paladian alien or arch angel ect! Like get your shit together! You are renting out your body part time to a being you have no idea what it is or its true intention. Do you have sex with just anyone? And even if you did have sex with someone that is appealing (in one way or another) ….. What is to say they are not lying to you just to have sex with you?

That is what you are doing with these beings. Renting out your body to unknown beings. While these beings may enter my body …… I DO NOT CONSENT! So essentially they are rapists and trespassers. Who is to say they will not feel entitled to your body at some point? And just start taking you over and blacking you out when ever?

I mean i first thought it was a spirit or an angel (oooo pretty sparkles)…. Then telepathy with my ex….. Then reptillian and mantis aliens….. Then just old fashion demons….. Want to know why? Because no matter WHAT the situation was……… There was a LIE in there. They were lying about SOMETHING. And that takes time, observation and discernment to really see.

Like im not really trying to play with these beings. They hurt physically. Even when they try to give “pleasure” with soft touches or air lightly blowing or even forced orgasm….. It’s creepy AF.

One of the first times i encountered a “spirit” it pretended to be Zora Neal Hurston (who i adore) as my school project was on her life and legacy. And i wrote a piece about how she came to me in spirit during my studies. DO YOU KNOW Alice Walker wrote a short story “The Ghost of Zora Neal Hurston”. I found out because my professor asked if i had read anything by Alice Walker. I said No. And found out the Walker wrote a story similar to mine. So these demon alien assholes were out here trying to make it look like i was plagiarizing! Which could have got me licked out of school. ASSHOLES! It took me reviewing my life to see where they played me like this.

Im sorry but yall are getting played and spreading the SAME STUPID MESSAGE EVERY SINGLE TIME! EVERY TIME! from different channelers too! “The shift is happening” “ascension is on its way” “twin flames unite next month!” “New energies are on its way”. You all should be ASHAMED of yourselves for what you are doing to the public to get a buck or attention. Same messages since like 2011!

Yall are playing with/getting played by DEMONS. And misinformating the public at the same time which is opening more people to getting played and getting attacked and keeping them from God!. Thats an awakening right there!

Smh. So done with the shit!

Love and light! 🙏💩


Energetic Bodies

So I took a photo of my body in a dim lit room like I do to see other things.

And I saw that my energetic (I think it is mine or it could be another being) had 3 holes in it. It looked almost a cavern. I saw a pair of eyes in one of the holes.

Then I remember in January a gang of 30 or more Geckos all shot me in my stomach and then my eating habits changed. I wrote about in my blog.

Then maybe 3 months later a male face came to me and removed a band of maybe 5 astral parasites but left one that I could still feel and later saw.

My assumption was that the astral parasites were covering or closing the holes that was caused by the attack in January.

Why they were taken away or I was attacked in the first place I am unsure.

“I’m leaving!” 🙄

“I’m leaving!”

“I’m never coming back!”

“I never want to see you again!”

“Go home!”

“There’s no room for you here!”

Ect, ect, ect……..

So this Demon Entity is always yelling about its going to leave me ….. “just wait for happy birthday!”. Always saying it will leave around my birthday. Or some holiday.

So I’m have a sense of false hope, so those dreams will be crushed. Maybe there is an a sliver of hope that it will leave around these holidays, or when it says it will, or when I went to healers. But it’s all a really terrible play with really really bad acting and a shitty /insane story line.

But I’m pretty set on wanting these demon to leave never being able to contact anyone in anyway ever again. All of them! Disgusting!

I’m trying to keep hope, faith….. those things that things will get better. But I don’t know if I am just tricking myself into a lie.

Must I become an addict to see the Jesus play? Worship Satan to have a good life? This shit sucks balls! Hairy balls, stinky balls, lop sided balls……. just sucks!

I’m stuck here just listening to things I DONT EVEN WANT TO REPEAT!!!! That’s how bad it is! It’s not just a worry or a “negative thought” like some chicks shirt is ugly……. this is like the most vile things I couldn’t even image and don’t want to!!!!

I have to find language to describe it with out repeating the exact vile thought word for word. There is no “just let the thoughts roll by” with this it makes me physically ill, it hurts it’s gross. And even if I try to stay strong for a long period of time I eventually break down cause I can’t hold all that disgusting thoughts in! I scream out for God! To take it away…….. and here it remains. It gets to live….. it gets to play…. dirty….. it rapes me ….. it violates me it tries to scare me it beats on my chest it loops the same thoughts over and over it shows me shit I don’t want repeat. It puppets my face and tries to make me micro express (energetic smile) happiness at the most vile events in the world…. it’s sick. GOD WHY IS IT ALIVE WHY IS IT HERE GOD!!!!!? WHY DOES IT EVEN EXIST?!!!!!!???

Kill it!!!!

Please God kill it!!!!

Proof I’m not totally crazy 😳

You have to zoom in on it or not have a white background.

This is just ONE of the many I see around me. The voice Entity kept saying it was my grandma and it made me sad cause I thought my grandma (recently passed) got sucked into their hell matrix but I soon grounded myself and know they lie about everything thing.

I rarely see human like faces more troll demon reptilian like heads. Writing I rarely understand.

I’m not sure what all of this is or why but it’s happening.

Does a Curse make you go to hell? 🔥☃️🔥

If someone or something cursed you or whatever do you automatically go to hell? Like even if you are a decent person?

Like what does it mean to be cursed?

All I see and hear and feel is damn near close to hell. And I have no idea why I would be cursed but there are bad people and beings that do unspeakable things.

But what does that mean ? Are we only cursed in this life or are we then dragged to hell by default because of the things we see and hear?

Idk what this all is. I am not afraid. But I’m kindaaaaaaa over it? I honestly don’t even have the attention span for this schizophrenic demonic reptilian incubus curse.

Appropriations in Spirituality 🤔

Is there a way to learn about the ancient or current spiritual or medical practices with out appropriating the culture but also giving it the acknowledgement it deserves?

As someone who sought assistance from many practitioners I found some that were new age (a meld of beliefs and practices), and those that practiced native or Indian or other indigenous systems. While I believe that we are all here to learn from one another, I wondered if the same symbols and ancestry was capable of being fully understood by an outsider.

How I see symbols as an American is totally different than say someone in another country.

I have seen others who have been able to take say practicing yoga and really bring a mission to it in their own way. Because their mission was genuinely to heal people in their communities. They don’t over do the whole yoga look or push concepts that are far beyond our reach but meet you where you are at for that moment in your life. Just come as you are, participate and community for that moment.

So I always wonder as the pot starts to meld. And westerns bring practices from afar (or local) to their business model where are the indigenous people located in all of this? Where are their business models?

How can we ensure the people of those practices are not erased by practitioners? Learning these practices are a gift from those cultures. How do we uplift them? These practices were born out of pain and necessity. How can it be applicable in capitalism? And does it loose something when not practiced or sought by those it is indigenous to or with in the confines of capitalism?

Where is the balance? And is it even effective?

I’m half blind, only privy to certain aspect but not others. I see and hear things that are pretty common, but I don’t know where it fits in the grand scheme of things.

Archon Communication 👽

I BELIEVE Archons (or whatever you want call them), communicate through our photos on social media (specifically).

Like little digital watermarks only they can see or notice. (Or a trained eye).

I see words and beings that make no sense to me. Many of the words in other languages.

That’s all I got.

Just a hypothesis.

What I SEE vs What I HEAR 👀👂🏼

I wonder ……

I see many entities, trolls, demons, aliens, reptilian, ducks (which is a new one), ghosts …. baby ghosts, skulls, banshees, mermaids, lions, geckos, praying mantis and the occasional huge centipede, dragons, cars, machines, LOTS of “flowers”/ attachment connectors. And this gizmo looking dude that rides around on a Lotus flower. All leaning the cartoon side.

Almost all of them have a straw that comes half way our their mouth. The flowers are ways to connect but I don’t know why.

I have seen a vision of a woman but when I concentrate on looking into the darkness of my eyes that “woman” turned into a Mantis that quickly removed itself from my view once I saw it.

Are all these “entities” what make up my imagination, visions (forced imagination), dreams. I can usually tell the difference between my own imagination or memory vs forced visions. Theirs are WAY brighter than mine. Like abnormally bright, and the theme is usually child abuse, sex, yup that’s pretty much the main ones.

So what I SEE and what I FEEL correlates. I have seen 30 Geckos shoot sparkles into my stomach no words (yes I know that’s fucking crazy) and then I had insatiable hunger, I see the clear fast jelly one that would make my body shake.

What I SEE and what I HEAR does not correlate. I’m threatened all day by this voice. There is 2 maybe 3 (2 males and an occasional female voice) I hear all kinds of sick shit about child abuse. The loud voice will talk about incest or rape with my father. Maybe forced visions of rape as I might wake up from hearing my dad leave for work.

Visions are like dreams with your eyes open. But they are not quiet the same as hallucinations. Hallucination (i.e. Blobs of energy, or a troll in my bathroom) I can walk around. Even if they are a bit 2D I can still walk around them meaning it’s in space not just my head.

So maybe visions and what I hear correlate. But what I SEE and hear does not. It’s like all of the 2D characters would have to be activated as players in a vision. But usually the mind will see human or maybe whatever this MAIN one wants me to see.

Only in my dreams has what I heard, felt and saw correlate and it was one of me being raped. And my butt actually hurt after.

What I HEAR and what I FEEL correlates. What I hear which is a main male voice that is loud (even when it whispers), that often mimics/parrots my ex (false twin flames) voice or “character”. This one seems like a ring leader and I guess is the one that’s in my head the most.

Often the main demon will try to make me feel like a pedophile if I see a child on TV. This will be a split second situation. Child on tv, I’m like “aw cute”, Entity will vibrate my vagina/root chakra.

If the Entity/demon/Voice feels extra mean today, it will say something disgusting or insinuating through a “forced vision” something disgusting. This happens all day. As much as I’ve locked myself in the house to avoid it. Children are in every commercial, my dad lives with me an Depending on the day I may or may not cry in bed because it’s disgusting and overwhelming.

So…………………. that’s MY life currently.

Any thought is distorted to whatever meaning the voice wants to give it.

So if I hear my father getting ready for work it’s automatically turned to disgusting vision of him. This has altered my relationship with my dad. Although I fake it and smile I don’t communicate with him as much as I use to for fear of seeing yet another gross vision or hearing another gross thought.

This then keeps me in a constant dialogue of defending the meaning of my thoughts. But at that point the damage is done. There is only so much “positive thinking” I can do to combat this and at this point I have to ignore it and know who I am as to not engage the VOICE anymore.

I’m unsure as the discrepancy between what I hear and see and feel. But my guess is that there is a main voice and the other entities I see are “workers” working on what I see and feel.

So ….. that’s all I have for today.

Shade | The Magicians: What I See 😱

” Shades are the part of the soul that makes people process complex emotions like love and pain…”
— Read on

At the height I was seeing beings with big holes in their chest. They seemed like temporary versions of a larger being (usually humanism). Like fractal that constantly are being birthed and consumed of themselves (makes no sense, it’s the only way I can describe it).

Some had holes there some had a smaller being in their chest.

When I heard about “Shade” in the series the Magicians, it kind of reminded me of the beings with a hole in their chest. (See the “shadeless” section of the link.)

I still don’t know all of what I see. I just know I see it. And there seems to be many different names and many different explanations.

This also goes back to my previous post that “what’s so wrong with being human?” Divinity and Humanness.

It seems not until our emotions are manipulated, disregarded that they perpetuate the cycle of pain.

But who the fuck am I? Hmm? Some doe eyed young buck with a foul mouth that’s only been on the earth 35 years technically 36 if you count womb incubation.

So is this the underworld? Overworld? I mean bravo on the spooky haunted house hell display.

And no one has answers?

I love earth and Gods work……. But seriously fuck this matrix.

Cells Squeak And Sparkle ✨

When I stretch I can hear my cells squeak.

Especially in my root chakra area and my chest neck ears.

When I look I can not see the full figure. But the energetic shadow and the space jelly like blob around it. It sparks these tiny little barely noticeable sparks and would look like dust otherwise when they are looked at.

It doesn’t like to be noticed or looked at.

It hurts as well. Feels tight.

It’s either causes or attaches to pain.

I feel a pain in my chest. I can see the pain attached to the outside of my chest.

Sometimes I will wiggle my hips like a snake and hear the squeaking of my cells with the energy and then notice a release in my nose or head. I can then breathe for a moment or relax from the tension in my head.

It’s constant although it has lessened since the beginning.

Some people have told me this is “kundalini” but a guru of sorts said it was not. Just like they told me I am not a twin flame. Said I am a light worker, I can tell you for sure I am not.

So every time I look for a path, although this mimics all of them I am told this is not it. And that is fine.

What mimics every spiritual pathway and yet is not it?