Spiritual Bypassing Revisited. ðŸ˜²ðŸ˜²ðŸ˜²

So spiritual bypassing. 

We are basically saying that if you don’t get almost literally spiritually jumped and cosmically punched in the face that you don’t get the badge of honor of being “inept”. To………… What? 

Do y’all see how we are perpetuating abuse even through our spiritual communities. 

We allow these “spirits” entities to cause harm and then run around thinking its an honor….. And we are enlightened. 



Basically you are enabling cosmic spiritual bullying.

And we are suppose to grow from that?!

Think about how fucking backwards that is? 

Its perpetating abuse.

If someone is in an abusive relationship do you tell them to stay in the relationship and forgive them while they are being beat? 

A lot of these people going around talking about accept the dark and light…. And spiritual bypassing never been raped by some random ass entity and then being told to forgive them. Forgiveness is a process. And protecting ones self is the first step. Abuse stopping is the first step. 

And forgiveness is a choice. 

I’ve always been like this. Ever since school. School is forced… Information forced…. Most of its a lie to perpetuate ignorance. Most of its not useful and most what actually learn and find useful is on the job you are forces to engage in to survive. 

Let’s really rethink the spiritual concepts we spew out. All we are doing is excusing entitities, energies, demons, whatever to play a roll in our lives, and there shouldn’t be any. They made their choice. And they keep making their choice the more you allow them to “punish” or abuse us senselessly which only enables their bad behavior.

Its not a badge of honor….. It’s ignorance. 



Dry Fasting!

Learn something new everyday! A guy in my group suggested “Dry Fasting” and said “No food and no liquids. To make an analogy – wet woods make poor fire, but dry woods make strong fire. This will be internal purifying fire in your body and cells.”

This Blog goes into detail:

“It’s as simple as the wet-dry distinction. Wet fasting: Drink water, but take no food.Dry fasting: a total abstinence from both food and water for a defined time.

There is one more level of dry fasting called Absolute Dry Fasting. Some suggest to reach the deepest level and realize the full benefits of dry fasting, it’s better not to let any water come in contact with the body through the skin or mucous membranes. You heard that right: no showers, no swimming, no brushing teeth while dry fasting.”



Before I was attacked I would natrually fast on weekends because I was tired and too lazy to cook. But also I wasnt doing the same amount of work i was doing durning the week on the farm. I think its “intermitting fasting”. I believed it help me shed a lot of pounds.

I also fasted for two weeks on water alone, while i was in the middle of my delusions hoping God would help me and my family if I sacrificed consuming the comforts fixed by my mother. I was shocked that i had so much energy. I relized later that any sense of “lack of energy”, passing out, headaches was the Entity attacking me. I didnt NEED as much to survive like I was taught. But cookie dough makes the tears go away.

I will be incorperating this into my spiritual detox plan.

Numb 👤 Etheric Overlays

So …. I have noticed for a while now a numb sensation. 

At first I thought it was because I wasn’t moving as much. But YOU KNOW ME overly aware all the time.

So I noticed my hands going numb (especially around the phone). And when I looked there were one of those circles there. Noticed my thighs for months now. 

I noticed my feet/ ankle going numb. And then I felt that energy move up my leg that’s what prompted me to write about it.

Ive seen foreign energy move under my skin and then leave a mark. Either a pictogram (or emoji like) or an X. 

It’s so gross seeing your skin move. Its not like an aliens gonna pop out…. Its like a wave. Its more meshed WITH the skin than under it. 

That’s how the burn me, and talk to me, and poke, vibrate …. Rape. “Punch”…… Is by merging with the human cell or the space in between cells and causing an illusionary sensation.

Hands, arms, feet, thighs. And then my core and head is a whole other thing with etheric animals and beings coming and going as they please. Just …. Uhg. And my 3rd eye is pretty much a big gaping hole at this point. 

And they won’t stop, won’t shut up, won’t leave, won’t provide any “contracts”.


The Demonic Archon Alien tried to say its prepping my body for the Isis etheric overlay. 😩😞😒

Suck an etheric dick. 

I said NO! 

Exploitation of Pain (The Healer on TLC) ðŸ‘

These beings exploit pain! 

ANY! Emotional, mental, physical, ethric, environmental! 

I was watching “The healer” and demon tried to insinuate that this guy was putting evil energy in the people he works with.

But honestly what I felt was he was removing the exploitation of pain out attachments out. I can see the pain attachments. That is my assumption. The healers light or energy is moving it OUT not in. I wonder what he sees. 

I had a toothache one time….. And a few times I would say the words love and the tootheache would go away for a little bit. But ever since this evil energy has attached to me…… I had a toothache and it was pumping that area full of painful energy to a level that is not OK for a human. 

So I know these entities exploit pain anyway they can. Sad about your grandma who passed… Exploit…  Back hurts a little bit…… let’s make it crippling, childhood traumas…… LETS HIT THAT NOTE FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. . 

Seriously fuck these demons. 

Golden Light Group Healing Session ðŸ’«

So I just did a group healing session with about 500 to maybe 1.5k+ people this morning. 

I didn’t do my normal breath work or implant removal today and just was like whatever just do it. So I joined in late on the meditation but just kept trying to pull in as much “light”.

This one was WAY more emotional than I thought. I was doing the breathing and just trying to send more love out. I realized I will have to probably keep replenishing my “cord” with my twin with love and light since she asks so much of me and I’m just frustrated because where I am in life. It’s not her fault. So I sent love and light out to my family just trying to lighten our relationship. I can’t cut the cord cause I see them all day. Lol then I thought of all my friends and family whom I love and care for and who was involved in this Entity Attack in one way or another and sending love and light out that way. Eric Raines says when ypu have negativity festering in a relationship thats like black magic. Because my ego always had to fight this Archon Entity when it would use my coworkers, family, ex twin flame against me. 

An example would be the Entity would mention a fucked up part of a relationship with someone. And then…. I go on to say in my head “well what about when they did this or screwed me for that or left me here …. Or hurt my feelings then” bla bla bla. So I have to work on that. 

Either way. 

I pulled in as much light and saw myself griding below the ground trying to find those who were in the dark, who suffer from schizophrenia, abuse, sexual violence, hunger, homes … War….

I started cried and my body was convulsing….. Cause…. It thought of all that suffered and wanted to give them a spark of hope. A piece of light. I tried to stop myself from crying cause I am always afraid that its just feeding these entities. 

Then I thought about the world and soon as my mind went over the Caribbean I started crying again that was intense one…. Instant. I didn’t even think about the hurricane. It was tears.

Today has been a lot of tears, for myself, for others, the world. 

I’m not “elevated”, I’m not in swimming through the astral. I’m not special. I don’t have superpowers or abilities like everyone else. I’m human. 

My body is a tool I want to reclaim as my own. These Archon Reptilian demons are using it for their own gain and agenda….. I don’t even know what that is anymore. And it is mine. This in my body, my tool in this world. That is enough and extraordinary enough. 

There is so much healing this world needs. I want to do the intangible and tangible work as well.

This session was bigger than my own personal healing.

The entity is still here. Still doing what it does. But my focus is still the same, us as a collective healing. 

Watch “Clear your Energy Body from Implants and Negative Entities” on YouTube

This was actually super good! And I’m a hard ass when it come to this stuff. But I did feel differences. 

The Entity is still here and attached. I ended up putting white gold light in my heart chakra and saw all this black burst out. 

I might have to do this a few times. But when does it stop? When can I effortlessly be myself again? When will I won’t have to worry about constantly shutting down absurd and gross thoughts?

This was good though! 

The Reason My Parent Divorced. ðŸ˜”

When I was say 3 years old my parents spit up because my mom wanted to get their own place and not live with my father. 

The icing on the cake was when I kept talking about “the monsters” which they then took me and my twin sister to therapy where they assumed the monster I was talking about was my father, and took the leap to say that my father molested me. This sealed the deal on the divorce and I was never to see my father again.

I went my whole life thinking my father molested me not even truly knowing what it is but something bad. And I hated him for it. 

12 years later my mom contacts my dad, he said he would never, my mom believed him, they remarry and we move to the city. I finish high school but they soon kick me out because I was gay (19 yo.) So life sucked balls. 

I have tried for a long time to make it on my own and I think did a decent job of doing so while trying to help my friends in their time of need as well. But I slowly repaired my relationship with my parents in that time away and was proud of that. 

Now I moved back here, some 15 years later and guess what I’m seeing monsters again. And its molesting me, and trying to force incestious, sick perverted thoughts, and ruining my life yet again. AINT THAT SOME SHIT. 

The building I live in is a bunch of resident doctors and nurses who all work at the hospital close by, so combine whatever monster I saw as a kid, and whatever spirit, energies these doctors bring home, and living in the heart of NYC I’m sure this is just a cesspool of negative energies. 

My mom cleans the house every other day. We moved a lot of things around in the house, and redorated the whole house which usually kicks up energies as well. I just don’t know how to remove them or send them where they belong. 

None of this schizophrenia started until I moved here. Not at this level.  Its like yea I heard or saw a shadow here or there…. But this is woa. I have pictures of energy in my house. So I’m not crazy. 

Now that I can “see” these energies now, I looked at a picture of my sister prior to her stroke and there was a big purple circle thing around the eye that she went blind in. Thank god through surgery she was able to get her sight back. But what is the agenda of these Entities and energies?

So these entities possibly broke up my parents and blinded my sister and declinded all of our health all the while I am having a schizophrenic break down watching all of this shit play out. The storyline about my ex (twin flame) and getting him back and past lives was all a distraction for the pain and havoc they were reeking in our lives to obtain what I assume is the energy they need.

Tonight I cried at the dinner table because the Entity kept molesting me every time my Dad made a sound when he ate his diner. He had a tracheotomy because of the surgery so he makes this strange noise. But reasoning doesn’t stop these Entities from doing what they do, and I broke down, I was weak, I gave them what they wanted, I cried because I’m tiresy of being molested by sick, nasty, dark distgusting evil Entities at every opportunity. 

Part of me wants to run away and the other wants to stay and clear this bullshit out for my families sake, but they are duplicating all over the house. they are everywhere (TV, cellphones, microwave, bathroom sink handle, soap pump, above the diner table, above and side of beds, different sizes colors, forms) and I have yet to figure out how to physically remove them.


Love + Light Energy 💫 ðŸ™

My friend sent me real love and light energy. It didn’t hurt, it wasn’t invasive or aggressive. It was kind it asked permission to enter my house even after I gave her permission. That’s called consent. 

Unlike whatever entities have set up shop in my mothers house.

Now the demonic archon alien ai copy bot jelly fish blobs tried to copy her energy to act like her. Probably to get me distrust her. I could tell that it was them because it was aggressive, I could hear its janky frequency coming near me, it hurt and was trying to suck my energy and the smile was a bit different. 

Its like GMO spirituality. The difference between real clean natural healing nutritional energy and dirty, fake, dangerous energy. 

We have to learn to discern. 

I am so greatful for that experience my friend gave me. It made me have some faith in the spiritual world. That MAYBE, not all are mean or gross or eventually becomes that when it wants to control you. Maybe.

Many are out here seeking, doing drugs or are willing to listen to the first thing that pops up in their sphere just to have a “spiritual experience”.

Its like I find the words to put it all together but my feelings about all of this I haven’t sorted out. I’m amazed, shocked, sadden, hopeful, angry, grateful…… 

I just want our people to be OK. We do not need to suffer like this when we could be using that energy to help the planet and each other. And there are enough things that happen in the world that we have to deal with to then top it off with alien possession, is just. .. Lame.

Keeping the faith 🙏

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