I just dont get it…..

Not to toot my own horn but I’m a decent person, I’ve always been a decent person. Maybe a couple of fuck ups….. but decent at the core. Loving and humanitarian…… and I just don’t get why I am being (demonic alien targeted) attacked like this.

There are terrible people out there doing terrible things. And like….. why aren’t they tortured? Maybe it would stop them…. why don’t they stop bad people? Instead I get persecuted for things I’ve never done or thought or indulged in.

I just don’t get it.

I was reading through a targeted individual group and it is sooooo sad what people are going through. It breaks my heart. One guy was screaming on camera about how they were burning him. Again I have no idea if this is alien, demon, government or my brain is really actually broken….. but the themes seem the same. That’s the odd part. The meds don’t work AT ALL, most just make me high or sleepy or numb but don’t take the experience away. So idk it leaves me to think it’s something else.

I’m really done with this phase of life. I want to move toward something better. I wanted a family, a job, a house, little comforts, Health….. now I’m not sure if that is possible. And I’m not getting any younger.

If it’s not gonna stop then I want to learn what the fuck is going on and why.

But I want a life.

Parkland Shooting

The same people who were saying that parkland shooting was a “false flag” operation and that the KIDS who were protesting the shooting and speaking up were actually adults actors are the SAME PARANOID PEOPLE saying Chrissy Teigan and Ophra are pedos, that this is a “plandemic” and we don’t need to wear masks and at the same time saying the there is a cure that Trump suggests and all the while saying Bill Gates is invested in the vaccine so he can put a microchip in us.

Y’all and my black peoples are sharing white supremest news articles, spewing homophobic things about BLM because two of the founders are lesbians and talking about the black on black crime myth as if that excuses police brutality or murder.

I can’t cope with the state of the world. People seem really confused and paranoid and not to mention all of the ‘isms that are flying around.

There is a whole dimension that is against us. What if it is I don’t know, spiritual, demonic, alien, government. And we can’t even master this reality.

I don’t even have the energy to unravel all of it in this post. But if you know you know. You know that this is getting out of control. I don’t need to watch mainstream media. I go on my gut. And my gut is saying that there is a war on the mind/consciousness and many who claim to be woke are spreading lies for clout. To seem edgy

Is there child abuse and sex trafficking? Hell Yes! Is is Chrissy Tegan or Will Smith probably not. It’s in your family and on your block. It’s the most vulnerable families and children. Poor black and brown. Not Epstein’s taste for young white girls trying to be a model. Even in East New York Brooklyn there were a number of black girls that went missing, did anyone care then? I asked my coworker what was up with that and he said it was probably a ring, my mind was so innocent I didn’t even know what a ring was. And none of those girls were on tv images shared on social media.

Rings aren’t some big Epstein like scandal. It’s some poverty shit. It’s kidnapping your young girlfriend and pimping her off (rape). It’s parents and other adult figures raping kids. Ask anyone and they know a teacher that raped a student during their life time. It’s rape culture that allows for these very defining lines to be blurred.

People would rather not address white supremacy because two black women who care account their black community are lesbians. LOL WUT?! That is how deep that shit goes. They think George Soros it trying to incite a race war because……..why? Because BLM took funding from George Soros that automatically illegitimizes their whole movement and message. I’ve worked for none profits and that is ALWAYS an issue (even though I have not read any real reasons with backed up evidence that Soros wants to depopulate the earth 😬🙄). If a corporation wants to give us a ton of money we have to have meeting after meeting about what that means for us. Taking money from rich people and corporations will always be the double edge sword to the non profit. ALWAYS!

I will say that during the elections something seemed fishy and I saw a lot of Russians friend requesting me and in groups all of a sudden. And I knew something was up or using Russia text was like a new internet trend. Either way it has been proven and is still being investigated that the Russians are intervening in the elections through social media. WHY I can’t tell you. My best guess is money. Investments probably. Anything more than a guess is a conspiracy theory.

For me prior to 2016 elections my conspiracy was food. The food was/is being modified for profitability and the human body is suffering. Even if you eat veggies unless it’s local and organic most will still be depraved of nutrition. Because small farmers aren’t invested in and we have a culture of take out. Which I’m not mad at but unless you paying that coin you are more than likely not getting the freshest ingredients.

Either way I have “schizophrenia” right? But I’m just sitting back and watching the whole world go mad and it’s ……. frustrating. Because you can’t argue with people anymore. We are beyond that with most people.

I’m only hitting the tip of the iceberg with all of this. But something is up and we are losing our shit as a people and I am deeply worried.

Conspiracy Theories and More!

Ok so I normally keep my ear to the ground about what’s going on in sub culture. And I KNOW for a fact my blog is insane. Like I experience something insane everyday. Alien spider looking demon things that really try to fuck up my body and life for like no reason. Right?! And others have confirmed my insanity with theirs, maybe not to a T but close enough.

Fact is I know what I experience is insane. And it sucks. Knowing that it is insane and being objective and grounded about it is what saved me from being in jail or perma psyche ward.

However, the masses are LOSING THEIR SHIT. From really believing that the pandemic is a “planned-demic” so that bill gates can microchip us through a vaccine to calling ALL liberal celebrities in Hollywood pedos my mind is really blown right now. And that is just current news coming out the rabbit hole.

Something doesn’t fee right about all of this. To constantly be having pedo stuff on my timeline and people freaking out to people legit putting them selves as risk from misinformation the read in a MEME about COVID.

Like common!!! People! Common! People care more about high profile pedos than the rings poppin up in trap houses in their own town! You care about the children, fix your backyard. But that doesn’t fit into the whole new world order Illuminati child abuse rituals, drinking the blood of children and wearing their skin narrative. And honestly it seems like people are more entertained by this sick shit then they actually care about the children. I said this before in my blog.

Keeping us in this sick state of disgust, confusing and misinformation is WHAT THEY WANT! Whatever these “energy” or entities are need us to be confused and look crazy. Something isn’t adding up for me with all this. Because all I see is mass hysteria and people spreading misinformation.

I mean before this it was that everyone in government and the queen was a reptilian. 😳😬 Now very few people are talking about that. It’s all trends and conspiracy theories.

Now I have said in this blog that I think reptilian or some sort of demonic alien has been torturing me. However that is not on this plane of existence. It’s in some astral dimension that can merge with “reality”. And I KNOW that sounds crazy but I just explain what I experience with out judging it too much in hopes that it helps other people experiencing the same thing. Nothing is ever isolated.

It just really upsets me that people are more concerned with this whole NWO Illuminati pedo stuff than ACTUALLY saving children. Or saving lives by wearing a dinky mask for like 30 mins while you are in a store. Or how wearing a mask has turned into a right wing issue of defending our constitutional rights. I’m losing hope in humanity.

I will blog with more details but I just wanted to get this out there because shit is getting out of control. I hope most people are trying to keep a level head and are doing better.

What I see: Eye Closed

I’ve had about 3 people I know astral project to me. More if there are people I don’t know about.

This has taken a great deal of time to observe. I can see souls. Souls are pure light and formless, from what I can see. I have seen souls with different hues. Blue, yellow, green, I have seen so far. But it’s still not like color is the first thing I notice. It’s usually an after thought.

I had a couple AP to me and they gave me a “astral hug” lol. I could see them, the only thing was I could only see the light of their souls from behind a curtain of entity faces. It was really odd. This wasn’t the first time this happened but this was the first time it all clicked cause I didn’t know what I was looking at and was afraid if everything.

What I DONT get is I can see the light of others souls but I can’t see the light of my own.

I’m open to being wrong but I mean this is what I observed over maybe 3 years so far. And it’s only happened a handful of times where I invited someone to Astral Project to me.

I feel like all these entities this infestation is trying to keep me from APing. I don’t even really want to AP. Like am I crazy for wanting to change the matrix? Inside and not escape it? I could have been paradise. But ……. now even the spiritual people have lost it. Plus I really like cookies.

Idk this is really an annoying process. And no the voice has not gone away.

Eyes Closed- Aliens

So I haven’t been writing much because I am in school trying to have a different experience other than seeing demonic aliens all day. Feel me?

So tonight around 4-5 am I was finishing up my homework and I lay down to finally get some sleep and I see Aliens (that is the best way to describe them) some look more human with human eyes some with more Alien eyes. But they are like swimming in and out of my field in the astral or ethers.

It’s so annoying that no one can help me or tel me more about wtf is going on.

But this is what I see. I don’t know if I am seeing “another dimension” or if they are actually inside of my eyes but I see them. Mostly in the left which causes that eye to look more stressed and have pain.

I have had a few children I know complain to me that when they go to sleep they are seeing colors and faces and so they are doing this to new and little children as well. I am not sure what is going on or what they are doing. I tried every way of going about this and I am at this point of …….. ok guys (aliens) what’s going on?

When I asked them that that is the ONLY time I get complete silence. They refuse.

Also when I look directly at the aliens they turn around and I don’t know why. When I am not paying them any attention they are are just doing all kinds of stuff.

Imma keep this short but if you see them share your experience here.

Frustration Level: Level Up

I’m super frustrated right now with where things are at. Helpless at times. The world feels out of control but there is beauty in resistance. There is quiet in the stillness we had for a moment.

While the world turns, I’m still concerned about my own situation. What is going on.

I went to one healer who said I worse off than I was before. And it’s strange because things have gotten….. quieter. The voices aren’t as loud as they use to be which helps me not feel completely brain dead. Also the attacks are……. still happening but softer? I can still feel the smaller entities attached to the side of my eyes, spine, vagina and other parts of my body.

I sat in observation of the entities (demonic aliens whatever) and saw how they used light waves, electromagnetic fields….. observed their mental games…. how they move which I detail in this blog.

Yet I still don’t know where they come from, why they are harassing me (and others), how to stop it or use it to my advantage. It’s really frustrating to be honest.

No healer (and I have been to many) has been able to move this thing or give advice of how to do it myself.

And I actually laid down my cards and figured let me live life and go to school, try to find a boo piece and just live, and hopefully whatever needs to reveal itself next levels will just happen naturally.

But that is not happening. More so I am learning to cope or somewhat live with thus attachment and that is NOT my goal.

I’m frustrated because especially with the healers, I feel like child that the adults don’t want to tell the truth to. Or there is sone big secret I can’t be in on.

But I have to remember while this experience opened my eyes, it is NOT enlightenment. This is an attack on my soul, body, mind, spirit.

Like I’ve tried the whole raise my vibration. And all I can do is be real. Like I got attacked working on a non profit farm exercising everyday, it has nothing to do with that. Of course the body might feel better, but who is to say they won’t attack me to the point I can’t move again if I lose weight. Or go vegan again.

And on the topic of physicality I know that these entities are the ones causing the sciatica. I know it! They hit all the nervous system. The brain, the heart, the vagina now its my lower spine and with sciatica.

I want to be all the way normal again or I want to morph into a metaphysical super hero so I can kick these entities asses. It’s so frustrating.

And I see how they fuck with people who are unaware of them ….. but I can’t say anything because then I will look crazier than I am.

Godless World

So I believe in God. I want to believe in something better than me or my situation. But currently I feel like we live in a Godless world. And it just a bunch of entities playing make believe.

I see no evidence of God being here. Just the fact that evil exist. And if evil exist there must be good. And when I’m talking about evil, I’m talking about something greater than human. What drives some humans to be evil.

All I see is evil. Scary monster faces saying the most vile things. And I just don’t get it.

I believe in God and Good. I just don’t see it anywhere spiritually in my life or reality.

Aboriginal Entities

These are Aboriginal Entities deemed as Sky Gods. I was watching ancient aliens season 11 episode 7 and noticed there was a similarity between my drawings from 2017 to these Sky Gods draw on the caves in Australia. It’s mainly the eyes. Apparently the Aboriginal go into a dream time state which would be considered the Astral Plane.

There is emphasis on the head and not the body which I noticed too with these entities. I only saw the body once and assumed it was the same one and kind of Phillies in the details. But the eyes!!!

This is an alien dude I caught on camera. It’s the easiest to see.

Either way I though it was interesting. I don’t know why I would be seeing aboriginal entities. Or how it all relates to much. These entities are TERRIBLE to me. I wish it was a wonderful magical connection, but it’s not. Once I stopped playing it’s game it got vicious. Much of which I documented in this blog.

Comment your thoughts.