My Friends Friend Homophobic rant. πŸ™„

So my best friends friend came over to her house in a whirlwind and then started spewing homophobic rant about how LGBT people just need to let kids be kids.

I didn’t get to tell this white cis hetero woman off because my friend walked into the room and wanted to talk about her boy drama and then my friends friend said “yea fuck LGBT tell me about what’s going on”

Unfortunately the LGBT community has bared the brunt of the Pedos. Be it man or woman going after boys or girls they are pedos and child molesters. That is the bottom line.

Many heterosexual see homosexuality or transgenderism as JUST SEX. And not about love or care and the need for that in our lives. Unfortunately because of societies low vibe view ON homosexuality often times people end up going to the lowest vibration of love which is lust. We settle for lust because we are often not deemed worth of live or long term relationship because people are in the closet or we are afraid of violence towards us (specifically trans woman of color/ black trans women).

My friends friend went on to talk about drag queen story hour and saying it was too early to expose that to children to that. Again because most heterosexual will only associate it with SEX. Drag performers are entertainers. While their more conventional shows may be risquΓ© with props and dirty jokes. I’m am sure it is augmented for children.

So drag queens are not her to teach children anything other than tolerance for other and to read a book with some flare.

As I said in previous post most of the LGBT I know are very protective of children and have been sexually abused by “heterosexual” pedos.

And if this about “keeping kids kids” honestly there are plenty children shows that my godson watches on YouTube and Netflix that have heteronormative displays.

My godson love Nurto and there is a girl who is in love with Nurto in the show and he is totally aware of that and what it means. Even the Lion King is love story between two hetero lions. I can go on and on .

Point is as soon as there is a display of homosexuality there is an agenda on the kids and lumping us with pedos or trying to turn children LGBT.

When we are really trying to save the children who know or feel they are LGBT and create tolerance for those that are. And even those that aren’t. How many men (who are hetero) have been made fun of and called fag and beat up at school just for being different.

Not only is the LGBT for tolerance but also anti bullying and anti suicide.

I mean kids are being killed by their parents for being gay. My parents kicked me out for being gay but then my mom had the nerve to have a gay best friend and hair dresser. πŸ˜‘

But heterosexual feel like their indoctrination of children into heteronormative and hegemonic lifestyle is being threatened.

Be it soft/ covert hate of the LGBT or plain overt hate the point is to make society more accepting of those that are different than them.

I was really shocked to be dragged into the snipper assault on LGBT right in front of my face.

Was really annoyed and disappointed.

From a Chat with a Friend πŸ™πŸΌ

I’m glad you found some peace. The only way I fine some mild form of peace is knowing that these are entities of some form and that they are trying to play me and not letting them play me.

I’m on ok with being a regular ass human. I can look to the archetypes of angels and other positive god/desses but essentially not idolize them.

I can not let anything false penetrate my psyche. My love for God is above all that.

I guess the only thing I need to work on is not obsessing over all these entities that are in my way. Who I feel are in between me and God. I study them which is occultish but it is only to contrast my understanding of God since I do not feel I have that connection.

They are present. Their presence is my contrast to good and truth. Since they are liars and illusionists.

But essentially my goal is to have a connection and relationship with God free of interference from these entities. Entities that had the audacity to call themselves God. Or even divine beings from any belief system.

Cliche Matrix trick?

You remember the twins from the Matrix? I was watching the Matrix reloaded on Netflix just for shits and giggles. And I realized one of the entities that has harassed me looked like one of the twins from the matrix.

Like that flip book choppy look and hair flying everywhere.

I have not seen that one up close in my aura in a while but this is the best way I could describe him. Head mostly.

Everything is such bullshit.

Black Girls Missing

I’m in the doctors office trying not to ball my eyes out. My Facebook feed has been nothing but young black girls abducted or raped and I just can’t keep it composed today.

I already pray for the protection of our children.

But then I wonder if I should pray for the transformation of those that would harm them 😭😭😭😭😭😭

It takes a strength that I’m not sure I have. I’m not sure what kind of prayer I would even craft to be effective. Or if it even would be. Human child trafficking is BIGGER than me and my thoughts and prayers.

I mean it’s a LOT of young black girls. And it honestly seems like an uptick in the last year or so.

Should we pray for these wretched people? Is that the key to this? Pray for the enemy, even though we know they may not be the true face of the enemy but a fleshy puppet for these demons to play games. Twist the minds of the weak. Generations of weak minds.

Is that the key?

That one child (15 y/o) that was abducted and sex trafficked was actually found!!! Which is rare and she was so fucked up from all of it she committed suicide.

It’s killing me.

Pray for the enemy? Pray that the demons that infest their mind be cleared and realized? That they turn to God for salvation?

Is that the only way to keep our children safe?

Cho Cho Train frequency energy

At my house and my best friends house I keep hearing something like a cho cho train.

There are no railroads near my house or hers.

Actually at her house I keep hearing like a low or far away sounding amber alert / flash flood warning.

So I feel like it has to be energy/Entity and or frequency.

I can kind of feel it in my feet if I stay still enough.

But I’m not sure what this energy is or why. It’s bee for the past two weeks what seems randomly.

Just making a note.

Why I wear a cross ✝️

So I bought myself a gold cross. Gold hoop earring. Hair slicked back in a bun. And I think with the recent trend in Christian faith (cough Kanye cough) I wanted to check in with myself. Maybe I am fake. Or maybe I’m gaining faith….. some days I lose it. Some days I don’t know what to feel.

Many wear the cross as a symbol that Lord Jesus died on the cross for our sins. And while I believe in the teachings of Jesus……

I wear my cross because I died. I died spiritually 100,000 times over and over everyday for the last 4 years. I don’t know if I died for my own sins or my ancestors or for pure entertainment of demons but there was a death of sorts. A death of innocences.

I thought hell was reserved for the for the afterlife. For actual death. I thought we had time to learn and to reconcile our mistake through out life. But I was met with hell right here on earth. Not the hell we as humans create no that destruction, although it is influenced, the chaotic and psychotic hell of the 4D spiritual matrix.

My body became a tomb of my soul. I watched thieves coming and going as they pleased in my body. Defiled my temple. My bed a coffin.

If I made I wanted them to be my own. Not the influence of entities. Some are…. some aren’t.

I can always look on the bright side. That’s what we do. We excuse our pain. Box our stories into neat packages that feel good to others. Say we triumphed or “learned a lesson”. And I exist in observation and mourning of the death of my innocence. My eyes can not unsee. I can’t unknow. The Entities won’t let me forget. That they exist and they can control if and when they want. And if not me those around me (gang stalking).

It is a marker for my cross to bare. Of knowing. Failing. Fearing. Ignorance.

But Jesus was suppose to have died for our sins. Probably because of ”tis fact. And maybe he did. But I am accountable for mine.

The only thing is I don’t think the punishment fits the crime. But I guess that doesn’t matter. When the wild dogs …… hyaenas are unleashed to devour there is no mercy. But we pray for Gods grace.

My cross is not a trend but a marker in my life. That I died spiritually in the flesh and I pray that I can be healed and resurrected and sanctified…… solidified with my body that’s here on this earth for a reason, protected.

I mad, sad, existentially depressed, grossed out by a world I thought was beautiful and where I wanted to help create more beauty….. more love. I am saddened. At a truth of an experience. I want it to be a trick of the brain now. I don’t want it to be true. But the illusion is real and not at the same time. And it has a grip on our consciousness……. on the earth.

And I sad. Sometimes hopeful. I try to push passed it. But reminded in my sleep …. dreams in my vision there is another layer.

I just hope there is another layer after this ugly gross one.

I need beauty in my life. Beautiful thoughts.

This is what I have been saying in this blog for 3 years

Many spiritual people don’t know what they are messing with. Even when it’s “good”.

In the Bible it says even gods elect will be fooled. I was fooled but quickly (maybe a year into it) was like things aren’t adding up here.

There is probably even another layer to the bullshit.

But I’m so over this.

I’m glad she at the end apologize for ever sending or harming anyone cause she didn’t know.

Fuck the matrix!

I keep getting raped in my dreams.

What ever being is in semi control of my body/consciousness keeps raping me/masturbating as “me” in my dreams.

I’m so over it. During the day I’m molested for various reasons.

I’m just over my vagina being energetically molested and raped.

This Entity is crazy.

There is no real getting around that.

I’m tired of it.

The even brought my ex (false twin flame) in my dream. It was an odd dream. We were in different beds but he said he wasn’t with mother of his child and was with this BBW woman from around my best friend way who is cool as hell.

BUT I know that is all false.

I told the Entities that my ex was no longer allowed in my dreams. If they must play in my dreams.

Just getting tired of all of this.