While I’m trying to pick up the pieces of my life I feel so sloppy.

Like I look sloppy, my clothes are hand me downs, my aura is sloppy because it’s basically been raped by Entities, my mind is sharp but still sloppy for me. I sleep too much.

I know I need money, but then I know I need to be able to present a confidence that don’t have. I just feel sloppy.

To unslopify myself I need money too. Like getting my hair done, nails even thought I’m more of a natural girl these things do help. I usually would do them for myself but still need money for the foot soak.

To be honest I have PCOS and it makes me have a beard and shaving barely hides it. The ONLY thing that will get rid of it is electrosis. That cost money.

To see my friends which is apart of my mental health cost money.

I need money.