Consent in the Spirit/ Astral world?

Is there?!???!??

Is there?!?

Is this the new frontier for perverts?!

I have been SOOOO PSYCHICALLY AND SPIRITUALLY VIOLATED….. raped molested….. where is the fucking consent to be all up in my shit?

Is it ABSOLUTELY necessary to touch my vagina 24 hours a day?

It’s sick shit!

Is it to much to ask to fucking ask for fucking permission before you start interacting with someone?

There are PLENTY of weirdos out there that want to play and have astral sex and whatever other insane shit you can come up with.

Like if I say NO that should be the end of the fucking discussion. If we never spoke about work being done to MY BODY then that should be a conversation FIRST unless I know otherwise.

I trust nothing spiritual or astral or etheric now.

I don’t know if the astral world will be around for much longer. It’s being and been abused. It’s not suppose be a mask to rape unsuspecting victims.

But we will see it’s not my call.

Spiritual Crisis

I am overwhelmed with “spirituality” because of “schizophrenia” and these Demonic voices.

Like doing all these deliverance prayers and trying to claw my way out of some simulated hell IS NOT my Spirituality.

And drawing the Demonic alien rapist dudes is also not my Spirituality.

I also allowed for lessons to gently unfold. And they might have been silent but they were always deep and profound.

I’m just so tired of trying to get rid of this demons who are physically attacking me now …….. that I don’t get to worship and be thankful in my own way cause I’m too busy trying not to loose my cool.

Just sucks.

OD Stupid 😴

So I took my 100mg of Seroquel along with 200mgs of Zzzquil so I could go to sleep and stay asleep. I have done this before. But this time I felt like I was dying.

WELP either one of a few things happened:

1. I was severely attacked

2. My medication interacted this time.

3. I hallucinate this experience.

4. Some strange combination of all.

The demons/voice don’t like when I take zzzquil or go to sleep so naturally thats what I want to do. So I end up taking zzzquil to stay asleep and and going to sleep to minimize my interaction with them since they hate me so much.

Im not addicted just interested in pissing them off and from what I experienced last night which felt like waves of death I think they are pissed off.

A female voice said ,”you just lost a friend” I had no idea what that meant because I personally didn’t consider any of them a friend of mine. My body then proceeded to go into waves of death, like my life force was being drained out of me. Then it stopped then it happened again a little less intense. So I decided to go to the emergency cause I thought I might be having a stroke. Or a heart attack because of these demons.

Thankfully I wasn’t.

So what was happening?

Why don’t they like zzzquil hmm?

So much they would attack me?

I wonder if over the counter sleep meds “lowers my vibrations” I like myself better on them and fully rested than irritated and easily annoyed because of these demons.

But the sensation these demons are currently giving me is like a nerves burning, waves of it. It’s not pleasant in the least. I think I know which entity is in charge of of these sensations. But it’s not always easy to pin point.

Either way……… this shit is wack.

Baby Fetus πŸ‘ΆπŸΌ

For some reason there has been a baby fetus looking floating around in my aura for the last year. I don’t see it often. But every once in a while it comes back.

The demons don’t want me to see it. And they don’t want it to be in the light. But it’s there. And it’s creeping me the fuck out.

They Stop My Breathing


The new thing this past month is as I am falling asleep the demon stops me from breathing for a while. And I have remain calm and catch my breath.

This is very new in the sense of type of torture but not new in the sense of torture. Every night before bed they always do something that gets me CLOSE to death but never kill me. Even though I begged them to get it over with. The random black outs, trances and states of consciousness, electrocution of the brain, this……….

I guess now I know why you say say your prays before sleep. We are more vulnerable then for some reason. Our bodies are a playground. But why?

And why has the dream world or the astral slipped into my waking life?

So yes I am a tattle tail and I am going to document everything they do to me. Because these are crimes. I don’t care if they can’t be seen by most. I am just one of many who suffer and I hope that one day this planet will be what it was intended to be.

The come up ☝🏽

I am here kinda waiting for a chance to come up.

Every move or effort I made either dissolved in front of my face or became an obstacle.

I am now considering a “schizophrenic” I am stamped with danger. There are days I am full of worry that these DEMONS will over take me or someone I love. I have seen them do this to friends and it upsets me. They haven’t done this too much with me. But I work really hard and it’s a lot of will sorting through the subconscious making sure what’s my thoughts and their suggestions. Even down to making someone feel bad.

Thinking in it self becomes exhausting. Let alone the process of connecting the heart mind and body in a weight loss journey. I so want to get back to my weight loss journey. I’m not concerned about any man or twin flame or ex or all of that. I want to be happy and healthy to my best ability and then I can move towards looking for a job or independence.

I can not work or do much in the current state of being. All I do is eat sleep take meds and try not to loose my mind completely. THAT is not the existence and busted my ass to get out of homelessness to live out in my prime.

So how to make a come up happen when under spiritual oppression?

I did the prayers. Also deliverance prayers scare me ever though they are educational. I don’t know why. They just do.

I pray, take the meds, I keep making my plans to start getting on the ball but something happens, volunteer remotely.

I haven’t left the house in a month again. But I have been a bit more active in the house with chores. So it’s a give and take. The DEMONS calling me ugly all the time is really starting to get to me.

Feeling ugly because of these demons, feeling heavy and energetically weighted down by demons, being choked by demons when I go outside (hoodwinked), and them turning everything into so saying sick things about children outside DOES NOT make me want to go outside!

So now I just stay home and it’s easier to have anxiety attacks from the comforts of my bed.

Either way when’s the come up?

The DEMONS say I’m suppose to work here until I’m 37 this stated at 33 I’m 35. I don’t have time to waste! And I know they are probably lying to me. They would SCREAM,”LAST YEAR” insinuating that this would all stop. But it didn’t. So of course. What’s to say that’s not a lie.

Light Magic vs Black Magic

Sooooooo as someone who can unfortunately see these into these worlds. I have seen the same “being” glow a great light and turn into the blackest black. A demon is a demon.

If some one casts it out into the work then they are responsible. Some of these being ARE nicer then others but they are all liars and manipulators and that’s dangerous and makes the castor an idiot and a fool.

I want to believe that this many people are talking to Angels and such but I’m gonna have to say nah on that. Maybe it’s because no Angels have come to save me from these demons who torture me. They don’t tell me how to get rid of them.

I have not seen ANY human like spirits at all. Maybe a few but they were too tiny to say they there actually human. And some of the demons were masks.

So to me this light vs dark thing is all the same coin and I don’t want to play their game at all.

I do not come from duality consciousness. So this is very difficult for me. I want to left alone by these demons. I come from a place of love usually, understanding and resolve. I can’t do that in this consciousness. It is insane. It is Demonic. And I don’t understand why I am all of a sudden linked to it.

Like many other people over the last 3 year something happened where they were linked to this insane Demonic consciousness.