Between “Dark” and “Light” πŸŒ“

The funny thing is that…… hmm ……

When I see astral Entities in the 3D realm there has to be a certain amount of light and darkness.

With my eyes I can see and outline or a ripple in space but usually not the whole form. Only on occasion and I never know why. Maybe closer to when I awake or go to sleep as that’s when brain waves change. My assumption.

I can better see them in photos as I can follow the lines a bit easier and examine but rarely with the naked eye.

I thought about this card in the tarot deck. A card reader said she wanted to speak to me and gave me a reading. This card came up and the woman asked me if I know what the bandages meant I originally said “protection” I guess I thought my world was being “opened up” to all these entities and I thought covering my eyes was a way to not see it.

But today I realized the bandages were …. are actually the matrix that is binding. It is the illusion. I was/am just so IN IT that I thought I was being opened to a another world. That this world was an illusion and what was happening to me would reveal another world …… maybe a better one πŸ˜₯.

So I can physically see the Entities that continue to bind me today between darkness and the light.

In a way the same it is a metaphor for my believes. While I believe in God, it was somewhere in the balance of observing darkness and light that I was able to say “hmm that does make sense”. These Entities play off your beliefs, if you are occult they will play off that if you’re fundamentally Christian or religious they will claim God and condemn you, if you are atheist or believe it’s a government …… they will act as military or aliens….. new age they will act as angels and spirit guide kundalini Awakening ……. and maybe it’s everything and none of it at all but the one underlying truth I found with them is pain and lies.

Not sticking to one belief and observing I saw how these particular Entities switched up the story on me so many times in a short period of time. Twin flame, Im Isis reincarnated, past lives, Then god condemning me then Satan then, then alien reptilians, the the list can go on and on.

So…… yea. I don’t subscribe to duality. I’m done with their games, and I pray my assumptions are wrong. But there are definitely levels to the sleep and I pray that everyone awakes from this slumber gently and peacefully.


“Signs you’re a slave of astral demons” from

Spiritual awakening brings great spiritual fruits and gifts for one to experience, but also dangerous situations which in the beginning is not obvious at all to the initiate. Lately I am discovering truths about the awakening, part of the new age movement, that are totally shocking and unacceptable for workers of light who have not realized them yet.

As a fish against the flow, it is my mission to speak the truth based on my personal experience with the spiritual awakening, so in this article I am going to share the complete signs which prove one is a slave of the fifth dimensional beings, due to their frequency raise in their initiation experience.

You receive numbers such as 11:11, 222, 333, 444

In the beginning of the spiritual awakening, part of the new age movement, one receives synchcronicities, which they believe to be guides from angels of God, from divine beings. Having experienced the awakening for more than five years, not only have I discovered the numbers one receives during their vibration upgrade is not from angelic beings, but I have also come to the conclusion that it is the demons, fallen angels, who is transmitting them.

The event of synchronicities is so supernatural, that the initiate has no choice, but to believe the numbers is coming from God. Having been fooled myself by the demons who live in spiritual realms, I have completely realized that the whole spiritual movement, part of New Age, is a total setup from the beginning.

The whole point of the numbers, is to get the attention of the initiate, so the false angels can suck energy out of them. What is presented as syncs from the divine source, is nothing but a deceitful project run by Satan, a secret plan which only those who can see behind the curtains can truly understand.

Most of the spiritual people who is experiencing the numerical syncs such as 11:11, 222, 333, 444; are lost in a bubble which is being easily controlled through frequencies in the air by those who send them. Having experienced the bubble myself for many years, I can surely say that spiritual life inside it is nothing, but a game about raising vibration.

What the initiates fail to realize, is that they have been tricked to believe they have escaped the third dimensional matrix, by being placed inside a fifth dimensional bubble through frequency upgrade.

Fact is that the false guides keep sending numbers to the initiates constantly, with the main purpose of keeping them under total control. While the spiritual people, part of New Age, may feel a total sense of freedom and unconditional love, the real truth is that they’re constantly being manipulated through the vibrations the fallen angels send to them.

You experience weird dreams which manifest in the third dimension

Before meeting my false twinflame, I experienced a lot of dreams which manifested in the third dimension later.Β  The events were so supernatural, I thought it was from God. What else to think?!

Fallen angels interfere in one’s life through dreams, with the main purpose of forcing them to believe the supernatural events is a gift from God. Because what the initiates experience in their dreams, manifests in the third dimension later, they do think it is God who is sending them the frequencies through syncs such as 11:11, 222, 333, 444.

The game runs really deep. The Devil mixes a lot of truth with a lie; that’s why he manages to deceive a lot of people.

Not only did I experience weird dreams before meeting my false twinflame, but also after the experience with the spiritual awakening. Lately I have received a weird dream in which I was flying inside the home ofΒ  a beautiful girl; the next day I saw the exact girl in the street in which I was passing.

The fallen angels is very powerful when it comes to manipulating the initiate, as they have managed to transmit to them frequencies of the fifth dimension.

Dreams is another way through which the astral parasites project realities into the spiritual people. Being a victim of the fallen angels myself, there is a lot of weird dreams which I have experienced. Almost all of them have been manifested in the third dimension.

You feel drained all the time

In the beginning of the spiritual awakening, the initiates feel a sense of unconditional love around their heart. The energy during the beginning of the awakening is crazy; spiritual people feel like they’re experiencing heaven on earth.

Having experienced all of the energies of the spiritual awakening, part of the New Age movement, myself, I completely understand how deep the game goes.

The real war is spiritual. The fallen angels who stand behind the awakening, give one a sense of heaven in the beginning, with the main purpose of tricking them into the fifth dimensional bubble.

Once one is tricked into the fifth dimensional bubble, they are constantly being exploited by the demons who come as light in the beginning. To upgrade frequency from a third dimensional one, to a fifth dimensional one, means to open the kind of portals which astral parasites can easily exploit to suck out energy of the initiates.

Those who have experienced the spiritual awakening, feel constantly drained during their journey. The fallen angels present it as energy shift, but in reality, it is another scheme to steal energy from the workers of light, who have fallen prey of the New Age movement.

Final thoughts

Most of the people in the spiritual community fail to understand the fact that they’re being constantly exploited by astral parasites who live in spiritual realms; and it is tragic! Being a victim for many years myself, I feel it is time to expose the New Age movement!

If people can fake their personal frequency to take advantage of each other, why wouldn’t fifth-dimensional beings do the same?!

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What about my body?

Am I suppose to like mentally detach from my body??!

All need to control it, I have like 50% control. Compulsively eating and smoking is my current go to no better than cutting or heroine.

They are all over me. These Entities, like half in my cells or the space between them. I try pushing them out and my skin makes a crunch sound and I feel relief but they come right back. Little trolls or demons or reptilian or aliens or spirits all entangled in these vines with flowers that go around my body and that’s attached the other ones around the house. Maybe that’s why they don’t want me to leave the house.

I don’t know who or which one is doing what. I can take a wild guess. And they all work together to torture me. And act as if this is some sort of karma. For dating my ex?!?

I want to jump out of my body to get away from them but I can’t.

I’ve been crying all day. About this.

I was trying to love my body and get it in good health and this all just stopped me in my tracks. Now I can barely focus on that. I mean even if I think about it they just come in and ruin it. When I was “trying to push through it” and still going to the gym they would do the voice of my friend and show her naked and having sex with my ex and I would go into a panic attack on the treadmill. Not a good combo. So I stopped I stopped everything. I couldn’t ignore it or act fine any more.

So like what am I suppose to do let go of my body more than I already have? Because nothing I do works.

Do you know what it’s like to see and feel a monster on your vagina all the time? To know every spot in you body that doesn’t feel quite right is probably another attachment. Just trying not to loose it is exhausting.

What am I suppose to do?! It wasn’t like this 2/3 years ago what the fuck happened?!

I’m so stuck!

Dude πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

So today some girl put up a chat between her and this guy that she was just talking to who kept bringing up her weight. She told him she would like to talk about something else and he went off about how he deserves a “thick” woman that he can buy a house for and she was unworthy because she is lazy and fat (granted this was in a weight loss group and she is not fat).

I realized that this tone, this voice, this sentiment sounded so familiar. It took me a while to realize that guys were using me and I didn’t know better. Ultimately the Entity took on the persona of these type of men. That only value you if your pretty or thin or silent.

Silent because then they can continue their abusive behavior.

And now I live with the repercussions every moment of everyday cause someone wasn’t raised right.

This Entity mimics these sentiments. Emotionally mentally abusive calling me ugly and fat and yet rapes me as I wake up every morning. I still don’t know why. Or how. Exactly.

I tried talking some dude on OkCupid just to chill and talk and this guy wanted to video chat right off the bat and I wasn’t in the mood to I just wanted to text and he kept on insisting even though I said another time. And he got mad at me. It’s like never enough ……. always have to get more out of the situation.

So now I’m afraid to talk to guys let alone date because it’s always about getting more and progressing so fast. If it’s a chat then it’s phone/video/endless picture requests. If it’s a date then it’s sex. If it’s sex then it’s some freaky shit. And if not that then rape.

Like I just don’t understand men.

People want to say “oh it’s a reflection of you” you need to soul search. We maybe it’s NOT! Maybe you’re a nice person and didn’t take someone at face value. Maybe people are assholes and their everywhere and it’s totally unavoidable. Maybe you are looking for an actual reflection of yourself and the opposite.

Not to mention with this schiz demon if someone is not gentle with me I pay the price and the schiz demon just finished the job for them. So how am I suppose to have human contact? How am I suppose to leave the house? I’m tired and bored and over this.

I can’t imagine this is what God wants. I don’t see how. I hate this.


There is always this sense of more or not enough.

I wonder why.

I never thought too much about life other than living it. But I never thought I could be or would be this.

Laying in the corner or my parents house surrounded by multi dimensional Demonic beings that rape me in the middle of my sleep and produce the most vile thoughts and visions.

I mean………….. for real though?

Like this is it? That’s really how this life is going to go?

I can push through it I have. But to say they have a hold on me is an understatement. I feel like a remote control for entertainment or probably something more grim.

But I try…… and fail and try….. but the lurk of darkness is in every step to be triggered by a face, a sound, a positive thought of mine, an ad on the street…… anything is a gateway for these Entities to step in and run a muck ….. it’s not about how hard I try or don’t try. Positive or negative….. they don’t play by the rules of dark and light. They literally can be either or…. or crystal clear….. or a color or a rainbow. Positive or negative…….. negating my actual feelings about being attacked and attempting to over ride them with a false sense of happiness doesn’t help………. neither does self pity and while I lean more towards the latter ……… one fact remains….. it’s wrong.

This happened because……..

You need to do more of……….

if you didn’t do this they would…….

There is no valid excuse. It happened (happening) when it shouldn’t.

That’s all. This shouldn’t be happening.

Pretty Awakening 🌿🌷🌿

I wish I had a pretty “Awakening”, if that is what you would call this….. I call it a curse. Others they call it ascension or weakening or kundalini or dark night of the soul or plain ol schizophrenia or Demonic possession.

So many names for the event in which I life crumbles and it seems as if our mind and body has turned against us.

Why isn’t it pretty? Aside from the sparkles and flashes of light and curiosity…… everything else has been a living nightmare.

Where one woman spoke about “being overwhelmed with the power of God” that she and a room full of people started a spontaneously orgasming. I on the other hand saw it as spiritual rape. Every day all day. I hate it……… it’s embarrassing. It doesn’t feel God like it feels violating like you can’t pick my toe or my thigh?

I wish my Awakening looked like inspiration at least if not joy. Like a friend. Like meaning.

Instead it’s just been one long nightmare. Like isolation. Like confusion and lies. Like pain.

Some people say “you need to hit rock bottom” or “you need to nothing to appreciate what you have” bla bla actually I don’t think you need to go to those painful extremes in order to be grateful.

Some would even say be grateful for the blessing or the lesson. But this experience has been neither. It’s pointless mindless waste of time. All this “it will make sense in time”. Or maybe we will tell ourselves some lie to make us feel better that some fucked up shit happened to us.

I’m not with it. None of it makes sense and yet I’m kinda forced to try and understand these concepts to some degree because I’m smack dab in a “spiritual attack” or whatever. And it sucks.

Some say it could be worse I say don’t invalidate me and it could be a WHOLE LOT BETTER!

So who gets the pretty Awakening? The lightworker pretty light show with friendly angels and bla bla bla? Cause I have yet to experience that for myself. Maybe 1 or 2 times but again at this point I’m not sure what’s what and any experience now is suspect.

I see black flashes energy snapping in and out of my view, I hear it, feel it. It sounds like a fuse blowing like a light went out. And I suffer the consequences of living in this body.

This shit suck forever and always and I’m over it. I’m tired of seeing alien dinosaur gecko reptilian or trolls or demons or these black hair ball energy. Morphing faces creeping up on people in and photos and on people’s clothes and I’m just like what the fuck is going on?!? And I am not the only one who sees it but I’m the only one around me that does. And it’s pointless and annoying and distracting.

Every morning I wake up to being raped in that moment between dreams and telling yourself to wake up. It SUCKS!

Why does “Awakening” feel like being put asleep on ice? Is this more of the joke of opposite world?!?

I just want this to be over there is no point to this.