To Catch a Predator

I had to talk it out with my friend a bit because I think some of the conclusions that i have been coming to in my blog around child abuse or more specifically pedos (as someone who is gorced to think about these issues whether i want to or not), is that i feel much of this movement is predator centric and not child protective focused or actually looking at all the way our society actually promotes rape culture.

While we might have ACS and trained professionals some how time and time again we have children who have fallen or are falling through the big gapping cracks in this system.

But we have a whole culture that supports rape and pedophilia. Weather pornography wants to admit it or not the infantization of women in pornos is something to be addressed as a culture. There is a whole sub-section called “barely legal” which subjegates women who just turned 18 as almost an alternative to child pornography.

This along with the pressures women to look constantly “younger” and be “fresh” is the more culturally acceptable forms of pedophilia as a sub section of rape culture.

The more interesting aspect that i noticed was everyone obession or ….. Pleasure if you will in catching a pedo as oppose to actually dismantling the whole fucking system. An example would be is that they would rather catch a pedo who watches child porno but some how have not developed the technology to wipe child porno off the web …. Or dark web? Im boggled. I wrote about this in a previous post that everyones getting off on the fact that this Epstein guy got caught and he may bring down Trump or other elites….. But its the CATCHING OF the pedo that everyone seems to ve entertained by and not the victim centric or focus way of actually addressing the matters at had. So we live in a culture where we want to catch a pervert and at the same time rarely velieve the victim. Hmmmmm? That really needs to vr unpacked.

This is not entertainment and if it is ….. Is its sick. The fact that our system keeps pedos in jail for minimum sentences, if at all and to be registered on this elusive sex offender list. This some how doesn’t effect parenting rights. And while i will not sit here and say i am an expert in law i will saw that many of the news articles that are jaw dropping. And so we have yet to reform punishment sex offenders we then think jumping to chemical castration is the next step in the process.

We are creating monsters and becoming ones ourselves in the process. As i said in my Post about Chemical Castration….. Wishing rape on a rapist does not make sense if you are essentially against rape. 😳 How does that make sense? While we may think the wheel of karma is coming full circle often we find that 1. The sex offenders where abused as children and 2. What karma would be issued to us to want such a hanous act to be carried out?

What does that make us? As a society?

And we need to have a child centered where it is humbly and honorably protecting children…… And looking at the society at large in which we raise them in and how we in turn created a world that we all must clean up in order for a child to thrive into adulthood.

Im not an expert. These are just some things i saw about or society and on social media and i am developing my personal thoughts around.

Inspirational Memes and Frustration

I get a bunch of religious or spiritual inspirational memes like this on my Instagram feed and like any other time in my life i would be with it…….. But im just so flipping gosh darn frustrated!

Demonic reptillian alien schizophrenic take over got me WEAK…. For real. I can’t. And like ive heard some people just stopped hearing shit. Others been struggling 20 years ++++. Like i dont know what my story holds and its freaking me out.

Im legit freaking out. Im over it. Its like having a roach under your skin and you want to just cut yourself open and grab it out. Like some real drastic shit like that. Im just so disgusted. I want to just jump out of this body that has failed to protect me from these vile creatures. I mean shouldnt that have been like … Idk …. Like top of the priority list when God made us? No demonic aliens can hack our biosystems. Only our lord God!

Yuuuuuuuuuuuck! Yuck! Yuck yuck yuck!

I can’t even see how anything with intelligence or sanity would be willing to even act like this. And im starting to use their words like “dammit” i never say dammit! But they say dammit like 500 time a fucking day or 4 years now im saying dammit! I hate this!

What in THIS WORLD IS THIS PREPARING ME FOR?! OR is this another lie? Just like all thos lying ass new agers. “Oh you’re attacked cause you’re a twin flame purging for the colkective and your twin….” ….πŸ˜” “oh you’re being attacked because youre a star seed light worker sent to help anchor light in the planet…they want your light juices” πŸ˜” “”oh you’re 144k sent to save humanity” ……. Well folks if thats the case i am failing EPICALLY. So many excuses for this spiritual abuse …….. Now its Gods preparing me …… WHAT THE FUCK DOES DEMONIC RAPE FOR 3.5 FUCKING YEARS STRAIGHT ALL DAY GOTTA TO DO WITH WHATS GOD PREPARING ME FOR? Serious question!

Like this is major shit!

This isn’t oh i didnt get that job. Or oh i did get approved for that car loan. Didnt get into the school i wanted.

This is my life!!! My life force! My soul!

I am being bebased on the daily.

So i see these memes and ME….. Not the voices though im sure they have joined in, im like “YEA RIGHT!” Creating this…… Negativity and slowly possibly animosity towards God because of what is happening. And i feel bad about that too. But im following the logic and demonic rape = preppin for a blessin 😳 im not really seeing the correlation. And its fucking me up to even think like that.

Wonder if this is really my life forever ever? Just laying here being raped by demon to point i dont have energy to go outside or do much. Its so fucked up.

I miss the feeling of my body when i didnt have these demons inside of me. They evwn make my skin or muscles feel tight and im always trying to stretch them out but them comevrigjt back in it pointless.

I just needed to get this out.


Evil Light Beings Know they are LightπŸ’‘

I hear some healers calmly say to tell the “dark entities” to let them know they “are apart of the light” and to come over to the other side and be purified ect…..

Dude……. I dont know what kinda of clusterfuck of shitshowis going on BUT these “dark beings” are very much aware they are made of light or apart of the light. That is how they make your dreams or nightmares, visions, burn you, electrocute you, communicate with you, move through out space, project images in space such as hallucinations, like they know…. Thats their super power ….. And they use it to torture humans and possibly animals too. They just hide in the dark (super black bubble i saw them hide in) … Or in a corner…… Or above your head…. Or in a lie.

So while we want to play the sacred shaman act (especially on western culture)….. Im over it. These beings know exactly what they are doing. I mean we call them consciousness for a reason….. They are not unconscious to the fact, like we were before this stupid awakening… “Veils being lifted” crap.

Like lets keep shit 100% real. It’s actually getting dangerous to the public to keep sugar coating shit. Like people are out here suffering and misinformed and lives are on the line. Good ones. And if we keep sugar coating this…. Or lying or just trying to make money off of peoples pain we as “spiritual or religious” communities are no different than the enemy….. In whatever form you may think of.

It’s crunch time!

Targeted Individuals: Angsty Bunch


I thought the Hippy Spiritual people were bad calling me Negative and of the dark and low vibrations ect because i am in a spiritual crisis.

The targeted individuals who seem to be prodomantly seem to be male are angsty AF. Hella paranoid. They think everyone is a perp…. including other TIs. I got kicked out of TI group for really no apparent reason…..i didnt bother anyone or was rude or misleading. One group the sole admin wanted to make charge TIs fpr being in the group not understanding that most are not working cause of this shit. In another occasion i reached put to a TI on instagram who said he was homeless and i wanted to check in with him and see if he was ok…… He asked my race (mixed) first and said he only fucks with the Tribe of Juddah because they are the 144k and true targets or something like that. 😐 K.

Like i am really finding it difficult to find community to understand WTF is happening to me and it sucks and that is what these demon perps want. They want you to feel isolated… alone… rejected. And all these people that say they are about that life are really not. Paranoid and ego driven. Mean! to say the least. The only group that has been mildly welcoming is the schizophrenic group and its like people talking about meds all day.

So they got us all out here divided in a bunch of different groups all going against each other looking like fools.

So im on my lonesome to figure this out on my own i guess. Fucking sucks. 😒

3rd Eye Misconceptions (youtube)

So there are alot of misinformation being circulated on the internet and especially YouTube. I never really looked to “opening my 3rd eye” until it was already happening.

I always had an active imagination and dreams from a child to an adult. But never had VISIONS i could not control. Most of these visions involved my worse fears which is the harm of children or my ex.

My second vision was my ex’s best friend “remote viewing me” through what seemed like a crystal ball as she smoked weed. And when i had that vision i then passed out on my sofa.

After that i looked into 3rd eye stuff because i was trying to protect myself from her and my ex cause at that point i felt like i was being cursed.

The entity that then did this to me would blow on my forehead each night. Which is probably documented somewhere in this blog. The entity was/is using my ex as a mask to scare me and drive me crazy.

I thought if my third eye opened up lol like a child …. That i would be opened up to another world or something that looked like an Alex Grey painting….. Idk. Something different. Not uncontrollable disgusting visions.

To be honest it a real slippery slope into “occult” stuff. It starts off with horoscopes ….. Maybe dream interpretations…..crystals…. All thepretty stuff…. New Age stuff…… Angel numbers….. Then tarot…. Contacting your “spirit guides, ancestors, higher self ect”, Then rituals and magic. Then boom full blown nightmare. If you are one of the lucky ones that is not having an absolute nightmare with this shit GREAT. Try denouncing all that stuff and see what happens.

I can say things happened to me first and i looked for answers via the internet and the occult and new age were the only ones that had answers at the time. Comforting answers. Who doesnt want to think that their deceased grandma…. Or ancestors….. Or angels…. Is around them looking after them? But these are pacifiers of the actual truth.

The same little demons playing in your mind at night to create dreams are the same ones during the day giving you dreams…. Acting as ghosts….. Acting as your grandma…. A reptillian…… Crazy visions. They can shapeshift. I have seen it with my own “eyes” a few times. I saw a woman in a vision and stared harder at it and she then became a praying mantis demon. I dont know why but it happened a few times.

The same thing that tortures me others play with fine. Why is that?

This man say…. “A (kundalini) snake going up your spine is not holy” . i had manybpeople a gurus trying to explain my torment as a part of this process to enlightenment. ?????? I considered what they said but something wasnt quiet right. No amountvof effort or money made it stop.

In the bible the snake is seen as the devil. But in kundalini the snake is seen as “wisdom”. The snake in the bible tempted Eve to be as wise as God. So i guess their is some correlation there.

Ever since this “kundalini awakening” that i didnt ask for or attempt to induce….. I have zero control over my own imagination (among other things).

In many ways i ran through all these different concepts only to find they are cover ups for demonic play……. And YOU dont benifit from it ….. They demons then have a host that they can run a muck in and have fun. Acting as anything from telepathy with a loved one to God. …. Higher self. …. Ect ect.

All that pain you go through calling it “kundalini” is bullshit….. They are hurting you on purpose ….. The entities are melding their being with yours and since that is NOT suppose to happen it hurts or causes a reaction of sorts.

I personally thought that the pineal gland was our new covenant with God. Where God is suppose to communicate with us. But now ….. Idk. I have been toyed with so much by demons that i dont trust it anymore.

I must have completely blind faith at this point. I can not connect with God like i thought we did… But i believe. And if there are these filthy demons around i believe there is something out there equally if not greater GOOD….. And that is God.

“Signs you’re a slave of astral demons” from

Spiritual awakening brings great spiritual fruits and gifts for one to experience, but also dangerous situations which in the beginning is not obvious at all to the initiate. Lately I am discovering truths about the awakening, part of the new age movement, that are totally shocking and unacceptable for workers of light who have not realized them yet.

As a fish against the flow, it is my mission to speak the truth based on my personal experience with the spiritual awakening, so in this article I am going to share the complete signs which prove one is a slave of the fifth dimensional beings, due to their frequency raise in their initiation experience.

You receive numbers such as 11:11, 222, 333, 444

In the beginning of the spiritual awakening, part of the new age movement, one receives synchcronicities, which they believe to be guides from angels of God, from divine beings. Having experienced the awakening for more than five years, not only have I discovered the numbers one receives during their vibration upgrade is not from angelic beings, but I have also come to the conclusion that it is the demons, fallen angels, who is transmitting them.

The event of synchronicities is so supernatural, that the initiate has no choice, but to believe the numbers is coming from God. Having been fooled myself by the demons who live in spiritual realms, I have completely realized that the whole spiritual movement, part of New Age, is a total setup from the beginning.

The whole point of the numbers, is to get the attention of the initiate, so the false angels can suck energy out of them. What is presented as syncs from the divine source, is nothing but a deceitful project run by Satan, a secret plan which only those who can see behind the curtains can truly understand.

Most of the spiritual people who is experiencing the numerical syncs such as 11:11, 222, 333, 444; are lost in a bubble which is being easily controlled through frequencies in the air by those who send them. Having experienced the bubble myself for many years, I can surely say that spiritual life inside it is nothing, but a game about raising vibration.

What the initiates fail to realize, is that they have been tricked to believe they have escaped the third dimensional matrix, by being placed inside a fifth dimensional bubble through frequency upgrade.

Fact is that the false guides keep sending numbers to the initiates constantly, with the main purpose of keeping them under total control. While the spiritual people, part of New Age, may feel a total sense of freedom and unconditional love, the real truth is that they’re constantly being manipulated through the vibrations the fallen angels send to them.

You experience weird dreams which manifest in the third dimension

Before meeting my false twinflame, I experienced a lot of dreams which manifested in the third dimension later.Β  The events were so supernatural, I thought it was from God. What else to think?!

Fallen angels interfere in one’s life through dreams, with the main purpose of forcing them to believe the supernatural events is a gift from God. Because what the initiates experience in their dreams, manifests in the third dimension later, they do think it is God who is sending them the frequencies through syncs such as 11:11, 222, 333, 444.

The game runs really deep. The Devil mixes a lot of truth with a lie; that’s why he manages to deceive a lot of people.

Not only did I experience weird dreams before meeting my false twinflame, but also after the experience with the spiritual awakening. Lately I have received a weird dream in which I was flying inside the home ofΒ  a beautiful girl; the next day I saw the exact girl in the street in which I was passing.

The fallen angels is very powerful when it comes to manipulating the initiate, as they have managed to transmit to them frequencies of the fifth dimension.

Dreams is another way through which the astral parasites project realities into the spiritual people. Being a victim of the fallen angels myself, there is a lot of weird dreams which I have experienced. Almost all of them have been manifested in the third dimension.

You feel drained all the time

In the beginning of the spiritual awakening, the initiates feel a sense of unconditional love around their heart. The energy during the beginning of the awakening is crazy; spiritual people feel like they’re experiencing heaven on earth.

Having experienced all of the energies of the spiritual awakening, part of the New Age movement, myself, I completely understand how deep the game goes.

The real war is spiritual. The fallen angels who stand behind the awakening, give one a sense of heaven in the beginning, with the main purpose of tricking them into the fifth dimensional bubble.

Once one is tricked into the fifth dimensional bubble, they are constantly being exploited by the demons who come as light in the beginning. To upgrade frequency from a third dimensional one, to a fifth dimensional one, means to open the kind of portals which astral parasites can easily exploit to suck out energy of the initiates.

Those who have experienced the spiritual awakening, feel constantly drained during their journey. The fallen angels present it as energy shift, but in reality, it is another scheme to steal energy from the workers of light, who have fallen prey of the New Age movement.

Final thoughts

Most of the people in the spiritual community fail to understand the fact that they’re being constantly exploited by astral parasites who live in spiritual realms; and it is tragic! Being a victim for many years myself, I feel it is time to expose the New Age movement!

If people can fake their personal frequency to take advantage of each other, why wouldn’t fifth-dimensional beings do the same?!

Please, help me keep this website alive by contributing a small amount of money on the following paypal address.



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Snapshot: What I hear. 😞

So I am currently upset with my sister because like all I do is do shit for her and like i was kind of forced into this role and the on top of it hearing the schiz shit and no respects that I don’t want to hear TVs and my sister is always telling me to shut up unless she wants me to do something for her.

Anyway totally separate complicated human emotion shit sister and then the voice comes in and says: “You are such a ……… B. A. B. Y. !!!! You want to be pedofiled like one!?!”

So fuck my life….. Threats don’t even matter anymore because they are still going to torture me anyway.

This is an all day everyday thing. And I’m kinda starting to really be over this life.


Paranoid Android πŸ‘Ύ

I noticed there is this strange sleep pattern in my house hold. My father goes to bed around 9/10 , sister around 10-12, mom around 3am, then I’m usually woken up AT 3am up until 8am wishing I was asleep cause I have to listen to some nasty archon mofo go off about stupid shit. 

I feel like there is a stream line of family sleeping at different time. Almost like there has to be a congnative brain available at all times.

The head pressures come and go now so I’m wondering if this archon tick is just jumping from one family member to the other. I mean no one else hears it…. Or feels it to my knowledge. So I’m not sure why I can feel its presence which feels like death. 

I could be wrong. 

“John Lash | Gnosticism, Sophia, & The Archon Control Matrix”

I’m not sure about the Sophia myth buy def the Archon’s are like Ai bird/insect like orbs that work for Reptilian…. I’ve never actually seen a reptilian. Only the Archons which seem to act as an extension of them. An intermediary between them and us. They are multipurpose. And can merge through most matter. Since Archon Ai are interdimensional they can be moved or hit…. In 3D, but not effected much.

I think I can only see them because one is attached to me, this bringing me down to its low vibratory state of being. Or maybe its because I was taking 8 benadryls at a time which knocked them off for a short while. I don’t know why. 

This lady that closed a portal inside of me said I was still under reptilian control. But I don’t know why and she didn’t tell me why either, just ignored me afterwards.

Why are they allowed to do this? If they are bullying humans into hurting each other and the planet why doesn’t anyone God, Sophia, another race of aliens or something come in and stop them? 

This is not OK what is happening! 

Sister Sister (pt. whatever)Β  πŸ˜‡πŸ™πŸ˜ˆ

So tonight my sister asked me to help her in the bed. And I have slowly been trying to ween her off of asking me for help. I mean she had a stroke, didn’t really push herself in physically therapy as much I would have like to have seen, but FORCED herself to go back to work being partially disabled now. Not because its a lot of money but because she loves her job. And my moms and I best instincts we supported her. It would be good exercise. 

Which means that half of my life is currently dedicated to making sure she looks good for the world. But at home constantly cleaning up human waste, helping her put on clothes and getting her things. But some how she braves the streets on NYC and goes to work at rush hour. Which is more than I have been able to do unless its another emergency. 

My sister asked me to help her to bed. But for some strange reason I help he to bed and she gets up 5 mins later for juice and then asks for help again. Sooooo….  I told her NO this time. I tried to explain to her why and she told me to “shut up!“. So I told her, “Fuck you! You’re so RUDE!

And GUESS What the Demon tried to do, tried to GUILT me about the ENERY I was sending my sister and saying it was going to go over and kill her because I told her “fuck you”. 

So I told the demon, “Fuck you too go back to hell”. I thought if this demon wants to hurt my sister at this point that is that Demons choice not mine. What am I gonna do? Grab at air? I already tried that smacking one out of her room. I already put up prayers on every mirror. I bit my tongue and faked being happy for her healing process and was having (still) having a delusional break down being burned and raped all the while having to be a maid and being yelled at. 

This whole being “conscious of the energy I bring our put out there” is now another form of GUILT for this demon to play with after working on many layer and finally getting to a place of soon braving the world. Like I’m not allowed to say NO. I said NO to this Demon(s) so many times and yet . …….Here it remains. I’ve ignored it, I’ve scolded my skin with hot herbal baths, I prayed, I’ve paid, I’ve given up everything in this false “ascension”. 

My sister is not my child and she reminds me of hold old she is every week. I just wish we were just….. Sisters again. 

Since she going back to work now, I have tried to focus on getting a game plan together for my own healing. On my own. Since nothing I paid for worked other than ODing on benadryl /sleep medication and some fake ass excuse for this perverse Demon being in my life “shamans” calling it a “generational curse”.

Check This! I can still be conscious of my “energy” and still express myself. How amazing is that!? Even if I didn’t have this Demon pop up and try to murder me I still would be angry. Look at the world! It’s where I channel my anger. And at the same time I can’t be responsible how some perceives my “energy”. I can only be responsible for how I carry myself. If that person is so perceptive then they should also have compassion in understanding that persons “energy” as well, while simultaneously not taking it on as their own. But I also understand that there are people unaware, sensitive and under attack. Like me. 

The Demon said, “let the games begin!”

πŸ˜©πŸ˜’ UHg.