Flashing Lights: The Light (pt 2) πŸ’‘

Matthew 6:22

“The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are healthy, your whole body will be full of light. 23Β But if your eyes are unhealthy, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light within you is darkness, how great is that darkness!”


This passage popped up on my Facebook by my moms friend today (I love GENTLE synchronicities), that is how I learn grow. Gentle, slow but I like to go deeeeeeeeep. I want to know why we use the words we use I don’t want to be misinformed as there are enough misunderstandings and enough people trying to manipulate it (***cough**jeff sessions**cough***).

So yea I have light somewhere connect to me COVERED in darkness, dimmed by …… evil? Demons? Aliens? Whatever it is ….. it is painful in every way possible. Heavy.

I’ve seen white light but I’ve seen the blackest black light. Blacker than my eyes closed. If that makes any sense.

So I guess I am unhealthy, I just don’t know why. I assumed it’s a curse. Cause it came out of no where 2-3 years ago. You don’t just wake up from one year to the next and start thinking these things out of no where.

Either way I’m, I wish I knew but every answer doesn’t suffice. It doesn’t answer the years of suffering, not just for me but others suffering spiritually as well. So I always wonder.

The light, yes we have light. I haven’t seen my own but I have seen some and had confirmation. I guess I will just try to make sense of all of this on my own.


Flashing Lights 🌟

You know how people always say “look with in……” , “look inside yourself”.

HOW? Hmmmm?

How would one jump outside themselves and look at themselves unless it was imagination?


So only concrete way I was able to know I’m a freakin light bulb is that at certain times the Entities would either 1. Attack if I look directly at them 2. Put on sunglasses 😎 (yes apparently they have Oakley’s in the astral realm) 3. Turn around.

When I looked at one (looked like a evil teddy bear) it ran away and smeared this goo around me I assumed that it was in my aura.

So the only way I could figure I am light or have light or LIGHT is involved in some way is how the Entities reacted a handful of times.

This has also happened when I would genuinely cry, which is a lot. Does crying clear the goo or film that they put around me?

Today I was sleeping and I woke up and I saw a Casper looking ghost πŸ‘» Entity (I think it’s a costume just like the sunglasses) and when I open my eyes the ghost immediately put on sunglasses. And a few other Entities got angry and was trying to scare me but my nerve are SHOT + no fear= no πŸ’©πŸ’© to give. πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

Someone told me not to trust any Entities that don’t show their eyes. Especially if “my light” has to be dimmed to accommodate.

SO bla bla bla we are light made of light something to that extent, now what? I’m not sure why so many hang around me if they are afraid of light or what they keep covering me with or why they then cover my body in 🌺 flowers, that I keep trying to have removed but they just put everything back up ……….. but I’m OVER IT!

And again no one will help me figure this out. Occultist will say “do the research, do the work!” So steer from being asked any direct questions and “LightWorkers” will say “look with in ……” and I’m over here surrounded by like at least 100+ major entity, 5 giants outside and wondering WTF is going on cause I don’t have time!! Something other than white light imagination and salt baths!

I need to learn how to protect myself or deal with this in a concrete way because I’m literally in a war zone right now. NYC is covered in them, and apparently I can’t walk down the street with out being attacked.

My assumption is the only reason I can see these networks or matrix MADE UP of Entities is because I’m connected to it by an Entity attached to me, so I just need to figure out how not to be anymore.

I’m just tired of this life right now. I’m bored, alone, bored, brooooooke!, and in poor health. So dude!😭

Old School Superstitions

My grandmother was old school.

We are currently cruxed between trying to salvage old ways that worked for good reasons and new ways that will work for the betterment of ALL!

Anyway, I remember as a a child my grandmother told me not to whistle in the house (or whistle period) or open umbrellas in the house. Little things like that.

I thought the whistle thing was because it’s unladylike but actually with observation demons whistle a lot. They also talk off the sounds of birds chirping.

Now I KNOW people are going say not all are evil but all are deceitful, and trick their companions in one way or another. But after what I have been through I can’t afford to sit here and play games.

What I write happens and I document it for my on mental health and to help others maybe. But I am not seeking any of this.

I seek truth peace love God Jesus.

Instead I am bombarded with pain lie hate and some version of Satan and a million minions.

There are something to our old ways not to be feared but to be looked at and compared.

TV on the Radio: Attached Matrix’s πŸ“Ί

Turn on the TV..” the demon would say.

It took me some time to to figure out what it meant. But for the most part I knew it had to deal with visions/imagination/dreams.

It wasn’t until my sister mentioned feeling sick (again like before her stroke) that I closely observed her and saw a colorful matrix of light around her head. Like um from afar it looks like a static on a color TV. And I was like WTF. The sad and FUCKING FUCKED UP PART TO THE MOST FUCKED UP PART is I can’t tell her anything to fear of setting her into fear base mind set, AND I can’t save her or help her or remove these pieced of πŸ’© demons. So that’s a fucked up position of knowing. All I can do is tell her to keep an open line of communication with me and make sure to let me know how she feels. That’s all I can responsibly do with out dragging someone down into my crazy that doesn’t need to be.

So after I observed the matrix on me. On day I actually had two different matrixes on me at the same time they were really trying to make me go nuts. I could see another vision behind the vision in front of me and I was like OH BOY! Took a deep breath and tried to brace myself for some fuckery in zen mode cause it was actually kinda scary.

The matrix “TV” is kind of scary because it’s like you sight almost burns out. It’s like having a black hole or a blind spot of color speck or light right there out of nowhere but that’s what you see …. really it’s it’s pretty much as big as your face.

This makes the Entities who normally look flat drawing or 2D more 3D. So it’s totally possible they are trying experiment to create matrixes to walk the earth or overlay humans. Idk I’m just thinking out loud like what’s the point? Of making a false matrix around a human to then ….. show up and tell them to die ? lol I’m so confused.

Just getting some thoughts out.


Insectoid Mantis or Demon 😱


Above is a quick description of Mantis Insectoids and then a long but GOOD lecture on Angels but mostly Demons. Really worth the watch.

One thing he said about demons is that the hey have “bird like feet” and I was noticing this WAY before I knew this was a trait of demons unless they were literally part bird. But many of them had a tripod like or bird feet like leg.

So that’s one aspect. Demon or what was seen as demon CHECK βœ”οΈ.

Now not all demons are …….. idk maybe like the beast monster with horns and breathing fire and eats children to replenish itself and steps on villages while smiting Gods name. For like decades on end no mercy.

SOME just like to hang around and fuck up all your romantic relationships so you end up alone. OR, side track you in life wit a couple of bad decisions. Maybe there are a few and each have there thing.

Again the voices/mantis CAN be funny sometimes but it’s usually and only at my expense. They can mimic other voices and sounds. They have many outfits and masks (even alien grey ones). Can take on any personality, although the ones I have encountered feel masculine in “nature” even if the voice is female. So they know how to party.

The one that was stalking me I guess was sweet with dreams at first but soon as it got together with other friends it really took advantage of my body and did not care if it was hurting me. So that is no guardian, friend or anything. And think that’s how many people innocently get wrapped up. Even if your not seeking anything.

So because their intentions are not pure and good they are demons even if their goofy or cute or funny. Doesn’t matter TRICKS OF THE DEVIL Satan knows we like cute goofy things like kittens……. DAMN YOU SATAN! Anyway don’t fall for it in the astral/spirit/etheric/dimensions beeeeecause they are liars and assholes and that’s pretty much it.

Mantids chill with Reptilians (if that’s what they even are). They work in a hive mind. But I’m honestly waiting for the next veil to drop. Now I can see this shit with my eye and by taking a simple photo at the right moment and you are telling my the the government or NASA can’t see this shit?

I really expect more from all parties at this point. Healer and shaman, religious leaders, government, Angels whatever else would be involved……. whistleblowers I guess….

So since Mantis’ have all the toys and masks, and dress up (even cars) they can easily be be many of the demons we think we know. And with a little light or black magic MEANING using light or shadow they can may show us a totally different image.

I once saw a random image/vision of a woman who face and when I stared are more deeply into my mind the black nothingness and then saw the face become the Mantis!!!! So these beings are master illusionists.

So a Mantis is DEFINITELY one of the main ones. No matter what your religion is that has nothing to do with the rape and terrible things they do.

So if I find a way BELIEVE I’m letting everyone know!

Of The Sun 🌻

This a drawing of the sunflowers my room was surrounded in. When I was working with a certain healer. There were also about 20 of them laying across my chest as I lay down as well.

My only issue is that many of the healers and shamans didn’t understand is that 1. I have a trickster demons with me that is oppressive 2. I can hear feel sense see taste smell touch things going on in the etheric but don’t know how to make sense of it or don’t know if it a another trick. So if they they don’t see their own work, or aren’t into sharing that information then that just makes me feel that more paranoid upset and crazy.

This has happened twice so far.

Not that I’m trying to play with demons but if I’m seeing them I wish I I could be put to good use. Or learn more about how to help other but I know this is lonely work. But I know a few that have been lucky enough to have apprenticeships.

I’m sure just a couple of drawings aren’t going to help get rid of them or understand them better to help others.

The implant I’m realizing is the most problematic. Whether or not that’s what’s allowing me to see them and hear them I’m not sure…. but the implant(s) needs to go.

I’m not sure what implants look like. But when I do I will make sure to share.

Judgement Day (Again) πŸ™„


Remember in 2012 every one thought the rapture was going to happen? And these pastors were taking advantage of people who were giving aware their money to stay in Gods favor?

So I actually like the woman above’s videos she’s pretty raw, BUT, as much I want to jump on the coocoo train to raptureville I guess i would say discernment first. So ONE there are religious demons, that LOVE end of of the world, humans kinda vibe. I got one I should know I have the receipts ☝🏼! They cause religious confusion but more so more than ANYTHING IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD they LOVE to CONDEMN. For things done and never did! This in turn makes US judge others. This is different than our natural judgements. But in our hearts we want to wake people up with our words we want to save souls and that is admirable.

Love is an action.

I previously wrote in my blog that condemnation on further isolates the individual, allowing the the demon to use them at will because that person is not being EDUCATED. Real conversation, honesty, testimonies, educations, coping methods.

Point is these religious demons are something else and I don’t trust them. And while I want to believe some day I will have a relationship with God before I go I do not trust just anything anymore. As I said these are the same demons that pretended to be my grandparents, or telepathy with an ex and even God.

But if it’s God you know. I doubt Jesus would say “God dammit bitch…” but hey…. I could be wrong.

So I guess I am worried that these beings demons are at it again. Did the twin flame game, 1111 game, rapture game, lightworker game, witch game, and now let the JUDGEMENT games commence!

May the odds be ever in your favor, but the WON’T because every thing will be the opposite and every mistake will be amplified to the 1000th power and on replay for years.

Fuck that!

Something is not right there.

Below Pastor Mike Todd talks about this from a more biblical perspective not personal. Funny that both these popped up on my feed with in days of each other.


Extra reading on 144k not related:


I don’t want to die like this 😭

I don’t want to leave this earth with a mind overrides with thoughts of child molesters, incest, my ex, racism, religious distortion, fear, shame, rape, demons, on replay. A loop over and over.

I use to love my mind because I wasn’t pretty and now……… it’s filthy….. disgusting….. and it’s not even my thoughts. But I have hear it. Half the shit I can’t even repeat on hear cause it’s THAT BAD. I use discretion, and what I write is still raw.

I just can’t imagine my life ending with some demon talking in my mind about my ex and his wife, of my fathers private parts and I’m like an old lady that can’t fight back like can barely do now. I don’t even want to fight.

I know for a fact they are demons/entities. This is locked in. Remove them or “vibrating higher” I’m unsure how to do that. Just walking to the store today I choked walking down the block to the point I had to stop.

So how am I suppose to live and rise, I can’t be an old lady and die in the pedophile demon matrix. I fucking hate it.

Anti-Christ Energy 🌿☠️🌿

I feel like generally this energy is Might be Anti-Christ energy. I just wonder because it tries to convince me is God and Jesus so many time and more so when it’s often but the “hallucinations” or 2D/3D ish drawings are of mainly like a Mantis and a Reptilian and Parasites with some really really good costumes.

So what I see is reptilians and what they trying to tell me is religious and how they are treating me is like shit and nothing is adding up and I know the devil is a lie.

This is why so many schizophrenics end up loosing faith completely or becoming extremists.

I feel like this is anti-Christ energy, yes it’s light has abilities but is NOT clean or clear energy.

It’s confusing, it’s draining, harmful.

So many of us who were trying to “raise our vibes” whatever the FUCK that means we’re punched in the face with this energy. And many did not have the tools to get back up.

Raising MY vibes means being unapologetically ME while in the awareness of self improvement. This include how God wants me to grow and unfold as an individual. Not being someone else’s version of me or them.

With God to my understanding there is no confusion. This experience has been very very very confusing and scary and dehumanizing.

So all these people are experiencing this energy most arescared out of their minds but dealing, some petrified and in a catatonic state which is unfair, and some are having fun in the delusion.

Either way the Anti Christ might me a human but it also might be an energy cast on the earth to confuse us….. lure us into Satan’s net.

Twin Falls ⭐️

So my sister had the stroke in march 2016. She worked diligently to get back to walking and wanted to get back to work. A year later she was walking not at 100% maybe 60% but was getting there quickly. She is also shorter so it’s a little more difficult but she was pushing through.

A year later she had a terrible fall and mistepped. Her face was bruised which still hasn’t totally recovered (over a year later mostly under the eye bruises) scrapes and her walking was set back significantly although it didn’t stop her.

I mean between the stroke the eye surgery for going blind in one eye and the fall all in one year she had been through too much.

Today she asked me what’s up cause I was staring into space. I asked her if she really wants to know. She said if it’s not scary. Lol .

I told her that I’m tired of these demons. Then out of no where she tells me “you know when I had that fall I felt something push me”

I said “ohπŸ‘πŸΌ hellπŸ‘πŸΌ no πŸ‘πŸΌimma need πŸ‘πŸΌthese demons πŸ‘πŸΌto πŸ‘πŸΌleave πŸ‘πŸΌmy πŸ‘πŸΌvirginπŸ‘πŸΌ Snow πŸ‘πŸΌWhiteπŸ‘πŸΌ do goodπŸ‘πŸΌ god πŸ‘πŸΌfearing πŸ‘πŸΌsister alone πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌI’m not above using these HANDS.πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ”

My cousin also told me about waking up one day and feeling drugged and then felt pushed and the chipped her tooth on the toilet.

You know those jolts you get in your sleep? Or the tugs?

What le fuck is going on?

I have a fantasy of burning these demons energy between two hot irons or the hottest steam cleaner I can find. But I will keep my hands to myself πŸ™ŒπŸΌ until I know I will be effective.

The Entities have burning me a lot more lately. Like electrical burns.

They are getting brighter….

I’m not sure what’s happening. I just wish they would go back to their dimension and leave my people alone.

I wonder if someone sent this to me too I’m tired of obsessing about it hoping truth will disintegrate it.