Twin Flame: Is You!

So I let go of this twin flame concept. Right? I had a “false twin flame” experience that led me to a INSANE spiritual attack.

So I was thinking since we all have “divine masculine and feminine” energy/aspects. Wonder is if we are our own twin flame. That the twins are inside us.

By projecting this idea of undying love on to someone we may be attracted to we only hurt ourselves. The love and attraction must be settled with in us first.

Now I personally have not been able to see our divine masculine and feminine light bodies or energy because I am under spiritual warfare. But I hear a lot of people talk about this. I only see astral demons lol. That’s my life right now 🤷🏻‍♀️

However the pain that comes with projecting that love, lust, pain, heart ache on to someone else is ALOT! I was told by both a twin flame healer and the astral entity voices that pretended to be my ex’s voice that I could get my false twin flame back. And that fucked me up. It took honestly working on myself and my own wounds to realize I didn’t want him and something else was going on.

While I might have bugged out. He hurt me in ways I was not prepared for. Why would I want to be with someone who doesn’t full want me as I am?

That’s just me. I hope that others that have been through the twin flame wringer find peace and reconciliation.

Just thinking out loud.

Quarantine: nothing new

I’ve been in quarantine for a month because of Covid19. Now I don’t have it thank god. But a couple of people I know have it and two people I know have passed because of it. Young and old.

I am use to this quarantine life. When I got spiritually attacked in 2016 and my family when through a health crisis (strokes and heart attacks), I gave away all my things, quit my job and isolated myself only available to my family to help them around the house.

We are strapped for money. It’s worrying us. But I know God will get us through.

There is nothing new happening with these voices. They are doing the same thing as always. Same looking entities. I’ve explained as much as I can in this blog.

I went to healers hoping to learn more and she didn’t help much. Or at all. The voice is still here. I need to speak to a person who KNOWS etc is actually going on with me or have overcomes this themselves. It’s been 4 years and I did a LOT of work trying to keep my vibes high.

I started school to think about something else other than this experience. To have another positive experience. After being of service to my sister after her stroke. lol became of service to my bestie and picking up my godson on her late days at school. And now I am trying to be of service of my family to let them know we will be alright.

Not sure how I feel. I am taking things one day at a time.

I know I worked hard and even in my own suffering I was of service to other. Because that is my personality. Not to get kudos. And it’s a symbolic relationship. I am thankful for the opportunities outside of this experience of being tortured by entities. But I worked hard and also allowed myself to go through it. Because there was no other way.

And while I feel that I am close to being out of it I am never sure because I will have random attacks. Flashing light in my head, seeing the entities again which normally hurt physically, general pain, pain of the past.

And many will say let go of the past. And I do but these entities talk about it all the time. I am not allowed to make peace with it. I’m constantly making peace with the issues. Like my false twin flame. I just want it to be let go at this point.

That is my life currently. Quarantine 2020 NYC.

5G and Etheric Entities

So there is this video going around on Facebook saying that 5G is causing Covid19. Now I will say radiation will make you sick. Even when we had huge solar flare when the sun would shoot radiation to the earth I would know because I would get sick. Having a weakened immune system I get it. But 5G is NOT what is causing this virus to spread. We have had plagues and diseases happen since forever. So we must be balances and logical about this.

Walk on the wild side with me for a little bit while I go into my own conspiracy theory about 5G.

Now I will say 5G and any frequency wave that includes radio all have something connected to the etheric astral 4D realms whatever you want to call it.

To me Radio frequencies are no different than 5G. Logically. It’s a frequency being dispersed and used.

So 5G is at about 40watt and microwave oven is at about 600watts. I think the only difference is that we are not constantly swimming in it and security/privacy issues.

I’m not an expert. I’m just talking off the dome. From my observation after being demonically attacked is that they work on these different wave lengths. And they are out here acting like people’s twin flames, dead grandpas, arch angels, Jesus, God, Satan himself, reptilians, aliens, ghosts, higher selves, past lives and god knows what else. The Bible says even Gods elect will be deceived. Many of us what the feeling of an earthly supernatural feeling that we are down forget how and why we serve and why we are here.

Much of the “spiritual community” has been divided and conquered. Between capitalist intent, to misinformation to alienating those that aren’t “high vibes”, to just enabling insanity. Mimicking the religions we have critique all too often.

Well Christianity killed people. Well this misinformation is killing people spiritually if not driving people into insanity or suicide.

I KNOW talking about demonic entities is crazy! But I feel the need to at least speak out to those that battle them physically in this 3D world. That they are not alone and that because we have this deep experience we can be agents of God. Not in a magical light worker way. But in a real way. In a daily way. Humble servants bringing the light which is the word of God to say we can get through this. Because it says so.

We have generations ahead of us. And either we are going to equip them with the knowledge and word to actually combat this shit (for free) or throw them to the wolves to end up feeling like we felt. Alone. Abandoned. Empty. Scared out of our minds. Suicidal.

And it is natural to have these moments but to LIVE in those moments is not. Because that is not why God created us.

We need discernment now more than ever.

I study these demons as a contrast to God. That is what I see, everyday. I know if they exist something greater and good exist.

I try explain these demonic entities work on a matrix of light spectrum that hold a electromagnetic field and thus a level of radiation and that radiation HURTS (if you know you know), many targeted individuals will speak about it but understand it as government or cooperation satellites. That people (demonic entities) are connected to them through remote neural monitoring.

The radiation and pressure of these entities really do hurt and “brings down your vibration” or immune system. I had not gotten sick in a decade until I got “schizophrenia” or attacked by these demonic entities. Then I got sick every year. Getting worse every year. And I would randomly spew vomit and I got high blood pressure and nerve issues. It breaks down the body. It physically hurts. It’s not just seeing and hearing these entities or trying to convince of their lies.

We MUST stop believing their lies. Detach from our need for a cool experience and stop spreading lies that are harming people for eternity.

That simple.