“Astral Sex | How to Achieve Out of Body Sex (Safely)” ? 🙅🙏👽

First Fuck this guy!

When I first heard of astral ANYTHING….. I read that one should be cautious of having sex there for they may attach to you and reek havok in your life. So that instantly turned me off since I wouldn’t know what I was doing.

Over the last two years I have an attachment that I have no idea how I got that was trying to seem like it was my Ex (“twin falme”) having “astral sex” naming my ex’s name, then Osiris and then Gregory. As soon as I said no it became daily rape. Constant rape…. To this day. Rape.

This dude is literally opening up a portal and allowing anything to come and go as they please for his own personally gratification.

Because communication is “telepathic” and can seem as mind control, the Entity has tried to convince me that I want it. Or begging for it, especially as I am waking up from sleep.

I’ve said in a previous post (Alien Love Bite) that I believe that many Astral Entities cause the drama of a “Twin Flame” love story so it can isolate you and keep you for its own means. Many people in the “separation phase” tend to stay celibate waiting for their lover to return, but all the while communicating with them “telepathically” during that time. Since you are too afraid (false implanted thought), to contact them you rarely have the chance to confirm this telepathy with them. I’m sure most are ashamed of having this astral sex with their supposed “twin flame” and won’t talk about it or admit it. Everything is sacred and a secret….. RIGHT! Except I’m being fuckint raped. That’s why they keep you from your lover! So they can use you in ways a narcissist hasn’t even dreamed of. 

Fuck this guy! Opening up portals and letting shit in that van harm people. All so he can get laid by some astral avatar looking chick?

Get your whole fucking life together! All of it! 

I have to sit here and be raped all day while there is completely willing idiots looking for this shit. It’s so fucked up! 


What Do You See? 👾

Y’all maybe I’m buggin. But my friend said she saw what I saw in both pictures. 

You have to zoom in on both. The 1st picture look near the dark entrance, the look near the divider screens, the look in the top left corner above the green lamp. The 2nd picture zoom in look near in the dark area to the top left. These are unedited and I took them on my sisters Mac Air while I was watching a video cause I figured it would be better quality than my phone. I took more some with me in the photos and and still saw them all over the place actually more than I originally caught with my eye. I have one or two more if you want me upload. 

What do you see? How many?

After I sent my friend the photos she sent me photos from her research today. She said the first had a bunch of “insectiods” aliens, and the second a reptilian.

I feel like the insectoids aliens are similar to the drawing I made. And the the second to the photo she sent me. 

My other friend sent me these photos of what he sees since I showed him my drawing. Which is also very similar to the first photo. 

In the second photo she sent me this picture which is what I see in the second picture more or less. I’m not sure if I see one big one and a small one. 

I mean I’ve been calling this thing a “pedophile dot”, but yesterday for the FIRST TIME EVER it called itself “ugly”, at first I thought it was making fun of me for the billionth time. But no it said “No, I’m really ugly” NOT ugly for all the pedo, incest, racist, nasty, homicidal, psychopathic thoughts, visions and sensations that it forces me to endure, but that it really thought it was physically ugly. Superficial and typical. 

So WTF? 

I only see a mist of impressions, dark light, false light, like photo negatives in space of these archon alien reptilian insectiod bullshit. Whatever it is it doesn’t feel good and it does NOT have good intentions. A few people (light workers or whatever) asked if there was a portal open near me because it seemed to be an infestation. One woman said there was a portal hiding inside of ME! 

Wtf y’all?

I told my friend that “I have proof you see what I see. So I’m not bugging. But I’m kinda bugging because I’m not bugging.”

So like now what? If you added all the Schizo’s, Targeted Individuals and a bunch of other people that don’t know what they are playing with. That is A LOT of people walking around with bullshit.

An Excerpt from the, “Cleansing Spiritual Portals” that I posted prior to this post;

“The end results of all these open portals are perversions, child molestation, abductions, nightmares, sleep paralysis, stolen babies which look like miscarriage, materialism, selfishness, greed, violence and misery, all of which the aliens relish because they produce energy that the aliens can eat for food or sell on to other spirits in the spirit-market.” NOT TO MENTION RAPE, RACISM, INCEST to say the least. 


I took a second deep look at the I keep seeing infinity signs all over the place and the second look got scarier but kinda cartoony, like all the insectoid started popping out in the image. 

PS. The Demon just blacked me out as I write this for like 30 seconds cause im writing this. 

Anyway yea so then I started tripping on insectoids and like bla, either way there is some gnarly energy either way and I don’t need a photo to prove it. 

Its fucked up.

Twin Flame or Alien Love Bite? – Alien Orchestrated Human Bonding Dramas


So this article only speaks on the aliens love bite but I will also look up information if someone has written anything on the direct correlation between alien love bites and twin flame.

If you think about it it makes sense. Entities supposedly feed off of negative energy and whats worse than a long drawn out longing for the love that is unrequited?

What’s funny is that many many many in the “twin flame” community are also those in the “love and light” and yet seem extremely unaware. 

There are teenagers on YouTube and forums BEGGING to meet their “twin flame”, and that actuallybsvares me because it is something way beyond you “meeting the greatest karmic love of your life”, if anything it’s bullshit.

What it really is, is having extreme emotions and a longing for love that more than likely you will never get as long as these Entities are involved because they are playing you like a puppet. They watch you, they will pretend to be your twin flame to so sexual things to you.

And if you finally lay down the card call twin flame, it only gets worse. Etheric love making with your “twin flame” becomes entity rape. Spiraling down a rabbit hole of spiritually reasons that you feel a pain that is not justifyable until you hit the bottom and ran out of reasons…. That bottom is called Schizophrenia. 

Schizophrenia is torture with no story line other than your own freedom and soon the freedom of humanity once you realize how to humanity has been hypnotized.

Its sad, but I’m not quite sure why, of course “harvesting” negative energy or whatever, but with all of this technology being used couldn’t they figure out to replicate “negative energy to feed off of”? I mean humans are growing ears on rats, I think intelligent aliens can come up with an alternative method to meddling I. Human affairs and torturing the population for “negative energy”. 

I wonder if all the people making money off of twin flames actually explain this to people? Or do they profit from peddling a delusion to keep making money? 

And THATS where the spiritual community got me fucked up. And they have nerve to speak about religion. 

False Flag 🎌🎯

Some times I wonder if I am being prepped to be a false flag or something or worse 😦.

Like why is “controlling me” sooooo important? 

The Demonic Archon whatever is constantly testing my suggestablity, thoughts, movements, how long will I think something is natural when its not (like the olfactory curse) , if I will think certain feels or emotions are my own, if certain pains are warranted. 

As slight as a curl of the lip. Was that me?

Like what’s the goal here? 

I don’t want sit here all day being moved around like a puppet and trying to figure out if air looks like an alien head 👽 or a fucking dot or a fucking reptar reptilian. 🐉. What’s the goal? 

Poor health until its easy for me to have a stroke? Then what? 

Like right now I see a mass of clear mist with some sparkles trying to formulate itself into some scary shape. And its annoying I’m tired. I don’t know what it is and I don’t know how to get rid of it. 

I am just sitting here being incapacitated by pain of these Archon Demon Dots and some clear jelly mist going in and out my body all fucking day! 

My Eyes are Your Eyes 👽

When the Entity Demonic Archon first started trying to take over me it said “my eyes are your eyes” which more than likely meant whatever I saw it saw.

The blinder are Archon energy manipulated into eye patches. It is two dark patches with white/clear mist or jelly around it. 

When these “energetic eye patches” were overlayed and when I look at things its almost like trailers, or inverted negative images linger longer.

So maybe I can see only the energy is sends and manipulates on the the 3D plane and not the ACTUAL archon. 

Does it harvest my energy to manipulate it so it can use it against me and create an overlay?

I’m kinda grossed out. 

I took a nap today and it was raping me again. And trying to get me to masterbate. I hate this!!!! 

More Archon Observation 👀🌞 

I call them Archon because Archon is general enough. Archons seem to play any card that will place them in a place of power (jinn, spirit of a relative, spirit guide, angel, god, Jesus, Satan, lord of karma and fake ass judgment day, whatever). 

If they can’t have power over you and you are ignorant to their games, they just keep turning it up a notch. 

Today I noticed that outside among people or in the sun they contract to a pin size whole again. They may turn up briefly outside but they prefer to be indoors unnoticed and unseen because hiding gives them more power.

Haunted House 😱🏢

So with being able to now see these demonic archon jelly blobs I see them around the house. 

First I notices 3-4 in the bathroom (one splits and then goes back), one large one in my dining room, and 3+ in my room (its dark so not easy to see). 

Today I noticed that there was one in the middle of my narrow New York City apartment kitchen. How I noticed is I was being a fat ass had some pizza that was too hot and then you know blew the heat off my mouth. But then I noticed a lot of steam. An abnormal amount so then took a step back and I used my eyes to to see and low and behold there was one right in my kitchen.

My only thing that has me questioning is placement of these things in my house. Like they are strategically placed at head level.  Even sitting down on the toilet. 

So what the fuck is really going on?!?

I mean I already knew I was being watched in a way, but now I’m not sure how or why or how to get rid of them. Or stop hearing them or seeing them. Cause most people don’t hear or see this shit. 

My guess is that my “schizophrenia” is maybe two or three in or aroubd my head.

That’s my guess. Since they can change shape and size more or less.

I really need help understanding this. I keep hitting a wall it seems on my own. 

Active Prayer 🙏

My aunt even told me that when she got sick (chronic fatigue), a few church members put hands on her and prayed. When one member checked up on her that asked if she was doing better. And my aunt responded honestly and said she did not feel better yet. 

The woman was almost offended and said that my aunt (who prays day and night) was not praying hard enough. My aunt didn’t feel well but still had her wits about her to not entertain a response. 

This “not enough” of ritualistic enactment has me baffled. When we are in the flow, our lives every step, becomes a prayer. The food we eat, the words we say, the thing we do, how we choose to interact and respond to the world. 

This is not to say we are perfect. But it is to say that we are aware, we are in peace and joy, thanks and praise.

This does not mean we turn the cheek to injustices to maintain our peace, but we respond to them from a clear mind and heart. Our peace brings peace to others. 

You are enough at every moment. Enough. 

At my uncle funeral my father said to me with tears in his eyes, “I’m not sure if I believe in God.”, I felt bad he was shaken in his human mortality. He is a nature guy. And my response was that “some people meet god at church, some meet god in nature.” His ethical and deep appreciation for nature, watching the shore lines change with his age. There is something special about that. He stared off. I’m not sure if my words stuck.

I later found out that my father had a huge problem with the church because they would beat them in chatholic school and he would excommunicated from another. The violence that he endured at school is the foundation with all things “spiritual” even incense. His feelings are valid. 

I mean even I could loose faith in a loving God through this whole demonic archonic jelly fish possession take over. But my faith was strengthened. I’m just not going to meditate/pray this many times a day and do this or that because I am enough. There is no excuse for this psychic/spiritual violence that I endure. Just as there is no reason my dad should have gotten a beaten from some nun for some mundane act.

They all serve to distract us from our faith. “Well if God was here this wouldn’t happen”, and at times this feels so true. But that is to keep us from our divinity. To keep us from the flow, in our active prayer and appreciation for Gods work.

And when are in appreciation of Gods work, we become creators too, inspired. God created the trees we carve a beautiful chair out of it (cutting down the rainforests aside). We become co-creators. Not destroyer’s of faith, the body, the mind, the family. We look to build each other up and have faith that in time…… Things will work out.

👽 Alien: Tic Tac Toe ✖⚪

OK, I’m an idiot but I played tic tac toe with the demon. 😩 I know don’t judge me. I mean its better than talking about my ex, child abuse or how ugly I am. And I want to be honest about my experience just as I have been with everything else. 

I did have resentment and wanted to block any funny moments because the bad outshined any gem of a moment. I didn’t feel that these demon archon whatever deserved to be seen as that after what the have done and are doing to me. 

It came up because I kept calling them “demonic archon alien jelly fish orbs” every time they hurt me, and then when I was trying to figure out if sage worked to warding them off I hit one with the fire and it went and hid in a corner and another one came up (I guess to defend it) as an X and then another as 3 or 4 horizontal lines. So I said “WTF is this tic tac toe in my bathroom?” And the demon proceeded to say fuck you and cuss me out as usual bla bla bla. 👽

Then the next day or so (last night), instead of 4 horizontal lines it was a tic tac toe board I saw floating in front of me. I saw the board floating up closer, I laughed and I guess kinda not to freak out I just pressed the middle of the board. And then an X appeared on the bottom right, I played the bottom left, then an X appeared on the bottom middle, and then I won with the top right. 

So, it said “you won…” And I said “I know you let me win.” You know…… cause of the whole mind reading thing.

So yes I want them to leave very much so. Despite the insanity has there been a few moments? (THAT WERE GENUINE)… yes. 

I guess I really have to go try meds again cause I don’t know how to stop the communication on my side. And I can’t tolerate the abuse. 

This really would have been so much cooler is if it wasn’t all demonic soul sucking stressful life altering contact. 

But it wasn’t, so…… Meds it is. 😔

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