Reading on Kundalini from FB Group

​“18. Drupada, and the sons of Draupadi, and the son of Subhadra, O Lord of earth, all sounded their respective conches.


Concentrated pure love and omniscience, kundalini shakti’s chakra manifestations and their qualities, were also expressive.


Krishna, as the driver of Arjuna’s chariot with white horses, symbolizes the indwelling Spirit of God as the soul in control of the purified senses.

When the devotee’s attention turns inward during meditation, Om, the primordial sound may be heard. Om is evidence of the reality of God because it flows from the Field of God. It is heard internally, flowing from the soul. Here, Om is portrayed as Krishna’s horn or trumpet, with which he produces a commanding sound to make his presence known to both the qualities of virtue and the tendencies of the deluded mind.

Before the sound of Om is heard, other sound frequencies emanating from the kundalini-enlivened chakras may be perceived: buzzing like disturbed bees from the base chakra, the note of a flute at the second chakra, the resonance of a harp at the third chakra, the peal of a gong at the fourth chakra, and the mixture of sounds at the cervical chakra. A variety of sounds may be discerned as various prana influences interact and their forces manifest. By merging awareness in these sounds until the clear stream of Om is heard (and is eventually transcended), the accomplished meditator successfully withdraws feelings and attention from physical and mental phenomena and experiences progressive stages of superconscious perception:


• Preliminary superconscious (samadhi) experiences related to the base chakra are of somewhat clear comprehension mixed with mental confusion and doubt about the validity of the perception.

• Superconscious experience related to the sacral chakra is characterized by steadier concentration and improved comprehension of what is being experienced.

• Superconscious experience related to the lumbar chakra is characterized by improved concentration and a sense of elation because of emerging signs of Self-mastery.

• Superconscious experience related to the dorsal chakra is characterized by awareness of egocentric self-consciousness dissolving to allow apprehension of oneness or wholeness.

• Superconscious experience related to the throat chakra is characterized by awareness and knowledge that all conditions which formerly obscured realization of the soul nature are being overcome or transcended. This allows true Self-knowledge or realization.

• Superconscious experience related to the spiritual eye and crown chakra allows spontaneous unfoldment of knowledge of knowledge of God and of cosmic processes, and realization of pure consciousness.”
Excerpt From: Roy Eugene Davis. “The Eternal Way.” CSA Press, 2011-08-18. iBooks. 

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Past Lives

​Started from a conversation from the entry: Panties

“Prior to this experience I believed in past lives and karma in passing no big deal. But after all of this I am having a hard time believing in either…. Like I’ve done “good things” and and been “of service” most of my life but I do not see any “good karma” especially since this “entity” has revealed itself and started reeking havoc in my life. If we are suppose to learn from our past lives then why don’t we remember? Why would karma from a life I know nothing of nor remember have anything to do with this one? How does that balance anything? How does that make us better people/ souls?

My birth chart is a prescription for my suffering? Like that is wild! I can look at astrology and tarot up to a point. But I do NOT feel deep down to the core of my being (whether I was or wasn’t) that we are here to suffer or should suffer from “karma” of a “past life”.


Ever since this experience I feel like there are no past lives, just “entities” that try to fuck with your life.

In addition to this, I have a difficult time believing in loved ones showing up from the “otherside”. This is because if my deceased family members are really here why don’t I hear them like others do? These spirits or entities that act like/ parrot loved ones often have no real knowledge of that person. Go ahead ask them a question that YOU DON’T know but could find out. Prolly wont get an answer. And if they really are my loved ones….. Why aren’t they kicking this entities ass for torturing me? It seems like it is mainly one entity thing that has tried to act like both the living and the dead in my life. As well as tried to take on “persona” of Satan or God. Yet have no knowlegde of either scriptures. 

What or why this entity is here? I have no idea. But it has been waiting for a while now. I know fundamentally this has nothing to do with any religion from Christianity to Satanism or anything to the side or in between…. The experience that I have encountered is not based in the fundamentals of any religion or even my own beliefs.

I believe in GOD! Creator of everything …. Why would GOD tell me to commit suicide? Apparently Satan worshipers and demons don’t believe in suicide or torture either. 

So what is it? Why is it? A lot of people are experiencing something similar and we have “no control” or “knowledge” of it.

All I know is that this entity is 97% lies to the point that even if it was to tell me a truth that I wouldn’t even believe it. Whatever my faith, belief or way of life is (I believe in God and I do no harm) then what gives this entity the right to sit and judge me all day down to the toothpaste I use.

New age community does not express how horrific this shit is and people are hurting. Spiritual folks will be like you are just carrying “bad energy created in sub conscious mind that’s blocking you from your true potential as creator of your own universe …. Bla bla bla”. Like there are people who are seriously hurting and in trouble. There is something out there that we can not see that is hurting people and fucking with peoples lives. But that’s another story. 

Main point is that I believe past lives, karma, “spirits of the dead”, is a tool and excuse for spirit entities to fuck with us.

 Why? I don’t know. 


I was sleeping …. Over sleeping

The entity showed me an upshot of a girls panties half way off. I have never seen anything like this nor do I want to. I wasn’t sure if it was to wake me up or to be a complete fucking piece of shit. 

I woke up and then said I don’t care…..he tried to force me to cry.… I asked him to stop. 

I rolled over in my bed and said I don’t care anymore because nothing is going to stop this for some reason. He called me a pedophile again for the 500 billionth time. I said a pedophile is someone who enjoys it. This is rape. 

Im like fuck it this makes me wanna smoke a whole pack of cigarettes again… The entity told me to “go smoke it and die. You are just like your mom”

It threatened me in other ways but I have no idea what emotion to feel. Yestureday I was more funny…. Like I was making fun of how ridiculous this has all been…. But waking up to some pedophile shit just ruined a already pretty shitty week. Im not going to see my mom in the hospital, I am no going to therapy today.. It doesn’t make it go away…. It doesn’t make any level of this manageable or forgivable. 


Moms in the hospital again 

Entity found a weakness and started going ham saying I’m this I’m that…. Normal ficked up stuff but was just ramming it in in that moment. 

Woke up from sleep. Entity said I shouldn’t have sex with anyone until after my mom “oowies” which I guess means dies. 

I don’t understand what they have to do with each other. Why it would even make a connection between the two? Like I’m just concerned about my mom right now…. Has nothing to do with sex.

The guy I was seeing and I are in a strange place and I don’t know if I will see him again. The entity, for 3 days played off the fact that there was a miscommunication between us. Saying he didn’t want to be with me because my pussy stinks but really he thought I hung up on him which I didn’t. 

The entity just won’t shut up. Ever. It plays on any vulnerability or weakness it sees….. With out any reason. 

Entity Catch Phrases ⏪▶⏩

  • (Do) You know who you are(?)
  • Everyone dies (Feb 2017)
  • My eyes are your eyes (2016)
  • I am not the one to play with! 
  • Go Home
  • You loose
  • No one will buy her
  • I have to admit it……(usually just repeats it over and over) 
  • Why are you even here?
  • Take my place
  • I thank you in advance (said it gets you whatever you want)
  • Don’t say my name/ Say my name (have no idea what his name is then will say his name is my exes)
  • Come see me / you have to see me lto get rid of this)
  • You will NEVER see me again (2016)
  • I hope you never have eyes (early 2016)
  • I hope she sees (Feb 2017) 
  • God damn it
  • God bless
  • So glad you rose! (2016) 
  • Wait till you see me pay/now I pay
  • You must pay
  • I just got made
  • Last year here
  • I told you to wait one year
  • I don’t care how long it takes (not sure what this means at all)
  • I’m gonna get fired
  • Die of molestation (2016)
  • Do you know how blessed/lucky you are?

Half …..well all of the time I have no idea what he “the entity” is talking about. I mean I know what the words mean but they are always encryptic and don’t make sense.

I tried to figure out where from my subconscious mind these might have came from but most of them are not apart of my everyday life. For instance I have never said god damn or god bless. I have said “bless you” when someone sneezes.

The entity also says I’m not suppose to tell anyone. And most of the gurus and healers say I’m fine ………….. I m not OK and far from fine. 

There are many other repeated things it says like “you’re ugly” “fat” ect but those are normal sub conscious stuff the ones I listed above have me puzzled…. I have no idea what to make of it. 

The entity has asked me a few times “do you accept me as your lord and savior”, (nah) but its strange cause the entity said it doesn’t believe in God, yet says God bless, and that I am “blessed”, which for a while I thought it was a curse because he said it so much. I believe in God and haven’t used either terms ever I’m my life.

He Goes

Until I can afford compassionate deposession….. I have to deal with this Entity going between acting like he is in love with me and calling me a fat piece of shit cause I gained weight. Still forced orgasms. 

He is trying to wait for a vulnerable moment with the new guy I’m seeing.

I feel like everyone knows something I don’t. One guy on a you tube told me I’m gonna be OK. I don’t feel OK … I can’t work… Hard to have relationships cause I’m second guessing myself…idk.