Being Schiz is bad for the Economy

Being schizophrenic is totally not good for the economy unless you are Medicaid and taking their $350 a month drugs that don’t work.

Otherwise if I wasn’t demonically possessed schizophrenic I would TOTALLY be working paying these worthless student loans and traveling and buying shit, I’m way over due for a new pair of leggings. But oh fucking well.


Guess I will just lay in this bed battling demons all day as they fill my body with their dense Co2 hoping that they go away.


Hell Matrix

First off fuck Winston Churchill for being a racist.

But I remember this quote popped up on my Facebook feed years ago. Encouraging me to wade through the struggles of capitalism and interpersonal relationships.

But little did I know it could be SO FUCKING REAL. Like shit …… I didn’t mean that shit literally.

Now I see demons and reptilians and shit all day. Hearing some voice that won’t shut up and desperately wants to be human but comes off as psychotic. It’s a lame existence.

Either way do you have a choice?

Reptilians Sleeper Triggers

“I have found that the DARK, their minions (Reptilian hybrids) and “Unawakened”/“Sleepers” tend to be triggered if one mentions:

– The 144,000

– The Chosen ones

– Twin Flames

– Highly evolved spiritual beings

Their 3D mind misinterprets. They think we are being narcissistic- when nothing could be further from the case. (Empaths are complete opposites from Narcissists). There may be “jealousy” or “resentment” felt, but they do not understand – there is NO “superiority”… There are however those with more experience. Those that already graduated. We are the souls that VOLUNTEERED to assist Mother Earth and humanity at this unprecedented time of Ascention. We heard the clarion call and we answered. We hold the highest vibration of LOVE and we wish to assist planets and their inhabitants to move into LOVE SPACE (The 5th dimension and beyond) with our FREQUENCY. We are experts at being “system busters”. 👍

They don’t realize that we have had the hardest lives of all. 😞 We did so willingly in order to be of service. ❤️

They have and will continue to attack us. They fear what they don’t understand. Lightworkers, stay strong and stand in your power -no matter what they throw at us. We are SO close…It will all be worth it.

😇🙏❤️” – Michelle Krebs Lagerquist


I mean things didn’t “calm down” until I actually hated myself. Like I hate being attacked everyday for two years and forced to see child abuse if I don’t do what they want.


Told to “Go home!”.

I never thought of myself as special. Just someone who struggles like the next and wants to make it a little easier for you than it was for me.

I have no super power other than my undying love for humanity. My faith in God and that some day we will be free.

Other than that, I’m just an average snowflake activist, who can’t bare to see the world go on like this. But positioned to t compromise my beliefs by working against a system while my tax dollars fund many things I do not agree with.

I’m ok with being average or basic.

Two feet firmly planted on the ground. As both average and majestic as a tree. As needed.

But this woman’s post is true soon as twin flame came into the picture this reptilians demon thing lost its ever loving collective psychotic mind. Still does. Still wants to act like him some days too. Even was trying to get me to be “attracted” to reptilians or it particularly. It gets real twisted in these parts.

I can’t believe this is my life.

Voices Snapshot

I noticed my mom seemed kind of bummed out. She’s not the kind of person to tell her emotions so I figured just do something.

My first thought was to maybe tell my dad to do something nice for my mom via text. But then I realized I didn’t have my wifi number anymore. So then I thought I would get her some flowers, even though flowers seem lame maybe they will cheer her up. The voices quickly pounce on me.

Voice 1: I’m tired of this pedophile incest bitch……

Voice 2: what’s wrong with getting flowers for her mother? (This “voice of reason” recently emerged when I stopped fighting with them both. Really I don’t trust it and it’s no different than the other)

Voice 1: (screaming) Die bitch. Your mothers going to die.

Me: I can’t believe I actually have to listen to this shit.

So because I wanted to do something positive and nice I had to hear about how my mom was going to die for little bit after all of that.

I later proceed to go out and buy my mom flowers with my last $10, just to cheer her up a bit. She does so much not sure if she wasn’t feeling appreciated.

Art and Beauty

I need to like go to a gallery and see like beautiful art. Or maybe an installation, that’s more about being. Than seeing.

I just want to be somewhere beautiful and see beautiful thing that aren’t associated with these demons, and trolls and reptilian and aliens and every vile think you can think of.

I was able to weave this into my life before. I mean the are special moments of beauty. But…. it’s just my world ain’t it.

And anytime I try it’s quickly interrupted or argued over.

One times I was listening to music and I almost found my mind drifting off to make a beautiful music video like I use to but then I got scared that the demons were going to try to scare me with child porn again so I decided not to and just listened in anxiety of wanting to but not being able to.

They now fully use my imagination as an expression of themselves. So a wave of the hand in the imagination, or a vision, a dream, or hallucination. I no longer have control of these things like I use to.

And the way they gain control is by stopping me from using it because they kept showing me child porn.

So I thought if I tread carefully that those kinds of things wouldn’t happen. But it doesn’t matter. They do what they do. Their is no way to unsee it. Or any of the trauma of this experience.

But I long for real beauty to be in my life again. Freedom.

What is awakening?

My awakening has been hmm more of a slumber……. so as I awakened to the fact that there infact evils and Entities in this world I was lulled into dream times if delusions where I saw ghosts and spirits and trolls and the firefly dragon flies and demons and geckos few other things some machines.

But in a way none of it was real. It was created. I have even tasted in a dream. But it wasn’t real. So was it actually an awakening or a false awakening? Plain ol’ schizophrenia? Demonic possession posing as enlightenment now?

So many different scenarios to keep you seeking and going and interested. Even when I’ve stated very clearly I am no longer interested in this game.

Sometimes I wonder what I would do if if this Entity left now. And I would allow myself the time to grieve and to be. I’ve been something else for two years now. Something scary and sick. I would cry with out worrying if some demon will come lick my tears to fuel their agenda.

So I awaken to a nightmare.

I’ve accepted what has happened.

I don’t know why or how I’ve accepted not knowing.

But I have not accepted the possibility of what is happening to our people.

Is that awakening?

The Great Love Debate

So Valentine’s Day is off my holiday list for person reasons and historical reason.

Personally I have dated a few dude who I think are crippled by valentines believing it is a prerequisite to marriage and act like a total asshole or avoid me all together ending up in a fight on or around valentines so spare me the hearts and holidays I will act like it doesn’t exist since a box of chocolates causes a malfunctions in the male brain.

Also for a historical reason. Given it’s dark past it is only fitting I would suffer as well. Given the Romans would abuse young woman “into fertility” and paired with a random dude, and then later on the murder of St. Valentine I believe.

On my Facebook timeline I keep seeing all these positive affirmations of “love yourself” “date yourself” these funny videos of dudes making out with their reflections, or people’s valentines being their dogs. It’s funny uplifting I get it.

And I guess I want to challenge this idea becoming overwhelming consumed with ourselves of loosing our heart connections with others.

It hurts. Instead we should be practicing learning and relearning better ways at communication. How we can show up, hold space and actually be there for each other and our selves. To be honest.

Why in a world of 8 billion do we feel alone? Have we ever thought that is mental conditioning? To keep us isolated? Docile? Trippin on who’s right?

Is this this the trade off for a capitalist empire? In the U.K. They recently appointed a “Minister of Loneliness” to address the issues because apparently it’s that serious of an issue. Are we so consumed with our stuff, and jobs and our false fantasy ideas of what a relationship looks like from media that we opt out?

That wasn’t my reasoning, of course if you read my blog it’s because I have been under constant attack by a Demonic Entity and much of my energy is reserved for emergencies only when it comes to friends near by. And I don’t have the heart to get my heart broken again by some tinder dude that just wants a long term hook up until he can get another girl.

Plus feeling watched was not hot.

Either way fuck Vday, fuck capitalism, fuck this false sense of loneliness. Fuck this demon!

Earth Abduction 🌎


Abductions don’t happen off of earth any more. They happen on earth.

Another “dimension” or a matrix is placed over the persons electo-magnetic field. So you then have a false reality or a false spiritual awakening.

These are not spiritual awakenings.

These are abductions and attempts at pseudo possessions aka mind control or worse case scenario a false flag.

An “abductees” electro magnetic field, surface of body and organs are penetrated with what most know as Archons. Archons are round semi flat disc that can move around. They are bio technology. These Archons can project images, become portals, and build settings of sorts like a false chakra system.

They are toys and bio technology weaponry. Very few limits to what this can do. Now I have seen Reptilians projected at my field but I have not seen them actually. I have actually seen a little alien head in my house and I smacked him out my sick sisters room with a bible. Wasn’t too happy about that.

So I’m not sure if the tiny little greys are actually working for reptilians or it’s bullshit torture brogan they hide behind. Because there seems to be so many layers to the lie. Do reptilians even exist on this planet or are they being projected as an overlay system?

Do the greys just ensure that the Archon Bio Technology is working properly like maintenance dudes? Cause they seem to be walking among us, but the reptilians seem to be attacking from another dimension which is fucked up.

Emery from outside is involved as well so there is energy/”entity” entering my home from outside and attacking from outside like they found a loophole by not entering but letting there tenticals get in here.

I’m trying to understand this all from inside the illusion and confusion. So I am open to being wrong. But this is what I am seeing. I just want to be better. And I just cussed out ol’ grey alien dude out for trying to call me fucking lazy. Which sparked this post so. Whatever.

Furies: Demons of Vengance

So I was watching Once Upon a Time and they talked about a Fury demon that takes a life for another.

I never noticed the picture but it looked very similar to the Demon here that I see occasionally. I assume its female because of the long hair that’s always whipping around but that’s not necessarily true.

I always reference this as a Banshee or an Original Fairy. Either way I unsure what the vengeance part is for because I have never screwed anyone over. If anything I always got the shit end of the stick and I always did the work within myself to to eventually forgive and let it go. 

This is the shit end of a stick I received yet.

Cause I feel more and more clueless. 

One girl in my schiz Facebook group drew a picture of the exact same thing I see and it that demon kept asking “where is my child?”, I also had similar delusions with the voices saying “you will never be a mother!”. 

But that doesn’t bring any more clarity as to why this particular demon is here and or how to get rid of it. 

I thought it was cleared in the soul clearing work I was doing but apparently they just cycle through taking turns.

Do these Fury demons work for reptilians harvesting human souls or light or spiritual energy so they may live longer? 

Trick you into going mad and finally taking your life! 


In Greek and Roman mythology, the Furies were female spirits of justice and vengeance. They were also called theErinyes (angry ones). Known especially for pursuing people who had murdered family members, the Furies punished their victims by driving them mad. When not punishing wrongdoers on earth, they lived in the underworld and tortured the damned. The Furies could also appear as storm clouds or swarms of insects.

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