I am so FUCKED 😥

I have no idea what to do right now.

I am seeing the same demon that was on me, on my sister that I know caused her stroke before it got to me……… so ONE thing IS confirmed is these demons can jump from one person to the other. That’s double confirmed for me.

When I actually try to address my schizophrenia or migraines medication this demon jumped to my twin sister who has health issues because she was a premie.

So when I try to “raise my stupid fucking miserable vibes” and try to elevate they literally attach to my sister or stay by her bed sipping on her human juices or whatever it they do to either of us. And that doesn’t mean I’m left alone. That just means I’m left alone by the one that feels like death. The others ones still go in and out and switch off on my body and use parasitic toys and tools to mess with my body.

So this is a fucked up situation. Raising vibration and energy and all that stuff is not what people think it is. Like you can literally get your shit ripped open matter how good your day way or if you’re eating organic or gmo. If that Demonic alien wants to fuck your ass up that’s what’s gonna happen. There are no mantras or binaural beats, or amount of positive thinking that will make it go away.

That is a cognitive, conscious decision that, that being must make on it’s on. I can’t change these beings. Even if it seems like it in one area it’s a lie in another. I don’t have super powers. I will not disillusion myself and say I have any. I can see them like any regular degular ass human can see a ghost, or shadow people, or sparkles or flashes or all the other crazy stuff. I just studies the photos for a while. STUDIED. Which is not super powers.

I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!!! Other than like tell my family to like move to the middle of the desert or something. And even then!!!!! These things travel!!! So like I’m going to be stalked all my like by a fucking praying mantis, aliens, a reptilians, an army of gecko, trolls and demons? Like What the actual fuck?

You know they got cars? I don’t even got a car…… freaking crazy.

I don’t know what to do! I did what I was suppose do. Try to get better! Medically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically all that stuff, I took their pills to get better, I did the salt baths, whatever and now boom if I try to do good for myself this piece of shit pedophile Demonic alien ass face is going to then go harass my sister.

Now that my sister is involved. And they outwardly threatened my sister for the first time and I put all the pieces together and got confirmation…. I’m not sure what to do anymore.

It’s bleak. Committing suicide doesn’t ensure my sister’s safety if all they wanted was me dead. It doesn’t ensure that I won’t hear their nasty asses anymore. Leaving I’m not sure if it will ensure either of our safety. I’m not sure if it’s just me or if I am picking things up from other people as I become more open. And I’m not sure if becoming more open is a good or a bad thing. But I know it weakened me. I now realize I was taken medication and I thought it worked but it wasn’t…. and they were just acting.

So what actually works?

They are psychos. They feel justified in their actions.


Psychotic Soul Contracts and Soul Ties 😒

How these Demonic Entities get you to agree to Soul Contracts is pretty easy. One they are completely psychotic so it really doesn’t matter.

They ask you a question.

Or then listen in on your deepest fears or wants.

Don’t you want to get your ex back?

(As an example, I didn’t and don’t)

And then they say you are doing XY. AND Z get them back. You are enduring the test of time you are enduring their torture for some goal. And it’s not true.

The link between you and that person or that goal was a “familiar spirit” or an entity pretending it can do anything for you.

They don’t understand moral or no or healing. They involve themselves in human affairs where they should not, only to give themselves power and or purpose.

One way these entities have gotten me to “agree” to things is in my sleep. In that moment were dreams are made they asked a question and make it seem as if I am answering.

They twist the mind. They twist are words and actions to make it seem like this is what we want and this is the only way to get it. It’s not and it won’t and you will be disappointed and they will live off of that disappointment that bad feeling.

False hope. Then they will say “next life time” or some bullshit like that. Because they don’t know how to let go.

Since they are psychotic and don’t understand morals or no and have their own agenda in which I have to understand everything else is a cover…….. play to distract you from their actually being their.

They rape me in my dreams or between sleep this asshole had the nerve to suggest I don’t sleep because then otherwise it seems like that’s what I want. I tell them no all the time wake up angry, I sleep because I don’t want to be irritable or to hallucinate more. But they are always looking for a loophole.

They are like Rumplestilslin , playing on riddles, and games, and contracts only to get what they want.

I told them if they want a contract with me I will need it in physical writing sent to my house with my signature on it other wise all is null and void. No verbal agreements made in my sleep. No playing off my beliefs and wants or fears as some test because in the end it’s not about me it’s about them and what their true desires are in meddling in human minds and affairs.


This is where many Twin Flames get stuck. They don’t realize to move on with their life and believe their life is dedicated to some other person (that they are usually not with) and they must learn to live in unconditional love with out them while the other continues on with life.

I use twin flame for language. I used it for healing and understanding. But if I truly believed what this Entity was telling me I would be dead. They said I needed “a new vessel” (because my twin flame didn’t like the way I look) “and was human sacrifice” and that I would be “reunited in the next life” with my ex. I did what any person of sound mind and was like “uh NO!” If my ex doesn’t like my vessel then that’s not unconditional love or love at all. That’s the opposite of love.

Getting stuck in these Soul Ties and Soul Contracts are not just words. They are also deep beliefs that are being programmed. So if you think that you need to suffer for an ex or a family member then these demons will stay around waiting to be fed.


Does a Curse make you go to hell? 🔥☃️🔥

If someone or something cursed you or whatever do you automatically go to hell? Like even if you are a decent person?

Like what does it mean to be cursed?

All I see and hear and feel is damn near close to hell. And I have no idea why I would be cursed but there are bad people and beings that do unspeakable things.

But what does that mean ? Are we only cursed in this life or are we then dragged to hell by default because of the things we see and hear?

Idk what this all is. I am not afraid. But I’m kindaaaaaaa over it? I honestly don’t even have the attention span for this schizophrenic demonic reptilian incubus curse.

Snapshot: What I hear. 😞

So I am currently upset with my sister because like all I do is do shit for her and like i was kind of forced into this role and the on top of it hearing the schiz shit and no respects that I don’t want to hear TVs and my sister is always telling me to shut up unless she wants me to do something for her.

Anyway totally separate complicated human emotion shit sister and then the voice comes in and says: “You are such a ……… B. A. B. Y. !!!! You want to be pedofiled like one!?!”

So fuck my life….. Threats don’t even matter anymore because they are still going to torture me anyway.

This is an all day everyday thing. And I’m kinda starting to really be over this life.


What I see: Bitsa 😱

I saw the word “Bitsa” energetically in a photo of me. I never heard of this word before. Occasionally I can see words in photo as well as Entities.

I guess I didn’t decide to make a post about this until I saw the words in another woman’s photo in a group I am in.

I found two meanings for the word “Bitsa”.

1. A person of no fixed nationality. One who has many backgrounds and no attachment’s or desire to be associated with any past family history.

2. “Back in the Saddle Again” – meaning back to work or to whatever you are supposed to be doing. It indicates a state of readiness to get down to work after a break.

3. Bitsa in Sesotho (Sotho South African Dialect) means Call in English

This is also from urban dictionary so there is no clear background as to the origins on the slang term. I want to say I maybe heard it in a movie where like a Italian person said “Bitsa,bitsa!” To go back to work but I can’t say for sure could be an influence by the Entity.

But also as someone who is extremely mixed it is also applicable as well.

But seeing the same words in another woman’s photo I don’t know what it means.

So what is this indicating why is it in our photos?

13 Spirit Truth you Learn Once you Wake the fuck up! 😱

1. Black magic is real and Satan is a lie. And will try to convince you of suicide.

2. Apparently the universe gets easily confused in the law of attraction so you have to say the right words because intention and heart is not enough.

3. You give more often with it never being reciprocal.

4. To make our lives have meaning we must draw a story up out of a series of random events. But what evil does not understand is that we are trying to make this ugly pretty.

5. No.

6. No.

7. I saw an alien ghost rise out of my belly, so I’m not sure which gut we are talking about.

8. Real love heals but is often rare in this world.

9. Not sure yet.

10. Meditation assist in observing the insanity you allowed to guide you through out this life. It’s ok. We all did.

11. Screaming helps once you realize 10.

12. Nature is magical.

13. Magical shouldn’t be just our lack of understanding more our ignorance.

Type 0000 if you’re tired of seeing meaningless reoccurring numbers.

Paranormal Trends

So like………………………..

what’s good?

I spoke about this before in my blog, but many of my guy friends who experience “hearing voices” or demonic experiences believe it is Targeted Individual Mk Ultra stuff covered up by the government.

Like before that it was aliens.

Before that was ghosts.

For that was spirits and demons and angels.

So like what’s really good?

It’s can’t be this many people. And like no one in the whole wide world knows what the heck is going on. When I thought us was some conspiracy the voices rolled with it. When I thought it was demons they rolled with it…… reluctant to roll with the reptilian thing but whatever they fit the profile. Whatever it is they have found a way to stop this shit?!

You know much this shit hurts!? Physically mentally and emotionally!?! Like damn. Like seriously I have felt like my brain was going through a grater. I have been electrocuted. Like damn.

Shit all I wanted to do was be boo’ed up eats some organic fruits and veggies and like live honestly. Shit.

And now I’m out here in the astral plane playing dungeons and fucking dragons and shit. Waste of my life.

They did not tell you this shit in the Bible. They said shit happens AFTER you die. Not while you are living.

So freaking lame.

Art and Beauty

I need to like go to a gallery and see like beautiful art. Or maybe an installation, that’s more about being. Than seeing.

I just want to be somewhere beautiful and see beautiful thing that aren’t associated with these demons, and trolls and reptilian and aliens and every vile think you can think of.

I was able to weave this into my life before. I mean the are special moments of beauty. But…. it’s just my world ain’t it.

And anytime I try it’s quickly interrupted or argued over.

One times I was listening to music and I almost found my mind drifting off to make a beautiful music video like I use to but then I got scared that the demons were going to try to scare me with child porn again so I decided not to and just listened in anxiety of wanting to but not being able to.

They now fully use my imagination as an expression of themselves. So a wave of the hand in the imagination, or a vision, a dream, or hallucination. I no longer have control of these things like I use to.

And the way they gain control is by stopping me from using it because they kept showing me child porn.

So I thought if I tread carefully that those kinds of things wouldn’t happen. But it doesn’t matter. They do what they do. Their is no way to unsee it. Or any of the trauma of this experience.

But I long for real beauty to be in my life again. Freedom.

Dr. Phil: Twin Flames 😳

Sheila says that when the love of her life, Simon, said goodbye, he claimed he was going away for a few days but promised to return with flowers in a limousine.
— Read on www.drphil.com/shows/my-sister-drove-from-canada-to-mexico-searching-for-the-ex-lover-she-claims-sends-her-secret-messages-via-songs-on-the-radio/


I was initiated into this hell hole through the concept Twin Flame.

It was after a break up. It was with a man I lost a lot of confidence with and made me feel really insecure for the first time. So I was an easy target at the time. But these entities were still able to convince me that maybe all these insecurities were because of love and my hang ups and not because he just plain old didn’t like me and we didn’t work out. They even convinced me they were telepathic communication with him and sounded just like him.

Some commonality with her case was the constant obsession but keeping him away. Using music “as a form of communication”, saying there was a “bet” for a large sum of money involved or a large sum of money involved. And that some how death was involved (i.e. Forcing me into suicide for my “twin flame”).

So where does this all come from?

I mean ……….. I’ve heard some things but the actual application of it to my life is another thing. How these Entities applied it to my life were well deadly. Still are.

I mean even though I am over the “twin flame” I STILL to this day have to hear about this man (my ex). To the point where I’m like “can you please leave this man alone?” I’m tired of hearing about him.

But who came up with the twin flame rules? And how do these Entites know how to play? Like the money part?

Maybe twin flames in another dimension are the most amazing love, here they are not. If anything they show signs of if a incubus of demonic hold. No one should be running around in circles like that. I lost a lot since my twin flame experience. And yea I could be all “I’m grateful” but…… I got shit to do and this was not it.

I feel bad she went through this. It’s embarrassing. Now they are going to drug her to make her more presentable. But I still believe there is a spiritual health issue underlying. I just don’t know how to address it permanently.

Just moment to moment. Day to day.

I don’t know if these Entities go away permanently. Although I would like to think so.

I know myself just as I am writing to you honestly. But these Entities are another bag of beans.

It’s sad but I’m trying to keep faith that through fierce honesty and communication and compassion we can start to heal.

Stranger Things: Lizard Tongue

So believe it or not I had no idea what a lizards tongue look like until a few moments ago. 

I guess I always thought they looked like snake tongues. 

So I’m kinda freaked out not super freaked out but how could my mind draw from information it doesn’t know and create an image?

All the reptilian drawings I did are from what I saw not what I know. Which where these gecko looking things with the sucky tongue. That’s why I always have a difficult time accepting this as my just my brain. 

I just never had an interest in reptiles. 

So……… Now what? 

Someone told me to put peppermint oil and it will repell the reptilkuans but its not really working that well. Everything seems to treat a symptom but not the situation as a whole.

Being ignorant can work to a benefit. I guess sometimes.

Idk what’s happening anymore.