New Spirit Energy Whatever. πŸ‘€

I seen eyes before around the house. Alien eyes, one single eye. But there’s a new eye with lashes that’s has been following me around the house. 

I looked up at the edge of the ceiling and then all of a sudden it was in my face. I’m like damn I can’t even look at the ceiling?!? 

I told the pretty 3rd eye with lashes (and a bunch of dots above it) No thank you. I didn’t feel super threatened by it, but I mean they are in my home when I asked them to leave…. So ….. It moved to the side.

The voice said “don’t you want a 3rd eye?”. I said, “I already have one.” (I guess I think… Maybe… Who knows). 

All I know is I want all these things out of my body…. I don’t care if they are little ghost in the shape bunny rabbits, Jesus, 3rd eye lashes ….. After what happen … No Bueno. And anything of a good nature would understand that and leave me alone.

I’m seriously not out hear looking for this stuff. I get bothered and then I’m looking for ways to be left alone by these entity spirits whatever they are. 

Why won’t they leave!!!!!!!? Uhg! 


Lost Souls πŸ‘€πŸ™ & Fire

I have heard many theories on what these circular shape things are around my house. Some say its souls/spirits, some say angels, some say archon/ reptialian, I have yet to read anyone directly relate this things with Satan but they sure do come close. 

So one thing I noticed is that these things do NOT like heat. Although they can produce what may feel like heat (nerve / electrical). Actual heat is not what they love. This includes actual fire and HOT water, say in a bath or the outside of a glass of HOT tea.

I guess this came up for me because I woke up, felt one of these things on the top of my hand and the used my eyes to see if there was one there, and then saw the darker middle half way out my hand. I then placed my piping hot coffee cup on the back of my hand and saw it rise up slowly. 

Whatever these things are if they remove themselves from my body after being put in hot water then to me that means THEY ARE NOT SUPPOSE TO BE THERE! 

Maybe I am getting too biblical but maybe these are lost souls, that would endlessly burn in fire. Since they don’t die in heat, but don’t like heat they just run away, they often come back. Or maybe these lost souls are being USE by Reptilians (which i could def see them being thought of as demons back in the day).

They are slowly accumulating all over the house. Edges of the ceiling. And some so bold and big right in the middle of the room.

I’m just tired of these things attaching to me. I know my vibrations are “low” because whatever is orchestrating this, keeps using child sexual abuse to make me super sad and grossed out and cry. Which probably just feeds them all. But I TRY, and when I try to not allow the visions to bring me down (cause they are not real), I get attached even more. 

These things touching my skin are causing rashes, burning, vibration and discomfort. 

When I deal with emotional now its the physical with these things burning.

I’m TRYing SO HARD! πŸ™

My House Looks like Smoke πŸ˜±

There is so much spiritual bullshit happening in my house! 

There is a mist that has been building and settling into everything, sofa, electronics, dressers. Its insane. I have never seen a mist this much? Some of the mist actually have those Archon circles in them. Embedding itself half way into furniture. 

So there is the clear jelly fish archon circles and now a mist. 

Sigh! WTF! 

Sprit Snatchers? 😱

A couple of times, I felt like my “spirit” not my soul was being snatched or tugged out of my body. Kinda like a Peter Pan thing (in once upon a time).

I wonder if these Demonic Archon Reptar Alien like need our spirit, our spirit is what I would assume animate us, I guess like energy play dough? 

I feel like maybe they need this energy from us to almost like….. Hmm create something to wear? Like a cloak of spirit imagined to hide whatever it is they truly are?

Or to create this illusion in front of us?

Just wondering. Its theory. I could be wrong.

πŸ‘½ Earth Abduction πŸŒ

I wonder if alien abductions are only done on earth but through different levels of consciousness.

I mean I have been completely blacked out, to there and in the background watching, to not in control of my dreams, super vivid lucid sleep paralysis dreams, and clearly firms of hallucinations. 

PS. Much of what I saw in the pictures I don’t see in front of my eyes just a lot of simple lines and circles.

So the idea is that people aren’t abducted off the planet but abducted in the consciousness much like a form of partial possession and shown a dream of sort that represents the situation although it might not ACTUALLY look like that. But can feel like it, smell, look like it. 

Have you noticed we don’t here much about alien physical abductions any more?


Just a theory. 

Evil Eyes (infinity8) πŸ‘½πŸ‘€

I always thought it was the one eye. Now they doing an infinity eyes (both eyes)?!? 

I wrote about this a few posts back about all the infinity symbols I see floating around my house, as well as the ones I seen placed over my eyes. There are also a circle of light on each side of my eyes. 

I’m unsure  what the infinity over my eyes are for. I saw the archon jelly fish demon reptars before anything was on my eyes. May me that’s why they put them? But I can still see. 

So are the infinity eyes the illusions? Or are they helping you see the illusion? 

You can see the infinity symbols in the photos I posted two posts prior. You have to zoom in.

This is def not initiation cause I never agreed and no thank you (even though at one during the delusion it said it was, I could marry my “twin flame”). Then once the twin flame play was over and I was no longer falling for it, it started calling me a human sacrifice, but like who the fuck is controlling this nasty shit? 

Shit not even Sponge Bob is safe! Joking idgaf. BUT I do care about what these alien reptar jelly fish are doing to my body and my people. 


Cleansing Spiritual Portals; Close All Portals In Your Area – Rex Deus

Its real out here in these spiritual streets y’all. They out here playing everyone for a fool. My friend is over here swearing Arch Angel Michael wanted him to join his ranks, mean while demon #blablabla was acting like my dead grandpa, my ex, God….  And I was like yo that gotta be Satan then. 

Like I don’t know God like THAT, Jesus is not my home boy but he is hella cool for trying to wake the people up. But I know this shit right here happening right now and to many people that bullshit ain’t God. NAH.

Either screw this ghost pictionary, astral demonic peekaboo bullshit. 

I’m seeing shit (the clear mist and one large dot) at the head of my families beds and I am PISSED NOW! Like its one thing if they are attacking me. But not my family not my sister who has been through so much and has struggled with health since birth.

We have a SERIOUS problem now.

Third Eye πŸ‘€πŸ‘½ Sees

Because I can see the archon more clearly (seriously I can walk around them its not like a vision). 

Does this mean my 3rd Eye is more clear? 

Or does this mean that is being messed with?

I know they don’t like being seen and don’t like being touched. Like if you find one they would rather go up in your face so you can’t see them. It almost looks like they are attacking you but really it seems like hiding. 

But why can I see them if I don’t know how to get rid of them?

Sigh. I feel better for a moment let’s see if that will change once I go outside. 

Haunted House 😱🏒

So with being able to now see these demonic archon jelly blobs I see them around the house. 

First I notices 3-4 in the bathroom (one splits and then goes back), one large one in my dining room, and 3+ in my room (its dark so not easy to see). 

Today I noticed that there was one in the middle of my narrow New York City apartment kitchen. How I noticed is I was being a fat ass had some pizza that was too hot and then you know blew the heat off my mouth. But then I noticed a lot of steam. An abnormal amount so then took a step back and I used my eyes to to see and low and behold there was one right in my kitchen.

My only thing that has me questioning is placement of these things in my house. Like they are strategically placed at head level.  Even sitting down on the toilet. 

So what the fuck is really going on?!?

I mean I already knew I was being watched in a way, but now I’m not sure how or why or how to get rid of them. Or stop hearing them or seeing them. Cause most people don’t hear or see this shit. 

My guess is that my “schizophrenia” is maybe two or three in or aroubd my head.

That’s my guess. Since they can change shape and size more or less.

I really need help understanding this. I keep hitting a wall it seems on my own. 

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