Happy Sad Girl 😔

So like despite being tortured and depressed…… Im generally a happy person. Like i still manage to appreciate the simple things like a beautiful sunny day or hearing someone laugh. Even though immediately the voices (demonic archons) come in and try to negate it by raping me or showing me child porn in my mind or talking about my ex or saying i want to have sex with my father or that my loved ones are gonna die soon. ……. I mean pick one, any one they will use it to stop me from glowing with a happy thought. But im surprised the happy thoughts still happen and i am still able to smile through it.

I mean generally i am still depressed i dont go out ALOT. Like once a week as opposed to once a month to my doctor. My life is still no where close to where i would like it to be…..

Bit i still enjoy small things. I still have faith in God as confusing as this all is.

Is that raising my vibrations? Is that enough to “ascend”? …. Im trying at least.