I showed people in my life the photos of demon aliens

So I showed a couple of people in my life the handful of photos I have of these demon aliens. And most of them saw it.

But I feel like they still don’t believe me but at least got a peak into my daily life.

I’m not sure if I should or shouldn’t. I just idk when I tell folks I’m not crazy and I have photos they want to see. Some have shown some I haven’t.

I guess it’s validation I’m looking for when I’m talking about what I’m going through.

Idk. Was woken up at 3am as usual and just blogging.

Gods voice through other people.

It’s so important to have loving people on your side when you are going through spiritual warfare.

I might not hear the voice of God because the dumb demon Entity voice won’t shut up about the same things. BUT if you have loving people who are on your team and know how to check themselves (meaning when the devil is trying to play games they are aware enough to check their actions/words/intentions), God uses them as a sound speaker for his word and encouragement or I would like to think so.

So this schizophrenic life got me neck deep with demons. And I ain’t afraid. And I gave up everything to peel the bullshit layers back. And I will be peeling even more back once I go into fasting mode.

But I have been blessed to have people routing for me by my side through this.

And you know what, if this is happening to you (spiritual warfare) then you might not have known at the time but God used you to uplift, encourage, help someone who the devil was trying to devour.

So, Gods there.

Just not sure he won’t remove this nasty thing. But I am gonna keep on walking. Trying. Praying. Hoping.

I hope this blog as crazy as it is….. at least made someone feel not alone. Was able to connect the dots of the devils tricks. To get a grip on reality. And wake up from the multiple illusions.

So when I couldn’t see God in myself. I am thankful enough to see God in other people.

Examples of Matrix Superimposed faces

This is an example of the super imposed matrix shit I saw on the New York City skyline.

I’m not sure if this has always been and I’m just waking up to it. I don’t know if this is a matrix joke to get people to believe in SOMETHING. idk if this is a take over, but something is up. And people are feeling it. And it doesn’t feel life giving but vampiric, controlling, psychotic.

People will praise it. But I don’t trust it.

Random Day with Demon/Spirit

Then earlier I picked up my godson from school and we got off the bus at a main busy shopping area to catch the train and something/Entity nipped at my inner thigh close to my genitals and I looked ahead of me and there was a medium size dark energy at the center / clear watery outside energy there and I walked around it to the crosswalk.

There was a strange old man on the corner street crossing not doing anything but standing there (he wasn’t going to cross) and I’m not sure if it was attached to him but when I looked at it he moved. But I let it know I know I know it was trying to attach to me.

And I was looking at the NYC skyline tonight on my way home in a cab and I could see impressions of these entities in them that was right before I saw the light drop out of the sky.

I was on the east river of NYC and I saw a (light blue) light drop midway out of the sky (plasma light, orb?) …… it didn’t have weight cause it curved a little bit and then went out. It definitely wasn’t space material because it was so low and wasn’t a firecracker. today was a strange day.

Like SUPER weird day. I wasn’t seeing them as much for a little while and today I’m not sure if it’s because I am on my moon cycle, or I didn’t take my anxiety meds for a day or what.

I told the Entities nice special effects but I’m not scared. Just over being harassed and not truly knowing.

I don’t even have anxiety tbh. Not out of the norm. I know what’s false anxiety feels like. Lethargy now THAT I have. Just tired energy wise and tired of the bullshit. But here I am telling you about my crazy day and how these entities are playing with me.

I hope to be out this bullshit matrix of entities soon.

I wonder if they fuck with only a set amount of certain people so they can keep their cover. They are really full of it.

Holy Ghost

So I took my sister to an appointment today for a back to work orientation for people with disabilities.

The facilitator left surveys on the other floor so I volunteered to just go get them and some pens. Some guy followed me (it wasn’t a two person job) and was telling me about his life. But I listened and then he started talking about the Holy Ghost and then told me “oh you don’t have the Holy Ghost in you” and walked away. I said nothing for him to say that just listened and was kind.

I mean I already feel like that since I feel abandon by God. But then him saying it felt like he could see my affliction. And the voices are replaying it over and over.

Because it’s like despite hearing “demons” or whatever in my head all day, despite feeling abandon by God, I still try to be a good and kind person. And it just hit a sore spot for me today.

Targeted Individuals: Hearing your Frequency 🎼

So I for once I had a peaceful moment in my parents home. All the tvs where turned off and I could breathe. I recently had to go to the ER because I had like a inflamed siatica and it was getting really hard to walk. I’m pretty sure this was an Entity attack but can’t tell the doctor that. So the docs gave me a toradol shot for pain and a pain patch which was golden.

Now mind you this was AFTER the week my friend had a healer remove 7 Entities from me and I felt super light and I could walk fine I felt better than I have in a while. Just light. He had told me I had a big one on my spine. I even remember the day it attached because I was in my friends bathroom and I felt like someone punched me in my back. Right where the spine and tailbone is. I hunched over in pain. But being use to pain I just pushed through. Before the spine it was migraines so bad I had to just sleep to not deal with them. I felt like my brain was going through a cheese grater.

Either way, I was in silence. Had my pain patch on feeling alright. I could hear a frequency. Then I felt a shooting pain in my pain patch (probably another attack) and I could literally hear the frequency go down.


When the Entities realized I could hear this they started a higher pitch sound so I couldn’t hear the lower pitch frequency they were running.

I had put two and two together.

Now everyone says “raise your vibes” “raise your frequency” and my compassion goes out to those who really can’t no matter how much they try because they are being constantly attacked. The attachments (non conscious beings) that the Entities (conscious beings) place on us have low vibrations and it breaks down our natural frequency.

Can you imagine if we were truly at our highest or natural frequency?

I have been slowly fighting to get my body back from being hijacked and I mean this isn’t about crystals and yoga. Like this is our biological etheric bodies being messed with. The mechanics of being on earth. It’s malware, spyware, virus, Trojan, ………… spam (for those with looping or intrusive thoughts) lol.

Why us? Why me?

So get to know your frequency in silence. Say positive words in your mind like Ho’ponopono (I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you) or try other more positive words.

Maybe it’s just me. But let me know how it goes.