Man now I can’t like aliens more either 😥

Like dame I use to like 👽 n shit now they are like one of the ones actually doing this stuff…..

really sucks


Discernment And The Internet

I realized that a lot of the information that I looked up in my research to assist in my reptilian demonic possession wasn’t for me but aided them in becoming powerful what I can see with my two eye.

I can see them using sacred symbols and geometry against me, this is fucked up. They use my own Co2 breath to feed themselves then to torture me.

There is so much misinformation on the internet that the pushed as healing work. And it’s not to point fingers and maybe it only works at particular levels of healing but I’m at a level 80 on the possession scale since I have schizophrenia so binaural beats is not cutting it for the reptilians.

But we will find away.

Responsibility In Healing 💚

How can I be responsible for myself as well as my loved ones during my own healing process?

Reptilian Demons Archon Curses are like ticks and I think they can jump or activate others. So if they are not playing you directly they can or will use another unawakened or unknowing soul to trigger you.

So with my family, I mean we already been through what I hope is the worst of this. Of course there is like life stuff but 2016 was WTF like a curse on 3 generations. And for some reason I feel like it was my fault but I don’t know why.

So I have been trying to heal myself through modern medicine, raw diet, science based research and data, intuition, healing arts as well as good old fashion prayer. But I’m never sure if I’m doing the right thing or who to trust and all I have is my intuition to go on with the information that I come across.

But I also feel an obligation to my family. It’s like a rock and a hard place. If I leave will they be better? Am I being selfish? But I want to be there for them but mainly I wanted to just enjoy being with my family no obligations.

Either way we have a problem.

How can we heal ourselves while still being compassionate and accountable to those we love?

Hugs and Heart

I’ve hid myself away from the world for so long because I am cursed, I didn’t know that it could effect my family as well.

So I stopped touching them became a robot for a while to get through it not knowing we were all simmering in the Entity juices.

If I never moved back home ran away to the beach and withered away there then maybe my family would have been ok. Maybe my twin sister wouldn’t have had a stroke if I never moved here. The energy is painful if it connects with you and feels like a headache which can lead to a stroke if you are not in decent health and she is not and never has been since birth. I’ve observed how my health has declined rapidly since this energy has connected with me and I went from perfect Vitals (but slightly overweight) and highly active to high BP high HR inactivity and taking meds along with schizophrenia all the medications have yet to full work.


I’m trying. Im going raw vegan but haven’t totally stopped in the smoking but will or lessen to a treat thing. I found that psychology cold turkey doesn’t work for me. Even in the raw vegan I’m learning raw vegan but I may not be raw vegan for the rest of my life. So if I leave smoking as an option the nagging sensation doesn’t seem to bother me cause if I do I do if I don’t I don’t.

I’m not getting to the point.

So I just can’t wait until this Entity is gone for good and I can hug my mom with out the fear that I’m giving hear some curse that this demon conjured from inside my body. That I can love and laugh with her again with out it making her a target. I look forward to that day.

But this is opposite world.

In real life format.


The intention is there.


In “opposite world” trying to make sense of myself in this world doesn’t align. The more I make sense of myself the more this world, the events that happened in my like, patterns, seem absurd.

My room

The energy in my room be look exactly like all the faces in these clouds from this “rod of god” event in Michigan a day or so ago.

Group Mentality

I like groups but I don’t like group mentalities I do t like fighting but I like cute banter.

One of my friends who I like exchange two words with but adore. He added me to all these spiritually groups which are helpful and triggering at the same time. I had to leave some cause it just felt elementary. And then if I asked difficult questions I was told to take a salt bath or I was just a lower vibrational person.

Watching random tarot or twin flame card reading was triggering as fuck so the spiritual community no longer felt like a community for me any more. There as many spiritual beliefs as there are people and we are all just trying to figure shit out and have some control over our lives cause that’s what we are told right?! Take your power back? Pick yourself up by the boot straps while believing in something even if it is nothing at all.

There are a few I find interesting and I appreciate their outlook and frankness. But I might be taking myself out from these groups soon idk what people do after all of this. Just look for random targets to practice on “spiritually” if you can even call it that.

So yea that’s my thing now. And I know no one wants me to know what’s up because I am pissed. This is not about light or love and not being in it. It’s about choice, truth and justice. This is not a fucking playground for people to abuse power.

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