27 Strange “Symptoms” People Are Experiencing Worldwide – Awareness Act

27 Strange “Symptoms” People Are Experiencing Worldwide – Awareness Act
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This is the spiritual propaganda shit that’s fucking people up since 2011. “Creative energy” what’s creative about your whole body going out of wack?

Energy from where. Who’s telling you this “energy” is hitting the planet for months? How the fuck can I opt the fuck out?

This is practically the same article give or take that has been circulating for going on a decade.

It’s cluck bait misleading misinforming and only is helpful if your head is completely up your ass.


The Nature of the Beast

I noticed that this Entity attaches to pain.

Mental, emotional, physical pain, and the exploits it to its amusement.

I’ve seen the orbs attach to my sister arm where she had a stroke.

The Entity I hear never shut up about sexual abuse (because who wants to talk about that every fucking day), and my ex (who it wove into the delusions.

When I had a toothache I could feel the energy swirling around and just increasing the pain.

Same thing with my back. I felt the static cling on my back when the Entity is close to my body to enhance pain.

It exploits pain, fear, the unknown. All the things that make us vulnerable and human.

Racist piece of shit 💩

Another aspect of the demonic Entity is racism. So much to the thought that I wondered if all racist are actually demonically possessed. The way most act it’s definitely on the table and debatable.

This Entity has called my mom the “N* word” never in my fucking life would I think to call my mom that. Not nigga….. the N* word!!!

It would also make racist joke or make fun of disabled people calling my sister retarded. These things have never been in my nature, and I would like to keep it that way.

The demonic Entity would call me white as a mixed race person. Again another aspect that I never really had in MY mind. So….. that’s why is so fucking difficult to say this is just my brain rewiring.

Also the women the Entity would point out as beautiful or the images that the Entity would use to scare me are mostly white people (until I pointed it out). I live in NYC and my life has been mostly people of color. So that is another aspect.

So on top of being a rapist it’s a racist piece of shit.

The Entity said I “will have to pay” for writing this but it doesn’t need much as an excuse to abuse and torture.

Invisible Abuse (Spiritual)

How do you talk about invisible abuse? Much like all abusers they silence you, keep up a facade and make you look crazy or weak.

While I was working with homeowners during era of abusive mortgage lending practices. We didn’t have a name for it but they all knew their pain, all had the same symptoms. They all had a look on their face, seeing 20, 30, 50+ years of homeownership washed away. We couldn’t name the abusers because everyone’s hand was in the pot. And they had flipped the loan so many times often they were paying the wrong services. This abuse was silent for years, if not a decade. It took hours of storytelling and unraveling tears and trying to make sense do just the tiniest bit of change to come about.

It’s not fair that I can not take my abuser to court. I can not find my own justice because I can not touch an Entity…..a demon. I get labeled as crazy and schizo and given meds that make high and feel like death. Because what I experience “isn’t real”. I’m suppose to take accountability for “allowing the demon in my life”, because I didn’t do enough salt baths, I didn’t eat properly, I didn’t put a bubble of white light around me, I didn’t pray enough, wasn’t Christian enough. And that’s the excuse for abuse…… for spiritual abuse……

Then I go to someone…….a healer in hopes they can name my pain. That someone actually believes me…..relieve me. And often I was met with prices that superseded any church, or anything I’ve ever spent money on. And was told to take my meds and I wasn’t doing “something enough”.

I’m still getting tortured still getting raped. Still being fucked with. Not because I haven’t taken enough salt baths, not because I didn’t try the meds, not because I didn’t gain my “authority” and tell this demon to leave, not because I didn’t pray enough or trust enough….. but because this has yet to be truly named.

I have yet to identify my abuser. Just Mr. Entity that can sound like a guy or girl and look like anything. I have yet to say what this truly is because each sect approaches it differently.

I can see, but I can not see how this all happens. And why me? Or anyone else for that matter.

“Take everything as a lesson!?!?!” Really that’s what you tell someone reliving rape over and over and over again? A lesson? Where’s the lesson for the rapist? Why must the victim always show compassion be the bigger person?

This is spiritual abuse!!!!!!

It wasn’t my fault I got raped! Why do I have to fucking relive it!?

I know how my mind function! This is not me! Saying “that’s your mind” is an excuse and a cop out to uncover some really scary shit! And I live it every fucking day! While trying to keep my shit together!

I just try to ignore the rape now, that’s how common it is. But I can’t.

I’m just tired.

Victimize the victim.

So a post came up in my group about one word for schiz and I said abuse.

The Entity voice then proceeded to say something to the extent that “there are people who are actually being abused”. And I realized that have mentioned that in this blog a while back but……… the voice ….. the Entity that is engaging in said abuse is trying to guilt trip me about speaking up about this like we are talking about starving kids or something.

Just because someone else endures a DIFFERENT type of abuse does not mean I shouldn’t speak out. If anything that widen the spectrum of violence that a human has to endure and thus giving us a better perspective.

But the Entity throwing this in my face especially after another rape this afternoon. I’m tired.

Abuse is abuse. It just made sense for an abuser to try to turn the tables on me and try to silence me because I am a big mouth about this shit.

I’m just over it. I’m tired. My body is tired from whatever all of these sensation are. I’m numb. I have to talk myself through the pain all day. Through the abuse.

I wish there was something to make this go away. It’s such an utter waste of precious time.

And I’m stuck in it.

I’m so fucking stuck.

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Spiritual Rape

I was raped again today.

I was between sleep this time. I guess I easily suggestible around that time.

My whole body was buzzing my brain hurt so much. My brain felt suffocated.

And then the rape in my dream.

I’m tired.

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