Root Chakra Power

“If your root chakra hasn’t gathered enough power your 3rd eye has no power.” -NaazirRa

Someone on my timeline said this and I guess this triggered me to think about my own situation. I mean currently, I wake up to being raped or molested every day and I am molested through out the day by an Entity.

Since this Entities inception through deception (acting as telepathy with my ex) and rape my 3rd eye or creative imagination has dwindled down to barely protecting myself.

So since my mind (as much as I try to “stay positive” or just plain ignore it) is constantly in this lower level state of perversion.

There is no beauty here. And I slowly became a reflection of that.

They tell me to just ignore it and it will go away. To have faith. Faith in God. And this Entity will go away and I just don’t know what to do any more because I don’t want another day of rape or some demon kissing me or pimping me.

I actually got asked out on a decent sweet date I met as a friend to go enjoy my favorite thing Bubble Tea because he actually remembered and I had to turn him down because I just can’t with this whole Entity thing. I won’t enjoy it so what’s the point. That was the first time I got asked out on a date like that. And I had to turn it down. How sad.

All that chakra visualizations and stuff doesn’t work with possession. I don’t know what will at this point.


I value life

The reason that I wading through all these arguments that are being spewed over the Internet and media is because I deeply value life.

This is my way of trying to work through what triggers me the loss of innocent lives.

So I keep hearing all these different arguments and as someone who’s political it’s even a bit overweight with some foresight.

When I went to school we had metal detectors and police on every floor here in NYC and we could not go out for lunch. Coming from upstate that was a big jump. That’s how some of the violence was addressed in my school. But that’s not the debate.

So I’m trying to get to the heart of the matter with in myself.

It really seems to be a little all over the place.

Hate and Violence

If you follow Cruz’s profile his profile is hate. He spewed hate towards women and blacks and Jews and anyone else. He was bound to blow.

Can we say HATE is simply a mental illness? Can we say those with those kinds of views should not have guns?

I mean it would be pretty simple to me. But then I’m also looking at the police and the military as well.

There was an article that said capitalism (american) if we’re a human functions as a sociopath. Meaning it has no heart and no soul. Every time we try to breathe soul back into the nation we are told we are liberals trying to live off of taxpayers dollars. Meanwhile American corporations rape and pillage towns and countries at slave wages only to pull out when sales are low. We have war bombing children with out a second thought for oil.

So everyone is going around wondering HOW on earth would this 19 year old man shoot up a school? Was it video games? Was it Military training? Lack of gun control? White supremacist affiliation? Mental health? Bullied? America wants to blame everything but actually deeply looking at ourselves.

And until we look at the great landscape of America and see how he is a perfect example of our skewed morals especially in Trump era, then maybe we will start doing things differently.

So where does it begin and when will it end?

Depression Illusion

So I haven’t been speaking directly to the Entities for a while now. Only to correct a thought. Even though as I have a thought am original though the Entities will insert their opinions or thoughts quickly and usually that is where the correction comes in because I also know my intentions.

I believe because I haven’t been speaking to them they are going extra hard on the emotional stuff. So a false sense of depression I woke up to. I woke up being molested by the Entities yet again body vibrating tossing and turning. Talking/ thinking in between consciousness about how much I hate them but need this sleep. Then they would try to make me recall what they said or did to me some times I do some times I don’t. Ultimately I don’t care to remember anymore and play their games. I know what my world looked like as this not it.

So I examined my depression and realized it was an illusion much like anxiety that would come out of know where. Of course I could run WITH the depression and I have enough to be depressed about but I could literally feel the weight of the energy they were forcing on me.

The Entity kissed me in my sleep. I don’t know why. I just remembered.

I’m just getting tired of this.

They said if you ask God to fill you up God will will fill you up so the enemy can not penetrate you. And yet this Entity is so deeply embedded it seems almost impossible. I’m not perfect but I have been trying my best to just do what I can a be patient for Hod to handle it. Prior I said to myself I HAVE to at least try what I can myself. Be it shaman medicine studying therapy this blog. At least try. But now I wait.

I trying to figure out how to make my waiting productive. I have been talking about it with my mom. And now depression is settling in but I know it’s a distraction. Right beyond depression is motivation I know my two main goals. And with motivation perseverance must be paired. The only issue is that this Entity gets very physical. I can hop over some of the mental and emotional abuse but when if it wants to pass me out it’s night night time. Or if I feel sick, or like I’m being choked. Etc.

So that’s my obstacle course. And when I get hit it takes a bit of time to recover. It feels like game over and you gotta put another coin in the arcade. Only I don’t came back full bar.

Either way. I’m over it.

Divine Comedian

I should just become a divine comedian and just make fun of how absurd everything is. Heavy on the sarcasm. Suuuuuuupeer heavy.

Like so heavy it would prolly come out straight faced and you only get it like maybe a week later. Like “oh that was sarcasm?”

Idk I’m bored. Bye.

Violence is human nature?

They say violence is “human nature” but then they call it mental illness or kill you and lock you up. But then justify violence in the name of God or a Country and murder innocent people.

So where is the lie?

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