BIG Problem: It’s like in my Body Now

I have been ignoring it for a while. Something has to happen a few times before I validate it.

SO NOW the new thing is whatever these things are when they attack ME there is like an impression of them in my body. This was mostly in photos. but now they are seeming more apparent on my skin. So like actual marks that then fade.

So like just now, my right arm felt tight, like high blood pressure I guess… but my blood pressure had gone down the doctors said I’m doing good. So I went to the bathroom and looked at my arm and my skin was moving. NOT like in the movies… but it was like moving side to side. It wasn’t like there was a bug or anything just moving. Then I just stared at it and it turned red and the impression of one of the things I see in photos appeared (the medusa banshee looking one) and then I just kept looking and it stopped and went away.

The time before that I saw my skin move on my forearm and then I quickly squashed my arm and then it turned into an X and then like like 2 others X’s showed up on my arm going down to my wrist.

I always felt them vibrating my root chakra area…. or like the energy in my head giving me a headache … but this is totally different.

I’m really at a loss now. I’m not sure if what I am doing is correct. I pray… I’m in the group healing… I’m over here doing ti chi. I am trying to be of service to others as best I can considering my own situation. But like I feel nothing I am doing is making it better.

I don’t know if the meds will officially knock them out or something I am willing to give it a try. I’m trying to go the holistic approach and the approach that feels right to me, but nothing seems to be working. If I do get SOME headway … I get attacked even harder.

like there at least 25 Archon Portal things in my house spewing shit at me if I even look in that direction. And its fucked up. I’m the only one in the house that feels or sees this. It’s insane. My friends can see them in photos so I’m not bugging out completely.

I just want to do whats right and will work in the long run.


Netflix and Eeww

It sucks not being able to watch whatever I want to watch. In order to avoid being molested or tortured by these nasty entities, I have a narrow what I watch down to the same safe movies or shows.

It sucks!

Like I totally want to watch “stranger things” and I can’t!

UHG I don’t even want to eat dinner with my family anymore. Its just another opportunity for perversions.

As a vegetarian cook, I use to say, “I love to watch people eat.” because then you know if they enjoyed your cooking or not. Now I am nauseated because every chew I am being molested by some archon reptilian gecko piece of shit. And it makes me hate life.

But I am staying strong as I can, considering and doing the best I can with the tools I have.

Laughing in The Dark

Geico_stillsPoseA3The more people are realizing how fake this all is the more they are laughing at it. Not that it’s funny… maybe its funny how badly they are losing. Thus why there was this new wave of attacks. If they weren’t losing they wouldn’t need to attack.

Its like wow I almost killed myself because of an etheric dot, a black rolled up hairball spider, a freaking ghost gecko.

I am glad people aren’t AS scared as much.

We need to find a better protocol to protect our people. This should not be earned information or “esoteric knowledge” this is like basic spiritual survival skills.


Tree of Life: Archon False Chakra system

This is EXACTLY how they set up the false chakra system over the body. I can see it. Except the first two on the side are closer to the temple/ears and the shoulder one is under the arm pit, the root being the most important extends from the thigh area (inner mostly) to the butt area so to debase your vibrations. 

It’s bullshit. I never had this shit before, I never agreed to it, I never asked for it.  I did yoga like what three in my life after this all started to calm mass ass down. Now a bitch can’t be flexible with out worrying about being possessed?

These chakras are made from the same stuff floating all over my house and spitting sparkle balls at my forehead or whatever it does. 

It’s soo fux up. No one should be forced into this. 

This is so sad that this is all false.

Archon’s are a disease!

Archon’s are a psycho social spiritual/ etheric disease!

Racism, classism, sexism and misogyny, violence and sexual violence of any nature can be attributed to these beings being allowed to fester.

This is not a pass for anyone. If you do some fucked up shit. Then be accountable if you have any remorse.

But these nasty little ticks are the seeds planted in the minds of our people to keep us divided.

So many have woken up. I meet more and more each day.

We are not the crazy ones. We just see the insanity for what it is.

They will get you on any insecurity and pervert any belief system to gain control.

We need to fight back!

People are out here given people misinformation to play with these asshole as they suck your life force at any opportunity. Fuck that and fuck them!

It does matter if its positive or negative energy as long as you’re ignorant AF it doesn’t matter.

And if you KNOW and you stayed quiet about this shit fuck you! You are apart of the problem and why people are out here committing suicide from seeing visions of torture and child abuse all day.

Its over! Game is fucking OVER!

Glowing Dots 💫👤

For a while now I have been seeing bright glowing dots. It started with just one.. .. Then like five now its like a huge cluster 10+. 

These glowing dots are different than the flashes of light or the archon cells. I have seen their impressions in my photos as well. 

Something is always trying to hide them from me, or they are trying to hide. Either way there is a sense of hidden. 

The energetic dark patches weren’t put on my eyes until they started coming around. 

Today I had a glimpse of the glowing dot cluster again with my eyes closed….. This time a human shadow figure stepped out in front of it either greeting it or warding it off im not sure. There was depth. I thought WTF?! And opened my eyes. 

Once I opened them and closed them again the attachment was back on my third eye and I couldn’t see anything. 

I still can’t trust everything I’m seeing. 

I mean I saw the dragon eat one of the entities…. But unfortunately its still here.

So its a lot going on. Maybe its a whole lot of nothing.

Energy Source? 

OK so like if all these Entities are here for energy from me…. Is there a way to like make a ball of energy for them that they can have and stop latching on to my actual body.

Like leaving milk out for a stray cat? 

The Entity said NO!

But I think it would be the best for both parties if all they are after is energy right?

I’m just tired of them latching on right after I clear. Taking a shower is actually exhausting. Where ever they are attached to I can feel them “speaking” or attention going there…. That kind of constant state of anxiety is just sucks…. Which is why I needed to not move at all to figure out WTF. 

I clear they come back I clear they come back I clear they come back! What am I doing wrong? 

I have to learn how to do this for myself at this point cause I paid more than enough and none of it worked. Just lowered the volume which could have been time anyway. It still does what it does…. So…. 

Blah 😩

My mothers home cooking has turned in painful weight I drag around. 

My fathers smoke is my air. 

My sisters nightly calls is my only will. 

And a demon has become the warden of this prison. 

I don’t know how to heal here. 

Grey Hair 👵

Ever since this started my hair has been turning white, silver and gold. I cut off all my hair in the beginning because the entity forced me on some girl interrupted shit and I was tired of it telling me so I just buzzed it all off. 

It would say I look like a man. Or I was ugly cause I cut it. But whatever. I don’t know if its stress or my body is changing because of the stress. I feel I have a youthful disposition usually. 

I actually like grey hair. My grandmother told me my great grandmother was part native and she got gray hair in her teens. So I kinda always wanted it…. I associated it with the beauty of the women in my family. 

But I guess not like this. 

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