John 15:1 

Maybe I’m have a serious distortion around religion. Or at least the Entity’s that are here have many distortions. 

I just keep it simple to trying to just be good as possible own up when you are not. 

As I said I normally experience these phenomenons first and then explanations come up. My friend told me the flowers were apart of the “the of life”. But what I saw looked VERY far from the tree of life. 

I’m like why the fuck are reptilians shooting flower tongues at my brain? 

I wrote before about my body becoming a garden. And seeing all these entities taking necture that is sucked through from by through these flowers. 

While I know not everything is not cut and dry…. All I know this does not feel like a holy process. I think I might have thought about what I was seeing different reptilians and all if I every thought wasn’t turned into some perverion about incest, pedos, my ex twin flame, rape.

I mean were reptilians the snake in the garden? 

As soon as I rejected the reptilians advances as telepathy between my ex and I, EVERYTHING went down hill and the sexual perversions and humiliation began.

I was told this was cleansing, face all fears, there will be transformation…. Face all issues and here I am….  And is it me? That needs all this or the entities? 

Like …. Everything is so backwards. 

I’m so deep into this bullshit Idk if I could truly speak about it in a sane way. 

Vitals Signs 💊

All my vitals came back good. I could easily work to lower my cholesterol and A1cs a bit but easy though diet. 

So all vitals check out, eyes are fine brain is fine no signs of stroke so why is my blood pressure still through the roof. 189 152 with a HR of like 111 for no reason. I know the weight but this started happening before the weight which made me scared to move.

High blood pressure, crazy head aches and marks on my body. Taking the bp meds temporarily still bp doesnt seem to lower. Shits fucked up.

Reptilian Sexual Manipulation

This article explainscwhat I have been going through to a T. 

Positive Association – they bring your body to an extremely heightened state of arousal and seek to have you climax while viewing something you abhor or wouldn’t normally find exciting. This particular method of ‘viewing only’ is a last resort, and used in the event they know they are unable to MAKE you do anything interactive. In both cases it is generally something that the females of the species orchestrate.

As mentioned in Are Reptilians Interfering With My Dreamscape? sexual control (along with dreamscape understanding) is paramount to beating these creatures. Take the time to practice quitting sensation mid-climax. Be very mindful of what you think about during and post climax. They understand sex-magic and energy so well. Any time you feel sudden sexual arousal that creeps through your body like a wonderful thing with no just cause, just shut it down. Understand every aspect of your own energy patterns. Seek to understand the true nature of your sexual fantasies, and monitor their development carefully.

If their power is such that you are unable to bring your body under control, and they are attempting to turn you toward something you find reprehensible, then I suggest you FORCIBLY REFUSE. Attack them if you have to, and return to your reality as fast as you can, but at all costs, you MUST refrain from climaxing in theirs, and in doing so, ensure you yourself remain free of becoming a sexual predator, or of changing your chosen preferences or values or anything else they’re attempting to hijack. And hijack them they will. Do what it takes.”

Disappointed: 👌

Do you know what it feels like to be disappointed in the whole universe? 

In every being circling every star? 

Every dimention and plane?

Its a new low…… And a new sense of feeling alone. 

I still have my humanity …. And however that translates into the universe. …  But I’m disappointed.

In the acts I know are happening to our people even if I don’t know the details. To the lack of response in being able to addressing these crimes. 

I’m disappointed. And we just run around arguing with each other about the most mundane things.

I’m I didn’t know there was a pain greater than hurt feelings. That is disappointed.

Stranger Things: Lizard Tongue

So believe it or not I had no idea what a lizards tongue look like until a few moments ago. 

I guess I always thought they looked like snake tongues. 

So I’m kinda freaked out not super freaked out but how could my mind draw from information it doesn’t know and create an image?

All the reptilian drawings I did are from what I saw not what I know. Which where these gecko looking things with the sucky tongue. That’s why I always have a difficult time accepting this as my just my brain. 

I just never had an interest in reptiles. 

So……… Now what? 

Someone told me to put peppermint oil and it will repell the reptilkuans but its not really working that well. Everything seems to treat a symptom but not the situation as a whole.

Being ignorant can work to a benefit. I guess sometimes.

Idk what’s happening anymore. 

Chores and Favors

I honestly don’t ask for much. Just TVs low during the evening so the Entities don’t start having a party.

But no one seems to get that. Now my mom is staying up late and all it takes is one loud ass commercial to wake me up and she has been staying up late cooking for the holidays. But whatever.

My sister she’s working now and on SSI so she has income. But she wants me to help get dressed and undressed. Put her in the bed, clean and stuff like that but she can’t seem to understand why I need the TVs turned down.

I saw my sister not on her computer and I asked if I could use it. She didn’t even answer or acknowledge my question and told me to make her bed. Like the only way I could use he computer is to do yet another “favor” for her. I don’t feel like her sister I feel like a maid and that’s it. Just someone to do things for her.

So I’m trying not to flip my shit.

So I made her stupid bed and I didn’t use her computer.

NOW 10 years later these Demons are probably make an issue out of this shit and start making some crazy absurd delusion to drive me crazy to drive home some point that doesn’t exist so they can suck whatever life force I have left.

Im trying to keep my head above water.