Paranoid Android ๐Ÿ‘พ

I noticed there is this strange sleep pattern in my house hold. My father goes to bed around 9/10 , sister around 10-12, mom around 3am, then I’m usually woken up AT 3am up until 8am wishing I was asleep cause I have to listen to some nasty archon mofo go off about stupid shit. 

I feel like there is a stream line of family sleeping at different time. Almost like there has to be a congnative brain available at all times.

The head pressures come and go now so I’m wondering if this archon tick is just jumping from one family member to the other. I mean no one else hears it…. Or feels it to my knowledge. So I’m not sure why I can feel its presence which feels like death. 

I could be wrong. 


Astral Rape ๐ŸŒŒ๐Ÿ‘พ

I forgive my mom. She doesn’t know or understand. No one does. No one gets it it’s not their fault. 

My mom was watching a movie that happened to have a long loud sex scene in it and I held my breath anticipating the Archon Demon to do something to me. It waited until I started breathing again to then touch me again.

And I started to cry, cause I hate being touched. I have been raped and molested all day for two years. I dont even know know what a loving touch feels like anymore. 

Anytime I think about love, I’m molested. Anytime I’m happy, I’m molested or hurt. Anytime I think about my family lovingly I’m molested. Anytime I look at a new person I am having a conversation with, I’m molested…. TV show molested. Or just for fun Raped.

Then to realize the only “sexual” encounter I’m having is being raped an invisible demonic archon reptilian thing all day on some pedo incest rape bullshit. 

And its so sad. That’s all I know right now. That’s all that is on repeat in my head …. To take my life away.

I need love so bad….. I love myself and its not enough…. I love everyone and its not enough. I fight its not enough.

Im so tired of my vagina. I’m tired of thinking about it, having my attention drawn to it by these archon’s, I’m tired of it being burned or raped or molested.

So tired! I tried to ignore it.

And these dude out here….. Just make it worse…. When they sexualize everything. They don’t give a fuck about me…. Just fucking. And if I was elevated… Maybe cool. But now I need love. I don’t know how else to put it. 

I can only take so much of this before I break down.

“John Lash | Gnosticism, Sophia, & The Archon Control Matrix”

I’m not sure about the Sophia myth buy def the Archon’s are like Ai bird/insect like orbs that work for Reptilian…. I’ve never actually seen a reptilian. Only the Archons which seem to act as an extension of them. An intermediary between them and us. They are multipurpose. And can merge through most matter. Since Archon Ai are interdimensional they can be moved or hit…. In 3D, but not effected much.

I think I can only see them because one is attached to me, this bringing me down to its low vibratory state of being. Or maybe its because I was taking 8 benadryls at a time which knocked them off for a short while. I don’t know why. 

This lady that closed a portal inside of me said I was still under reptilian control. But I don’t know why and she didn’t tell me why either, just ignored me afterwards.

Why are they allowed to do this? If they are bullying humans into hurting each other and the planet why doesn’t anyone God, Sophia, another race of aliens or something come in and stop them? 

This is not OK what is happening! 

Why are Archon’s and Reptilians Pedophiles?

Real question. 

I mean cause if it is about looks then they should really be the last to up hold any type of aesthetics.

I felt like soon as I turned 33 my life was over…. I was being forced into suicide because I no longer was attractive to these beings. Too old? Even though I didn’t feel old…. In a way I do no after all this torture. Even sprout grey hair from this invisible stress. 

I wish I was linked to someone smart who could quantify this experience scientifically with me. The studied studying. 

I’m still trying to understand WHY pedos?

Is it to create a race of submission? 

That still doesn’t explain like actual child sexual abuse.

I told you I met a young girl having sex with one of these things. Like her head is so twisted I would need to like…. Seriously like be with her to explain all of this. They convinced her she was the most beautiful woman in the world and she should not go outside and she is chosen to like get on the spaceship or something. 

And I’m like WoA! That was a while back. Anytime you challenge these things with in people they tend to yank the human back. Put them in anxiety or fear. 

So my life isn’t valuable to archons unless I’m young….. Let’s say under 28. 

I mean that was my first schiz episode…. 33. That was the first time. 

I don’t get it. Its like the worse thing in the world. So why is that apart of their agenda? 

Are different parts of your life handed off to different aliens?

Do some become more attached than others. I mean they couldn’t be that attached if they wanted to force me into suicide. But they probably copied my essence by now. 

The only thing is that you could never copy me for real. 

“Astral Sex | How to Achieve Out of Body Sex (Safely)” ? ๐Ÿ™…๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ‘ฝ

First Fuck this guy!

When I first heard of astral ANYTHING….. I read that one should be cautious of having sex there for they may attach to you and reek havok in your life. So that instantly turned me off since I wouldn’t know what I was doing.

Over the last two years I have an attachment that I have no idea how I got that was trying to seem like it was my Ex (“twin falme”) having “astral sex” naming my ex’s name, then Osiris and then Gregory. As soon as I said no it became daily rape. Constant rape…. To this day. Rape.

This dude is literally opening up a portal and allowing anything to come and go as they please for his own personally gratification.

Because communication is “telepathic” and can seem as mind control, the Entity has tried to convince me that I want it. Or begging for it, especially as I am waking up from sleep.

I’ve said in a previous post (Alien Love Bite) that I believe that many Astral Entities cause the drama of a “Twin Flame” love story so it can isolate you and keep you for its own means. Many people in the “separation phase” tend to stay celibate waiting for their lover to return, but all the while communicating with them “telepathically” during that time. Since you are too afraid (false implanted thought), to contact them you rarely have the chance to confirm this telepathy with them. I’m sure most are ashamed of having this astral sex with their supposed “twin flame” and won’t talk about it or admit it. Everything is sacred and a secret….. RIGHT! Except I’m being fuckint raped. That’s why they keep you from your lover! So they can use you in ways a narcissist hasn’t even dreamed of. 

Fuck this guy! Opening up portals and letting shit in that van harm people. All so he can get laid by some astral avatar looking chick?

Get your whole fucking life together! All of it! 

I have to sit here and be raped all day while there is completely willing idiots looking for this shit. It’s so fucked up! 

Minds Eye ๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘พ

When I close my eyes and look ahead. I see things, lights, shadows, outline of aliens, bugs, swirls, different color energy. 

I never saw this before. When I closed my eyes it would look like a static on TV…. For the most part. 

Now when I look directly in front of me…. I can feel my mind and attention being drawn up to something else….. Kinda like that moment right before falling asleep but all the time. Sometimes its a short dream or picture but mostly distracting and it should hurt or be a struggle to simply look ahead with my eyes closed, even if I see outlines of spiders and other strange things. Or vice versa. 

Understanding Space: Portal?

So there are a few things going on.

There is what I see, which look like Large Human Cells (sometimes with symbols inside) all around the house. And then there is what i see in Photos. Which seem a little more detailed, in appearance. Then there is what i hear and feel. Which i am not even sure correlates with whats going on.

I have been taking photos over the last 5 days of my house and my body to see if there was any progress. My friend sent me some energy with flowers and that was really nice. But for the most part I still see these….. projections of sorts.

Now i see the circles, and i am wondering if each circle (Human Cell/ Archon Jelly fish i talk about) is directly related to one of the Entity Projections I see. in photos At least the major ones.

So far I see in photos: A medusa/ banshee looking woman, reptilian looking dude, an insectoid (maybe 3), trolls (maybe a few), Buddha looking guy, “Osiris” looking dude with a reptilian under), and MAYBE an Isis near my bed. I see like other little thing here and there, like one that looks like Stitch from lilo and stitch, and a bunch that look like geckos heads, a pig, alien heads and bunch of other things. They all have a ghosty look to them. Almost 2D holographic appearance to them.

The Osiris and Isis are gone now from what i can see. Still see the medusa lady and i know reptilian looking dude is still here, and some crazy gecko things, a troll.

What i see with my eyes: X, O, 8 infinity signs, #, 4 horizontal lines, human cell looking blobs, one with many circles with in each other (sleep one), sometimes an alien head or just eyes, these kinda black spider blobs, My friends smiley face and flower energy she sent me. Most of it is purplish, blue, black or white tone to it.

SO i guess what i am wondering is if what i see (the symbols) are directly related or a portal for each spirit projection i see in photos. 

I am also wondering if this a human sending these entities, talupas, portals or whatever to me as well. Been thinking about this since my friend sent me the smiley face and flowers. 

I live in New York City, so there is bound to be many spirits or whatever these things are. Im not afraid of them, but when they attach to me in any way my energy is zapped and its extremely painful. Half the time i want to eat immediatly after. I don’t know if its just me or my family. If this has been going on before i got here, or if this is something i brought here because i was so sad after a break up.

Im trying to stay a bit logical.

I want to make sure these things are cleared out before i ever choose to leave for my families health. Whatever is here, i can not see being directly from my family to be honest (like a generational curse). And its not like its a loved on that passed on, and they seem to seek to harm.

I really want to clear this for my sister, she has been looking more and more tired lately. Not to mention they threaten all my family, friends and loved ones anytime i figure something out or try a method to get rid of them. My sister is pushing herself to the max to over come this stroke (which for some reason i associate with these entities). So like i really want my family to be ok now that I can see and have a better scope of whats happening or how they move around the house.

I put prayers on all of my mirrors as directed by one website, burned some sage, prayed. I’m trying so hard. This is not fair to my family or anyone if they are trying to hurt me.

I know this stuff sounds crazy, cause it is!!!

It doesnt even seem real. There is some part of it that is real, like the fact that it makes feel like shit everyday. But im not even sure about this ghostly looking projections in the photos.



Talupa’s Revisited๐ŸŒฟ๐Ÿ‘ค๐ŸŒฟ

So Talupa’s are thought forms. Thought Forms I guess can be created. And can be sent by other people. How I don’t know. 

I can see them. But I dont know how they get there.

My friend sent me a picture and I could see a very sexual female figure in his aura. I have no idea how it got there. I had no judgments as much as the Entity with me tried to push ideas. I told my friend I could see it and confirmed that yes “that’s the one that sins”. And that she said “oh go oh god”. 

My friend suggested that I create a Talupa of my own to handle all the ones sent to me. I see at least 11 in my home and possible 18+ on my body. As well as some other crazy stuff like a bunch of dots. I’m sure I could create one, but I don’t know the full knowledge of doing so I don’t feel comfortable doing so.

I know that when a friend gave me a reading she said my ancestors where druids (not 100% sure about that) and I should call on them to feel safe at this time. That last time I saw my ex I did call in my “ancestors” and I’m pretty sure there was a teddy bear in there, but I think that was because I took an online quize and it said I was a bear totem at the moment. And I might have thought about mermaids as well. Either way….. I don’t see druid, teddy bear or a mermaid anywhere in my house or around my aura….. So I for sure did not create these things that are here. 

I would Google what I see only after I see it. 

The thought form talupas are 2D for the most part they can seem 3d and do have a thickness to them that is visable but usually flat images.

I don’t know how they get here, how someone sends them or how to stop them. 

I told the Talupa(s) that are here to go back to their creator and tell them to clean up this mess. Instead of me trying to figure out how to make one and creating more of a mess in my mothers home. 

If I was it would create a vaccum void that sucked them into nothingness where they could never harm another person again. But I won’t and its not my mess to clean up. 

Its fucked up IF someone truly sent this to my life and mothers home against all free will.

I had a few readings down before this all really got out of hand and one said I was “a play thing” a “lab rat”. I just thought that she was saying my ex was using me. But I’m starting to think its more “spiritual” than anything else. 

Who ever made this mess needs to clean it up NOW!

I am currently not associating it with anyone. I am not judging (well a little bit, OK a lot). But I am most importantly standing firm in the fact who ever this is, for whatever reason needs to clean this up! 

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