Why can I see them?

I often wonder why I can see these Entities and others can’t. I mean my friends can see them in EMF photos I take so I’m not TOTALLY crazy.

But I have not showed anyone super close to me the photos for fear of what they will think of me or that it will open them up to these beings. I honestly don’t want anyone to go through this. But if you are already walking on the weird side of life then cool let’s compare notes.

The first time I noticed them I was on the toilet and the voices were just yakity yacking away and I let out a big sign and I saw a clear circle in front of me ripple through air and tiny sparkles. I then focused my eyes on the space in front of me and noticed the circle in front of me. I breathed on it again ….. ripple in space. It’s almost like seeing heat waves off of the hot concrete. Clear but a bit distorted. That was the first time I saw them and how they are set up all around my house. I mean it’s everywhere almost.

From there I saw the dark energy blobs that are basically just another form of the clear circles. They can be either dark, white or clear. Then I started seeing their eyes and they tried to scary me chasing me around the house but I faced them head on. I smacked on with a bible for being near my sister. But I still didn’t see them completely only know that something is there. It wasn’t until I took EMF photos with the “long exp” camera app on iPhone did I actually see more of what they look like and then things started to make sense. Like how they line only my bedroom with smaller Entities. How they are pretty much all over the house. How they stand near the TV and why I would think their voices were coming off the tv. Still not sure how it fully works but seeing them near the TV makes sense I just assume they are connected to me at the same time.

Then I started to see them glow with their full outline seen by my bare eyes. Often when I would see them directly they will turn away. I’m not sure why. They had sunglasses on at some point. So there is something with me looking directly at them that they don’t like.

So what is it about ME that allows me to see them and no one else. Like I have pretty good vision 20/30 I believe. I’ve also slowed down A LOT (I’m usually a really fast paced person) so just slowing down and actually noticing what is in “empty” space could be another reason. They also choose to show themselves to me when they wanted to scare me. And I think it’s funny now. Uhm …. I mean is my pineal gland like super activated? I was trying to turn this thing off…. eating a regular American diet (which I’m more of a vegetarian), I listen to the kardashians all day because of my sister so that’s mind numbing. I just don’t know how. Is there a chemical in my brain that’s allowing me to see them?

What is it? Again this plateau is really frustrating….. I can feel them but can’t touch them. Her them but can’t figure out which one of the many Entities is the one constantly talking to me. I can see them but barely prove it. I mean unless your on the crazy boat like I am your mind won’t wrap around actually seeing this Entities in photos.

Part of me want to try ayahuasca again the first time all I did was poop a lot…. no experience really happened.

It’s like wanting to shake something off that’s stuck to you…. I hate the way my body feels with them. It feels heavy and in pain (severe migraines), or I feel like waves of creepy crawls on my butt, or on my vagina. It’s just sooo weird. What is happening to me? I got all these beings attached to me like a magnet and I have to carry them around. And I just want my body back.

Soon as I get my money flow this fall, I’m doing every possible detox you can think of! Gut detox,parasite,liver and then kidneys, then the gut again and then maybe a heavy metal detox and try to practice raw vegan one month of every season. Even though I got attacked when I was glowing up on my vegan diet I’m going back ……. and if they attack me like they did before then that will just be another data point for me.

I just wish I had someone I could actually talk about this stuff with to better understand. I feel like I have a super power that’s pointless. It’s like ok cool I can see them but I can’t peel them off of me….. so what’s the point?

Will the truth ever be revealed?


Who am I? What Am I?

I spent all morning racking my brain around, WHAT and WHO exactly am I in this “menagerie” of Entities and beings floating around me and my house.

These beings are starting to cover my own face to the point in a EMF photo you can barely see my actual face. (Again if you want to see you can just ask but those particular photos were scary so I won’t post them till I understand them better).

I feel like if you aren’t careful any being will come in and tell you who and what you are, just feeding yet ANOTHER matrix of lies to crawl out of. I don’t mind observing possibilities of truth, but I’m not taking anything for absolute truth just yet.

So you’ve seen it…… the memes that say we “are the light, be the light.”, that we “need to look INSIDE ourselves for the truth” all these riddles when we could just say hey this is what’s up. Either way…… how exactly am I suppose to look at myself physically or with in?

This part is kind of confusing me. I’ve worked on my mental A LOT and my emotional and while I might be 100% compared to where I was 3 years ago I did THE WORK while getting my ass rapped and beat my Entities.

I guess because I was/am assaulted by Entities there is a part of me that wants to just jump out of my body and handle them properly.

But also this all came from realizing how the have high jacked my imagination/ 3rd eye vision and my dreams. I’m my dreams I realized that it wasn’t mean driving or creating the dreams it was them. One of the Entities even was so bold to draw a simple drawing of who he was driving my dream, he was also trying to write but was having difficulty. I was only the observer. But how? Why? Very few of my dreams make sense now. They are mundane or just …. fast pace…. overall weird…. and I dream ALLL THE TIME. So it’s more like a place for them to play or live and act out and less likely my own consciousness. They are looney that is the best way I can describe it.

So as the observer and I can control this body 95% I say that because they can jolt my body and make it shiver, burn, be in pain etc and on rare occasions moved a limb, a toe or a pinkie. They can make me feel but they can not make me move with out a strong suggestion that I agree to. Say going to smoke a cigarette.

But how do I find that light with in? Truly? Not some illusion set up by the Entities.

Why in a photo I can see them but I can’t see myself (spiritually)? Am I locked in this body? Which is fine why is that these other beings can come and go as they please? And hurt my body?

I have so many question? And I again just don’t know where to go for answers. Or if those answers will suffice.

Part of healing to for me is deconstructing how and why we suffer. Critique it, trying to make it better for the next person. I take what I learned in 3D about healing and apply it spiritual. I have the option to wait on Gods grace (and the assumption) do nothing about my situation or I can be an active part in my healing and try to break this shit down not just for me but for others that feel like they are loosing it because of this odd experience.

I doubt any one reads this crap but lol if you have any good books or articles or methods to understand this better let me know.


Energy Healing & Entity Removal Work

It’s so funny whether i pay or not. Pay a little or a lot. Amateur or seasoned professional. These healers have all gave me an excuse (usually throwing something i told them in my face) as to why their healing session did not get rid of this fucking disgusting voice/ entity like they said it would. No refunds either. Not even a thought or a kind gesture of any kind. I mean regaurdless of my story or belief system, if they have a service they should be able to just pluck that sucka out like the ticks that they are. Right? My whole blog is dedicated to how much i hate this situation and trying to keep whats left of my sanity in tact. And some fake ass healer had nerve to say I have stockholm syndrome and i am in love with the abusive entities. I’m glad everyone out here telling me what I AM including the entities and NOT doing what they need to be doing which leaving (entities) or removing (healers).

It is really disheartening.

So many people willing to call Christianity a con but New Age is a con job too. Maybe even worse as they offer themselves as the alternative to religion with so many paid services. I mean if i cant help someone i would just tell them and tell them why or my limitations ect so they know its not shade.

I know these people arent malicious. And maybe they drink their own kool-aid. But the placebo effect, if you will, is not working on me. I was in a life or death situation with these demons. And all i could really do is hunker down in my bed for a year or two and just take the beating and spiritual, energetic, astral, etheric, cosmic, whatever abuse. For reasons I really don’t know, because these demons lie all day. So idk what the truth is really. And if some “healer” is channeling any information from them they will only be cyphering lies.

This is so frustrating!

I need to talk to management! Shit is out of hand! 😔

Communities I Keep an Eye On 👀

Spiritual Community: This mainly includes: twin flames, 144,000, light workers, kundalini, spiritual awakening, ascension, channeled messages, The Event, 5D, entities attachments and attacks, energy, healing, empaths, occultist/ esoteric. Meditiation, Many different spiritual/religious belief systems in one place. Incubus, spirit husbans, reptilian,archons, matrix, star seeds, ancient cultures,

Alien Encounter Community: understanding acturian, paladian, grey, reptillian, mantis beings. Channeled messages. Earth bound conscious abductions. Star seeds, 5d earth, the event,

Targeted Individuls Community: gang stalking, street theater, mk ultra, v2k, project paper clip, nano technology, chem trails, electronic harrassment and torture, Morgenellas, CERN, EMF radiation, ELF waves, government patents.

Schizophrenic Community: paranoia, delusional states of being (even if you are right), anti-psychotic medications, symptoms mimick that of targeted individuals and spiritually opressed people (or vice versa), being seen as crazy, healing, theraphy, cognative behavioural therapy, transpersonal therapy, carl jung’s shadow work, hearing voices as a large scope of people rather than just schizophrenics (who twnd to have a negative experience). Sub vocal speech article,

Christian Community: Are they voice hearers? Hearing the voice of God? Is it God? The Event? Is the same as the rapture? Armageddon? Understanding demons/spirits through a Christian/ religious lens. Book of Enoch. Keeping/strengening my faith in God through all of this, the 144,000, Jesus, history. Story of Job, of Paul, of, Saul and Jesus all having been taunted by demons and the devil in the bible.


Most people i have met are stead fast on their path and stick to their path. Thats fine. I found that there are MANY similarities between the the belief systems. And thats just in the 3rd Dimensional world explination.

Could it be that all the alien encounters, hundreds of praised gods and goddesses were just spirits or major demons trying take Gods glory because they simple could? I mean the Entity here with me has NO problem saying they are God and rape me in the next moment. Sick right? That is enough to make anyone to loose faith. Its a win win situation for them. Either they make someone loose faith in the One True God OR they Get some one to believe they ARE God or an authority of sorts.

But that is besides the point. These are the main communities i have studies and i have reached a plateau in my research. I can see them, hear them, feel their gross energy. Ive drawn what i have seen. They conflict with some of my research. And i havent found anyone i can use as a sound board to really confirm much of what i see. But definitely confirmed what we hear and feel. Visions and and hallucinations are a bit different. A vision is in your minds eye. A hallucination is standing in your living room you can walk around it. But they are not 3d theybare more flat 2d line drawings i can walk around.

Anyway the plateau is frustrating. Cause i want to move beyound this or i want it to be over.

Its my anthropological mind that got me here. Im always too curious. Why…. How? Whats the story? I could not accept this as a broken brain. I was hearing words and phrases i never even heard before. I had to google them.

I have heard people who have been cured of their affliction similar to mine to mine through medication, but also though shamic healing, also through prayerand the grace of God, some meditation, so im just wonder IF i will ever find my healing.

I mean being all over the map has both a blessing and a curse. In one way as i research and went to healers who gave me information that conflicted with something in the storyline the demons were creating. First it was telepathy as twin flames with my ex as were supposedly fractions of Isis and Osiris souls. 😔 spare me. Then when i rejected that they went on to say i was being raped and called a child molestor because i was “paying for my father” which was my dad was accused of molesting me which he didnt (i wrote about it many times in this blog you can search it). Then they weree trying to convince me they were God by blacki g me out like 3 or 4 times. Then when i started seeing them and they looked like alien or reptilian or demon trolls heads floating around…. Things got UBER confusing but that didnt stop their torure one bit.

So jumping around helped me understand most of it was bullshit. BUT the path to actual healing looks future away. Or confusing. Amd no salt baths and picturing a bright white light around me did not work.

I was recently told i am one of the 144k and a light worker and i have no idea what that even means. To me i was wouldn’t have have the innate power to blast these things away? Just saying. I just feel like 4 years of my short life has been wasted all to a demon. This is not why i was born. To be raped by demons all day everyday.

Im still pushing through tho. I still wish i had a mentor that could help me ubderstand this stuff. If im going to stuck with them might as welm make them my lab rat expiriments. Since thats what they are doing to me. Fuck em.

Demons Touch 👿

Feels like every cell is being slowly suffocated or electrocuted. But mostly suffocated is the best way i can describe it. It is slow. So i don’t notice it at first until i just feel awful and i find it hard to breathe and things hurt and then i remember oh thats these demons piled up on my head.

I try to stretch which keeps the tension they cause in my body at bay…… But i cant stretch my skull.

Just feeling awful right now. This feelslike a sliw kill. I want to have hope.

Dating vs. Being Alone

So my bestie found a boo piece and the demons are trying to twist my emotions to make it seem like i am jealous of her. Which im not. I want my friend to be happy!

After the last guy that ghosted im really ok with being single. And honestly my self esteem is pretty lo w. Like i like myself but i am not happy with where i am at mentally (voices ect) or physically. I dont eat the foods that are goid for my body (lack of choice and money) and the demons physically hurt making it difficult to be as active as i once was. And i want to get back to loving my body and being good to it and not being in so much pain.

Dating was a distraction from that. A distraction from the torture. I mean i thought i needed at the time. But if i am only going to be disappointed there is really no reason to put effort into it.

If anything im jealous of anyone that is not raped by demons on the daily. Not my bestie finding love.

I just want these demons to go. I dont know how long that will be or if it will ever happen. I keep thinking that i will be able to take care if my body once i have money and these demons leave. But idk. There was a time i was on the treadmill running and it felt like my skull was being opened up. Heat….. it felt like and open wound. That scared me and i stopped running as much. I thought it was medical but im pretty sure it was “spiritual”. Even today my eyes feel like they were punched. And there is no reason for that. I know they put a lot of there beings in my eyes…. Not sure if that is the reason. But it hurts. Everytime i get up too fast i feel like a a pole is stabbing my brain. Or shifting in my brain.

So i just feel like i need to focus on my mind and body and God. And try to get back to my joy.

Im not sure if i ever can get back fully. Like i can try to ignore them but do i just stop seeing being and demons all over the place? I cant unsee what i saw. I cant unknow. I often wonder why i am the only one that sees these flashes of light or shadows.

Like even just now i stared at myself in the mirror and for the first time i could see the entities attached to me. Maybe not their full outline. But i can see that there is a dark energy there. I looked above my head (pain) and my shoulders (pain in my neck). And there are def energy there black purple lines that look like a star or an X. And when i loomed at it …. It moved. They hate being seen. That is probably why the voice didnt want me to look in the mirror. Lime every time i looked it would say i was ugly or i looked like a man or my eyes are your eyes so i just didnt want to look at myself. Now i am ugly in a whole nother way.

If you want to see all you have to do is look above your head or shoulders and move from side to side and you may see a dark energy or a misty clear energy moving with you.

But again if you don’t suffer dont look. Lol that is my disclaimer.

Either way….. My focus is not on dating but being better and healthier. And moving forward with my life.

New Age: Channeled Messages 👽

So before i go into this topic i wanted to make a note that last night i was sleeping and these demon assholes woke me up at 5am shouting and screaming in almost a helium voice. And then i wake up and i felt a humming vibration leave my body specifically my head and move to the left of me on my bed.

I could see the energy swirling in the air and a shadow on the surface of my bed. I saw it moving around back and forth like a tornado standing still……My sheets started moving like there was actual pressure on the sheets. While i was frighten at first cause i just woke up i as always exchange my FEAR for CURIOSITY. I watched it for a little while to make sure i was seeing what i was seeing. And then i just said “you guys are assholes……” (for waking me up at 5am) and went to the bathroom.

So they make it so hard to sleep at night for some reason. Also as a note my eyes are very tender today. The vibration feeling was at other spots of my body as well. And i figured this is how they make dreams feel so real sometimes. But maybe im wrong. Not sure totally the purpose of vibration energy. Anyways just making a note.


So in the New Age community there are a lot of Channelers. Or people encouraging others to be “clairaudiant” or clairsentient ect. Which basically means you can sense or communicate with non sentient beings…. energy …. whatever.

There are some that listen and relay the message and there are people who allow the beings to speak through them.

Sigh. Yall!

Like first of all most of these people have no idea who or what they are talking to. Very few of us can see these beings fully. Only in part. Like you may only see the light magic illusion/vision they show you but not their true for walking the earth. Or you might see just the energy clouds of their being with your two eyes but not the actual form. The demon/aliens that I SEE…. LOVE to “play”. This can be in our waking life or dreams. They love to take on different personalities (real or made up). And they are able to do so THROUGH US. If they dont have a conduit to an audience, does it really matter? A bald headed casper the ghost looking alien was pretending to be telepathy with my ex in the begining. Even sounded like him too. But it wasnt my ex, it was and entity of sorts probably with a costume on. (YEA I KNOW THAT SOUNDS CRAZY!). But i have seen them use masks and like put coverings on. I honestly can’t even make this stuff up. Its not even what i want to bring into the world. Tbh.

Like y’all out here channeling and allowing just any ol’ entities to speak through you? They are PLAYING YOU! It is not some someones grandma or paladian alien or arch angel ect! Like get your shit together! You are renting out your body part time to a being you have no idea what it is or its true intention. Do you have sex with just anyone? And even if you did have sex with someone that is appealing (in one way or another) ….. What is to say they are not lying to you just to have sex with you?

That is what you are doing with these beings. Renting out your body to unknown beings. While these beings may enter my body …… I DO NOT CONSENT! So essentially they are rapists and trespassers. Who is to say they will not feel entitled to your body at some point? And just start taking you over and blacking you out when ever?

I mean i first thought it was a spirit or an angel (oooo pretty sparkles)…. Then telepathy with my ex….. Then reptillian and mantis aliens….. Then just old fashion demons….. Want to know why? Because no matter WHAT the situation was……… There was a LIE in there. They were lying about SOMETHING. And that takes time, observation and discernment to really see.

Like im not really trying to play with these beings. They hurt physically. Even when they try to give “pleasure” with soft touches or air lightly blowing or even forced orgasm….. It’s creepy AF.

One of the first times i encountered a “spirit” it pretended to be Zora Neal Hurston (who i adore) as my school project was on her life and legacy. And i wrote a piece about how she came to me in spirit during my studies. DO YOU KNOW Alice Walker wrote a short story “The Ghost of Zora Neal Hurston”. I found out because my professor asked if i had read anything by Alice Walker. I said No. And found out the Walker wrote a story similar to mine. So these demon alien assholes were out here trying to make it look like i was plagiarizing! Which could have got me licked out of school. ASSHOLES! It took me reviewing my life to see where they played me like this.

Im sorry but yall are getting played and spreading the SAME STUPID MESSAGE EVERY SINGLE TIME! EVERY TIME! from different channelers too! “The shift is happening” “ascension is on its way” “twin flames unite next month!” “New energies are on its way”. You all should be ASHAMED of yourselves for what you are doing to the public to get a buck or attention. Same messages since like 2011!

Yall are playing with/getting played by DEMONS. And misinformating the public at the same time which is opening more people to getting played and getting attacked and keeping them from God!. Thats an awakening right there!

Smh. So done with the shit!

Love and light! 🙏💩

Targeted Individual: EMF Radiation Reader


If you read my blog…… You know i can see this “energy blobs” with my eyes. They are not easy to see and like to hide because they are fucking cowards.

They like to attach to a spot stationary. They will look like a shadow blob or a misty clear outline of sorts. Usually you can see them if you ….. See sparkles coming at you from a particular direction. It you see sparkles more than likely there is an “energy” there. This can also be attached to people. Normally shoulders or above the head.

NOW i went up to one of these energy blobs both in my own kitchen and in my best friends apartment and tested them with an EMF reader app that you can find on GooglePlay store and that shit shot up to 90+.

On the average my body is immiting 30 to 60 for whatever reason but one day i saw it down to 10 once and was like wait a minute!

So whether this is etheric technology or demons …. Inorganic beings. They is radion coming from them…. And not even my electronics in the house are emitting that. Like not even the freaking microwave. I checked.

I wish i could better teach people how to see these things but you can basically find them in your house with an EMF reader app essentially.

I have also seen these energy blobs move around the house and turn to the side because they are essentially flat…. No thicker than carbboard i max.

I have also seen these energy blobs turn into either a lit up OR a dark outline of an “entity” to try to scare me.

Im not sure what the next step would be. I have confirmation of sorts. I even have photos of some if you look in my media gallery.

Any suggestions or ideas as to how to get rid of them or documentation or anything would be helpful.

Am I A Targeted Individual?

So ………..

I havent written much because most of my experience is just the same topics over and over being looped by Entity demon.

I have been exploring the targeted individual community more after having explored the schizophrenic community and prior to that the spiritual community. Many stories and experiences overlap in some fashion or another.

The targeted individual community tend to be a bit more abrasive, very angry and a bit paranoid. And i mean i dont blame them or deminish the experience. But its just a general tone i picked up. And honestly feel like that is the point of the targeting. To keep people aggitated until the snap. And end up dong something to the perpetrators that they believe are doing this yo them. There seems to be two camps where one believes its technology and secret government surveillance. The other believe its more spiritual demonic warfare or aliens. Many believe its a mix of both some how.

Im not too sure what it is. Its not right whatever it is. And there has to be a way to properly deal with this. Find truth.

Some people are electrocuting themselves to get rid of the energy….. Some use organite and copper cages and all kinds of stuff to find relief. So are simply leaving it in the hands of God.

I mean shamanism and spirutual services didnt help me, meds didnt help if not made it worse. It wasnt about just eatting right. Meditation only help me to observe the voices and not be one with them. And i prayed both with conviction and in jest. But my prayers have not been completely fufilled and i dont think ive ever prayed for anything.

What is important is that we do come together and learn more about our shared experiences.

We have to remsin level headed about it.

I mean today the migraine the voices were giving me was out of this world. My migraine meds didnt even work. So all i could do is breathe through it until i fell asleep to deal with the pain and let my family know i wasnt feelung good. Wasnt a good day.

I have so.e other thoughts to share in a few.

Too Dope: Dopamine and Possession



So I will be 1000% honest and say I have taken WAAAAAAY too much sleep medication (specifically Diphenhydramine HCl 25 – 50 mg)  I could stay up for days if I didn’t listening to these assholes. I’m not addicted (an addict would say that wouldn’t they?) but I have cut out caffeine and cut back on sugars and I am always working on being at my zero point of a calm place. Which I am used to functioning in high-stress situation so been working on that too and TRYING TO go to sleep at night. but the voices ALWAYS wake me up around the hours of 3am – 5am depending on what time I go to sleep.

So my first question was WHY were these voice keeping me from last stages of deep sleep where the body restores and balances itself. And there is your answer. When you don’t get enough deep sleep you start to feel dizzy and cranky and other health issues can arise.

Now that I get my sleep I have yet more question(s).

  1. I have photos (also here in this blog) where people and I can see beings (entities: shadow beings, demons, mantis, mantids, reptilian, shape-shifters) in my photos. So these beings exist… whether or not if they are “real” is questionable and depends on the end of the means in which they have access to us as humans.
  2. Antipsychotic meds are known to BLOCK dopamine (D2). How is this interacting with the sleep aids AND the entities?
  3. Dopamine: Sleep Aids increase dopamine in the brain. Why when I take Sleep Aids the voices get quieter? They also start to make less sense, whereas I can still function normally. They will also stay quiet for days after taking a large dose of diphenhydramine.

Number 3 is a MAJOR question. Do they need my brain at full capacity to function properly? Which is why they don’t want me to sleep for long periods of time (2 hours max)?

What is happening to my brain that I can function fine but they are saying crazy stuff. I won’t be able to do it justice but as I was falling asleep one yelled something like “The CAKE HAT HAD A HORSE OUTSIDE”, and I was like HUH?! and I think even one of the other voices were like WTF? this wasnt the first time that has happened.

I also would feel releases in my body …….. specifically on my left hip/tailbone, tugging on my back, release like a band from around my stomach, pulling suction feeling on the top of my head. But never a FULL COMPLETE release at the same time. because they are often made up of many different parts or more specifically many smaller entities.

A friend of mine said that when she has a few drinks the voices go away for her. But when I have a few drinks they actually get louder and I end up cussing the voices out in my head like a drunk 5 year old.

If what I am doing is bad for me…. why does it feel like its the right thing to do unless they are tricking me. Worse case scenario I am getting some sleep BEST CASE, it’s assisting in releasing the Entities.

UHG I wish I was like super duper smart or like knew someone who was super smart that could actually help me answer or run tests on this. I want to know:

How does the brain and Entities interacting?

I mean everyone talks about salt baths to get rid of the entities. But that I want to know the scientific evidence behind it.

More updates as I observe. I will try to keep things safe as possible.