New Age and Appropriation

Yo the New Age spiritual community be killing me sometimes.

Like years back it was all about Native American culture and how sacred it is…… And everyone wanted to discover their native roots. Everyone was all of sudden decendants of a native american Cherokee princess or had some sweat lodge spirit journey. Get your turquoise necklace or earrings and boom. Its all gravey.

Then it was Buddhism. And finding your zen and wearing similar clothes. And Tibet and like eat pray love bullshit.

Then it was hinduism and yoga and veganism and meditation and aligning those chakras and now you have all these online Gurus making bank.

And now its like they are talking about 144k and the bloodlines of Jesus (what?! 😳). And the 12 tribes and the tribe of Judah and black diaspora. This includes both the exhalation and demonizing of Egyptian culture and its reltation to the bible or occult or whatever remixed belief system they follow.

Love and light that shit, smack the lable of God/source and some Arch Angels on that bitch with some occult bubble baths rituals and you got the New Age.

Like seriously the New Age is Columbusing the fuck out of different cultural spiritual beliefs for their own rewards and not giving a FUCK about the wellbeing of those cultures/people because the reality is probably just “too negative”.

Like these culture have done eons of work and preservation of their culture and people and practices only to have predominantly white New Agers come in and profit off that shit online.

Like FOR REAL?! Yall for real for real with this shit?

I see through it! Right through it.

You care about the tribe of judah then start giving a fuck about police brutality and the mass incarceration of black people and the inequitable economic injustices that have brought us here.

Im so done with the bullshit. I can not seperate the historical and political facts from the spiritual because spirituality have gotten these different cultures through PAIN. A pain some online guru wont understand in a colonized world.

They just get to pick what makes them feel good from each culture like its the flavor of the week and leave out the rest.

Might as well leave it all to the alien chasers. Shit they appropriating even Aliens races culture like the Aucturians. Lol like damn yall gentrifying space ….. Places we aint even been yet.

Idk. My friend sent me a video link (im not going to name it but if you really want the link just ask and i will post it in the comments) and this woman was talking about the purification of the bloodlines and twin flames that are not pure wont have babies. Like fuck that whole bitch. Pardon. I cuss a lot, i like it, its poetic for me.

Thats just more of that that puritan culture bullshit remixed. Like colonizers get to mix with almost every culture and then talk about who’s pure? So done with this shit. Like it really enragged me to the point i had to be honest with my friend about it.

Just sharing my thoughts. Im sure its not popular because we are just “one race” and thats the human race right? Tell that to the children at the boarder who are dying and the families who loved ones are dead due to the racist police.

Love and light on that shit! ✌


Tree of Life: Archon False Chakra system

This is EXACTLY how they set up the false chakra system over the body. I can see it. Except the first two on the side are closer to the temple/ears and the shoulder one is under the arm pit, the root being the most important extends from the thigh area (inner mostly) to the butt area so to debase your vibrations. 

It’s bullshit. I never had this shit before, I never agreed to it, I never asked for it.  I did yoga like what three in my life after this all started to calm mass ass down. Now a bitch can’t be flexible with out worrying about being possessed?

These chakras are made from the same stuff floating all over my house and spitting sparkle balls at my forehead or whatever it does. 

It’s soo fux up. No one should be forced into this. 

This is so sad that this is all false.

You don’t look depressed. 👤

The counselor yesterday asked me if I was depressed and I was about to go into a long winded explanation, in which he stopped me and asked me to answer in a yes or no form. So I thought about it and told him yes. 

He paused staring at his computer and said, “looking at you, you don’t sound or seem depressed.” And said something about me being able to articulate myself. I told him, “well I’m being kept from everything I love” this included being me. I can’t go out, I don’t feel comfortable being active cause i feel like my head will schizophenically combust, so going and getting veggies is out, and if I cook I just get zapped of my energy, even getting to the clinic was physically painful because of weight I put on so quickly. I can’t be with friends, I’m afraid to embarrass my family like I did in church on easter, so I don’t go events anymore and I pretty much stay still and eat cookies all day while trying to keep some ounce of sanity researching, connecting and writing.


I’m not who I know myself to be. But I’m still myself. I guess my lifestyle, possessions and friends were stripped.

But I’m still me. But not the me I want to be. But “still me” wants to eat veggies, ride bikes, go to free concerts, hang in a park, and talk for hours and work diligently towards helping community/ humanity. I just can’t be that now.

Breath Work 😧

I had heard of breath work before never looked at it. I know in yoga class the say to give out a big deep sigh when you exhale. 

After a few times breathing on the archon’s and seeing it actually make ripples in their outer orbs, I decided to look it up. Also I’m super stress and prolly could use some more oxygen. 

ANYWAY, I looked it up on YouTube and I couldn’t get through it cause it looked like people were having demonic orgasms. Not that I’m being judgey I am just super sensitive and avoid as much as possible to not have the archon demon alien jelly fish rape me.

But I can also see why this MAY work, because releasing energy does not look pretty, you have to contort to find all the areas you didn’t know about or forgot and squeeze what’s hidden just from walking around in this world.

I do this slowly on my own. 

So NO JUDGEMENTS, but as someone who is “sensitive” and possessed I just couldn’t with the videos.