Awakened or Woke? 👀

Lol at this image tho. Like my skull felt like it was literally being cracked open like an egg by tgese demons.

Im not gonna lie. I drank the red kool aid. Like guzzled that bitch down like it was a chaser. I wanted answers and the New Age knew EXACTLY what to sell me.

Prepped with spiritual memes….. FB posts showing up on my timeline about the “1111 awakening” “are you seeing 1111?” Which is basically an initiation into their demon matrix to see how easily suggested you are. Angels and seeing pretty sparkles lights….. Orbs.

Awakening. I thought it would be like an awesome DMT trip. Maybe i would meet my “spirit guide” or a loved one….God…. Maybe the angels that i THOUGHT followed me all this time. I thought i would be in a different place some how. All the cool kids talk about astral projection. Who doesnt want to know what’s out there? Beyond.

But “the veils lifted” or maybe more so the wool was officially pullwd over my eyes…… the “shift happeded” i was “awakened” and i was not happy. At all.

See what i found was …. From my perspective is that from what i see this is just demon play. You are basically playing with little devils. And yea they maybe nice to you at first. Say they are an angel or a goddesss (mine did), but they lie and want to rape you and play with you and force you into suicide or misery. So that is the short version.

Ops so your awakening is fun…… Must be “the dark night of the soul”. Like yall got the juice for everything. Honestly dark night was being demonically attacked with nothing being able to stop it. They controlled my mind and body. They could insight false emotions ranging from a “happy/love” to “depression/suicide”. I knew it wasnt genuine. I could feel it in my body. These werent my genuine emotions. And it was sligjtly depressing….. But i knew the difference. “Dark night of the soul” “karmic lessons” are poor excuses for demonic torture really.

These demons place you in a matrix (for lack of a better word) of themselves which is inhabited by smaller little demons … And even smaller ones then that. So small there could multipul ones in your eyes. They are the vital structure and characters in our dreams/visions…… Even you as the onlooker.

So you are in this demon matrix….. Since you have no clue wtf is going on …… You can easily be dooped into thinking its an Angel or a nice being…. Alien maybe even who knows. But we only see or feel in part. Not the whole. Or mayne they only show you their light illusion version (can shape shift into anything) and not what they really look like.

When folks do their astral journeys and such they are really just having some really bright demons playing around in their head. I hate to burst the bubble. Its a dream. An illusion. The demons are the astral and made of aether (i think), something like that. They are made of light and work the aethers. Space. Lucifer was described as the “light barrier”. These beings/demons are made of light as well. And they are all attached to each other in a hive mind like matrix.

Its hell on earth.

So are people really awakened? Because honestly it feels like everyone is just telling a bunch of lullibys to some really scary shit. Like what they do with faries and vampires. Before vampires where like the scariest thing in the world….. Now we got movies where bitches is marrying one and having babies them. Like watered down shit.

I get it. Its scary. Its not fun….. To just accept a bleek reality that our world is over runned with demons who are using you and lying to you.

But its the reality. They are putting illusions over your eyes. And we are drinking the kool aid….. Its our own spiritual death really.

In the New Age community they are talking about awakening and acension ……. And 5D new earth…. 3rd eye astral…. and its always about getting some place other then where you are in the present like its some unobtainable video game. Find your TRUE “mission” when you awaken.

I was of service and dedicated my life to my community for 15 years and maybe even longer if you count as a child cleaning up the forests. And no this doesnt have to mean i was an”indigo child” , i cleaned it up cause it was gross and i wanted to play.

Like why isnt your mission some regular degular shit? Like why it gotta be “saving humanity”…… Buuuuuuuuut you are just basically sharing delusions and false information on youtube.😐

Unfortunately giving a fuck in this society seems like a super power. But its what we are suppose to do. I give a fuck. I give a fuck that my people that are being given false hopes and information to drive them into demonic play that will slowly lean them astray and further from God only confusing them more and possibly loosing all faith if not having some remixed version of the truth.

Are we going to be awakened or woke? Woke to the realities of both the 3D physical plane and the lies of the spiritual world?

Im not playing the game anymore.


Racism is Demonic 💀💩

So first lets start off with an image like this. KKK burning the CROSS….. That shit is satanic. The ritualistic killing of black people …… Satanic. All that freemason-esque order and brotherhood shit satanic….. And thats me knowing very minimal about the KKK.

Now im not going to sit here and sing kumbiya and act like im colorblind….. But these demons out here are FOUL! Tgey really jumping into the mind of weak souls and making them literally loose their shit cause they saw an black, latino or asian….. Muslim person. Ect. Like LOSE IT ALL!

And honestly the civilized thing to do is shut the fuck up and keep it moving …… But no these people lose all sense of self and start cursing and screaming and causing a scene in some shape or faahion and really thats all i see on my facebook news feed.

Like they dont even know how they are being mind controlled by these demons to look like a fucking idiot or worse actually hurt someone.

Listen to this shit……… I, a mixed woman, have always identified more with my black side because honestly that is who raised me and thats my culture. Now these demons REALLY tried some racist shit…… They called one man Amistad 😐….. And had the fucking NERVE to call my MOM a nigger. I have never in my life called anyone a nigger or even thought it and these pieces of shit really tried to call my mom a Nword to get my blood boiling and a reaction.

How does this happen over night?

I kept my shit cool though.

And thats me being aware of these pieces of shit.

Racism is definitely an unchecked mental illness that stems from demonic forces while creating a structures that allow them to benifit in this life times from said structures.

There are spiritual forces at play …… And no one is getting into the minds of these racist people that lose their shit on camera……. Or a cop that shoots and kills innocent black people. These are unclean minds…..with unclean spirits…. That fester and become a mental problem that then DUH is a social problem that is socially acceptable and shows up in our everyday lives through institutions to policies.

Like why havent we evolved? Shit is so fucking old and dated and wrong.

Fucking over it.

Letting Go Comrades: Woke Dudes 🤦🏻‍♀️

Over the last year I had to let go people I respected as comrades. In various communities, funny enough it came down to the topic of the LGBT issues.

Many would do this thing where they wouldn’t say anything but leave a controversial video or meme that leaned on the side of anti-LGBT.

Like I tried many times to hold my shit together but it’s very obvious where they stand on the topic. Of course all of their homophobic friends would flock to the post and talk about bashing and killing and how gross this or that is like woa.

And then it’s usually me by my lonesome saying you are perpetuating violence by allowing this to go on.

Then eventually I unfriend because they do not see their part as a ring leader in ritually perpetuating violence towards a community.

It sucks but it doesn’t matter.

How can you be woke and traveling the astral planes and still hate women and LGBT and what ever like just cause your vegan doesn’t mean you’re not low key racist and homophobic.

This has been happening a lot. Especially during the summer. But even now lot of “woke dudes” wanna basically circulate the same fake news from 2015 about Brad Pitt calling out pedos but then also circulate some “activist mommy” blog bullshit that’s basically hate speech to the LGBT community.

You are far from woke. These news source and blogs deserve zero shares. It’s trash and garbage just like these woke dude views.

Archon: Hypothesis : Movement 💃

OK. So I have a Hypothesis:

I was attack viciously each time I began to make strides in my health journey. Usually I lost about a 100lb but I also was super active. During these times I would start my health journey around when I was unemployed (less money for food and transportation) so I would end up walking or biking everywhere and had more time to think about this. 

Now this last attack had me floored unable to move from the physical, emotional and mental pain. So in some ways I gave up….. But that’s OK. However now I have two or three huge Archon’s (about the size of my head) comfortably “feeding off of me” one at a time. 

So there is something linked to my “health” and them. 

If something feels threatened what does it do? It attacks! 

It was a perfect storm….. Too perfect! My health was a threat and so it waited for the perfect opportunity to to attack and exploit any emotional or physical pain I may have had/have. 

Does being phsycially active drain them of opprotunity to steal your energy because in a sense you are using your own towards your wellness?

My only concern if for people who are not well and how this plays out for people who are unable to be active, then what?

I am sure many of you ARE in fact active but yet were still attacked. So I can’t conclude to anything just yet.

I can’t explain to you HOW aggressive this attack was. Like literally being in the pit of hell 24/7. Since it has mellowed out. The voice of the Archon does not me feel like my brain is about to explode, but I have also refused (protested in my body) to do much other than sit an observe these Archons for a year now making it extremely comfortable with in this cute chubby body.

Its like constantly being thrown off course each time worse than before each time you make major strides.

Meditation was good for learning to observe and discern what was me and what is NOT me. 

Yoga, messages, stretching, were all good in learning how to literally release energy in places you never paid attention to. 

Prayer, faith in God gave me hope that some day I, we all will be free. 

And Bruja, “white magic”, kitchen witchery, ancestory taught me the herbs, foods and intention of love that will heal/ clean the body and personal space. 

I just can’t seem to get all my gears going again cause these Archon’s are off the hook with attacking me anytime I make any strides. That’s why I just choose to sit here like a monk and not do anything. 

As much I want a reflection of love in my life, in a way I feel …… Diseased, dirty …. Even though I know we all have one. I guess that is real love, recognizing each other disease (archon) and vunerablity and healing that for each other in stead of exploiting the pain. That is a true power that very few can wield. 

I just don’t know why I can’t seem to do that myself. Alone. To banish these demons from every cell in my body. 

There has to be an answer, a way, a key, a perminate solution. 

The red pill or the blue pill 💊

I feel like gizmo popping out gremlins if I eat after midnight. But I have a cookie problem. 

Part of the taking psych meds issue for me is I don’t want to mask the problem. I mean I do cause I don’t want to hear or see this crap. But I’m not sure if not hearing or seeing them and “raising my vibrations” will make them go away since as I have discovered, they have been here through it all, high vibes only attacking when I was at my lowest.

So part of me wants to know these Archon’s are here or attached to me and the other part wants to just cancel it all out. But there is no real guarantee that the pills work.

I find that these Archon’s are VERY much embedded in our psychology. What we thing is “subconscious” may not be if you are fully aware. Even as I write this blog post (or any of them), I am aware of the influences of the Archon, I also know my intention so that is why they are able to influence. But I am not going to be petty. I pick my battles a try to stay focused on the main goal, so if Archon jelly fish wants to act like and try influence what adjective I use already knowing my stream of thought then fine. Whatever who cares.

I doubt their mission is to be every psychological disorder in the world accompanied by

So when it comes to psychology where is the separation? What is Archon influence, and what part is actually me. 

Or is it the simplest thoughts the smallest intention of thought is then blown up into the most grandest scheme of fuckery. 

Example: I’m thinking about getting something g to drink,  then the Archon comes in and maybe flashes an image of my father working at the kitchen table and then brings shame to me because I’m not wearing a bra. THATS MY FATHER! I’ve already wasn’t wearing a bra, and that’s my father and I’m sure he doesn’t give a shit. The only purpose is to bring sick images and shame. Not to actually be “modest”. Its like some sick twisted Fruedian shit and we are soooooooo well past Frued apparently the Archon’s didn’t get the fucking memo.

So even what we THINK psychology is, my in fact be extremely flawed. Of course we learn things. Someone else’s fear or in comfortability we take it as truth or maybe our own. What we think is subconscious is conditioning being exploited. 

I just know that every psychological and social conditioning whether it was my own or someone else’s was EXPLOITED AS FUCK.

Anyway that’s my thoughts from today. 


Dont get me wrong, i love a good “woke” piece. The thing that I guess I don’t understand is this particular blogger says that many of the teachers such as Jesus knew that they were”not the things they precieve”, and yet the blogger goes on to talk about the nothingness. 

But there is also an assertion of self as I AM. Many have asserted. …  How does this assertion relate to the nothingness that we are?

Good video. But it looses me a bit in the end. As much as the “nothingness” is get to ponder, there is still a material world. Just because we MAY be nothingness in a material world do we “absolve” ourselves of responsibility? 

I would say NO, and considering the state of the world, we are in a crisis. But because it is overwhelming, because true peace is just outside of our grasp. We can sit here and contemplate the nothingness of what we may or may not be.