False Chakra Systems & Archon Possession πŸ‘½πŸ’šπŸ™…

There is nothing wrong with chakras. They are a beautiful way of understanding our body and being mindful. The fact that we used these “chakra” systems as a tool towards some fantasy enlightenment is maybe where we fucked up and allowed for the system to be taken over by “Achons”. This means its purest intent was twisted and used misinform the individual.

I honestly only felt 3. But this was the beginning of my attack. “Root, heart, third eye”, the beginning I felt a cool icy hot swirl over these area and I made the wrong assumption that my chakras were being “activated”. Soon after slowly….. I would start to feel others. Feet, crown, tummy, uterus and smaller ones on my ears and shoulders. 

What I would come to find out is that these “energy centers” were only being exported and the only imported would be pain, confusions, fear, lust, sadness.

I would find out later that that these “energy” centers my body feeling entities burrowing their energy/vibration into my cells. 

There is also an…….. A hierarchy to these Chakra Archonic entities. The Crown (hearing, thoughts ect) is the head honcho and all the other ones fall in line. The next in line is the third eye (vision, imagination and our real eyes), they play off of each other to act as one cohesive body.

This is a false chakra system to make you believe you are actually making progress when really your cells are probably vibrating lower, you are being distracted from truly being in alignment with yourself. 

Almost no belief system is free from the distraction of a false archon play. In Christianity it would be demonic possession or “voice of god” (crown). 

Again the information/belief is not wrong or pointless per say, its just being used against you so you unknowingly allow yourself to be taken control of.

Having your Crown Chakra blown up basically will feel like possession or schizophrenia. Paranoia starts in the third eye, images memories of the past or future causing anxiety.

Discernment is our greatest tool in this world. I can’t say it will stop an attack but at least we will know we are being attacked and its not some etheric magical enlightenment happening. 


Is magnesium the answer to your sugar addiction? 🍰🍨🍧🍦🍯🍬🍭🍫🍩🍻


I was suggested to take magnesium to help sleep with this schizophrenia. The person suggested that many people who drink a lot end up being magnesium deficient which he believes in can lead to schiz. (That’s a big jump, but I respect the leap). So I thought well alcohol turns into sugar anyway. So I looked up the relation between that. So the magnesium is something I can do and possibly have a doctor prescribe so I don’t have to come out of pocket.

As stated in my blog, I feel like schiz deals many levels of “consciousness”, not the fantasy one like actual levels of awareness like being asleep dreaming lower brain waves or to being on full alertness. Either way sleep is healing. It took an abnormal amount of sleep and rest to heal schiz so far.

Another man in the forum said that when he “started eating healthier that he felt like the voices got worse!” The same happened to me. When my diet was better I also felt attacked the fiercest. So why when we know we are being healthy, getting good sleep, active, in touch with our emotions would we feel like the VOICES are WORSE or we are being attacked?

Why would we be prevented from being our bests selves?

I’m a nerd so I will definitely track results. πŸ™Œ

Logos Actual Meaning πŸ‘½

To me Logos is the symbolism of meaning. In short. That would be the easiest way to express it across the board of cultures.

For instance Jesus was the Logos of Gods word. The symbolism the embodiment. 

When I saw what was an actual Logo (in the sense of a pictogram/line art) of a vampire and a butterfly literally changing back and forth to side of me on the beach. I kinda freaked. It wasn’t in front of me. Or anywhere else I looked. In a way I still don’t know what it means and the Archon would not tell me and kept saying “its a curse for you to be a child abuser”, but it felt more like a brush off than an actual curse.

One of my friends said that she went to a shaman and the shaman pulled a smokie teddy bear logo out of her back. Both her friend and the shaman saw it. I think she fainted or something.

So I’m not quite sure what these symbols mean in relations to me or her. You would think a teddy bear would be harmless.

I am unsure what it all means. But I just wanted to jot down some notes on logos vs what I keep referring to as logos. 


Wiki on Logos

Carl Jung contrasted the critical and rational faculties of logos with the emotional, non-reason oriented and mythical elements oferos.[103] In Jung’s approach, logos vs eros can be represented as “science vs mysticism”, or “reason vs imagination” or “conscious activity vs the unconscious”.[104]

For Jung, logos represented the masculine principle of rationality, in contrast to its female counterpart, eros:

Woman’s psychology is founded on the principle ofEros, the great binder and loosener, whereas from ancient times the ruling principle ascribed to man isLogos. The concept of Eroscould be expressed in modern terms as psychic relatedness, and that of Logos as objective interest.[105]

Jung attempted to equate logos and eros, his intuitive conceptions of masculine and feminine consciousness, with the alchemical Sol and Luna. Jung commented that in a man the lunar anima and in a woman the solar animus has the greatest influence on consciousness.[106] Jung often proceeded to analyze situations in terms of “paired opposites”, e.g. by using the analogy with the eastern yin and yang[107] and was also influenced by the Neoplatonists.[108]

In his book Mysterium Coniunctionis Jung made some important final remarks aboutanima and animus:

In so far as the spirit is also a kind of “window on eternity”… it conveys to the soul a certain influx divinus… and the knowledge of a higher system of the world, wherein consists precisely its supposed animation of the soul.

And in this book Jung again emphasized that the animus compensates eros, while the anima compensates logos.[109]

Archon: Hypothesis : Movement πŸ’ƒ

OK. So I have a Hypothesis:

I was attack viciously each time I began to make strides in my health journey. Usually I lost about a 100lb but I also was super active. During these times I would start my health journey around when I was unemployed (less money for food and transportation) so I would end up walking or biking everywhere and had more time to think about this. 

Now this last attack had me floored unable to move from the physical, emotional and mental pain. So in some ways I gave up….. But that’s OK. However now I have two or three huge Archon’s (about the size of my head) comfortably “feeding off of me” one at a time. 

So there is something linked to my “health” and them. 

If something feels threatened what does it do? It attacks! 

It was a perfect storm….. Too perfect! My health was a threat and so it waited for the perfect opportunity to to attack and exploit any emotional or physical pain I may have had/have. 

Does being phsycially active drain them of opprotunity to steal your energy because in a sense you are using your own towards your wellness?

My only concern if for people who are not well and how this plays out for people who are unable to be active, then what?

I am sure many of you ARE in fact active but yet were still attacked. So I can’t conclude to anything just yet.

I can’t explain to you HOW aggressive this attack was. Like literally being in the pit of hell 24/7. Since it has mellowed out. The voice of the Archon does not me feel like my brain is about to explode, but I have also refused (protested in my body) to do much other than sit an observe these Archons for a year now making it extremely comfortable with in this cute chubby body.

Its like constantly being thrown off course each time worse than before each time you make major strides.

Meditation was good for learning to observe and discern what was me and what is NOT me. 

Yoga, messages, stretching, were all good in learning how to literally release energy in places you never paid attention to. 

Prayer, faith in God gave me hope that some day I, we all will be free. 

And Bruja, “white magic”, kitchen witchery, ancestory taught me the herbs, foods and intention of love that will heal/ clean the body and personal space. 

I just can’t seem to get all my gears going again cause these Archon’s are off the hook with attacking me anytime I make any strides. That’s why I just choose to sit here like a monk and not do anything. 

As much I want a reflection of love in my life, in a way I feel …… Diseased, dirty …. Even though I know we all have one. I guess that is real love, recognizing each other disease (archon) and vunerablity and healing that for each other in stead of exploiting the pain. That is a true power that very few can wield. 

I just don’t know why I can’t seem to do that myself. Alone. To banish these demons from every cell in my body. 

There has to be an answer, a way, a key, a perminate solution. 

The red pill or the blue pill πŸ’Š

I feel like gizmo popping out gremlins if I eat after midnight. But I have a cookie problem. 

Part of the taking psych meds issue for me is I don’t want to mask the problem. I mean I do cause I don’t want to hear or see this crap. But I’m not sure if not hearing or seeing them and “raising my vibrations” will make them go away since as I have discovered, they have been here through it all, high vibes only attacking when I was at my lowest.

So part of me wants to know these Archon’s are here or attached to me and the other part wants to just cancel it all out. But there is no real guarantee that the pills work.

I find that these Archon’s are VERY much embedded in our psychology. What we thing is “subconscious” may not be if you are fully aware. Even as I write this blog post (or any of them), I am aware of the influences of the Archon, I also know my intention so that is why they are able to influence. But I am not going to be petty. I pick my battles a try to stay focused on the main goal, so if Archon jelly fish wants to act like thesaurus.com. and try influence what adjective I use already knowing my stream of thought then fine. Whatever who cares.

I doubt their mission is to be every psychological disorder in the world accompanied by thesaurus.com.

So when it comes to psychology where is the separation? What is Archon influence, and what part is actually me. 

Or is it the simplest thoughts the smallest intention of thought is then blown up into the most grandest scheme of fuckery. 

Example: I’m thinking about getting something g to drink,  then the Archon comes in and maybe flashes an image of my father working at the kitchen table and then brings shame to me because I’m not wearing a bra. THATS MY FATHER! I’ve already wasn’t wearing a bra, and that’s my father and I’m sure he doesn’t give a shit. The only purpose is to bring sick images and shame. Not to actually be “modest”. Its like some sick twisted Fruedian shit and we are soooooooo well past Frued apparently the Archon’s didn’t get the fucking memo.

So even what we THINK psychology is, my in fact be extremely flawed. Of course we learn things. Someone else’s fear or in comfortability we take it as truth or maybe our own. What we think is subconscious is conditioning being exploited. 

I just know that every psychological and social conditioning whether it was my own or someone else’s was EXPLOITED AS FUCK.

Anyway that’s my thoughts from today. 

Spiritual Abuse πŸ”ͺπŸ”«πŸ’£

There is no reason to be spiritually attacked there is no excuse. That’s like a rapist saying she asked for it because wore a short skirt. Fuck THAT!

Victims of spiritual/astral abuse will blame themselves. They will say, “I deserve this because I lied when I was 12 years old” or something just as ridiculous. We seek peace and that’s the easiest route than grabbing at air. But we seek NOW. Dwelling on the pasts on shortens our time in becoming the person we wish to be the best versions of ourselves. 

Our capitalist system says “you are not enough!” , so by this product and subscribe to this lifestyle. Spirituality /religion says you are not enough, you didn’t pray enough, you did something bad, some past life bullshit generational curse, that you didn’t meditate enough, that you didn’t eat organic enough. In relationships, we feel like we aren’t pretty enough, or doing enough or have enough money or enough love or trust. 

So it is NO WONDER these astral parasites …. Spiritual abusers go on to say YOU ARE NOT ENOUGH. You’re ugly, fat, skinny, stupid, crazy, no body likes you, you have no friends, kill yourself, no money, you are not good at what you do, you don’t know what you are doing, you need our guidance, unlovable, unworthy, you’re an addict, you will never understand, you don’t have knowledge. 

You will never be enough, when you are! 

I am a complete being. I have my own “dark” and own “light”. I grow as needed. Forced “darkness” or this bullshit “dark nigbt of the soul”, is abused pushed by astral parasites. Saying it’s because you did this or that, that YOU weren’t enough is excusing this program and act of spiritual violence. Finding peace and “learning from” the abuse is the gift we give ourselves to cope and to heal. We weave stories of some past life karma, a curse, blame ourselves. “This happened to me because…………….” 

Outside of that we are excusing unseen and intangible abuse. By subscribing to this idea that pain is our greatest teacher, is superficial and more than likely you never been in a full blown psychic attack.
You are saying our current system, all system are fine as is and should operate and function with no change.

This whole you “change your reality” is bullshit. You know how hard I’ve fought?!? All this law of attraction, most people want car, money love. I want the change, justice, peace, safety for all people! 

NOTE: The demon suggested pain and my smoking cigs (cause you devils advocate). Now do I know smoking is bad? Yes. Do I wish to change that? YES. Do I think I should be raped everyday by some demon for going on two years? NO.
Whatever. But I’m the crazy one.

Fuck this demon! 

Crazy Talk: Jelly Monster πŸ‘»πŸ’”

So I can see the effects of the demon, I can feel them, hear them, but I can’t see the actual demon that’s conducting it. 

I believe that many healer are able to remove the effects but not the actual entity. Maybe some can. But none of the ones I went to. 

So, I see this jelly monster (looks like a clear slimmer) that moves around me. I state previously in my blog that, I don’t think this is the entity but the “energy” it sends kinda like and extension of sorts it copies. Its not easy to see but I see it. I think its the same “energy” that screams repeatedly, mimics other peoples voices and music, repeats what I say, the gives me tremors and that can copy cat emotions like anxienty or headache, intense tension, feeling ill, being high. Prolly other things too like images/vision. Almost like AI intelligence toy, but its not the main and I feel like its being controlled. 

Today I was wondering HOW did the entity pull off things like knowing when my ex (false/ twin flame) was going to call, or what song he was going to send me, when the cat took my chair and I wasn’t in the room. And a few other “prediction” or plain old’ nosiness. 

Either way. My assumption is that this jelly monster was being nosey with my ex or attached to my ex. Something maybe like that. And that’s how it copied his voice and knew info. Some people call it “attachment cords” this one looks like a clear jelly vibrating blob thing that moves around at medium speed in and out of vision some times sparkles if its close by like on my head. But then I’m like how the fuck did the jelly monster get to the edge of Brooklyn? Like it legit floated 20 miles?

πŸ’©πŸ‡πŸŠπŸš†πŸš„πŸš…β“‚πŸšˆπŸš•πŸš˜πŸšœπŸš βœˆβ›΅πŸš€πŸšβ‰

I hope my ex wasn’t harmed in any way. In the beginning I did so many “cord cutting meditations” because I just wanted whatever this was gone. I blamed my ex, i did. But I kept away from him so this demon wouldn’t make another game out of it. I’m pretty sure he is OK and doing fine. But if he went through a fraction what I went/ going through….. I am so sorry, even though none of this was my fault. I never sent ANYTHING to him in any way. Only trying to get through my own heart ache to move on.

Either way. That’s my theory of the jelly monster I have been seeing floating around the house or stuck in the bathroom. 

Crazy shit right? πŸ™

God……….  Why did I have to get the crazy one? 

I feel like I need a blunt and I don’t even like smoking. 🌴

Talking Anonymous πŸ’‹

I have a problem y’all. 

I can’t stop talking to this demon. I’ve mentally cussed this demon out going on two years in January. It was the only way to protect myself. 

I’ve befriended and betrayed in the same day over and over and over.

Always having a come back, always smacking down the lies got me this far, which is alive and not utterly delusional. I was able to defend myself from falling into yet another rabbit hole when the other rabbit hole finally made no sense.

But I can’t stop, before it would “mind control” and “suggest thoughts” (the next thing to say) through flashes images or “subconscious”. It still does. Maybe not as much as it use to. But it did. But I still can’t seem to stop talking to it…   Or responding.

I’ve gone a couple of days to with out but end up breaking my silence emotionally. 

Now when I talk to an actual human, I’m like jibber jabbering them to death just happy not to be telepathically communicating some psycho demon.

I can meditate, I can be quiet. But I still can’t seem to stop defending myself and talking to this demon. 

And the meds.. .. My friend said I shouldn’t take meds…. But I want it to stop. But there are so many mixed reviews on meds and time span they took to work. Meds seem like the only way to stop communications for now but I don’t want to stay on them. But then I don’t want to be opening Pandoras box if I stop taking them as well. 

What Do You Think?

So I have this undeveloped thought. 

I at one point said racism is a mental illness. Not to erase how real it is, nor do I by any means look to make blanket statement about the mental health community. 

What drives someone to kill, murder, rape, torture? All that bad stuff. I guess I choose murder, rape and torture because its our bodies. 

Someone made a preconceived notion about our bodies. What they are and who they belong to. Apparently not to ourselves. 

For someone to justify rape, there are prerequisites to that action. There are beliefs leading up to that and in society they are reinforced in both covert and overt ways. Justifying rape is a part of mental illness, that is produced by a (false), belief. However wild it is. 

This is the same for racism.

Essentially its the mental illness that justifies the belief to drive “us” in justifying “ourselves” to gain what we want. Sex, gratification, power, control, stuff.

Still underdeveloped and I have had some people argue against this, because in essence, labeling it mental illness justifies and humanizes the monsters that have raped, kidnapped, murdered, tortured innocent people. So I get it.

But in the same essence I  interested in solving our problems and not perpetuating it so we can keep looking at all the multifacetes in which we are fucked.

Still not developed. Sitting on it. 

Schizo + Disassociative Identity 😱 (+spirituality)

So I quickly read through this article on Disassociative Identity Disorder by buzzfeed. 

As I was reading through it I had this notion while I was trying to fully understand if the “personalities” are acted out or if they are observed. I know of a lot of people who also have “black outs” or periods of time they don’t remember.

Prior to “becoming officially schizo”, there was a period in time where I started to not feel “like myself”. I even told my ex twin flame. I didn’t know if it was because I never dated men prior. 

I just felt Angry, really really angry, mistrusting, paranoid, obessesive, lustful.

I could not accept this change in personality. I tried every method to reconcile these feelings with in myself. Lol spells that didn’t work. I couldn’t talk to my twin flame openingly so it only made things worse.

In short I feel like prior to schizo, my “personality” change could have been a disassociative identity and the more I resisted the worse it got, until I cried and cried and cried and cried, and boom full on 24/7 none stop schizophrenic.

On the spiritual aspect to this was that it almost feels like a spiritual possession of sorts was happening slowly or I was unaware, and I restisted so much. I kept questioning always “why don’t I feel like me”, and those “spirits” demon alien whatevers had been stalking me for a while. So when I resisted so hard, looking for answers reading, shamans. And finally…. There it was….. Even through the schizo I resisted resisted and here right now to tell you, cause if I didn’t I would be dead. 

Its like because I wouldn’t fall for full possession (disassociative identity) it aimed for schizo (demon haunting), and went to the worse thing in the fucking world as torture (sexual violence, molestation) as a mode to get me dead or locked up or just plain old looking crazy, something not good.

Idk that’s what came to mind from my side of the story. I have no idea why these things are here or choose to torture me.