Peace + Love ✌❤

I have been “meditating” on if peace is of a “higher” frequency than love. 

Love is action, when we have Peace or come from a place of peace love is clear. 

If we are not at peace all love becomes unclear. It is tainted with over thoughts. It becomes lust or possession…. Distrust.

I have a bias as I seek peace first.  The thoughts/ voice/ entity cloud my own thoughts or lack there of. And so peace and coming from a clear space, takes extra exhausting work to not fall prey or get caught up in the “emotional” congestion of negative thinking.

Love is what you do. That is why the idea of unconditional love comes from. If we are at peace, then love comes naturally and with out conditions. You do it because it is your impulse. When love is the second impulse it is something to be obtained. A goal …….. a possession.

On the other hand unconditional love does not mean that you constantly take someone’s shit. Because in that moment you are no longer choosing peace. Then we rationalize all of our steps towards love and eventually back to peace. 

It is not easy to mitigate between, “fear and love” and the war in which is causes. We live in this world of black and white, duality that you only have this one choice between these two options. So when the war between love and fear begins choose peace.

I choose peace first.