Kundalini: Reversals 👆

This is from a Kundalini teacher ChrisM in a group I am in. I like his style. He doesn’t get all distracted with showmanship…. Razzle dazzle. And is usually straight to the point. Which I appreciate…. Cause I’m still “reclaiming my time” after all this demon shit. 

Either way here is the beautiful dialogue:

Chris M: If you are working with me or the information that comes through me I will advise you not to partake of information sources such as channelers. Or mediums or sorcerers and reiki practitioners. All these are subject to extreme distortion due to entity corruption. – chrism (to the group)

Me: I really didn’t want to part take but I wanted to understand what is/was happening to me. And I agree that many have a limited understand of what they are playing with or distorded views.  Still have yet to figure out how to rid my body of these perversions. Big sigh.

ChrisM: do the reversals continuously.

Me: Sorry where are the reversals? I read the (kundalini) safeties and some other stuff.

Chris M:

The Crucible of Reversal

You may have in some way opened yourself and your energetic proximities to the access of other consciousness or entities. In some way through a belief system or a practice, you have allowed certain safeguards to be eliminated from your personal space. Just as people can allow another person into their body so can a person allow these safeguards to be removed.

So you may wish to do a review of what practices you have been involved with that may have allowed this to occur. It can be a teacher who has not disconnected or a healing modality that encourages entity contact. Some of the Reiki formats have these characteristics where a person is encouraged to open to the “Universal Healing Masters” who can turn out to be entities just waiting for that opening. A session with a medium or a desire to channel can have these results. It can be a session with a psychic who is still connected to you or some forms of psychic intervention or healing.

So reach back into your experience past or present and see if you can locate a modality or person or school or teaching that helped you to “open” to the spirits of the multiverse. Ask your spouse to do the same as these can be shared events as well. See what comes up.

If nothing does then this can be an opportunity for you to experience the expression of a “Crucible of Reversal”. In essence you become a crucible of change for any entity that comes into your being. This takes effort on your part and will involve some uncomfortable experiences at first. As you begin to solidify your strength and mature your ethical standards as to include what and how you choose to feel and think and see. The entities that come to you will become transformed by their contact with you. In other words you turn the tables on them and you become the trap for them. As they come they get burned in the crucible of your body, awareness and consciousness. They are transformed by the strength of your intention and the total commitment to the ethical standards that you choose to exude.

This takes a supreme commitment on your part and may be the only reason you are even reading my words. You take the negative and force it by its contact with you to become positive. You change it. I have had to do this and it is effective. It takes commitment and practice, and a willingness to become a walking, talking, fountain of joy. Eager to change the aspects of expression for all who come into your sphere of influence. This includes your body and its environs.

For instance. Sometimes I would have entities of a dark or hurtful nature come to me and command me into the action of killing a person. An older person or a child or whomever. I wouldn’t do it. But upon awakening from this experience I would know that “This day I am to help an older person or a child or whomever”. In this way every hurtful intention or idea or plan or experience or feeling of illness was rewarded with a positive, intention based, balancing of that idea or experience or issue. In the physical real time.

Follow through is the most important action in this scenario. To take it from the astral to the physical makes the interfering entity part of a physically based plan of goodness and helpfulness and love. Many of the dark ones will not enjoy this and they leave. The good ones don’t invade you anyway so there is a balance and an increase of the vibrational expression that you give off. This in turn strengthens your field, which in turn makes it harder for entities to attach and so forth.

Add Kundalini to the crucible after you have stabilized it as a continuous and a solid expression of your life, twenty four seven, with action based experiences of reversals and you become very gifted and very strong. So this in and of itself may be the beginning of a school of activity for you. It’s not easy at first but becomes second nature with practice and follow through. – blessings –


Cleansing Spiritual Portals; Close All Portals In Your Area – Rex Deus



Its real out here in these spiritual streets y’all. They out here playing everyone for a fool. My friend is over here swearing Arch Angel Michael wanted him to join his ranks, mean while demon #blablabla was acting like my dead grandpa, my ex, God….  And I was like yo that gotta be Satan then. 

Like I don’t know God like THAT, Jesus is not my home boy but he is hella cool for trying to wake the people up. But I know this shit right here happening right now and to many people that bullshit ain’t God. NAH.

Either screw this ghost pictionary, astral demonic peekaboo bullshit. 

I’m seeing shit (the clear mist and one large dot) at the head of my families beds and I am PISSED NOW! Like its one thing if they are attacking me. But not my family not my sister who has been through so much and has struggled with health since birth.

We have a SERIOUS problem now.

The Fuckery 😩😩

So this is the type of fuckery I keep getting. 

Prior to this, this person told me I “pissed off the illuniati”, and prior to that said i “was taking night classes in heaven”. 

Another healer told me I “was dealing with guilt and shame of being a healer”, then in the next session said “this is a curse passed down from my father because someone on his side generations back was in a cult”. She also said she removed it. I have yet to see any changes. 

The person above also said they removed “it”. Other readers prior to there told me it was “black magick sent from my ex (twin flame)”, then said it was a negative soul tie with him and he was a false twin flame. 

The demon said to me directly that I was contracted to “commit suicide for my ex (twin flame) by means of child molestation” (visions of child abuse basically trying to force me into suicide). 

SO. This is the type of fuckery I am dealing with. These are the so called healers and psychics are telling me vs what the demon is doing. 

I’m tired and broke. And not one as made this stop.

I’ve been told sooooo many different stories as to WHY this is happening even by the same people, let alone different people. 

I mean these people are over here telling me this story and that story. And I can hear these Demons and they can’t tell me directly but can make up some absurd story to tell a healer, psychic, magic dude, angel light worker, shaman, akashic record reader, demonologist, so THEY can feel complete and accomplished…. Not me.

I’m right here! So what’s the point of telling errybody else different stories?

What’s the fucking point. 

What is it?

I’ve “shredded” so much ideas. 

Revealed so much of my truth.

I’ve lost so much….. Gave up so much. 

I stood strong in the face of evil even if I was laying down.

I prayed. I keep it in my heart.

I researched until everything made no sense and yet it felt all connected.

I kept it simple in the midst of the lies. 

I cried.

I listened.

I gave compassion and rage.

And yet I do not understand what keeps this Entity……. This demon here. What is it?

What is it?

Why is it about jumping through hoops?

I know who I am.

I don’t need to fucking prove it.

Ascension or awakening is NOT about being tortured, tormented …… Re-traumatized.

Another attack

Well the Entity got mad….. Because I posted the “Fat Albert Got Jokes“. 

Over the last few days the “energy” has been calmer…. Not as intense….. A lower volume, trying to appeal to my sense of humor…….. but still screaming, still the same themes, still the same tricks. 

I guess because I got angry in combination with the fact that I posted my realization the Entity proceeded to start the choking sensation again…. Just the over all intense sped up energy. Just trying to hook more and more and get me more hyped then I already was.

As much as I want this to be kundalini, or some sort of awakening …… I just don’t see how. Maybe others get that sweet delusion…… I unfortunately did not.

He Goes

Until I can afford compassionate deposession….. I have to deal with this Entity going between acting like he is in love with me and calling me a fat piece of shit cause I gained weight. Still forced orgasms. 

He is trying to wait for a vulnerable moment with the new guy I’m seeing.

I feel like everyone knows something I don’t. One guy on a you tube told me I’m gonna be OK. I don’t feel OK … I can’t work… Hard to have relationships cause I’m second guessing myself…idk.

More Obsession

Not sure how to deal with it.

I was standing in the kitchen, a feeling very similar to when my twin flame were being intimate and I cried. I could feel it inside and almost cried. It was painful, comforting, made me nauseous. I knew exactly what the feeling was. This was the second time it happened in the week. 

The voice said, “Do you remember that one?”

I did. I felt uncomfortable feeling that in that moment. I wasn’t with him and I am still unsure of everything that is going on. 

While this spirit has quieted down. I still feel him in my body. I know when he is persuading my thoughts. Everything I think goes back to my twin flame and not by choice. Trying to understand what happened. What’s happening.

But often the seed is planted and I find myself having this “inner dialogue” , I could be thinking about a grocery list and then it like a random thought of him comes in and then if I don’t catch myself it turns into a inner argument about something. And I have to constantly catch myself from allowing this anger to build I side of me. Its not the thought process I want am use to. 

I am turned off from this experience. Though I am still fighting for my spark of life. 

And I still fb stalk him. Its a form of comfort in all of this. I’m kinda obessesed with finding out who he got with at his office. Or if he is happy. Truly happy with out me. Because I am miserable with out him. But I have gone so deep into this experience that my misery is much deeper than him. It has morphed into something very dark. 

But there is a part of me that still wants the comfort of my twin flame. And there is this other part of me that feels like my energy…. Is yuck. Like who would want to be around that? 

That yuck turns into a poor image of myself. He is not with me because I’m not pretty enough… Because I’m not thin enough, rich enough, successful enough. 

So…. I’m not sure when or how this will end. Although I secretly want to be back with him. But in a way I’m a different person. And I want my joy back. 

I get moments of joy….moments of motivation and they quickly disintegrate.