Black Obsidian: Root Chakra

So last night that insane “root chakra” vibrating rumble, burning, pin prick almost feels like my core is being yanked out…yea that feeling happened and so I put this obsidian on my vagina (non sexual yall, sorry its the demons fault I even think like that now).

Uhm it didn’t stop the vibration because then it just intensified… But it seems like it diverted it for a little while from directly with my cells. 

The virbatiin happens from the thighs all the way to the vagina area…. Sometimes a little further up into the actual reproductive system…. Sometimes feel like and empty yanking….. You know when your stomach growls… It feels like that but then a yanking sensation.

I know its one of those portal archon disks that’s doing this to me. They can get big or small…. Right small enough to be on the clit area and super annoying or large enought to include my thighs. I put my hand down there and usually it stop it but this time it was  so strong I could feel the buzz with my hand. 

I have used my thighs to squeeze it out more times then I have the energy for. Some say its “kundalini”. But can you actually push kundalini out if its naturally part of your spiritual body? 

Also there is no progressions to it. Kundalini I thought was suppose to progress in come way. 

I have had “kundalini” like sensation go up my back, very similar to to the root chakra…. But that always feel like a leaving sensation. 

It doesn’t make me feel good. I don’t like it I have no idea what’s going on….. Or why or the point of it all.

I just feel violated. I’ve never violated anyone. Ok maybe tickling my sister.

Either way the crystal didn’t help. Yes I cleaned them. Everyone keeps telling me to use crystals and so far they are only beautiful objects. A security blanket in the freezing winter.


UPDATE Google Doc SearchDoctor diagnosed Vibrating Vagina. I finally got the nerve to ask my doctor about the vibrating/humming sensation in my vagina. … He said the sensation is due to blood flow. The blood flow can cause turbulence which results in the vibratingfeeling.


I mean blood flows….  But in that way there is a stimuli like when you are with a lover…. Or there is a threat to the body. So just blood flow is not a good enough answer for me. But it is ONE biological answer. When I would squeeze my thighs until I heard a crunch I would see the fast clear circle shoot out from legs. 

Sometimes I wonder if I’m fucking myself up more than these aliens are just trying to figure out what’s happening to my body and why I don’t feel connected to it. 

Idk. I hate this. 


Spiritual Bypassing Revisited. 😲😲😲

So spiritual bypassing. 

We are basically saying that if you don’t get almost literally spiritually jumped and cosmically punched in the face that you don’t get the badge of honor of being “inept”. To………… What? 

Do y’all see how we are perpetuating abuse even through our spiritual communities. 

We allow these “spirits” entities to cause harm and then run around thinking its an honor….. And we are enlightened. 



Basically you are enabling cosmic spiritual bullying.

And we are suppose to grow from that?!

Think about how fucking backwards that is? 

Its perpetating abuse.

If someone is in an abusive relationship do you tell them to stay in the relationship and forgive them while they are being beat? 

A lot of these people going around talking about accept the dark and light…. And spiritual bypassing never been raped by some random ass entity and then being told to forgive them. Forgiveness is a process. And protecting ones self is the first step. Abuse stopping is the first step. 

And forgiveness is a choice. 

I’ve always been like this. Ever since school. School is forced… Information forced…. Most of its a lie to perpetuate ignorance. Most of its not useful and most what actually learn and find useful is on the job you are forces to engage in to survive. 

Let’s really rethink the spiritual concepts we spew out. All we are doing is excusing entitities, energies, demons, whatever to play a roll in our lives, and there shouldn’t be any. They made their choice. And they keep making their choice the more you allow them to “punish” or abuse us senselessly which only enables their bad behavior.

Its not a badge of honor….. It’s ignorance. 


Golden Light Group Healing Session 💫

So I just did a group healing session with about 500 to maybe 1.5k+ people this morning. 

I didn’t do my normal breath work or implant removal today and just was like whatever just do it. So I joined in late on the meditation but just kept trying to pull in as much “light”.

This one was WAY more emotional than I thought. I was doing the breathing and just trying to send more love out. I realized I will have to probably keep replenishing my “cord” with my twin with love and light since she asks so much of me and I’m just frustrated because where I am in life. It’s not her fault. So I sent love and light out to my family just trying to lighten our relationship. I can’t cut the cord cause I see them all day. Lol then I thought of all my friends and family whom I love and care for and who was involved in this Entity Attack in one way or another and sending love and light out that way. Eric Raines says when ypu have negativity festering in a relationship thats like black magic. Because my ego always had to fight this Archon Entity when it would use my coworkers, family, ex twin flame against me. 

An example would be the Entity would mention a fucked up part of a relationship with someone. And then…. I go on to say in my head “well what about when they did this or screwed me for that or left me here …. Or hurt my feelings then” bla bla bla. So I have to work on that. 

Either way. 

I pulled in as much light and saw myself griding below the ground trying to find those who were in the dark, who suffer from schizophrenia, abuse, sexual violence, hunger, homes … War….

I started cried and my body was convulsing….. Cause…. It thought of all that suffered and wanted to give them a spark of hope. A piece of light. I tried to stop myself from crying cause I am always afraid that its just feeding these entities. 

Then I thought about the world and soon as my mind went over the Caribbean I started crying again that was intense one…. Instant. I didn’t even think about the hurricane. It was tears.

Today has been a lot of tears, for myself, for others, the world. 

I’m not “elevated”, I’m not in swimming through the astral. I’m not special. I don’t have superpowers or abilities like everyone else. I’m human. 

My body is a tool I want to reclaim as my own. These Archon Reptilian demons are using it for their own gain and agenda….. I don’t even know what that is anymore. And it is mine. This in my body, my tool in this world. That is enough and extraordinary enough. 

There is so much healing this world needs. I want to do the intangible and tangible work as well.

This session was bigger than my own personal healing.

The entity is still here. Still doing what it does. But my focus is still the same, us as a collective healing. 

God’s Love? 🙏

There is this…..  This undercurrent notion that we must suffer to gain knowledge, we must suffer to show our love for God.

I really wish I could apply “pain is an teacher”, that, “through great turmoil comes blessings”.

Idk maybe I’m just a big hippy, but I’m not with the program.

I think the more we think pain = reward the more skewed we allow our psychosocial society to excuse systemic abuse. 

“No pain no gain”. I mean there were moments in my weight loss journey where I pushed myself that extra mile…. It might have hurt a bit after…. But it could also be fun and beautiful. Like riding a bike at sunset on an Autumn day.

Our system is apart of our psychology and is based on oppression and abuse. 

I personally do not believe that was Gods plan. Maybe I am too arrogant and no idea what I am talking about. 

Things happen in life. We lean on our faith in God to get us through. That there IS justice and healing in the world. 

But systemically I do not believe God wants to inflict pain on us to see how much we love him. That’s a SUPER weird way of thinking. You wouldn’t say that to a person in an abusive relationship would you?

God loves us unconditionally. That doesn’t mean bad things don’t happen. And that doesn’t mean we take abuse from our abusers. That we dont seek justice or remedies in our life time. That is a really masochistic way of thinking and keeps our mind in a state of ……. You got it! …….. oppression!

Maybe that is what these demonic entities figured out. Which brings me back to an earlier point in my blog, that if God wanted to wipe these demonic entities OUT God would. They are in a sense shown Gods mercy, however they abuse their privilege and found loop holes. 

THUS why they are not allowed on the same plane as us. BUT NO people wanna have astral orgasms and open portals so their bedroom becomes port authority for demons entities and God knows what. 

Maybe that is why these Entities torture us …. Condemn us for past mistakes. To make themselves feel better than us…. To give themselves reasoning and feel justified in carrying out their psychotic agenda. Power…. Oppression. And they get humans in on it too…. Both the naive and aware.

I do not have to love my abuser (Demonic Entities). All I can do is pity them. Pray for change. Change of myself and change of them to realize their role in the grand scheme and for whatever bit of soul they carry. Safety of our people. 

I believe we can honestly come into a new age of truth. 

I know its naive but I said in other posts. If we in fact are suppose to interact with these beings. Meaning they are as much organically in our plane as we are in theirs. Then I firmly believe there are more productive, positive and truthful ways of interacting. 

But that is their choice to make. Collectively. 

I can’t force them. I can’t beat them into submission. If someone was using them or oppressing them, I would fight for them too. But unfortunately that trust has been forever broken with me. 

I hope they realize this all collectively.

Love Gum™

So I was doing a Ho’ponopono meditation and needed to kinda keep my mind focus so I didn’t black out (because of the Entity), or see anything crazy.

So I didn’t do the “white light” …. Like everyone else but I blew a love bubble around me… No particular color…. But the texture was like gum.

So I kept saying my Ho’ponopono (I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you) as I was prescribed to do. (Can’t hurt). But I decided to make the bubble bigger and bigger, then I visualized me stretching the Love Gum™ in every corner of my house. 

The Entity was doing what it normally does being a negative nelly…… But I just kept my focus on my Love Gum™ spackle and Ho’ponopono. Just the Entity took it a step further this time and started banging on the center of my chest. 

I was startled, more pissed…because it has done all kinda stuff to my body (as you may have read) , but yea the chest is not something that is done often.

So that’s what happened today. Check out the ho’ponopono meditation on YouTube or make your own Love Gum bubble. 😊