Twin Flame: False Ascension Matrix Testimony

I resonated with 90% of her story. I think the only difference between she and I, is that I gave up the Twin Flame™ story.

They story was NOT healthy for me nor was it believable AND the “dark entities” and or “false light beings” were taking to the MAX!

Like damn!

And when I finally let go of the Twin Flame story that is when things went south. Like REALLY bad. And honestly I think it is because they could not play me anymore. I declared that I am not a twin flame and I made sure to work on making sure that in my mind it was not true for me even with the Entity voices would try to take over my mind to convince me, or show me images and dreams of my ex constantly as if it meant something. I had to literally let the thought roll by with out attaching to it.

I can’t say if there are real twin flames or not. BUT I can tell you that these Entities are playing the 💩 out of us.

And there seems to be a profile to them. Liars being the most predominant.

And if they are not playing the “divine feminine” with twin flame bull💩 they are attacking the men with Targeted Individual and or Gang Stalking. (Not to say there aren’t any other genders in each it’s just that one tends to be more dominated by one than the other)

That is the level I am right now. And I haven’t been able to move past the idea that something is definitely lying to us and manipulating our emotions and trying to ruin our lives. For what purpose I honestly don’t know. People will say to “suck our negative energy” or “sexual energy” which is known as looshing, but it is not really adding up with what I see or experience in the astral.

I definitely see these beings with these straws or tubes that they use to connect to any part of the body. But whether or not that is directly in relation to sucking my negative or sexual energy (which they create through torturing me physically or mentally) like it’s a Starbucks Carmel macchiato frappe….. idk.

It is just like, twin flame is a game (level), so is Targeted Individual just another. There is no hierarchy. Just beliefs and layers of illusion to peel back and let go of. Even I’m on a layer, which I feel stuck on with thinking this some demonic entity conspiracy hoax.

Like all these demonic aliens Entities had a conference on how they were going to dupe us and fuck our whole shit up.

And that is what I see. But I often wonder if that is an illusion as well. Whatever is going on I don’t think they would give themselves up so easily, so there has to be another level to this than what I am experiencing. So I am right there with everyone trying to unlearn any bullshit that this experience is trying to convince me of.

It’s funny because these Entities tried to force me into a really twisted idea of religion and God. I have been trying to understand the Bible as best I can to see how that resonates with this experience.

Through out this even with in my mixed emotions and being mad at God and feeling abandon I tried to maintain a faith in God and in Good. Even though I can not see or experience that now. I need to have faith in Good and in God. Again I’m just not sure if God works the way that most of some Christians teaches it. There is a LOT of prophets and a LOT of prosperity gospel and idk I’m not sure if it’s fully resonating with me. Again I never directly asked for ANYTHING from God other than to get rid of these entities and this experience. I was just kind of floating through life and being thankful for what I had, even when things sucked I tried to get the lesson out of it. But this experience……. is out of control.

I’ve tried to maintain a celibate life, learning the word, maintains faith. But when a pastor says to listen to the Holy Ghost I’m like 😳🤔😕😐😶. Cause this chick over here can’t trust anything after the level of abuse and manipulation I have received from the entity voices. I told my mom I am gonna need ID like a burning bush or something to believe it’s God or even the Holy Spirit at this point.

I feel dumb for the most part. A chunk of my life is gone to this seemingly pointless experience. And that is something I can never get back. Time.

Either way I made this long enough.

You are Aunt Joycey

So I told the pieces of 💩 that need to stop using my Aunt as a metaphorical insult.

“You are now Aunt Joycey!”

My aunt is currently alone, has her own place, sings in a choir at church, travels and is chilling for her retirement.

They keep saying I’m her, as an insult to not being in a relationship, although all they keep talking about is my “ex”. And they say they want me to be gay and they hijack any attempts at a relationship which makes dating more exhausting than it already is. They called me “Monk Isis” saying I was going to be a nun.

I hate that they keep using my Aunt as an insult. Like my aunt has AMAZING taste in like everything! I always called her my other mother. She had a marriage but divorced. Great career, excellent student, always there when you need her. So my Auntey is AWESOME!

But these voice suck and want to use my aunt as a curse and an insult just because she is not in a relationship and I’m over it.

False Twin Flame

So it has been almost a year and a half since I had checked up on my ex (false twin flame) on social media.

I did a google search and found out he’s having a baby with a woman he is super in love with. I am actually happy for him. Our relationship sucked but I love love and I love seeing people being happy.

There was a relief knowing he had found such happiness. But I knew I was going to pay a price for my inquiry.

The voices Entities attacked me HARD I mean pins and needles all over my body. Making fun of me multiple voices at the same time to the point I couldn’t think. The vile things as usual.

But the end of the day I am happy for him. Just not so happy for my own circumstances.

I just can’t believe they attacked me so hard. Wouldn’t let me go to sleep.

On top of it later that night a pink flame with a gold outline woke me up out of my sleep and then a light blue one later. I have no idea what it meant.

I also see the little demons when I close my eye to go to sleep and it’s getting really annoying. But it is what it is for now.

I just want my situation to be better. I want the demons gone. I want my family and loved ones to be ok.

Yesterday was really hard.