Cho Cho Train frequency energy

At my house and my best friends house I keep hearing something like a cho cho train.

There are no railroads near my house or hers.

Actually at her house I keep hearing like a low or far away sounding amber alert / flash flood warning.

So I feel like it has to be energy/Entity and or frequency.

I can kind of feel it in my feet if I stay still enough.

But I’m not sure what this energy is or why. It’s bee for the past two weeks what seems randomly.

Just making a note.

Targeted Individuals: Hearing your Frequency 🎼

So I for once I had a peaceful moment in my parents home. All the tvs where turned off and I could breathe. I recently had to go to the ER because I had like a inflamed siatica and it was getting really hard to walk. I’m pretty sure this was an Entity attack but can’t tell the doctor that. So the docs gave me a toradol shot for pain and a pain patch which was golden.

Now mind you this was AFTER the week my friend had a healer remove 7 Entities from me and I felt super light and I could walk fine I felt better than I have in a while. Just light. He had told me I had a big one on my spine. I even remember the day it attached because I was in my friends bathroom and I felt like someone punched me in my back. Right where the spine and tailbone is. I hunched over in pain. But being use to pain I just pushed through. Before the spine it was migraines so bad I had to just sleep to not deal with them. I felt like my brain was going through a cheese grater.

Either way, I was in silence. Had my pain patch on feeling alright. I could hear a frequency. Then I felt a shooting pain in my pain patch (probably another attack) and I could literally hear the frequency go down.


When the Entities realized I could hear this they started a higher pitch sound so I couldn’t hear the lower pitch frequency they were running.

I had put two and two together.

Now everyone says “raise your vibes” “raise your frequency” and my compassion goes out to those who really can’t no matter how much they try because they are being constantly attacked. The attachments (non conscious beings) that the Entities (conscious beings) place on us have low vibrations and it breaks down our natural frequency.

Can you imagine if we were truly at our highest or natural frequency?

I have been slowly fighting to get my body back from being hijacked and I mean this isn’t about crystals and yoga. Like this is our biological etheric bodies being messed with. The mechanics of being on earth. It’s malware, spyware, virus, Trojan, ………… spam (for those with looping or intrusive thoughts) lol.

Why us? Why me?

So get to know your frequency in silence. Say positive words in your mind like Ho’ponopono (I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you) or try other more positive words.

Maybe it’s just me. But let me know how it goes.

Evil Light Beings emit EMF radiation 😱

So on Saturday i was at my besties house sleeping and the voices/entities kept waking me up every hour so that got really annoying. The last time i woke up i saw a glowing bright red being (which i am familiar with see photo) sitting on the right side of my pillow. And when it saw that i saw him he then covered himself in a black energy blob and said “im hot! Im hot!”.

This isnt the first time i saw the beings glowing before. It seems that the smaller they are the brighter they glow and when they make themselves larger (like a projection) they become duller dark ghostlike outlines. When they are larger they seem to move slower.

Now often New Agers will call these beings “dark beings” and “not of the light”. But they are very much made of light i believe. They hide however in the dark and do “dark” (bad) things like torturing people or lying. The bible described Lucifer a being of light casted down to earth from heaven. I dont believe this is a coincidence.

So we know they are at least made of light. Are they derivatives of Lucifer or the orginal fallen angels? Like little pieces that broke off from the original but yet still carrying out the same evil program?

But they have to be made of something. Its not magical. Its like a shaman who gave someone herbs to drink to feel better and the person think its magic. But really there is a science behind herbs and how they effect the body. Eons of studying herbs to know what works for which part of the body. Some of the things they can do as light beings is burn you, electrocute you, make you vibrate, pin pricks, jolt. Just to name a few.

What sparked my inquiry was that these beings emit EMF radiation anywhere from 30 to 100+ on a good day. I wondered what emits EMF….. And just a simple google it is different wavelengths.

Now there are two pieces to this puzzle. The actual light being and the black energy blob they hide behind (i believe it can be clearish as well but im just talking through this).

In the Wiki link on Electromagnetic Radiation it goes through the basics of the different waves lengths which include It includes radio waves, microwaves, infrared, (visible) light, ultraviolet, X-rays, and gamma rays. Now only visible light is suppose to seen by the naked eye. For whatever reason i can see these things and i dont know why.

Now my guess is that these beings are on the infrared wavelength (lol because it was red) or they can jump different wavelengths. They other reason i assumed it was infrared is because of the EMF reading between 30 and 100+ ut. This image can be found under the “Electromagnetic Spectrum” tab in the link.

Now i might be being simplistic about my associations with my findings. But under the “Thermal and electromagnetic radiation as a form of heat” in the same link there is a link to something called a “black body“. Inam only assuming that the black energy blob that they hide in cpuld possible be a black body which is described as “A black body or blackbody is an idealized physical body that absorbs all incident electromagnetic radiation, regardless of frequency or angle of incidence. (It does not only absorb radiation, but can also emit radiation. ”

When i put the EMF reader (found in the app store) near this black energy blob the reader goes nuts it shoots up too 90+ but going all over the place. So it absorbing and emitting kinda of makes sense with the reading jumping all over the place.

Now that i may have identified what these beings are made of its about testing things to protect myself and or find ways to disolve them. Im not SUPER smart but im trying at least to make sense and if it doesnt I will definitely update this post.

Studying the make up of these beings are important to our protection especially those that are truly suffering. I guess since i am not some magic healer i am looking to science to explain what i am experiencing.

These evil light beings emitting EMF radiation it would make sense why people feel sick or ill or bad feelings when they connect to us. It would also make sense why “demons” or evil beings can cause diseases on the body when they are attached because theybare emitting EMF which over long periods of time which can effect organ function and cell structure.

I think many New Agers talk about this stuff like we are in pre school. And of course Religious people talk about it as if demons are magical and not possibly scientific.

What makes a “good” light being differ from a “bad” light being other than not energetically raping a human? Do good ones hide in those black energy blobs too? Or do they more enjoy the fresh air of nature and the sun? What is the exact purpose of all of this? I cant settle on the answer that they want to “harvest your negative emotions” ….. Like whaaat? I mean it makes sense in the program that they run in terms of using fear and negative emotions to get a reaction….. But in the grand scheme what exactly do they need from ME that causes them to literally stalk me where ever i go? There has to be more i feel.

Thats all I got for today i hope to progress to understanding what would dissolve the black body/black energy blob or warding off these light energy beings from connecting with me and impossing on my free will.

Frequency noise

So I was noticing it was day time. Family had the TV on and NO high pitch frequency sounds were coming through on my ears.

For a moment once I looked for it it came though and then went away. But it wasn’t there.

So at night when the TVs are FINALLY off I hear high pitch frequency sound and then some times a ringing in the ears that sound super close. Not to mention the voice that is ALWAYS screaming in the background about some 💩.

So what it seems like NO PEACE .

The Entities need a consistent flow of sound to bounce off of. Be that white noise, frequencies, tv, a fan, people outside. I haven’t had silence for 3+ years. I guess it’s to break me down mentally and emotionally.

Just another observation.

I have an appointment with the ear doc to see if this stuff has to do with with the migraines.

I was hoping the lithium would help me feel well enough to be about to go for walks but I’m feeling jittery, a little light headed. Sooooo…..

my goal is to stop Voices AND or get back to the gym and in shape. And idk man these pills are something else. Something has to give.

Pushing Spirits Out 😱

Tonight I stretched a little bit and noticed a feeling in my chest. So I started to contort my body meeting my shoulder blades and using body to push it out. Low and behold the those Archon Circles popped out of my chest only half way. So then I pressed my boobs together and bent over and I heard a crunch in my body around one of my organs and boobs.
And then I war back and watched the Archon with tenticles popping out. The are not easy to see. That’s why I don’t think its a hallucination. You have to really look for it. So the mother load archon was pretty much out of my body. I pushed it out and knew there was a release when I heard a crunch. I also know areas they may be in my body because if I run my hand over my body there is a change in tones, almost like I can hear my skin reacting. 

The only problem is that I pushed it out and I’m pretty sure it went right back in. 

So how do I keep them out. People are saying I’m not trying hard enough. But I DO. Everyday. I only started recently gaining SOME energy, everything hurts. And I am always trying to figure out new ways to deal with this but they always go back into my body. 

I pushed them out, I took hot ass salt baths, I saged the shit out of my home, set a fire next to a few of the Archon jelly fish. And I’m over it! 

I’m over it! What the fuck do I do to get the nasty pedo demonic nasty archon’s out of me?!? And stay out? Out of my home! So they don’t attack my family?

No one has been able to help me and I spent over $3,000 on people who said they helped when taking like 8 Zzquils worked better! Uhg!

People Watching 👬👭👫 1111 Curse

Part of my humanitarianism is having the strange lobe for humans.

I live in a large city so riding the train, or sitting in a park or looking out the window. I love observing people, looking at what they choose to wear, color combos, maybe they had a fresh hair cut, maybe I notice their ethnicity, maybe I can tell they are a torrist. Maybe I see two people gazing into each others eyes or holding hands and I get a glimpse of love and it makes me happy. 

Along with my people watching is my commitment to service/ helping because I know that this system is difficult to live in. And we want a safe world for everyone. 

This energy was turned sour by the Demonic Archon. Looking at a woman’s fashion, it turns into objectifying her and that felt really strange, new and gross for me. This love I had for people, strangers ….. Was hated. The Archon would tell me “keep your head down, don’t look at anyone” and if I did even by mistake or a simple task the Archon would make it gross, doing things to my “root chakra” and trying to convince me its my natural reaction. Uhm…. NO. 

Its almost like the reoccurring 1111, 222, 333, or symbols or whatever only its with peoples and body parts or a gross hyper sexual concepts.

That’s why I said I think 1111 or reoccurring numbers (angel numbers) is a curse….. Or the beginning of one. It’s like you are being tested how easily controlled you are. The sad part is when my friends are like “omg 1111 make a wish” on Facebook. I’m like “Aaaaaaah” and have to keep it to myself unless I see any signs showing of an attack. 

Although this Archon is here doing what it does (which is being gross), I try to jump over any of its thoughts, concepts and projected world views to just simply….. enjoy people…. In all their glory.

PS. The moon was beautiful tonight. 

Blood Pressure is Down! 📉  + Heart Chakra Up. 

As the volume/intensity of the Entity Archon has slowly gone down so has my blood pressure. Funny HUH!? 130/70 when I was walking around for a year with 171/130+. Probably waiting so it can cause a stroke like my mom and sister. Piece of shit. 
Now I am feeling intense pain in the center of my chest which would be considered the Heart Chakra. So now instead of a stroke I’m worried about a heart attack. Great! I can now see an jelly Archon embedded in my chest. I just don’t know to remove them. Its like a heavy rock is sitting on my chest. Just like I felt on my head in prior weeks. 

My heart chakra was hit first in 2016 and it was almost like I was left open feeling icey hot swirls from the center of my chest to my shoulders. At the time I thought this was “heart chakra” activation …. Then the same icey hot swirl blow on my head “third eye”. These were not activations. These were attacks. 

What was taken from? The clear jelly mass that surrounds the dark matter? How can I close myself up and remove these cosmic ticks. 

These Archon’s cause dis-ease in the body as well as terrible habits and poor decision making. And they give Zero fucks about your life. Because they psychotic. The only time they don’t seem AS psychotic is when they are trying to manipulate you to gain your trust so they can then have control. 

I really wish they would go back were they belong and stop meddling in human affairs, we have enough issues already.

As of Today ☁ Archon Stuff

Last night a dark mass “cloud” swept over my body as I tried to fall asleep in bed. It said, “you feel so good” in a creepy voice. I figured this was just another trick to get me worked up. But I kept my cool and remembers all the times these things called me fat, ugly, a man ect. I just kept saying get out of my body get out of my home. 

As the black mass was over me the visions (illusions), were more intense than before. More vibrant, which was strange. They were kinda fading for a while. The flashes were more often. 

As of today, the Archon dots are not AS apparent as days before. I can see glimpses of them and mainly the sparkles. (I will never look at glitter the same ever again) And I wonder if that has to deal with the black mass that was trying to get inside of me. 

I don’t know if this is a good or a bad thing. Probably just another game. 

After I wrote my post Sister Sister, the Archon Demon went on to do this whole dramatic play that it was being tortured or carried away. Just screaming ect. It was annoying and I told IT that I knew it was doing. Just putting on a dramatic play so maybe I feel like it got what it deserved for what it did to me and my family. I’m not falling for it. And it immediately stopped. 

Shit is so wack.

I had to talk myself into taking a bath. Because no matter where I go, these things are here. Sleeping, outside, bathroom. So I can’t avoid them. 

Now I have to go take a salt bath with a bunch of hateful archon sparkle jelly fish blobs staring at me and trying to fuck up my night. 

Evil Bathroom. 🚿🛁🛀🚽

The blue Demonic archon in the bathroom that I hit with the fire from my sage wand and his half way in a cabinet. Then another blue one showed up. And I sprayed them with salt water and then it turned in to 4 silver dollar size blue spot with white swirly smoke around it. Then it turned into a tube like shape where the circles where encased by the white smoke.

I have fucking idea what this shit is or how to get rid of it. I don’t want scare my family. And my crappy phone can’t take a picture. I might try with my moms iPhone. 

People keep saying maybe a portal opened. But like how or why!!! Like apparently most of them were sent “home” and were greatful as one healer said in an article this year. 

In a way because the evil darkness is lurking so heavy. ….. Preparing….. Waiting. I’m just wondering if there will be an event in NYC, just waiting to leech off of everyone’s fears.

I don’t know.

I just want this shit out! 

6 in my bedroom (one is an X shape) which is literally just a bed. 6 in the bathroom. One large one that is spliting into two in the dining room, one small in the kitchen, one in my living room closer to the TV. One in my moms room to the size. One clear fast one that moves around the house and then goes into my belly or back. That is all I have found so far and they do move.