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Its real out here in these spiritual streets y’all. They out here playing everyone for a fool. My friend is over here swearing Arch Angel Michael wanted him to join his ranks, mean while demon #blablabla was acting like my dead grandpa, my ex, God….  And I was like yo that gotta be Satan then. 

Like I don’t know God like THAT, Jesus is not my home boy but he is hella cool for trying to wake the people up. But I know this shit right here happening right now and to many people that bullshit ain’t God. NAH.

Either screw this ghost pictionary, astral demonic peekaboo bullshit. 

I’m seeing shit (the clear mist and one large dot) at the head of my families beds and I am PISSED NOW! Like its one thing if they are attacking me. But not my family not my sister who has been through so much and has struggled with health since birth.

We have a SERIOUS problem now.


Chameleon vs Empath

I always assimilated fairly easily into most situations. Maybe always still feeling like an outsider but it wasnt a big deal.

I mean at my job I noticed my coworkers were able to make farming still look professional with a denim button up shirt so I did the same thing although my days were mostly spent crunching their numbers.

When I was with my exes there were these undertones I could not understand. With my ex soul mate it was this sense of lust, after we broke up and moved away we continued to see each other. I was use to us “making love’ and while the lust was fun it often fades, and I wasn’t use to that with my soul mate of 6 years, but he was interested in being polygamous and seeing other people. It hurt but I had to let it go. 

With my ex twin flame, there was insecurity and anger almost from the jump. The first time he met me he asked “why are you wearing make up?”, from then on there we little chips at my being. Not feeling safe I started to become angry. But not an angry I am use to. This was far deeper and under the radar. But i felt it. In many ways I felt like he was dating me because was too insecure to date a “pretty” women and that made him angry. But maybe I’m reading to far into it. πŸ™†

Currently being at my parents house my health has never been worse. I both assimilated to their life style of excessive smoking, diet sodas and meat eating. I mean a lot of people live like that but, it like I was just yanked from this health bubble and now I have to some how make it work on my own. Outside of the demonic archonic induced schizophrenic “dark night of the soul” bullshit, that alone raised my blood pressure, and then depression coping mechanisms which included fat assitry of putting a whole box of cookies in a bowl and pouring milk on them and immediately having a cigarette after because fuck it, I’m possessed and nothing can be worse than being force to see visions of child abuse or your father raping you (which never happened) and a voice telling you you like it. 

So. πŸ˜‘

I feel so slow. Turtle pace would be a gross overstatement to getting back to “higher vibrations”. I’m unsure if I can actually do it here in this house and at the same time don’t want to leave my family. 

I can’t seem to be myself here. 

I can’t seem to be myself at all. You know when you alone and you are in your juices and magic dancing around and just being unapologetically YOU?

I miss that. Here I have to answer to someone, the house doesn’t smell the way I want it to, and I can’t eat the way I want to. And everyone is resistant to any tiny change I make (perfume candles, veggies in the refrigerator, music playing ect).

So …….. I’m not sure what to do any more.

“Twin Flame”: Entity attachment. πŸ˜±πŸ’”πŸ‘₯

It took some time. Some feeling around in the darkness. But it was confirmed, and is why many “healers” had a difficult time relieving me of this entity. 

Because there were two. 

Of course there are a few other ones I can see floating around the house that I have mentioned before. So far they come and go feeding off of me as they please. 

But the two main one, one I believe has been with me for a long time and the other I believe I picked up from my false “twin flame”.

The reason I believe this to be true is because the one that has been with me along time (and yes fuck you too) is way more subtle and quiet in its bullshit. The one from my ex is aggressive and psychotic and loud! Also knows his voice WAY too well and isn’t able to mimic others voice with such accuracy.

As much as I didn’t want this to be connected to my ex it is. He didn’t necessarily know he had one or passed it on consciously. If he did, that is for him to live with. But I want to believe people are inherently good. So…

I realized that I didn’t start hearing a very LOUD voice until I went to his house. So whatever is here now is both one that has been with me and one I got from being with him. 

It is a sad realization. 

That I suffer because I tried to show someone love and was rejected. I guess that is what made me an easy target. 

I do not blame him. But this just means we must be more conscious of how we treat each other. What emotions we play on.

I’ve done a lot of work to remove this. Nothing has worked fully. At night I am feed upon as much as I try to push them out of my cells with TRE Breath Work. Not sure how to do that with my brain  They always wiz on by. To feed off a negative emotion.

One truth discovered.

Still trying to figure out how to resolve this. 

PoetrΓ©: How to Arrive at a Thought πŸŒΏπŸ‘‘πŸ’«πŸŒΏ

I stare into space, eyes crossed like lovers that just missed each other, like whispers in the night that never get you there, other than to the destination of a thought that was never yours. A tremble up your back.

I look behind me, a trail of pain and beauty, but then wonder why am I so ugly.

Please hug it away. Let it drop from my temple to the pit of my stomach. Remove its grips from my neck. Sacrifice the things unsaid. Because we have cast enough spells of intention, thoughts desperately grasp at to make a sense of their own and we end up cursed. 

Let there be more of me to fill every hollow space that serves as a hiding space for these things, so I can love you more.

Logos Actual Meaning πŸ‘½

To me Logos is the symbolism of meaning. In short. That would be the easiest way to express it across the board of cultures.

For instance Jesus was the Logos of Gods word. The symbolism the embodiment. 

When I saw what was an actual Logo (in the sense of a pictogram/line art) of a vampire and a butterfly literally changing back and forth to side of me on the beach. I kinda freaked. It wasn’t in front of me. Or anywhere else I looked. In a way I still don’t know what it means and the Archon would not tell me and kept saying “its a curse for you to be a child abuser”, but it felt more like a brush off than an actual curse.

One of my friends said that she went to a shaman and the shaman pulled a smokie teddy bear logo out of her back. Both her friend and the shaman saw it. I think she fainted or something.

So I’m not quite sure what these symbols mean in relations to me or her. You would think a teddy bear would be harmless.

I am unsure what it all means. But I just wanted to jot down some notes on logos vs what I keep referring to as logos. 


Wiki on Logos

Carl Jung contrasted the critical and rational faculties of logos with the emotional, non-reason oriented and mythical elements oferos.[103] In Jung’s approach, logos vs eros can be represented as “science vs mysticism”, or “reason vs imagination” or “conscious activity vs the unconscious”.[104]

For Jung, logos represented the masculine principle of rationality, in contrast to its female counterpart, eros:

Woman’s psychology is founded on the principle ofEros, the great binder and loosener, whereas from ancient times the ruling principle ascribed to man isLogos. The concept of Eroscould be expressed in modern terms as psychic relatedness, and that of Logos as objective interest.[105]

Jung attempted to equate logos and eros, his intuitive conceptions of masculine and feminine consciousness, with the alchemical Sol and Luna. Jung commented that in a man the lunar anima and in a woman the solar animus has the greatest influence on consciousness.[106] Jung often proceeded to analyze situations in terms of “paired opposites”, e.g. by using the analogy with the eastern yin and yang[107] and was also influenced by the Neoplatonists.[108]

In his book Mysterium Coniunctionis Jung made some important final remarks aboutanima and animus:

In so far as the spirit is also a kind of “window on eternity”… it conveys to the soul a certain influx divinus… and the knowledge of a higher system of the world, wherein consists precisely its supposed animation of the soul.

And in this book Jung again emphasized that the animus compensates eros, while the anima compensates logos.[109]

Archon: Hypothesis : Movement πŸ’ƒ

OK. So I have a Hypothesis:

I was attack viciously each time I began to make strides in my health journey. Usually I lost about a 100lb but I also was super active. During these times I would start my health journey around when I was unemployed (less money for food and transportation) so I would end up walking or biking everywhere and had more time to think about this. 

Now this last attack had me floored unable to move from the physical, emotional and mental pain. So in some ways I gave up….. But that’s OK. However now I have two or three huge Archon’s (about the size of my head) comfortably “feeding off of me” one at a time. 

So there is something linked to my “health” and them. 

If something feels threatened what does it do? It attacks! 

It was a perfect storm….. Too perfect! My health was a threat and so it waited for the perfect opportunity to to attack and exploit any emotional or physical pain I may have had/have. 

Does being phsycially active drain them of opprotunity to steal your energy because in a sense you are using your own towards your wellness?

My only concern if for people who are not well and how this plays out for people who are unable to be active, then what?

I am sure many of you ARE in fact active but yet were still attacked. So I can’t conclude to anything just yet.

I can’t explain to you HOW aggressive this attack was. Like literally being in the pit of hell 24/7. Since it has mellowed out. The voice of the Archon does not me feel like my brain is about to explode, but I have also refused (protested in my body) to do much other than sit an observe these Archons for a year now making it extremely comfortable with in this cute chubby body.

Its like constantly being thrown off course each time worse than before each time you make major strides.

Meditation was good for learning to observe and discern what was me and what is NOT me. 

Yoga, messages, stretching, were all good in learning how to literally release energy in places you never paid attention to. 

Prayer, faith in God gave me hope that some day I, we all will be free. 

And Bruja, “white magic”, kitchen witchery, ancestory taught me the herbs, foods and intention of love that will heal/ clean the body and personal space. 

I just can’t seem to get all my gears going again cause these Archon’s are off the hook with attacking me anytime I make any strides. That’s why I just choose to sit here like a monk and not do anything. 

As much I want a reflection of love in my life, in a way I feel …… Diseased, dirty …. Even though I know we all have one. I guess that is real love, recognizing each other disease (archon) and vunerablity and healing that for each other in stead of exploiting the pain. That is a true power that very few can wield. 

I just don’t know why I can’t seem to do that myself. Alone. To banish these demons from every cell in my body. 

There has to be an answer, a way, a key, a perminate solution. 

“Archon Mind Parasite Self-Defense”

This video is interesting and grounding. 

1. While I truly enjoy understanding the “chakra system”, I believe it is a great way of understanding and bring mindful of the part of our body. I also do not truly believe we have 7 cones of energy. I think it can be a good way to understand organs and parts of the mind by compartmentalizing these idesas but not as an actual system. The concept is fine….. But diving deep into the illusion of being some super human is where we get caught by these Entities. 

We are electromagnetic, this is true. We have metals in our body. But how that actually looks I have no idea. 

2. As stated these beings will pretend to be anything of authority. And will play off of both bad and “positive” emotions or words to control. So it really is a double edge sword. So I have narrowed the single most important thing is ignorance. Lack of awareness will have you pulled in so many different directions. Happy sad angry. So when we are aware that these being are trying implant mistrust or fear anger or even manic happiness we are not in control. 

3. More recently I “saw” visuals that were not visions of “light” that looked like a couple of different things. One looks like maybe 20 circles inside of each other, another like jellyfish lights, others are sparks of “light” or globs of colorful “energy” that looks like its leaving my being . This is false light , this is not real light. It is not coming from the sun, or a lamp. I doubt it is coming from me. But even if this “light” is coming from me, the fact that it is being tampered with to create “light” is still false. So be careful of being lured by “the light”. All that glitters is not gold.

4. Between being in spiritual forums and schizophrenic forums to just everyday interactions it is very easy to see how we are all affected. Its easy to observe.

5. I have no idea how to get rid of these things. Again prior to being “attacked” I was on an organic diet and fairly happy with only a break up that rattled my spirit. However prior to this full fledged experience, I can recall up until the age of 15 where these beings have been around me. Or have acted as “spirits” of loved ones, or “angels” or supposed “spirit guides. Being young, i just accepted it as such cause i didnt know any better. Movies, religion and so on talks about spirits, angels, demons, ect so it is socially acceptable. I moved on with my life. But this ignorance, because no that was not my deceased grandma or grandpa, and no that flash of light was not an angel trying to help you, that ignorance is what comes to haunt me later.  

Don’t get me wrong, that idea of believing in angels or the spirit of our loved ones “being with us”, there is nothing wrong with this idea. If we want to embody the archetype idea of an angel is fine,if we want to comfort ourselves with the idea of our deceased loved ones looking down on us or living on “through us” as a form of ancestry that’s fine. Poetic of sorts. But these ideas can also be manipulated by these beings. In fact anything can if we don’t have our Witt’s about us. 

So again its not a clear cut answer.

Lol but if I find one I will surely let you know. For now I am careful what I believe and keep things simple. Because these parasites are always trying to drag me into a storyline so they can position themselves in a place of power rather than what they really and truly are. 

Mental Illness Olympics πŸ†

In a way I feel like I have the worse form of “mental illness”. Schizophrenia, is like being on every drug possible, all the while hearing a voice that will call you a fuck up in every possible way. Its like watching every other mental illness play out in your head and you have no control. And you feel you body burning, your head tightening, your brain getting too big for your skull, and an audiance of non helpful shadows and angels floating around you. It is crippling, it is debilitating, it is not sexy, nor fun, it ruins everything you love, and no one gets you because its that diverse and uniquely tailored to each individual life.

Maybe I am fucked up, but I feel like anxiety, depression and certain forms of PTSD are more “socially acceptable”. Like there is more talk about that. Like those are the easy ones to talk about.

Then there is bipolar which everyone makes fun of because apparently every dudes ex-girlfriend was bipolor just because she was on the rage and he’s a fucking misogynistic douche bag that equate all feelings from women to a mental illness.

Then there are the quirky OCD, strange phobias and which is waaaaaaaaay way more socially acceptable.

Of course then there are the other disorders that really suck and may be the actual root of the said depression, anxiety or suicidal thoughts. But we don’t talk about them because that’s too deep. Be honest with you my therapist barely wanted to talk about this shit. Anytime I talked about what was actually happening to me she would stop me to make sure I knew “it wasn’t real”. And she would opt for talking about how my family was doing. Like I don’t have a place to even truly unload this shit, and like I really want anyone to hear this shit, or for to even ever have existed. But wtf am I suppose to do? 

Seriously I seriously feel like I had the whole fucking psychological book thrown in my head. I don’t know if other Schizo’s feel like this but it literally feel like every disorder, delusion, phobia and syndrome alll rolled up into one none stop living  nightmare.

And its not talked about, but its fucking crazy, it feels crazy. And much as you want to share the craziness there is nothing to hold on to…. It doesn’t make sense. Even if you tried to make sense. There is no sense to be made from the voice in your head.

I told my friend finally that I have schizophrenia, and he told me “you’re  strong”, “you will get through it”. But I’m over here worried that there is nothing to “get through” this is my life, and sleeping all day trying to avoid conscious images of child abuse or to avoid killing myself does not feel like i am strong. I don’t know if there is a nother side to this. This maybe my life forever. 

I’ve always been the kind a person to really push through some hard shit. I just can’t with this one. I can barely even think. All I can do is write how my soul is constantly being raped. 

So YAY I got the worse one! 

Tried to be a good personal and all I got was this schizophrenia!


Peace + Love ✌❀

I have been “meditating” on if peace is of a “higher” frequency than love. 

Love is action, when we have Peace or come from a place of peace love is clear. 

If we are not at peace all love becomes unclear. It is tainted with over thoughts. It becomes lust or possession…. Distrust.

I have a bias as I seek peace first.  The thoughts/ voice/ entity cloud my own thoughts or lack there of. And so peace and coming from a clear space, takes extra exhausting work to not fall prey or get caught up in the “emotional” congestion of negative thinking.

Love is what you do. That is why the idea of unconditional love comes from. If we are at peace, then love comes naturally and with out conditions. You do it because it is your impulse. When love is the second impulse it is something to be obtained. A goal …….. a possession.

On the other hand unconditional love does not mean that you constantly take someone’s shit. Because in that moment you are no longer choosing peace. Then we rationalize all of our steps towards love and eventually back to peace. 

It is not easy to mitigate between, “fear and love” and the war in which is causes. We live in this world of black and white, duality that you only have this one choice between these two options. So when the war between love and fear begins choose peace.

I choose peace first.

The Concept of Schizophrenia Coming to an End (article)Β

The concept of schizophrenia is dying. Harried for decades by psychology, it now appears to have been fatally wounded by psychiatry, the very profession that once sustained it. Its passing will not be mourned.

Today, having a diagnosis of schizophrenia is associated with a

life-expectancy reduction of nearly two decades. By some criteria, only one in seven people recover. Despite heralded advances in treatments, staggeringly, the proportion of people who recover hasn’t increased over time. Something is profoundly wrong.