Lightened Photo

If I didn’t see this shape drop down in front of my eyes or mark my skin then I would say hey this prolly just a camera glitch.

This is the first time I caught on camera what I was drawing.

No one else is seeing it…  And its clear as day and making me feel crazy. And I thought I was a rational person. 


Spelling Bee 🐝🐝

This has happened a many times now. At first I called this “word salad” basically feeling like the Entities purposefully spelled or said words wrong and disorganizing thoughts before me to through me off and drive me crazy. 

GRANTED! My spelling and grammar is pretty bad. But again I know how its bad. 

So an example that came up just now. I was looking up “milkweeds” because I saw a short film on not drinking cows milk and then wondered what other plant based milks we could use other than almond. So milkweed came up. But its totally toxic. 


So the word “swamp” was in the description and the Demonic Entity said, “swAMP” and I said you mean…. “SwAHMP“?

It was like this entity never heard or read the word before. But maybe they are fucking with me. 

Astral Rape πŸŒŒπŸ‘Ύ

I forgive my mom. She doesn’t know or understand. No one does. No one gets it it’s not their fault. 

My mom was watching a movie that happened to have a long loud sex scene in it and I held my breath anticipating the Archon Demon to do something to me. It waited until I started breathing again to then touch me again.

And I started to cry, cause I hate being touched. I have been raped and molested all day for two years. I dont even know know what a loving touch feels like anymore. 

Anytime I think about love, I’m molested. Anytime I’m happy, I’m molested or hurt. Anytime I think about my family lovingly I’m molested. Anytime I look at a new person I am having a conversation with, I’m molested…. TV show molested. Or just for fun Raped.

Then to realize the only “sexual” encounter I’m having is being raped an invisible demonic archon reptilian thing all day on some pedo incest rape bullshit. 

And its so sad. That’s all I know right now. That’s all that is on repeat in my head …. To take my life away.

I need love so bad….. I love myself and its not enough…. I love everyone and its not enough. I fight its not enough.

Im so tired of my vagina. I’m tired of thinking about it, having my attention drawn to it by these archon’s, I’m tired of it being burned or raped or molested.

So tired! I tried to ignore it.

And these dude out here….. Just make it worse…. When they sexualize everything. They don’t give a fuck about me…. Just fucking. And if I was elevated… Maybe cool. But now I need love. I don’t know how else to put it. 

I can only take so much of this before I break down.

Sister Sister (pt. whatever) πŸ˜‡πŸ™πŸ˜ˆ

So tonight my sister asked me to help her in the bed. And I have slowly been trying to ween her off of asking me for help. I mean she had a stroke, didn’t really push herself in physically therapy as much I would have like to have seen, but FORCED herself to go back to work being partially disabled now. Not because its a lot of money but because she loves her job. And my moms and I best instincts we supported her. It would be good exercise. 

Which means that half of my life is currently dedicated to making sure she looks good for the world. But at home constantly cleaning up human waste, helping her put on clothes and getting her things. But some how she braves the streets on NYC and goes to work at rush hour. Which is more than I have been able to do unless its another emergency. 

My sister asked me to help her to bed. But for some strange reason I help he to bed and she gets up 5 mins later for juice and then asks for help again. Sooooo….  I told her NO this time. I tried to explain to her why and she told me to “shut up!“. So I told her, “Fuck you! You’re so RUDE!

And GUESS What the Demon tried to do, tried to GUILT me about the ENERY I was sending my sister and saying it was going to go over and kill her because I told her “fuck you”. 

So I told the demon, “Fuck you too go back to hell”. I thought if this demon wants to hurt my sister at this point that is that Demons choice not mine. What am I gonna do? Grab at air? I already tried that smacking one out of her room. I already put up prayers on every mirror. I bit my tongue and faked being happy for her healing process and was having (still) having a delusional break down being burned and raped all the while having to be a maid and being yelled at. 

This whole being “conscious of the energy I bring our put out there” is now another form of GUILT for this demon to play with after working on many layer and finally getting to a place of soon braving the world. Like I’m not allowed to say NO. I said NO to this Demon(s) so many times and yet . …….Here it remains. I’ve ignored it, I’ve scolded my skin with hot herbal baths, I prayed, I’ve paid, I’ve given up everything in this false “ascension”. 

My sister is not my child and she reminds me of hold old she is every week. I just wish we were just….. Sisters again. 

Since she going back to work now, I have tried to focus on getting a game plan together for my own healing. On my own. Since nothing I paid for worked other than ODing on benadryl /sleep medication and some fake ass excuse for this perverse Demon being in my life “shamans” calling it a “generational curse”.

Check This! I can still be conscious of my “energy” and still express myself. How amazing is that!? Even if I didn’t have this Demon pop up and try to murder me I still would be angry. Look at the world! It’s where I channel my anger. And at the same time I can’t be responsible how some perceives my “energy”. I can only be responsible for how I carry myself. If that person is so perceptive then they should also have compassion in understanding that persons “energy” as well, while simultaneously not taking it on as their own. But I also understand that there are people unaware, sensitive and under attack. Like me. 

The Demon said, “let the games begin!”

πŸ˜©πŸ˜’ UHg.

Twin Flame or Alien Love Bite? – Alien Orchestrated Human Bonding Dramas

So this article only speaks on the aliens love bite but I will also look up information if someone has written anything on the direct correlation between alien love bites and twin flame.

If you think about it it makes sense. Entities supposedly feed off of negative energy and whats worse than a long drawn out longing for the love that is unrequited?

What’s funny is that many many many in the “twin flame” community are also those in the “love and light” and yet seem extremely unaware. 

There are teenagers on YouTube and forums BEGGING to meet their “twin flame”, and that actuallybsvares me because it is something way beyond you “meeting the greatest karmic love of your life”, if anything it’s bullshit.

What it really is, is having extreme emotions and a longing for love that more than likely you will never get as long as these Entities are involved because they are playing you like a puppet. They watch you, they will pretend to be your twin flame to so sexual things to you.

And if you finally lay down the card call twin flame, it only gets worse. Etheric love making with your “twin flame” becomes entity rape. Spiraling down a rabbit hole of spiritually reasons that you feel a pain that is not justifyable until you hit the bottom and ran out of reasons…. That bottom is called Schizophrenia. 

Schizophrenia is torture with no story line other than your own freedom and soon the freedom of humanity once you realize how to humanity has been hypnotized.

Its sad, but I’m not quite sure why, of course “harvesting” negative energy or whatever, but with all of this technology being used couldn’t they figure out to replicate “negative energy to feed off of”? I mean humans are growing ears on rats, I think intelligent aliens can come up with an alternative method to meddling I. Human affairs and torturing the population for “negative energy”. 

I wonder if all the people making money off of twin flames actually explain this to people? Or do they profit from peddling a delusion to keep making money? 

And THATS where the spiritual community got me fucked up. And they have nerve to speak about religion. 

False Flag 🎌🎯

Some times I wonder if I am being prepped to be a false flag or something or worse 😦.

Like why is “controlling me” sooooo important? 

The Demonic Archon whatever is constantly testing my suggestablity, thoughts, movements, how long will I think something is natural when its not (like the olfactory curse) , if I will think certain feels or emotions are my own, if certain pains are warranted. 

As slight as a curl of the lip. Was that me?

Like what’s the goal here? 

I don’t want sit here all day being moved around like a puppet and trying to figure out if air looks like an alien head πŸ‘½ or a fucking dot or a fucking reptar reptilian. πŸ‰. What’s the goal? 

Poor health until its easy for me to have a stroke? Then what? 

Like right now I see a mass of clear mist with some sparkles trying to formulate itself into some scary shape. And its annoying I’m tired. I don’t know what it is and I don’t know how to get rid of it. 

I am just sitting here being incapacitated by pain of these Archon Demon Dots and some clear jelly mist going in and out my body all fucking day! 

Olfactory Curse πŸ‘ƒπŸ‘… πŸ˜·

I have to often clean my sisters bed pan. For some reason more so than her poop her pee make me gag in violent ways.

For whatever reason I was probably eating some cookies and saying fuck you to the demon archon as usual. Only this time the Archon said “I never did anything to your taste.” suggesting it was time to fuck with my taste.

This was also after reading in the schizophrenia group that someone had taste hallucinations. I think mostly bad. I had also heard certain taste and smells are indicators you should see a doctor as well diabetes, cancers, harmonal imbalances or times to detox. 

I had only smelled scents I don’t like, poop, weed, roses, rotten meat, sulfur, cologne (Cubano to be exact) I dont like, as the main smells it would send as a curse but never tasted. 

One day I woke up with the taste of my sister pee in my mouth. I tried smelling myself my pee and my breath and none gave the smell. It was just the taste. 

Then I realized that the Demon Archon wanted to fuck with my taste buds a few days before cause I’m a asshole and I call it “a dot that can’t enjoy my mothers wonderful cooking.”

So I guess of ALL the FLAVORS in the world it chose my sister strong ass pee (sorry sissy I’m just keeping it 100%).

So I’m like what is this Archon Demon doing? Putting one of the circle dots in my sister pee and then putting it in my mouth? Taste testing its curse first before it sends it my way? Like what the fuck? 

The funny thing is the first day I was like WTF and I just assumed I picked it up from snoring with my mouth open. A few times I smelled my sister pee in another room and it was totally confusing. But this time it went to merge with my taste buds.

Once I realized it was a curse or whatever it went away.

The way to tell is that my tongue had like an overlay feeling. You know when you eat something with lard and the lard kinda coats your tongue. It was kinda like that only grosser. I could not smell the sent on my body. And I kinda know what my own tongue tastes and feels like.  I mean I have had morning breath before. I call it “broccoli breath” but usually you can kinda smell it back and brush your teeth and bee good. Brushing my teeth didn’t help. 

But I realized it had been doing this to me for a while now silently. Usually about how I smelled. I was always self conscious of smelling good or TOO good. 

I was at a hippy school that didn’t want people to where perfume. My school was up in the mountains and my skin was DRY and cracking. I am a New York Island baby I need ocean moisture. Either way I bought some natural scent lotion from the Hippy College store and was putting it on in front a group cause my skin was hurting from cracking and they STILL was making fun of me for putting on a scent. 

I don’t know, I kinda felt like it was super racist for these white women to kinda dictate the way I should smell and it kinda pissed me off. I was like they could NEVER live in New York! Its like over load! People smell like whatever from different cultures and you just respect it!  Like if I wanna smell like an anarchist body ordor or lavender vanilla or my favorite chemical Stella perfume, like its none of their business. But whatever.

But I also challenged myself as well in conforming. I could also see if you ARE in fact cursed not having a cloud of scents confusing you is good as well. 

Whatever. Taste buds curse. Scents cursed, life curse, sight cursed, hearing curse, touch cursed, movement, foresight cursed by an Archon Demon for what reasons I don’t know.

This sucks!

People Watching πŸ‘¬πŸ‘­πŸ‘« 1111 Curse

Part of my humanitarianism is having the strange lobe for humans.

I live in a large city so riding the train, or sitting in a park or looking out the window. I love observing people, looking at what they choose to wear, color combos, maybe they had a fresh hair cut, maybe I notice their ethnicity, maybe I can tell they are a torrist. Maybe I see two people gazing into each others eyes or holding hands and I get a glimpse of love and it makes me happy. 

Along with my people watching is my commitment to service/ helping because I know that this system is difficult to live in. And we want a safe world for everyone. 

This energy was turned sour by the Demonic Archon. Looking at a woman’s fashion, it turns into objectifying her and that felt really strange, new and gross for me. This love I had for people, strangers ….. Was hated. The Archon would tell me “keep your head down, don’t look at anyone” and if I did even by mistake or a simple task the Archon would make it gross, doing things to my “root chakra” and trying to convince me its my natural reaction. Uhm…. NO. 

Its almost like the reoccurring 1111, 222, 333, or symbols or whatever only its with peoples and body parts or a gross hyper sexual concepts.

That’s why I said I think 1111 or reoccurring numbers (angel numbers) is a curse….. Or the beginning of one. It’s like you are being tested how easily controlled you are. The sad part is when my friends are like “omg 1111 make a wish” on Facebook. I’m like “Aaaaaaah” and have to keep it to myself unless I see any signs showing of an attack. 

Although this Archon is here doing what it does (which is being gross), I try to jump over any of its thoughts, concepts and projected world views to just simply….. enjoy people…. In all their glory.

PS. The moon was beautiful tonight. 

Evil Bathroom. πŸšΏπŸ›πŸ›€πŸš½

The blue Demonic archon in the bathroom that I hit with the fire from my sage wand and his half way in a cabinet. Then another blue one showed up. And I sprayed them with salt water and then it turned in to 4 silver dollar size blue spot with white swirly smoke around it. Then it turned into a tube like shape where the circles where encased by the white smoke.

I have fucking idea what this shit is or how to get rid of it. I don’t want scare my family. And my crappy phone can’t take a picture. I might try with my moms iPhone. 

People keep saying maybe a portal opened. But like how or why!!! Like apparently most of them were sent “home” and were greatful as one healer said in an article this year. 

In a way because the evil darkness is lurking so heavy. ….. Preparing….. Waiting. I’m just wondering if there will be an event in NYC, just waiting to leech off of everyone’s fears.

I don’t know.

I just want this shit out! 

6 in my bedroom (one is an X shape) which is literally just a bed. 6 in the bathroom. One large one that is spliting into two in the dining room, one small in the kitchen, one in my living room closer to the TV. One in my moms room to the size. One clear fast one that moves around the house and then goes into my belly or back. That is all I have found so far and they do move. 

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