3rd Eye Misconceptions (youtube)

So there are alot of misinformation being circulated on the internet and especially YouTube. I never really looked to “opening my 3rd eye” until it was already happening.

I always had an active imagination and dreams from a child to an adult. But never had VISIONS i could not control. Most of these visions involved my worse fears which is the harm of children or my ex.

My second vision was my ex’s best friend “remote viewing me” through what seemed like a crystal ball as she smoked weed. And when i had that vision i then passed out on my sofa.

After that i looked into 3rd eye stuff because i was trying to protect myself from her and my ex cause at that point i felt like i was being cursed.

The entity that then did this to me would blow on my forehead each night. Which is probably documented somewhere in this blog. The entity was/is using my ex as a mask to scare me and drive me crazy.

I thought if my third eye opened up lol like a child …. That i would be opened up to another world or something that looked like an Alex Grey painting….. Idk. Something different. Not uncontrollable disgusting visions.

To be honest it a real slippery slope into “occult” stuff. It starts off with horoscopes ….. Maybe dream interpretations…..crystals…. All thepretty stuff…. New Age stuff…… Angel numbers….. Then tarot…. Contacting your “spirit guides, ancestors, higher self ect”, Then rituals and magic. Then boom full blown nightmare. If you are one of the lucky ones that is not having an absolute nightmare with this shit GREAT. Try denouncing all that stuff and see what happens.

I can say things happened to me first and i looked for answers via the internet and the occult and new age were the only ones that had answers at the time. Comforting answers. Who doesnt want to think that their deceased grandma…. Or ancestors….. Or angels…. Is around them looking after them? But these are pacifiers of the actual truth.

The same little demons playing in your mind at night to create dreams are the same ones during the day giving you dreams…. Acting as ghosts….. Acting as your grandma…. A reptillian…… Crazy visions. They can shapeshift. I have seen it with my own “eyes” a few times. I saw a woman in a vision and stared harder at it and she then became a praying mantis demon. I dont know why but it happened a few times.

The same thing that tortures me others play with fine. Why is that?

This man say…. “A (kundalini) snake going up your spine is not holy” . i had manybpeople a gurus trying to explain my torment as a part of this process to enlightenment. ?????? I considered what they said but something wasnt quiet right. No amountvof effort or money made it stop.

In the bible the snake is seen as the devil. But in kundalini the snake is seen as “wisdom”. The snake in the bible tempted Eve to be as wise as God. So i guess their is some correlation there.

Ever since this “kundalini awakening” that i didnt ask for or attempt to induce….. I have zero control over my own imagination (among other things).

In many ways i ran through all these different concepts only to find they are cover ups for demonic play……. And YOU dont benifit from it ….. They demons then have a host that they can run a muck in and have fun. Acting as anything from telepathy with a loved one to God. …. Higher self. …. Ect ect.

All that pain you go through calling it “kundalini” is bullshit….. They are hurting you on purpose ….. The entities are melding their being with yours and since that is NOT suppose to happen it hurts or causes a reaction of sorts.

I personally thought that the pineal gland was our new covenant with God. Where God is suppose to communicate with us. But now ….. Idk. I have been toyed with so much by demons that i dont trust it anymore.

I must have completely blind faith at this point. I can not connect with God like i thought we did… But i believe. And if there are these filthy demons around i believe there is something out there equally if not greater GOOD….. And that is God.

Appropriations in Spirituality ๐Ÿค”

Is there a way to learn about the ancient or current spiritual or medical practices with out appropriating the culture but also giving it the acknowledgement it deserves?

As someone who sought assistance from many practitioners I found some that were new age (a meld of beliefs and practices), and those that practiced native or Indian or other indigenous systems. While I believe that we are all here to learn from one another, I wondered if the same symbols and ancestry was capable of being fully understood by an outsider.

How I see symbols as an American is totally different than say someone in another country.

I have seen others who have been able to take say practicing yoga and really bring a mission to it in their own way. Because their mission was genuinely to heal people in their communities. They don’t over do the whole yoga look or push concepts that are far beyond our reach but meet you where you are at for that moment in your life. Just come as you are, participate and community for that moment.

So I always wonder as the pot starts to meld. And westerns bring practices from afar (or local) to their business model where are the indigenous people located in all of this? Where are their business models?

How can we ensure the people of those practices are not erased by practitioners? Learning these practices are a gift from those cultures. How do we uplift them? These practices were born out of pain and necessity. How can it be applicable in capitalism? And does it loose something when not practiced or sought by those it is indigenous to or with in the confines of capitalism?

Where is the balance? And is it even effective?

I’m half blind, only privy to certain aspect but not others. I see and hear things that are pretty common, but I don’t know where it fits in the grand scheme of things.

Soul Star Chakra ๐ŸŒŸ: Archon Halo โ˜ ๐Ÿ‘ผ โ˜

So…………. The Archon’s portal energy balls I see on peoples heads and including my own look like halos you see in paintings. Straight up, no bullshit….. They are not glowing but they can invert from dark in the middle to light/clear on the outside or vice versa considering the lighting situation inside.

Last year my “twin flame” therapist told me about the “soul star chakra” which is also known as the “halo chakra”.

Simple stated in the link above “Your 8th Chakra known as the Soul Star Chakra is located about 12 inches to 3 feet from the top of your head (just above your Crown Chakra). Your Soul Star Chakra contains infinite energy, spirituality, Divine Wisdom and compassion. Also known as the Halo Chakra it’s what you see depicted in the historic paintings of Jesus Christ, the Saints and other Divine Masters. This chakra is the essential bridge between your Higher Self/Soul Self in the higher dimensions of reality and your incarnated human self (your personality and physical expression of your soul in third dimensional reality).

As your Soul Star Chakra becomes activated and expands you’ll begin to feel a strong need to align yourself with your Soul’s Mission to finally BE what you know on deeper levels you’re here to BE.”

Only I magically got the opposite! Why I gotta get the Satan halo? Is it suppose to be painful? This painful? 

Many people are saying that yes the body has natural chakras … And 3rd eye and all this good stuff but for some reason these natural systems are being manipulated and information is being falsafied so they can take advantage of us. 

There is an overlay. And its so painful. Like why doesn’t anyone tell you hey as some point you gonna get a half and shit it painful cause inter dimensional entities will prolly suck up you brain juices. I need a manual for this shit. 

Black Obsidian: Root Chakra

So last night that insane “root chakra” vibrating rumble, burning, pin prick almost feels like my core is being yanked out…yea that feeling happened and so I put this obsidian on my vagina (non sexual yall, sorry its the demons fault I even think like that now).

Uhm it didn’t stop the vibration because then it just intensified… But it seems like it diverted it for a little while from directly with my cells. 

The virbatiin happens from the thighs all the way to the vagina area…. Sometimes a little further up into the actual reproductive system…. Sometimes feel like and empty yanking….. You know when your stomach growls… It feels like that but then a yanking sensation.

I know its one of those portal archon disks that’s doing this to me. They can get big or small…. Right small enough to be on the clit area and super annoying or large enought to include my thighs. I put my hand down there and usually it stop it but this time it was  so strong I could feel the buzz with my hand. 

I have used my thighs to squeeze it out more times then I have the energy for. Some say its “kundalini”. But can you actually push kundalini out if its naturally part of your spiritual body? 

Also there is no progressions to it. Kundalini I thought was suppose to progress in come way. 

I have had “kundalini” like sensation go up my back, very similar to to the root chakra…. But that always feel like a leaving sensation. 

It doesn’t make me feel good. I don’t like it I have no idea what’s going on….. Or why or the point of it all.

I just feel violated. I’ve never violated anyone. Ok maybe tickling my sister.

Either way the crystal didn’t help. Yes I cleaned them. Everyone keeps telling me to use crystals and so far they are only beautiful objects. A security blanket in the freezing winter.


UPDATE Google Doc SearchDoctor diagnosed Vibrating Vagina. I finally got the nerve to ask my doctor about the vibrating/humming sensation in my vagina. … He said the sensation is due to blood flow. The blood flow can cause turbulence which results in the vibratingfeeling.


I mean blood flows….  But in that way there is a stimuli like when you are with a lover…. Or there is a threat to the body. So just blood flow is not a good enough answer for me. But it is ONE biological answer. When I would squeeze my thighs until I heard a crunch I would see the fast clear circle shoot out from legs. 

Sometimes I wonder if I’m fucking myself up more than these aliens are just trying to figure out what’s happening to my body and why I don’t feel connected to it. 

Idk. I hate this. 

Dry Fasting!

Learn something new everyday! A guy in my group suggested “Dry Fasting” and said “No food and no liquids. To make an analogy – wet woods make poor fire, but dry woods make strong fire. This will be internal purifying fire in your body and cells.”

This Blog goes into detail:

“Itโ€™s as simple as the wet-dry distinction. Wet fasting: Drink water, but take no food.Dry fasting: a total abstinence from both food and water for a defined time.

There is one more level of dry fasting called Absolute Dry Fasting. Some suggest to reach the deepest level and realize the full benefits of dry fasting, it’s better not to let any water come in contact with the body through the skin or mucous membranes. You heard that right: no showers, no swimming, no brushing teeth while dry fasting.”



Before I was attacked I would natrually fast on weekends because I was tired and too lazy to cook. But also I wasnt doing the same amount of work i was doing durning the week on the farm. I think its “intermitting fasting”. I believed it help me shed a lot of pounds.

I also fasted for two weeks on water alone, while i was in the middle of my delusions hoping God would help me and my family if I sacrificed consuming the comforts fixed by my mother. I was shocked that i had so much energy. I relized later that any sense of “lack of energy”, passing out, headaches was the Entity attacking me. I didnt NEED as much to survive like I was taught. But cookie dough makes the tears go away.

I will be incorperating this into my spiritual detox plan.

Watch “Clear your Energy Body from Implants and Negative Entities” on YouTube

This was actually super good! And I’m a hard ass when it come to this stuff. But I did feel differences. 

The Entity is still here and attached. I ended up putting white gold light in my heart chakra and saw all this black burst out. 

I might have to do this a few times. But when does it stop? When can I effortlessly be myself again? When will I won’t have to worry about constantly shutting down absurd and gross thoughts?

This was good though! 

“Remember Who Gave You Your Crown” ๐Ÿ‘‘

“Remember Who Gave You Your Crown”, the Entity said to me posing as my Ex (twin flame). The story was of Isis and Osiris. And I was to be his Queen. Many image themselves as Kings and Queens, Gods and Goddesses. But I wanted to be me. 

I hadn’t fully realized I was in what I called “Opposite World”. Everything was flipped, Everything was a lie, and even if I figured that something was a lie, that could be a lie too. Its a set up. And you never win. I had no choice but to play along until I figured out what was happening to me. I cried so much. 

I felt my head become hot and tender. I literally felt like my skull had been opened and exposed. Like my brain was bring directly spoken into. It was loud.

I had read that this COULD be symptoms of kundalini or the opening of the crown chakra, also known as a halo, and the “soul star chakra”. I tried to understand. Little did I know. 

In opposite world everything is a lie, everything is an opposing force to the very essence of your being. When I was told “remember who gave you your crown”, I didn’t realize the very opposite was happening. I wasnt being given a “crown”, my crown was being taken away. My mind was no longer mine. I didn’t have control, I didn’t have room. I mean I still don’t fully. 

This was a check mate.

Using my Ex (Twin Flame) as a guise to get inside my head for lord knows what, for god knows what reasons.

I was shot down from my throne. Viciously attacked ….. Constantly attacked to the point of debilitation. 

I will still never understand why.

Now my home is under attack. The are the shadow spots that spew these things at me. I can’t see everything. But I can see and feel enough. 

My body is reacting to the attacks again. Rashes, burning.

The Entities would say “I WIN!”, but it won by showing me visions of child sexual abuse until I gave up and decided to die crying in my bed. Everyday.

If that’s winning ….. I’m OK with loosing.

But I want to fight back. I’m tired of my mind being a canvas for its sick images. 


Woke up with Marks ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ‘ฝ

I woke up this morning with two circles in the same area on my left arm where I had numbers 8966 imprinted in September. 

There was also a bruise on the top of my hand in the shape of kidney bean. 

Last night before I went to sleep I started feeling stings all over my arms and legs…. Almost like what I would think jelly fish stings…. So I went to the bathroom and put some fold water. 

Not I have straight up circles on my arms. 

Uhg I’m the only being attacked and seeing all of this stuff. …. I’m so over this.

Soon as I go to sleep all these Archon Circles keep hovering around me making it almost impossible to sleep. I’m like DAMN y’all are so RUDE you can’t wait until I actually go to sleep? 

Shits so annoying. 

3rd Eye Experiment ๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ™

Soooooo I’m a weirdo and I’m weird….. So. 

Well…… I was flashing my camera light at the Disc circle entities I always tell you guys about. 

But then I figured let me flash the light on the 3rd Eye. So I put the flash between my brow and there was this black and green curved line and the things that kinda look like a red iris on the far side of my eyes. 

My eyes were close and looking forward.

I even covered one eye to see if it was light peeking in and it was not. 

I then moved my eyes side to side and notices more definition. Of the iris. 

With my eyes close I see a green circle of light. When I flash the light on my third eyes I see RED iris of light. Red is the opposite of green. So there may be an invert of sorts going on. 

I also fill like I pushed something out of my field because I felt a release, but it quickly came back. 

I also put the flashlight on the side and the iris went forward. 

Once everything was cleared I saw a small black floating like spider jelly fish dust ball thing with tenticle. Very similar to some of the shadows I see on the wall. But only certain places. 

I’m not sure what this all means in relation to my experience. Just documenting for later clarity. 

I’m looking at the image, but I’m not to talk understand WHY I see what I see. 

Still gonna research .