Understanding Archon’s

1. They reproduce Asexually. I’ve seen them divide from one small one into many from two to eight right in front of my eyes. 

2. To see them you have to look against white wall or clear sky with light. I saw one in the distance. A small โ circle that is clear or white. I can also see them with my eyes closed as well. There are one or two large archon’s in my bathroom that are the size of my head. So that means they can grow in size. 

3. Archon’s yes make your life a living hell (mine for two years). I don’t think you have to have “negative” energy thoughts or emotions as much as it is ignorance. I feel like they will act like anyone to first gain your trust. “Spirit guide”, loved who passed on, god, angel ect (people don’t consider that schizo, because its positive). Also children are innocent, sure they can do something “bad”, but they also get attacked by archon’s as well. 

4. So I wonder what truly keep them attached. Or to latch on in the first place. It’s really not “negative thoughts/energy”. I mean “unhealthy life style” is an excuse. I was eating organic and healthy active lifestyle when I was attacked. So thats not it. It plays off beliefs and insecurities, love irony and DRAMA! How does one get one or better yet how does one truly get rid of one. I just realize if I have 1-2 (large ones) hanging out in my bathroom that means they actually don’t need a “host”. So what the fuck?

Conclusion: They are parasitic in nature (invasive) but they don’t NEED a host. 

So why are they here attacking people? 


“Remove your chakras. THIS FREAKING WORKS!” on YouTube

I’ve always felt only three. It wasn’t until I started getting attacked that I felt more, especially third eye swirly stuff. I felt like my heart chakra burst at one point. But that not sure if that was was the Archon trying to attack. Its mostly stayed directly on my brain (crown) hence the schizo.

More recently its been in my “solar plexus” but ALWAYS on my root and crown. 

Now there are other area of the body that they can attack to. 

 I believe their is no such thing as “chakras”.  

Chakras I believe in its purest essense was to be mindful of the body, of “energies” in the body and also a functions of the body. 

They are not the end all be all to the body. And the CONCEPT has been manipulated by these entities into imaginary vision as a way to excuse attaching and attempting to control us. 

There is nothing to remove. Only implants, or entities that “act” as some fantasy concept of chakras.

Update: it didn’t really work. 

“Dark Night of the Soul” is Bullshit ๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿ’ฉ

This whole concept of “dark night of the soul” is bullshit. At least my version is. 

Life has its ups and downs natrually and yes we gain lessons from it whatever, some times we are lost…. confused, mistake are made whatever. But this concept of the “dark night of the soul”, while it DESCRIBES AN experience it is also spiritually misleading to say you did something to deserve this, or “this is a gift”, you’re turning into lil bitty butterfly to fly away into the astral planes.

Uhm NO, you are being spiritually and psychically abused for no reason AT ALL and you were given a really lame ass excuse fantasy lullaby as to why, called the dark night of the soul. 

SO. You are told to “surrender” MORE, be MORE “healthy”, do MORE yoga, all this “trust the process”, accept the pain and karma and bla bla bla….

NO. You are enough at any given moment. “Learning to surrender” means what? To what? Cause honestly this whole shit was a set up and fuck all of the programs that limit your divine free will! All of them!

FUCK the “Twin Flameโ„ข” program (love, lust, heartbreak, relationship, obsession exploitation), FUUuUCK the “Dark Night of the Soulโ„ข” (spiritual and psychic abuse) program, fuck “Kundaliniโ„ข” (spirit, possession, health) bullshit, fuck the “Conspiracy Theoryโ„ข” program (mofos out here trying to find the edge of the earth, aliens that prolly don’t even look like REAL aliens, ghost goblins, government whatever ect). Fuck “Ascencion /Awakening โ„ข” program (feeling all these crazy “energy”, new earth bs, religious, shamanism, activations, light body “evolution”, empathic, insane 1111 bullshit, “consciousness” bs, “ego death”, past life karma) bla bla bla bla bla. NOPE its all psychological mental, emotional and physical exploitation abusive warfare. No homie you haven’t transcended shit, just jumped from the frying pan into the fire. 

NO, NOPE …. Just no. It’s just prolly possession, which is some “implant” demonic archon program (playing you like video game) you literally possess (have) playing out whether you are aware of it or not. 

Fuck it all….. Fuck “the path“, fuck this fake ass “spiritual journey” bullshit that is meant to control you and make you feel like you’re doing something (wrong or good) with your life. Like your life has no meaning (which is does! And its not to sit here and eat bullshit flakes all day). I mean HEY if you are THAT bored in life be my fucking guest. If you want to take on some bullshit burden of some fake ass past life karma that you know nothing about and has nothing to do with your ACTUAL life, gah head. If that works for you! Won…der. ..ful……. 

All this shit is basically excusing “spiritual violence / abuse” and we want to say as people who want a better earth for ALL, that because someone didn’t get cosmically JUMPED by some demonic archon alien jelly fish thing that they are “spiritually bypassing”, granted some people are just fake ass bitches, but if you want to wear a badge of honor for being spiritually raped and tortures for no fucking reason, cool. Wear your super star ๐ŸŒŸ sticker, I however could and would have done better with out this waste of time. Call me arrogant, but clearly you never had rape simulated on you everyday for two fucking years after being physically raped.

You don’t need it! It’s unnecessary, you don’t need a spirit guide if you are already your best self in each moment. Where are the spirit guides for the rapist?! Fuck fake ass spirit guides too, lying ass mother fuckers, guess what your spirit guides real name isn’t Jim, or Greg or Tiffany or Isis. So already your whole “relationship” is built on a lie! ANY MORE lies you would like to tell your subject JIM?!?

Its a matrix of lies. That’s a truth. That doesn’t make nature any less real or YOU any less human. This is not a “holographic” universe its a holographic bullshit mind matrix that is void of any actual truth or love to confuse and distract the shit out of people frim being their best selves. 

Throat “chakra” game on point cause speak from the heart. Fuck out of here with all this bulshit! And all the lies and manipulation to misdirect and deceive people of the earth!

That’s the new earth!

AH fucking CHOO to all the Bullshit! 

C R Y I N G ๐Ÿ˜ข

I did have a suicidal thought just now cause I really really tired of their pedophile tactics aaaaalllll day. And I’m trying to “stay strong” but the Archon Demon Alien dot thing keep saying “If I were you I would commit suicide instead of enduring all this” referring to the pedo child molestor incest rape torture simulation it does. 

Like my friend sent me “love and light” energy today and this was the FIRST time EVER i actually felt love and light energy. It was warm and went into my belly area (where there is an archon) and almost immediately I wanted to be creative and draw or make a poem. Like I’ve spent $3,000 in the last two years on “healers” trying to address this shit and this was the first time I felt something like that. 

So I drew a picture, the archon๐Ÿ’ฉ still harrassed me on my parents TV as I was drawing I ignored it. And immediately after I felt good and satisfied with my drawing and went to lay down and they/it whatever went into a pedo attack flashing images of children and zaping my genitiles and its driving me to my limits.

So yea I said “considering it” (suicide)

Like I try to toughen up …  But then I break down…. Cause I hate it and I cry, and my friend said its good to cry but I hate crying cause they force me cry sometimes for fun and like you can only cry so much. So I write or act like I don’t care now.

 I’ve told them to leave already all day, poking them with sage. Its not listening and what they do to my body is so gross. 

My friend keeps telling me no schiz meds and just hold on cause things are changing. They (archons darkness) have already lost cause people are waking up and can see them, sense them, and see the game. Ect. 

But I just can’t with this pedo shit anymore, nothing is worth this gross shit, super power, ability, love, heaven, 5D earth, getting on the space ship N O T H I N G!!!!! Ever!


You Are Welcome ๐Ÿ™

I was practicing a Chi breathing technique on YouTube that a friend sent to me.

I noticed some blocks and add ons but whatever I always notice.

Either way, it talked about creating chi and then bringing it back into the body.

I rememered a moment when this all first started happening and my chest extending out past my shoulders felt like I was opened up. That’s when I first started to feel like I was dying.

I didn’t feel much in my center now, just this tender heart. I figured the entity took all my chi, that’s why all I can do right now is sleep, eat cookies and cry about the world.

The guy talking in the video said that we are “the most powerful free energy devices on the planet”.

So I immediately told the Entity, “you are welcome….” And I meant it. I wasn’t being sarcastic as usual. It was a gift.

I figured that I gave (well it took) my energy to this Entity. I just don’t know how to reve my chi back up yet……

…… Wonder if instead of scaring the shit out of me, disrespecting me, violating, if other entity beings whatever where to be upfront? Maybe we could live peacefully. 

Entity would be like, “Yo I really need this chi, I will make it quick.”

They won’t and… Maybe can’t tell me who or what they are. Maybe I’m too peace loving and just feel like if we just put the truth out there it would easier for all of us and work something out. 

Who knows, maybe I would be like “sure homie, you can have some of this chi love!” And i would just go wipe some more up later.

I can give with out receiving. But I don’t know I just need a bit of honesty.

Who knows maybe chi doesn’t even exists. Maybe I am pulling this out of my ass. Maybe they don’t need all this brain electric goodness or this golden chi.

All I know is, there has to be a better way.


Crazy Talks: What I See ๐Ÿ‘€

Just jotting down some notes.

I don’t see this on anyone else but myself.

There are two very distinct things I see other than the visions. I see the these circle dots that can divide into multipuls. And I see this vibrating heat wave looking thing that moves in and out of me. Think like a clear slimmer from ghost busters. 

So I was commenting on a post to a lady that says she can remove implants and the slimmer thing shot out of my stomach and my stomach/ back area vibrated trembled and I could see it moving around outside of me. 

Noe occasionally I during the day will get headaches or I will feel the pressure on my head and I will hear almost like a distant train tremble vibration. I think this vibrating clear thing is the pressure I feel on my head, the anxiety, its like its the ….. Emotion and sensation maker. I don’t know if it is a separate entity or controlled. My guess it is controlled. 

Now the circle dot thing seems to be the visions/ dreams/ hallucinations/ Logo maker. But I’m not sure to what extent it morphs and uses light. If I pinch the corners of my eyes I see a circle of light in each corner. Not sure if this is bad or good. But I’m sure it plays its part. I have literally seen visions (waking dreams) fade away into almost a logo (a simple none color emoji vision), I have also seems dreams fade as well. 

So I see this dot thing that was never there before as the cause of the visions. And this energy slimmer thing as the cause of the sensations I feel. 
After it jumped out of my stomach it went for GUESS WHERE you guys??!?? My VAGINA! Of course! My vagina! I felt it go there after it shot out.

I’m really over this Scooby doo mystery. Seriously. 

The “Spiritual Bypass” ๐Ÿ˜ท

I was thinking after someone thanked me for being raw in my journal. Can someone actually “spiritually bypass”?

I understand the concept, that some people are essentially spiritual fuckboys, a faรงade of sorts to gain favorablity or even worse your cash flow. 

But the idea is kind of counter intuitive in the sense that, where ever someone is “spiritually” is exactly where they should be. I mean can you truly induce or avoid an awakening? I don’t think many had a choice.

I think the concept of spiritual bypass should be taken even more broadly. I read many articles on “awakening” , “ascension” and spirituality trying to deeply understand what was happening to me. 

I was met with these beautiful purple blue astral DMT trip images of someone in a state of bliss or enlightenment (we’ve all seen that blue guy, and its always a guy). With some articles listing the top 10 ways to know you are awakening. Usually its intense isolation and loss. 

It goes on to explain heighten “psychic abilities”, along with a message that this is a “gift”. ๐Ÿ˜ฉ bruh. 

Like can we put the fairtales aside?

Awakening, possession or severe mental illness, either way this shit sucks. 

Its like that lie we tell most women that “childbirth is the most rewarding thing ever“, not being real about the fact your insides are gonna fall out, tailbone crack and probably have to wear a maxi pad just to keep from peeing on yourself.

Like be real about it.

Uhg its the same fairytale with “twin flames”. Twin flame is literally like being sent to hell. And yet for the past what 6 years or so people have been trying to surrender something I don’t even know in order to get into “union”. That its called heart break…… And if you were unlucky enough to catch one of these demons…  Its called obsession.

Let’s get real. There is a meeting point of psychology, spirituality and science.

The fluff and glamour is getting people way thrown off. Blissed out, love and light, all powerful black sorcerer with skull rings. Like get a fucking grip.

Love is a decision, it is an conscious action, it is a struggle.

I don’t trust the state of “bliss” any more than I trust the anxiety, depression. Any or all can be mimicked by an “entity”, and if you are addicted to bliss, welp…. Have fun.

Don’t try to act like you’re above anyone because magically “trancended ego” and all the way up in the ether on the 12 dimensions looking down on all the poor people who have idea what the fuck you are talking about.

We are one, we are the world no separation, bla bla….. GUESS WHAT the world is hurting, bleeding profusely of its energy and resources. Its people outside of your bliss bubble are in pain, a pain so indescribable they choose to stay silent about until one day….. It catches up with them.

On that day….. I hope some, anyone will be honest about how this shit sucks on every level. And how vunerable and human we are…… And how they are not alone. And how we need them…. 

That’s all. 

I Deserve This

Its Demon/ Shadow Entity whatever. Pretty simple …. There is no going back from this. There is no SURPRISE I was your angel spirit guide all along pushing you to what? Quit your job, ruin ever relationship, gain 100lb and sleep all day. There really is no coming back from this on any level. 

There is no prize, The demon tried to encourage me to keep going through the experience because in the end I would get my ex back or, be a better person, or some magical awakening ability. No there is no light at the end of this tunnel. You don’t get a prize for enduring pointless visions of child abuse or feeling like your brain is being sucked through a straw. There is no “upgrade” as we are designed as we should be. And I’m pretty sure any evolutionary changes would be extremely slow or generational. 

I deserve this, I clearly have done something to deserve this. Whether it was being disrespectful to my parents when I was young, being gay (who knows), having to to do sex work to survive, doing a few drugs, I might have borrowed/ stolen a couple things in my life. And while I try for the majority my hardest to be honest, I’ve definitely told some lies in my life. 

There is something I did to deserve this. Known or unknown. Do I feel like the punishment fits the crime, whatever it is….. No. But clearly that doesn’t matter. I did something or a couple of things that warrants demons being unleashed on me…. What they do from there… I guess is up to them and its not about being fair. Or balanced, or even learning a lesson at this point. I can’t even find the lesson in all of this because its just too much torture and confusion. Getting a lesson is for our own sake. It is our way of making peace. There is no prize, no lesson. 

This doesn’t excuse or make up for anything I have done. Enduring this doesn’t excuse what I have done in the past to deserve or contract this. This doesn’t wipe the slate clean. This doesnt purify. There is no lesson. Just abuse. 

There is no new age path, story or fantasy that applies. There is no cure. 

Even if my prayers and wishes came true and this Demon(s) *poof* magically went away, there is always the chance that it will come back and either try to ruin my life or make it even worse when I am down. There is no guarantee that this Demon will never come back and be gone forever.

No one will ever love me with this demon around. 

So it doesn’t matter. Nothing I do matters. 

On Kundalini ๐Ÿ

I saw this in a forum and this really hit the mark for me. 


โ€‹โ€œWatch out that no one deceives you. For many will come in my name, claiming, โ€˜I am the Messiahโ€™ and will deceive many.โ€ Matthew 24:5

โ€œAt that time, if anyone says to you, โ€˜Look, here is the Christโ€™ or โ€˜There He isโ€™, do not believe it. For false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders that would deceive even the elect.โ€ Matthew 24:23

โ€œSo when you see standing in the holy place โ€˜the abomination that causes desolationโ€™, spoken of through the prophet Daniel โ€“ let the reader understand โ€“ then those who are in Judea flee to the mountainsโ€ Matthew 24:15-16

There are many who worship the 3rd eye as their personal god instead of using it properly, as a tool. Daniel 11 explains the kings of the North and South poles of our chakra system. The chapter begins with the 4th, 5th and 6th chakras of the North, the fourth king is the Crown, much richer than the other kings. The mighty king that will arise is what we call our higher self. 

The king of the South is the lower self. The commander from the South is the ego. The daughter of the Southern king (energy) is betrayed with her royal escort (kundalini) and father and the one who supported her (ego). Their next attack was successful. The South will take their gods and their silver and gold to Egypt. Egypt symbolizes the lower region of the chakra system as explained in Exodus. 

Valuables made of gold and silver represent carnal minded alchemy. The provisions of the king and the desecrated temple is the fruit in the Garden of Eden and the pineal gland. It relates to the desolation of Eden. This entire chapter relates to the internal spiritual battle of an egocentric person. 

โ€œHe will confirm a covenant with many for one โ€˜sevenโ€™. In the middle of the โ€˜sevenโ€™ he will put an offering. And at the temple he will set up an abomination that causes desolation, until the end that is decreed is poured out on him.โ€ Daniel 9:27

โ€œThe two kings, with their hearts bent on evil, will sit at the same table and lie to each other, but to no avail, because an end will still come at the appointed time.โ€           Daniel 11:27

โ€œHis armed forces will rise up to desecrate the temple fortress and will abolish the daily sacrifice. Then they will set up the abomination that causes desolation.โ€                  Daniel 11:31

It is not supposed to be seen as an idol. Opening the 3rd eye and rising in consciousness do not guarantee your salvation. If you take your focus away from God, believing in your own power, it is the abomination that Adam and Eve, the ancient cultures (Hindus, Egyptians,  etc), committed, mentioned in Matthew 24:15.

By, Ryan Archer

๐Ÿ‘‘ Your Crown ๐Ÿ‘‘

In the beginning of all of this. 

After I took the cleansing bath. 

The “Entity” said A LOT of things. I mean it still does. And I am usually sitting here with my head cocked to the side like HUH?!. 

Still trying to learn to ignore it because none of it means anything and even it it HAPPENS to make some sense by some mere coincidence…. Oh fucking well. Nothing was worth this experience and it was a waste of my life and time. 

๐Ÿ‘‘ I was fresh out the break up in the summer of 2015, living with a friend, trying to keep my shit together. I was making sure to go to the gym more since I was bored and wasn’t biking to work as much. 

I remember this moment on the treadmill that I felt my head or what people would refer to as the “crown chakra” feeling it was “opening up”. I was a little worried. I had these strange “gong” headaches i even went to the doctor for, but everything came back normal. I was also worried that the IUD that I had gotten for extra protection with my ex was causing my blood pressure to rise and I went into Google Doctor mode to make sure. So I later got the IUD removed (as much as the doctors tried to convince me to leave it in). 

So this feeling on the skull that was just like my head was wide open. As I was on the treadmill had me a bit concerned. But I just went along and was pushing myself physically to stay healthy for my job.

In 2016 fell into the episode, delusion …. This “Entity” had already laid the grown work, prepped and groomed me. Already had attached this story line to my ex as my “twin flame“. As telepathy, the perfect cover. 

I was at my job and the “Entity” said in the voice of my ex, “Remember who gave you your crown.”

I had looked up why my head would be feeling like this. “Soul Star Chakra“…. “Halo / Crown”, ect… So many explanations. This Entity acting as my ex (“twin flame”) wanted to say he gave me all these things “crown” before being “initiated” and eventually “married” to my ex. This Entity wanted to “give” me all these illusions or hopes or whatever so it could take it away. And quickly put on what felt like an energetic “harness” to make me sit up straight and “act like a lady”.  

Another moment at my job, the Entity said, “she needs a new vessel.” Meaning, my soul, spirit needed to be in another body for my ex to love me. (Crazy shit I know.) But again this was grooming for the suicide it tried to force me into. Said I needed to, “Die for (my ex’s name) by means of child molestion”. So it was going to keep showing me sick images until I committed suicide. 

But things were sick, abusive, it didn’t stop…. It was constant…. It was crazy…. Scary…. Debilitating.

In retrospect, I realized that my crown wasn’t being given, but being taken away, or blocked as my life became extremely instable. 

I can’t say where it exactly began. But I know where thing got crazy. Which was 2016. Right after questioning and trying to stop this obsession with my ex that I did not feel connected to. 

I know I tried my hardest in all of this. Peeling back any delusions. And I will continue to try to resolve this in the best ways I know how. That’s all I got, with all I know.

But no this “entity” never gave me anything. Never will. Just some tricks and some lies, while it takes what it needs to give it self a reason to stay here.