Anti-semitism and Conspiracy Theory

While i am wading through “spiritual information” or opinions and “conspiracy theories” i have found language like “The Jews” used and honestly its turning me off.

While i don’t agree with the mass genocide that is happening in Palistine, I am not at the same time going to discriminate against a whole people as if that represents everyone. In fact most of the jewish people i know are against what is happening in Palestine. But when i read/ watch information on say the Cabal or Hollywood ect people seem to kind of reduce these groups of people down to their race or heritage as if that is the whole people. And i must stand firm in my beliefs to respect all people as i run into this information or sentiments.

Wrapping this information (be it true or not) is dangerous as it is easy to brainwash people into feeling a particular way about a whole group of people and practice anti-semitism under the guise of conspiracy theory.

And these are white men doing this i noticed the most. And there is a tone about it that i don’t like. I am just trying to stay on top of the bullshit, and their is a lot of bullshit out there masked as information.

Not sure if others have felt this way about the conspiracy theory community. But im sensative and want to make sure my intentions are pure.

The New Age is simple works of the New World Cabal

Seven details from around the marker 20:00 to 40:00 how the New Age movent is actually infiltrated by the cabal that everyone thinks theybare fighting against. Its just another mass hoarding of people to control mass consciousness and ultimately beliefs and choices.

I figured this out when i came to the New Age movement when i was trying to find community and answers as to WHY i was being spiritually attacked. I was told to take a salt bath and picture white light. I was told i was “of the dark” and “lower vibrations” when i said this wmdidnt work. I first saw that many didnt want to talk about politics that effected many marginalized ccommunities because many didnt want their real belief systems which they had not unpacked to be out in the open. And an unwillingness to critique appropriation with in the New Age. But as of late seeing the New Age community infiltrated with white nationalist tones and the audacity to pin Trump as a whistle blower and not the pedo racist troll that he is did i really have my last straw with the New Age community.

Many might now have their eyes open as to how they are being brainwashed, but that shit doeant work on me. I try to maintain a balanced view as much as possible while wading through social politics and spiritual concepts. But I as i have stated before in my blog im starting to feel real lonely as i see the ways in which mass consciousness is being manipulated. It is both a logical and intuitive look at our culture. At times it atarts as an intutive feeling and then a logical computing of many occurances, but again i often feel alone in my sentiments. It was refreshing to have seven echoe some of what i have been feeling about the New Age but did not have the language or knowlege to really speak about it from an informed place.

Maybe that is why i am a targeted individual, the demonic voices said “pick something anything!” Because i was looking at this experience of being spiritually attacked from many cultural perspective, but i didnt lock into one mode of belief system and they needed that in order to find the ways in which they would torture me. First they tortured me through the New Age Twin Flame then is was Christian Hell matrix on earth. So they switched it up real quick.

I will keep observing the bullshit and trying to bring light to it.

Watch the clip its only 20 minutes.

So I am just out here with my faith, my experience, a bit of resentment and no where to go.

Just out here seeking actual truth.