Breath Work 😧

I had heard of breath work before never looked at it. I know in yoga class the say to give out a big deep sigh when you exhale. 

After a few times breathing on the archon’s and seeing it actually make ripples in their outer orbs, I decided to look it up. Also I’m super stress and prolly could use some more oxygen. 

ANYWAY, I looked it up on YouTube and I couldn’t get through it cause it looked like people were having demonic orgasms. Not that I’m being judgey I am just super sensitive and avoid as much as possible to not have the archon demon alien jelly fish rape me.

But I can also see why this MAY work, because releasing energy does not look pretty, you have to contort to find all the areas you didn’t know about or forgot and squeeze what’s hidden just from walking around in this world.

I do this slowly on my own. 

So NO JUDGEMENTS, but as someone who is “sensitive” and possessed I just couldn’t with the videos.