Death Treats…..😩

So I was trying to sleep. And of course they went on as business as usual with buzzing, trembling my body, hard to describe the sensation but almost like my “spirit” is being stretched or yanked. Or maybe its their energy being yanked. Idk. 

Either way kept jolting me awake a few times. Lol this is why Schizo’s get irritated probably. 

But Archon homie tried to do this whole play like “I’m sorry, you want rose colored”,  I’m like huh? I guess basically rose colored glasses to look away from what they are doing to me and play. 

So now it made it seem like its “boss” came in and said “I know you are sorry!” Then the “boss” said in a deep tone “Ms. (My last name) your nwhole family is going to get shot!” Because of my previous posts honing in on Archons as the main cause of my schizophrenic experience. 

Now I am use to these tactics to scare me. I’ve seen and heard worse. But I’m REALLY getting tired of this shit. I was just trying to sleep.

Now that I’ve settled on it being “Archon’s”, they want to take another opportunity to scare me and make a whole elaborate play so it can feel like a powerful cosmic dot, when I don’t give a fuck. 


Ehwaz Rune

Every so often the entity will flash some sort of symbol vision…. Or something. Prior to this one it was a pentagram (3 times) …. Prior to that was an X which is Gebo which means gift in short . Few days ago it was this M which is Ehwaz rune means movement in short. 

I’m not sure if it is trying to play with my interests in symbols to scare me. Or actually trying to do some voodoo. The Entity also never really addresses them….. So there is a possibility that they come from some where else.

I also don’t see them play out in my life in any way. Of course the good shit wouldn’t. 

As I said before I like studying the symbolism and history or the icons, or images we use in everyday life. I mean even our alphabet is a version ….. So the fact that these symbols are demonized (lol even though the “entity” is using them) only limits us to fear. 

If you know who you are and your core beliefs then it doesn’t matter. Theologian read material that contradicts their beliefs. I had to read history in school which contradict my beliefs as well. Which is why I ended up going to a a college that practiced alternative pedagogy. 


I’ve never seen “visions” like this prior to 2016 when thibgs got totes out of control.

Ah well.