Kundalini: Reversals 👆

This is from a Kundalini teacher ChrisM in a group I am in. I like his style. He doesn’t get all distracted with showmanship…. Razzle dazzle. And is usually straight to the point. Which I appreciate…. Cause I’m still “reclaiming my time” after all this demon shit. 

Either way here is the beautiful dialogue:

Chris M: If you are working with me or the information that comes through me I will advise you not to partake of information sources such as channelers. Or mediums or sorcerers and reiki practitioners. All these are subject to extreme distortion due to entity corruption. – chrism (to the group)

Me: I really didn’t want to part take but I wanted to understand what is/was happening to me. And I agree that many have a limited understand of what they are playing with or distorded views.  Still have yet to figure out how to rid my body of these perversions. Big sigh.

ChrisM: do the reversals continuously.

Me: Sorry where are the reversals? I read the (kundalini) safeties and some other stuff.

Chris M:

The Crucible of Reversal

You may have in some way opened yourself and your energetic proximities to the access of other consciousness or entities. In some way through a belief system or a practice, you have allowed certain safeguards to be eliminated from your personal space. Just as people can allow another person into their body so can a person allow these safeguards to be removed.

So you may wish to do a review of what practices you have been involved with that may have allowed this to occur. It can be a teacher who has not disconnected or a healing modality that encourages entity contact. Some of the Reiki formats have these characteristics where a person is encouraged to open to the “Universal Healing Masters” who can turn out to be entities just waiting for that opening. A session with a medium or a desire to channel can have these results. It can be a session with a psychic who is still connected to you or some forms of psychic intervention or healing.

So reach back into your experience past or present and see if you can locate a modality or person or school or teaching that helped you to “open” to the spirits of the multiverse. Ask your spouse to do the same as these can be shared events as well. See what comes up.

If nothing does then this can be an opportunity for you to experience the expression of a “Crucible of Reversal”. In essence you become a crucible of change for any entity that comes into your being. This takes effort on your part and will involve some uncomfortable experiences at first. As you begin to solidify your strength and mature your ethical standards as to include what and how you choose to feel and think and see. The entities that come to you will become transformed by their contact with you. In other words you turn the tables on them and you become the trap for them. As they come they get burned in the crucible of your body, awareness and consciousness. They are transformed by the strength of your intention and the total commitment to the ethical standards that you choose to exude.

This takes a supreme commitment on your part and may be the only reason you are even reading my words. You take the negative and force it by its contact with you to become positive. You change it. I have had to do this and it is effective. It takes commitment and practice, and a willingness to become a walking, talking, fountain of joy. Eager to change the aspects of expression for all who come into your sphere of influence. This includes your body and its environs.

For instance. Sometimes I would have entities of a dark or hurtful nature come to me and command me into the action of killing a person. An older person or a child or whomever. I wouldn’t do it. But upon awakening from this experience I would know that “This day I am to help an older person or a child or whomever”. In this way every hurtful intention or idea or plan or experience or feeling of illness was rewarded with a positive, intention based, balancing of that idea or experience or issue. In the physical real time.

Follow through is the most important action in this scenario. To take it from the astral to the physical makes the interfering entity part of a physically based plan of goodness and helpfulness and love. Many of the dark ones will not enjoy this and they leave. The good ones don’t invade you anyway so there is a balance and an increase of the vibrational expression that you give off. This in turn strengthens your field, which in turn makes it harder for entities to attach and so forth.

Add Kundalini to the crucible after you have stabilized it as a continuous and a solid expression of your life, twenty four seven, with action based experiences of reversals and you become very gifted and very strong. So this in and of itself may be the beginning of a school of activity for you. It’s not easy at first but becomes second nature with practice and follow through. – blessings –


Suicide Squads ✋

So like I have a handful of people I met through my schizo group that I tried to help when they were suicidal. … And my cousin and like….. 

I can barely get through today and I am trying to talk people down from going on a suicidal rampage and burning themselves and having nervous break downs…. And I have no one there for me… As always. 

I ignored my cousin…. The suicide rampage one stopped talking to me and the burn dude calmed down. 

I have nothing to give. I feel like I’m dying. It hurts so much I don’t even know if this is the schiz or not anymore. It’s just so intense ….. I can hear my skull cracking from pressure like a sinus infection.

Idk. The only thing that listens is this blog. I don’t care if anyone reads it.

Idk I can barely make it …. Running on empty…. No end in sight…. And like my friend constantly saying he is going to harm himself …. Is like more than I can bare. But I want them to be ok. 
Omg this hurts so much! I don’t know if it hurts more cause I know its fake. 


CERN is out here opening up the hell gates in NYC. SATAN come get ya cousins! I got at least 30 of them in my house. 


So there was an earthquake here in NYC. I felt a rumble….  But I am always feeling strange things but this felt different.

I asked my parents did they feel that? They said no so I just thought it was another demonic entity tremor when they go in an and out my body. Thought I was buggin.

Then i realized that the entities got real quiet around 4pm-ish my time. It was almost felt like when I have had “energy work” or light work done. They felt far away quiet…. Not as painful. Busy…. They felt busy. Same thing happened around the solar eclipse. 

I joked and said to the demons they were prolly watching the film being made down the street since they wanna direct shit (my life). And then an hour or two later we had a random earthquake here in NYC. 

So im not crazy!!! Haha!

Fuck these demons. They were prolly getting news of the earthquake. Not a big deal oh well. 

Numb 👤 Etheric Overlays

So …. I have noticed for a while now a numb sensation. 

At first I thought it was because I wasn’t moving as much. But YOU KNOW ME overly aware all the time.

So I noticed my hands going numb (especially around the phone). And when I looked there were one of those circles there. Noticed my thighs for months now. 

I noticed my feet/ ankle going numb. And then I felt that energy move up my leg that’s what prompted me to write about it.

Ive seen foreign energy move under my skin and then leave a mark. Either a pictogram (or emoji like) or an X. 

It’s so gross seeing your skin move. Its not like an aliens gonna pop out…. Its like a wave. Its more meshed WITH the skin than under it. 

That’s how the burn me, and talk to me, and poke, vibrate …. Rape. “Punch”…… Is by merging with the human cell or the space in between cells and causing an illusionary sensation.

Hands, arms, feet, thighs. And then my core and head is a whole other thing with etheric animals and beings coming and going as they please. Just …. Uhg. And my 3rd eye is pretty much a big gaping hole at this point. 

And they won’t stop, won’t shut up, won’t leave, won’t provide any “contracts”.


The Demonic Archon Alien tried to say its prepping my body for the Isis etheric overlay. 😩😞😒

Suck an etheric dick. 

I said NO! 

Lemonade 🍋

On March 8thh at a staff meeting I was asked who was my inspiration I said my twin sister was. 

My sister and I probably got into a quarrel either prior or sonething and the voice kept saying “You should be nicer to your sister.”

My sister went into the hospital for a sever stroke on March 11th.

I fasted for two weeks in hopes God would hear my cry. I felt like I brought this on my sister by saying that she was my inspiration. That everything I love was being taken away..

A month later (April 11th ish) my sister was transfered to a rehabilitation center uptown where she would say for the next 3 months before coming home while my mental health declined into a poor state. 

My sister is a girly girl…. And she always loved the color yellow and lemons because she always made lemonade out of lemons. She overcame a being told she never walk as a baby, a “learning disability” as a kid and becoming an amazing teacher, and now this stroke. She was scared being in this new place far away.

I was at the height of my delusion. So I thought I was reading minds. So I told my sister if she ever gets scared or worried to call out a code word. I searched for something that only she would know so i told her to say “Lemonade!” in her mind and I will be there. 

Maybe a week later Beyonce dropped the “Lemonade” album on April 23, 2016. I didn’t even bother watching it till much later but I was in shock. I thought my sister was eternally crying out to me from this sign. She was always more Beyonce and I was always more Rihanna fan. Riri’s a little darker…. But I’m becoming a Solange fan more whatever. 

Today I cried watching the Lemonade album. Cause I remembered how I wanted to jump into my sisters body and take on her burden. To fix it for her…   But I can barely fix myself and I would never want her to be in this possessed body. 

Lemonade! 🍃🍋🍃

Sun Lamp 🌞

I’m legit thinking about limiting my electronic time and getting a sun lamp until its warm enough to go outside. 

I’m not depressed other that the fact I have endure the pain of this situation. And I already take vitamin D. My mood is only because of this experience other wise I’m pretty happy go lucky. 

saw some affordable ones so I might just ask for one as an early Xmas gift.

My friend who has also experienced this and has confirmed some things for me told me to look into making a DIY Earthing Grounding mat. I was so use to farming barefoot at my old job when I had the chance or being on the beach. Now I guess the best I can do is fake sunlight and fake earthing until I am able to purge these nasty entities.

The prayers I have been doing seem to only make me be attacked harder.

I know we are suppose to be on Gods side but…… The prayer is for protection from these things and to forgive them. But it doesn’t seem to be working soon after I feel sucked dry as if I’m about to die. 

So idk. The Tai Chi by Eric Pilgrem seems decent. But they just come back.

I look forward to having my feet in the sand on a beautiful long island beach soon as I can. 

Archon’s are a disease!

Archon’s are a psycho social spiritual/ etheric disease!

Racism, classism, sexism and misogyny, violence and sexual violence of any nature can be attributed to these beings being allowed to fester.

This is not a pass for anyone. If you do some fucked up shit. Then be accountable if you have any remorse.

But these nasty little ticks are the seeds planted in the minds of our people to keep us divided.

So many have woken up. I meet more and more each day.

We are not the crazy ones. We just see the insanity for what it is.

They will get you on any insecurity and pervert any belief system to gain control.

We need to fight back!

People are out here given people misinformation to play with these asshole as they suck your life force at any opportunity. Fuck that and fuck them!

It does matter if its positive or negative energy as long as you’re ignorant AF it doesn’t matter.

And if you KNOW and you stayed quiet about this shit fuck you! You are apart of the problem and why people are out here committing suicide from seeing visions of torture and child abuse all day.

Its over! Game is fucking OVER!

The Struggle: Our Men: I Love Y’all

I had a nice chat with a dude from one of the schizophrenia forums I’m in.

Actually, I had a few so far, this other guy said he wanted to have a baby with me and I was like UUUUHHHM K. But I got what he meant and just looked past the misogyny and found that he was saying that two people who have this experience making a child I guess in his mind would make a super baby or something.

At this point I would be more worried about spiritually dirty this place is. Earth is like a trap house! But i guess they want us to hate where we live ya know. I guess that’s why they are all super gross and destructive.

When this first happened I thought I had been given the “dude program”, don’t ask me why, with the child abuse stuff and the hypersexuality/sensitivity, I don’t know I guess this was my own terrible assumptions.

Thankfully I met other women, mothers different ages who also struggled with this same program. This same experience. Being called a whore, a child molester, racist thoughts, incest, twisted spiritual beliefs. Just pure insanity.

So I had a nice long talk with this one dude. And I just spewed everything out. Even he thought this was only programming for guys and was thankful I was so upfront and real about this experience. No one wants to be seen as a pervert…. at least not that way. But whatever.

When this first happened I no idea…. cause I thought this was linked to my ex (twin flame). That I was taking on some burden for him. But NO that was another lie to get you to agree to this bullshit torture. But I prayed so hard for our men. 

HOW many of our men go through this silently? Thinking that this IS ACTUALLY apart of their divine programming? OMG I PRAYED SO FUCKING HARD FOR OUR MEN! For the ones who are strong enough to withstand it and those who are weak to fall prey. I’m queer so I guess that makes me like half lesbian…. and I mean there was a lot of issues I did have to work out about men. Just being honest. But to know how many of them hold on to this…. not knowing how to heal it. To shine a light on this issue. Ashamed, guilty and grossed out.

I don’t even know if I should pray for them anymore with all this false light out here parading around as God and angels trying to get anyone they can get at any cost.

I just have a deeper appreciation for men, and the burdens they carry as well. The societal norms, even when you don’t feel like should be a norm, the silence, the facade. Yes, men take up a lot of space but only if they fit the mold you know. Not if you are an outsider.

The false light / dark agenda….. wow! Bravo! They tried to sicken the minds and emotionally isolate our men while enraging the feminine desensitizing and destabilizing us. To keep us apart and out of love and in pain (twin flame separation).

I just have a deep love an appreciation for the good men out here, battling this and even more for those who are woke as fuck trying to wake our people up and battling this in whatever form.

I can’t wait to see us truly rise!

And I can’t wait to find my TRUE equal.

3rd Eye Experiment 👀🙏

Soooooo I’m a weirdo and I’m weird….. So. 

Well…… I was flashing my camera light at the Disc circle entities I always tell you guys about. 

But then I figured let me flash the light on the 3rd Eye. So I put the flash between my brow and there was this black and green curved line and the things that kinda look like a red iris on the far side of my eyes. 

My eyes were close and looking forward.

I even covered one eye to see if it was light peeking in and it was not. 

I then moved my eyes side to side and notices more definition. Of the iris. 

With my eyes close I see a green circle of light. When I flash the light on my third eyes I see RED iris of light. Red is the opposite of green. So there may be an invert of sorts going on. 

I also fill like I pushed something out of my field because I felt a release, but it quickly came back. 

I also put the flashlight on the side and the iris went forward. 

Once everything was cleared I saw a small black floating like spider jelly fish dust ball thing with tenticle. Very similar to some of the shadows I see on the wall. But only certain places. 

I’m not sure what this all means in relation to my experience. Just documenting for later clarity. 

I’m looking at the image, but I’m not to talk understand WHY I see what I see. 

Still gonna research .

Understanding Space: Portal?

So there are a few things going on.

There is what I see, which look like Large Human Cells (sometimes with symbols inside) all around the house. And then there is what i see in Photos. Which seem a little more detailed, in appearance. Then there is what i hear and feel. Which i am not even sure correlates with whats going on.

I have been taking photos over the last 5 days of my house and my body to see if there was any progress. My friend sent me some energy with flowers and that was really nice. But for the most part I still see these….. projections of sorts.

Now i see the circles, and i am wondering if each circle (Human Cell/ Archon Jelly fish i talk about) is directly related to one of the Entity Projections I see. in photos At least the major ones.

So far I see in photos: A medusa/ banshee looking woman, reptilian looking dude, an insectoid (maybe 3), trolls (maybe a few), Buddha looking guy, “Osiris” looking dude with a reptilian under), and MAYBE an Isis near my bed. I see like other little thing here and there, like one that looks like Stitch from lilo and stitch, and a bunch that look like geckos heads, a pig, alien heads and bunch of other things. They all have a ghosty look to them. Almost 2D holographic appearance to them.

The Osiris and Isis are gone now from what i can see. Still see the medusa lady and i know reptilian looking dude is still here, and some crazy gecko things, a troll.

What i see with my eyes: X, O, 8 infinity signs, #, 4 horizontal lines, human cell looking blobs, one with many circles with in each other (sleep one), sometimes an alien head or just eyes, these kinda black spider blobs, My friends smiley face and flower energy she sent me. Most of it is purplish, blue, black or white tone to it.

SO i guess what i am wondering is if what i see (the symbols) are directly related or a portal for each spirit projection i see in photos. 

I am also wondering if this a human sending these entities, talupas, portals or whatever to me as well. Been thinking about this since my friend sent me the smiley face and flowers. 

I live in New York City, so there is bound to be many spirits or whatever these things are. Im not afraid of them, but when they attach to me in any way my energy is zapped and its extremely painful. Half the time i want to eat immediatly after. I don’t know if its just me or my family. If this has been going on before i got here, or if this is something i brought here because i was so sad after a break up.

Im trying to stay a bit logical.

I want to make sure these things are cleared out before i ever choose to leave for my families health. Whatever is here, i can not see being directly from my family to be honest (like a generational curse). And its not like its a loved on that passed on, and they seem to seek to harm.

I really want to clear this for my sister, she has been looking more and more tired lately. Not to mention they threaten all my family, friends and loved ones anytime i figure something out or try a method to get rid of them. My sister is pushing herself to the max to over come this stroke (which for some reason i associate with these entities). So like i really want my family to be ok now that I can see and have a better scope of whats happening or how they move around the house.

I put prayers on all of my mirrors as directed by one website, burned some sage, prayed. I’m trying so hard. This is not fair to my family or anyone if they are trying to hurt me.

I know this stuff sounds crazy, cause it is!!!

It doesnt even seem real. There is some part of it that is real, like the fact that it makes feel like shit everyday. But im not even sure about this ghostly looking projections in the photos.