My Eyes are Your Eyes πŸ‘½

When the Entity Demonic Archon first started trying to take over me it said “my eyes are your eyes” which more than likely meant whatever I saw it saw.

The blinder are Archon energy manipulated into eye patches. It is two dark patches with white/clear mist or jelly around it. 

When these “energetic eye patches” were overlayed and when I look at things its almost like trailers, or inverted negative images linger longer.

So maybe I can see only the energy is sends and manipulates on the the 3D plane and not the ACTUAL archon. 

Does it harvest my energy to manipulate it so it can use it against me and create an overlay?

I’m kinda grossed out. 

I took a nap today and it was raping me again. And trying to get me to masterbate. I hate this!!!! 


Salt Bath πŸ™†πŸ›€πŸšΏπŸ›

So I did a salt bath tonight. Baths are so much work cause I have to take my sisters shower chair out. But I did it. 

I made it hot…could have been a little hotter but it was hot enough. I hadn’t seen the Archon jelly circles for that much. Most of them were fading. But in the bath I scanned my body and found one no bigger than my hand hiding in my left boob so I placed my hand over it and I guess it popped out because I found it.

God I wish I knew someone that could help me understand. I feel super cray, and everyone is runi g around trying to be light workers with a magic light bubble around them and I’m over here seeing a serious “spiritual” etheric, astral/3D archon infestation. 

This one girl at the mental health clinic had a string of them. Almost like a family of them came over to see whats up and the way I knew it wasn’t mine was because the were linked and two there was a pink one at the end. 

ANY WAY.. Whatever. 

As of Today ☁ Archon Stuff

Last night a dark mass “cloud” swept over my body as I tried to fall asleep in bed. It said, “you feel so good” in a creepy voice. I figured this was just another trick to get me worked up. But I kept my cool and remembers all the times these things called me fat, ugly, a man ect. I just kept saying get out of my body get out of my home. 

As the black mass was over me the visions (illusions), were more intense than before. More vibrant, which was strange. They were kinda fading for a while. The flashes were more often. 

As of today, the Archon dots are not AS apparent as days before. I can see glimpses of them and mainly the sparkles. (I will never look at glitter the same ever again) And I wonder if that has to deal with the black mass that was trying to get inside of me. 

I don’t know if this is a good or a bad thing. Probably just another game. 

After I wrote my post Sister Sister, the Archon Demon went on to do this whole dramatic play that it was being tortured or carried away. Just screaming ect. It was annoying and I told IT that I knew it was doing. Just putting on a dramatic play so maybe I feel like it got what it deserved for what it did to me and my family. I’m not falling for it. And it immediately stopped. 

Shit is so wack.

I had to talk myself into taking a bath. Because no matter where I go, these things are here. Sleeping, outside, bathroom. So I can’t avoid them. 

Now I have to go take a salt bath with a bunch of hateful archon sparkle jelly fish blobs staring at me and trying to fuck up my night. 

Evil Bathroom. πŸšΏπŸ›πŸ›€πŸš½

The blue Demonic archon in the bathroom that I hit with the fire from my sage wand and his half way in a cabinet. Then another blue one showed up. And I sprayed them with salt water and then it turned in to 4 silver dollar size blue spot with white swirly smoke around it. Then it turned into a tube like shape where the circles where encased by the white smoke.

I have fucking idea what this shit is or how to get rid of it. I don’t want scare my family. And my crappy phone can’t take a picture. I might try with my moms iPhone. 

People keep saying maybe a portal opened. But like how or why!!! Like apparently most of them were sent “home” and were greatful as one healer said in an article this year. 

In a way because the evil darkness is lurking so heavy. ….. Preparing….. Waiting. I’m just wondering if there will be an event in NYC, just waiting to leech off of everyone’s fears.

I don’t know.

I just want this shit out! 

6 in my bedroom (one is an X shape) which is literally just a bed. 6 in the bathroom. One large one that is spliting into two in the dining room, one small in the kitchen, one in my living room closer to the TV. One in my moms room to the size. One clear fast one that moves around the house and then goes into my belly or back. That is all I have found so far and they do move. 

Orbs vs Voice πŸ‘½πŸ‘»πŸ‘€

So I have wondering if these orbs are directly, indirectly or if I all related to the voice. 

The orbs seem more common if I search “spirit” realm rather than the archon realm of the internet side of 

I mean I see orbs of different sizes, shapes and colors. Definitely 4 in the bathroom, maybe one or two with me if I go outside and some in the house in general but I haven’t counted.

The orbs definitely have a temperament about them. Some are fast or slow, or big or large some are shapes. Some hide and some float in my face.

But this voice. No matter the tone, or sound, the voice female or make, there always seems to be a sameness about the topic or temperament. 

Maybe there is one greedy orb in my head that refuses to leave. 

So maybe my question is my answer. The fact that I even wonder may be the answer. That I can’t concretely, settle on one definitive answer. 

Does something else USE these orbs to it advantage? Can the orbs speak on their own? They clearly respond but I don’t feel connected between the voice(s) and interaction.

They can hear me. But I don’t know if I can hear them directly especially with this main one cursing at me and just being crazy. 

I just don’t want be dragged into another delusional game like the twin flame thing and my ex. 

I do want to be mindful, I do want to understand body and my surroundings and how everything interacts. I think that’s fair. 

PoetrΓ©: I Feel Gross πŸ‘‘

I woke up, bla, but I feel gross, same things happening, maybe quieter, maybe it screams at me, maybe it knocks around in my body throwing a tantrum as if it were my prisoners but really I am a slave to how it feels. 

And that’s the thing about opposite world. 

You hang upside down with all the blood rushing to your head.

And all you can do is hang there and contemplate…….. Everything. 


And I stop because it wants to be a poet, because it wants to rhyme. So my first instinct is to jump over it, and my second is to keep going. 

And that’s the thing about opposite world. 

As with in so with out? 

As above so below?


Were we given the greatest lie? That this place is like above, but may never be a true reflection. As the world shows me the what hate does to love. And I ….. Stand there and take it. 

So I hope….. I pray ……. there is a heaven. 

Astral Bugs πŸ›πŸ²πŸ‰πŸžπŸŸ

So among the many symbols I see when I close my eyes (like alien symbols, X, infinity, M, Jesus, ect) I have been seeing small animals and bugs. Of the few were a salamander, centipede/millapede,aybe a shark/fish one, an like those rolly polly/potato bug, as well as a small snake/ worm like figure. 

I don’t see them for long. They seem more like impressions.

Although people write about astral animals and bugs I personally find them to be impressions, or an illusion. BUT I could be wrong. I mean the Archon’s are great a shape shifting and false images. But it could be likely they are just at another vibration.plane. 

I’m not saying everything needs to be 3D like the archon orbs in my house, but just make some sense.

Good Story: Spirit Animals πŸ‰

So last night I was introduce to some night people who wanted to help me through a friend. My situation seems to be the worse one she has seen. So they did a clearing and it just was overwhelming for them. But they fought hard against this entity and I felt what it felt like to not have the Demon Archon alien entity thing all jammed up in my “third eye”. It was amazin. There was no opening just my imagination which came through svivid for the first in a long time. I didn’t feel my mind being tugged out of my being and played with like play dough. 

Either way, so I’m just scanning my house I see them. I know these entities are what makes knocks around the house because I saw it merge through a cabinet and I guess the wood cracked from expanding.

Either way, during the chat one of the people sent their spirit animal to watch over me. At first I was like yea sure, uhuh, but who am I to judge I see demonic jelly fish in my apartment. 

So I was in the bathroom, and my sister’s cat came to gaurd me for like the first time ever (at least not in the bathroom). I thought it was sweet but then he turn around and we both felt the huge gust of air it sounded like whipping air around us. I wasn’t scared or hurt, just startled. Scared the shit out my sisters cat tho, he tried to jump on my lap while I was still on the toilet. His hair was sticking up. So it wasnt just me. 

I kept my cool and unpicked my sisters cats claws out of my pants slowly. And the Archon Demon thing said “That was some ancient shit!”. I then thought is was the Archon Jelly fish playing a game on me but I had never felt anything with that force. And it went AROUND me not IN me like these jelly fish do.

So I mentioned it to the group and she said oh that my spirit animal (I didn’t see it)! I was like for real! I kinda needed to have that experience. I was startled, but it didn’t hurt me or use me. I’ve been on gaurd for so long, I don’t know who’s who, or what’s what. All I know is the pain and the suffering these entities cause. I needed to know that there ARE other energies and things in this world that are not out there to hurt or manipulate you.

This was the first time someone “did something spiritually” and it aligned with what they said. First time I felt a simple truth. No guessing no wondering. 

Dang why can’t I have a cool ass spirit animal that helps people? 

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