Death Treats…..😩

So I was trying to sleep. And of course they went on as business as usual with buzzing, trembling my body, hard to describe the sensation but almost like my “spirit” is being stretched or yanked. Or maybe its their energy being yanked. Idk. 

Either way kept jolting me awake a few times. Lol this is why Schizo’s get irritated probably. 

But Archon homie tried to do this whole play like “I’m sorry, you want rose colored”,  I’m like huh? I guess basically rose colored glasses to look away from what they are doing to me and play. 

So now it made it seem like its “boss” came in and said “I know you are sorry!” Then the “boss” said in a deep tone “Ms. (My last name) your nwhole family is going to get shot!” Because of my previous posts honing in on Archons as the main cause of my schizophrenic experience. 

Now I am use to these tactics to scare me. I’ve seen and heard worse. But I’m REALLY getting tired of this shit. I was just trying to sleep.

Now that I’ve settled on it being “Archon’s”, they want to take another opportunity to scare me and make a whole elaborate play so it can feel like a powerful cosmic dot, when I don’t give a fuck. 


ARCHONS 🌚 β€˜interdimensional entities’ the negative controllers of humankind

So I think I have settled on the fact that what I see, hear and feel are archon’s. It took me a while to actually see them “3d”.

This sucks cause now I’m a crazy archon “conspiracy theorist”. But this is what I legit see and they seem to fit the description. 

Why I see one stealth in my bathroom and why they are attacking me, or how to liget get rid of them out of my home and life? I don’t know.

I’m not crazy, I hate conspiracy theories or actually believing them, and this kinda makes it more difficult on me in the sense now that I KNOW these are archon’s I have to figure out a way to make them leave.

Sooooooooooo i have a lot of data on them and their nature. As I said prior I gave them the opportunity to co-exist with me and do good in the world (gotta a least try). They refuse and would rather zapp me of alk my energy making it difficult to be active and call me a loser all day. So. We aren’t, can’t, won’t, be on the same team or friends. 

Fuck their racist, homophobic, classiest, religious lookist, sexist, xenophobic, pedophile jokes!!!

God why?! Now I’m a conspiracy theorist damned to be in the dark edges of the internet because its just too real!

GREAT! Now I’m basically illegitimate click bait. 😩

Schiz to Anxiety πŸ˜©

I’ve noticed the more the demon turns down in “volume/intensity”, the more I feel the false sense of anxiety or tiredness seen as depression. 

Not that I need anxiety, its already painful to walk, breathe,my head is pounding non stop all day, my body is trembling in this strange way like chills but its not cold, I pee like im pregnant, and I can’t control anything happens to my mind and body.

But yes let’s mix in some anxiety.

I’m so freaking tired. 

Trigger Warning: ⚠ #MeToo

So everyone is on this sexual violence outcry which is important. Women and men are speaking up. This is great, from harassment to any form of sexual violence not being afraid to speak up is important. Most probably never reported it. 

In conjunction with the topic of sexual violence, so has the topic of pedo’s come up. Again which is good. But something is not sitting right with me. 

A friend posted a picture that said “Pedowood” talking about how Hollywood is just filled with pedos preying on children. Another guy said he saw a video on Facebook where Joe fucking Bidden told a little girl he “was horny and she was pretty”. Yes! I know. 

This shit is so problematic because its sensationalizing. If bidden really said that on camera why is he not in jail? 

The problem with this I because if someone made a fake video like that, they are basically making a form of pedo shit, they are sick and need to be banned from the internet. If they sat there and filmed it as well as circulated it with out permissions and with out saying something about it in that moment. Then its still on some pedo shit and they just basically watched a child get groomed for molestation for click bait. 

I’m triggered on so many levels because not only do I have a schiz demon that rapes and molests ME while calling ME a “child molestor”, my father was falsely accused by a therapist that he did something to me when I was 2 or 3 years old and I never saw him not once until I was 12 years old. Then when they told me that I had to even think about such a thing. The false accusations ripped my family apart and that is time my father and I will never have back. Who knows who either/any of us would have been had the therapist not thrown that out there. 

I know some women who (in general) blow the whistle on men saying they are child molestors, and because of this…… Because of false accusations like this people don’t take it as seriously as they should. Its problematic. 


How do I say this articulately?

The recent upserge in revealing;

1. How many people have been sexually violated at the alarming numbers both is empowering and dispowering. (#metoo)

2. Because this shit is triggering as fuck. 

I don’t want us as a collective to feel like super hero’s for exposing pedophiles without addressing the culture in which it thrives. That means ALL OF IT! I don’t know if I am making myself clear. 

There has been a lot of “fake news” articles circulated, about lady gaga, angelina jolie, Brad and a bunch of other, “celebs” that are “speaking out”. About secret societies and all this Illuminati establishment stuff when ……. Boop R. Kelly walks around a free man and we all sitting here two steppin.

Am I making my self more clear?

Its sensationalism with out a solution or real care for the people and children who are victims from harassment to sexual slavery.

When will this end?!
Kinda over the world. 

Dragons Blood + Linkin Park πŸ

So last night I lit some dragons blood inscense to just you chill out. 

So the demon started doing like some gregorian catholic “ahhhhhh” music. 

First I wondered if I was coming from my parents TV. Then I realized that it wasn’t. And was trying to freak out. But it was kinda nice so I told him that it didn’t bother me or freak me out. It was nice to be honest. 

I started thinking about those commercials from the 90s of all those native american, chant techno songs. And then started kinda laughing to myself. 

Then the demon flashed an image of the guy from Linkin’ Park who committed suicide. Suggesting yet again for the billionth time that I kill myself. PS. Never was a Linkin Park fan but its sad he suicided. 

And I said wouldn’t it be funny if you did a goergarian catholic version of “crawling in my skin”, and the demon actually did it! It exceeded my expectation. I was trying to influence it but he waited until I stopped and then did it.

This demon has no chill. This was maybe the only funniest thing its done. Kill em with kindness. You tell me to suicide, I inspires you to remix linkin park gregorian style.

But don’t get it twisted. Still want it to go back where ever it came from. Always and forever. 

Twin Flame Reboot

I know why the Entity picked my ex (“twin flame”)…… It was because he didn’t love me or find me “hot” or attractive.

I had always wondered why it was him and not my ex (“soul mate” of 5 years), and it was mostly because we remained friends and had great communication.

I mean it pretty much started out that way with my “twin flame”. I wasn’t sure if he even really was attracted to me because he would talk about how models treated him at an events. I didn’t want to be the result of someone’s low self esteem. He was def not a result of mine……… or maybe he was. I guess I gave it a chance because I know its never black or white or that simple, it takes time for people to get to really know each other…… I tried not to let it get the best of me. But eventually it did. 

Its not all his fault. I mean I am demon possessed schizophrenic, so I’m sure that didn’t help.

But I’m pretty sure that is the reason the demon choose my ex “twin flame”. The foundation was mud and our communication was like pulling teeth. And clearly I’m an over sharer because I don’t like there to be much confusion.

My ex was not a “twin flame”…. But a “false twin flame. And was only used to lure me to my suffering.

It gnawed at every once of confidence I developed in my adult life. Widdled down to nothingness because I fell for a few tricks.

Everyone says “things happen for a reason”, I’m really not confident in this experience. It is beyond the words I type. The words your see. This is just the tip of the iceberg because I would never want anyone to dive into that depth. 

I am frustrated and beyond hurt.

This isn’t about “being a victim”. I’m stating facts. I would love for this to be over and go about my day. But yea. I’m ….. Done with it. 

Crazy Talk: Multi personality πŸ‘«πŸ‘¬πŸŽ€

So the voice in my head I THINK has multiple personalities.

There is only one I have telepathy with. Then when the TV is on male and female conversation. And then the one that screams “aaaaahhhh fuck yoooooou” over and over, but that one I can change what it says. They are all mean and judgmental, talk about me like I’m not there sometimes. 

Then sometime when I’m falling asleep I get these buzz zap and a different kinda voice saying very short phrases. 

So the last few were “DUI”, “Jicobe (hospital)”0, then on another day “she’s pressing charges”, and “limited express (bus?).” 

Each time I got those different messages right before sleep it would shock me out of my sleep mainly cause it hurts and its louder. 

So I’m not sure what those are. I’m not making much of the messages because I don’t feel they apply to me. And of course the voice won’t tell me the truth. Even tried to convince me it had something to do with my ex. 

So just jotting those notes down.

πŸ’” Fake Happy πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­

So last night and this morning I guess I an in greif mode because I’m so upset about my health and I feel stuck and lost, and poor.

So because I am so keen on myself, or because I’m balling my eyes out when I stop crying I can feel the entity trying to make me “fake happy”. It lime feeling all your facial muscles trying to smile, it doesn’t feel natural, a little bit of a blank mind.

This demon entity uses “positive emotions”, as well to control people. 

I am literally grieving my body and all the pain, memories, and fat that has been stored in this vessel. 

Although my sister still has to use a cane. She has started to go back to work to push herself in her healing process, and now I’m here lost in my own.

I know I have to loose weight I just don’t know how to do it in this current circumstance. Food is so expensive around here, and being active is painful with this entity attached to my throat, head ect. 

I just don’t know what to do any more. ME I’ve finally ran out of answers. I was always the bitch with an answer, solution and something to say. 

And I have no idea what to do now and I am at a lost for words as to how fucked I feel.

$pirituality πŸ’΅πŸ’΄πŸ’ΆπŸ’·πŸ’ΈπŸ’°πŸ’±πŸ’²πŸ’³

So a kundalini guru guy told me today that NO ONE can remove this Demonic Entity for me. 

Which I now suspect thousands of dollars and 5+ “healers/shamans” later.

He said no one can remove it I have to remove it on my own. That’s part of the work. 

I just uhg. I’m angry. I wasted so much time, money, life, energy, health.

I dont know what to do. I just feel like I’ve been set back in life like 10 years while aging 20.

Just getting emotional. I can’t always hold it inside….. And I guess I really needed to accept that this entity has been lying and playing around and acting like its leaving for over a year.

I needed to accept that people did not remove this entity in any way.

I’m just tired

I’m tired of this demon trying to break my heart daily with new ways to summon the thought of my ex. Emulating the heaviness in my chest, a loss of breath, a new fact in the case, a reminder of some fuck up. 

Why him?

I wish I had the courage to idk tell on the demon and let my ex know this demon is stealing his identity and all in his business. I know for a fact that if I would have stayed friends with him and not cut him off because this demon kept telling me about his relationship and flashing images of him having sex with some other woman or even me, maybe, maybe this demon wouldn’t have been able to use my ex twin flame as a mental and psychic toy.

I’m just tired of hearing this demons voice and being abused all day. 

No one else in my family goes through anything like this except me. So its hard for me to see how this is a generational curse.

I’m just tired.

Good morning.