How Stupid Are We?

Every religion has “demons” or not so uhm nice entities …. and then on TOP of all of that there are prolly aliens or something so guess how fucking numbered we are?

We are over her too busy killing each other for land or religion the list can go on mean while done matter where you from, skin tone or religion, we are soooooooooo getting played. Are we are to busy being divided even with in ourselves. Higher self ? Really?! Soul fragment………. reeeeeeally!?!

I don’t expect that to be a popular opinion. But whatever. It’s overwhelming how many levels there are to this and then it’s really simple. It’s only complicated when you are being fucked with or at lest realize it.


Gifting: My Hands ✋

I’ve made a lot of friends over the last year whom I adore and appreciate. Like if they never said “yes I know exactly what you are talking about”, I doubt I would have been here right now. I use to make my gifts. I made screw back earrings for my twin a few years back and necklaces for my mom. I mean if I have it I will splurge on someone here or there but I also like making my gifts too or supporting local handcrafters.

One thing I was thinking was to make people either cookies or cookie mix jars, or coquito or sorrel. But then I felt some typa way about sending anyone anything… even a pray at this point.

That’s how bad these entities are. That’s how badly I don’t want them to affect anyone ever.

Letting Go Comrades: Woke Dudes 🤦🏻‍♀️

Over the last year I had to let go people I respected as comrades. In various communities, funny enough it came down to the topic of the LGBT issues.

Many would do this thing where they wouldn’t say anything but leave a controversial video or meme that leaned on the side of anti-LGBT.

Like I tried many times to hold my shit together but it’s very obvious where they stand on the topic. Of course all of their homophobic friends would flock to the post and talk about bashing and killing and how gross this or that is like woa.

And then it’s usually me by my lonesome saying you are perpetuating violence by allowing this to go on.

Then eventually I unfriend because they do not see their part as a ring leader in ritually perpetuating violence towards a community.

It sucks but it doesn’t matter.

How can you be woke and traveling the astral planes and still hate women and LGBT and what ever like just cause your vegan doesn’t mean you’re not low key racist and homophobic.

This has been happening a lot. Especially during the summer. But even now lot of “woke dudes” wanna basically circulate the same fake news from 2015 about Brad Pitt calling out pedos but then also circulate some “activist mommy” blog bullshit that’s basically hate speech to the LGBT community.

You are far from woke. These news source and blogs deserve zero shares. It’s trash and garbage just like these woke dude views.

Nuances of Thought

I ….. could think about astrology, tarot, twin flame, religion, magic, astral, love, aliens, etc etc ETC!

The difference is, is that when I speak about these concepts abstract or not I am at least trying to move towards an understand, a truth, healing ….. compassion.

So if I am talking about my twin flame as a Taurus and me as an Aries and recognizing the different feminine and masculine traits in both of us all I am doing is trying to understand observe and respect.

The difference when this demonic entity talks about the same concepts it is dehumanize, demoralize, confuse, shame, guilt to gain a position of control. Always.

This is what keeps many people from staying in any concept or belief for too long because these demons pervert it.

There is nothing wrong with thinking about God or Jesus or Isis what’s wrong is the lies that these demonic entities or Demi urges create with in a human.

That it why we must learn to let go. The more we cling to a belief the more they are able to hide and manipulate from literally behind the scenes.

Clearing Bonds 💫

I can’t sit here in my parents house and “cut soul ties” or what ever bullshit name it’s given for the moment.

However each time I have cleared these cords sending them love and light whatever almost immediately after say a day there is always some sort of issue.

Is it my sol job to not get upset …. or is it the other persons responsibility to not start some shit?

Each time the are cleared and sent love some agitating happens . To keep us out of love.

And for me, I am someone that feels all kinds of love for groups of people, for myself, for partners, for what I do, those moments…. those proud moments to actually be human.

This last 3 years maybe more has been nothing but trying keep me out of joy and love. From the rape, break up with twin flame, moving, friend throwing trash at me, every one in my family with getting sick or dying and then having a schizo breakdown and being forced to quit my job which brought me love and joy. I loved my community I served for 10 years and it brought me great joy to serve them in whatever capacity.

Either way.

Just a nuance noticed. That is why even when I exude love for my Dad, appreciation something as simple as thinking he was cute or funny for saying something ridiculous, now the demon entity turns it into incest.

So………… this is not miss firing of the brain. This is very conscious and intentional torture.

Archons: Revisited 👽

living entity archon alien being (2).jpg

So I can see “Archons” in 3D which are described either undeveloped human fetus (a human cell) and or a Reptilian. From my observation, the Archons – human cell-like discs are an AI of sorts and a Portal. The Reptilian or other beings can pop in and out of them.

These portals change in size depending on environments and can move around but usually staying tethered to an ideal spot. I can hear when they are moved or possibly more portals are pushed through another portal (I’m only like 30% sure on the latter).

So I believe the gnostic text mistook as Archons (that look like human cells) are actually almost like a living and intelligent portal.

The Entities usually pop halfway out only showing a face or face and arms or just an image. I only see 2D/3D-ish.

Now many people have them. The Portals. Above their head. At least one I would assume. As I said there is a fleet of entities in my actual body. Each time I think I make emotional and mental progress I only see more and more showing up in my field. So it is a bit confusing. But I assume that’s half of the point of all of this is to keep me.. or many confused. What was once 1 dot (archon) say like early this year turned to two by June, then into maybe 8 this fall and now turned to 24+ like this morning.  I know the blood pressure is high BECAUSE of the connection with the Entities… which only creates a cycle that I must find the strength to break. But I am willing to give modern medicine a shot to feel SOME relief.

I am unsure of why we are set up I like this. But I know this wasn’t our built intention.

I also feel that we as humans or souls may have an ability to create worlds and universes …. and we have been contained from doing so. Like endless fractal of universes. (totally hippy speculation just wondering and thinking)

So I’m not sure what these entities deals are with viciously attacking people.

If you haven’t noticed I am hyper-aware of myself and my body and surroundings. It literally feels like being dropped in the middle of a battlefield. I just got my anti-psychotics, I haven’t taken them but have noticed that the Entities are already pre-testing the prep work for “depression”. Probably because they read somewhere in the schizo facebook groups that some people feel depressed or numb because of meds. They are THAT slick! THAT slick! That’s how desperate they are. I haven’t even taken the meds yet! All I can do is just laugh at the BS.
The archon AI human cell looks very much like old school UFO’s and also halos depicted in many one religious paintings.
I guess they only pop out of the portal when they really want to scare you out of your natural born life.

Blood Drawn 💉

So I got blood drawn today because I finally started meds to give them a good try along with some blood pressure meds in hopes that I can start moving around more.

As I wa getting blood drawn a little demon dude popped up on the area when the nurse was going to draw blood.

This the poison I am willing to take. Fuck the bullshit. And no I will not let this be me life.

Watched Pots Never Boil 🍲

In some ways I had hit the crux of taking care of myself. I had finally been hurt enough times to want and need to focus on myself …. Mainly my health but just hanging out with myself when none of my friends or partners wanted really do what I wanted.

And then BOOM schizophrenia!

I focused sooooo fucking much on healing I paid so much ……  

And then I realized that when I focused too much on love, love never came…. (Or a decent relationship).

So I need to shift my focus from these entities from this situation. I have already cried out to God….. Through the whole universe multiple times …. So…. Now I need to do something else that is in alignment with that wait and trust. 

Trippin Balls 👁

Not the 3D archon circles I have seen, but the images I have seen in photos are moving now. It actually started on my arm on a rash and was the banshee looking one …. now it’s like all kinda shit happening and it moves around its more animated and in the areas I have consistently felt energy.

I only looked at photos to see if there was any progress in my energy field as opposed to having every mythological creature crawling in and out of it.

Uhm like I haven’t felt like this before s this has never happened before or at least like this so part of me is like yes I see some crazy shit…. but no this is not real and still feels like a distraction.

24/7 torture for the last two years because why? First it was emotions, then delusional stories, now its scribbles of mythological creatures all over my house. Like WTF?!

This is either the first line of defense for who ever did this to me, or idk….

there are projections and then there are actual. Actual float in space and don’t change. Projections almost feel like these things that are floating in safe imposing on my 3rd eye (light receptor) and then projecting on walls or the closest thing to you through your eyes.

If you haven’t experienced this or followed my blog this prolly won’t make sense.

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