Death Treats…..😩

So I was trying to sleep. And of course they went on as business as usual with buzzing, trembling my body, hard to describe the sensation but almost like my “spirit” is being stretched or yanked. Or maybe its their energy being yanked. Idk. 

Either way kept jolting me awake a few times. Lol this is why Schizo’s get irritated probably. 

But Archon homie tried to do this whole play like “I’m sorry, you want rose colored”,  I’m like huh? I guess basically rose colored glasses to look away from what they are doing to me and play. 

So now it made it seem like its “boss” came in and said “I know you are sorry!” Then the “boss” said in a deep tone “Ms. (My last name) your nwhole family is going to get shot!” Because of my previous posts honing in on Archons as the main cause of my schizophrenic experience. 

Now I am use to these tactics to scare me. I’ve seen and heard worse. But I’m REALLY getting tired of this shit. I was just trying to sleep.

Now that I’ve settled on it being “Archon’s”, they want to take another opportunity to scare me and make a whole elaborate play so it can feel like a powerful cosmic dot, when I don’t give a fuck. 


I just don’t understand

I just don’t understand why I was attacked like this. I don’t see legitimate ” feeding off of negative emotions” is as a theory.

Like it makes jokes. Yes I’ve done a buzzfeed quiz with a demonic archon alien asshole and it was funny. But you know gotta switch it up from the suicide, child abuse, twin flame topics.

So what’s the point? I’m these being are relatively conscious, so what’s the point of suicide, and “draining” a victim of energy?

Even the sensation of being “drained” is false simulation. I’ve been sick and drained from a flu…. And this will almost simulate that but will go away once I’ve changed my course.


ARCHONS 🌚 β€˜interdimensional entities’ the negative controllers of humankind

So I think I have settled on the fact that what I see, hear and feel are archon’s. It took me a while to actually see them “3d”.

This sucks cause now I’m a crazy archon “conspiracy theorist”. But this is what I legit see and they seem to fit the description. 

Why I see one stealth in my bathroom and why they are attacking me, or how to liget get rid of them out of my home and life? I don’t know.

I’m not crazy, I hate conspiracy theories or actually believing them, and this kinda makes it more difficult on me in the sense now that I KNOW these are archon’s I have to figure out a way to make them leave.

Sooooooooooo i have a lot of data on them and their nature. As I said prior I gave them the opportunity to co-exist with me and do good in the world (gotta a least try). They refuse and would rather zapp me of alk my energy making it difficult to be active and call me a loser all day. So. We aren’t, can’t, won’t, be on the same team or friends. 

Fuck their racist, homophobic, classiest, religious lookist, sexist, xenophobic, pedophile jokes!!!

God why?! Now I’m a conspiracy theorist damned to be in the dark edges of the internet because its just too real!

GREAT! Now I’m basically illegitimate click bait. 😩

Crazy Talk: What I See πŸ‘½πŸ‘€

So I finally drew what I see. These are not visions. They are like some times like the “logos” I described in a previous post. 

I posted this to a light worker group cause terrible drawing but this is what I see. The big ones are actually 3Dish like I can move but it won’t move is just kinda sits there in my bathroom. 

Most of the hallucinations are flat or super imposed. Or visions. 

Either way I got the normal “see a doc” thing. But mostly confirmation that they are negative Entities. As much as they want to convince me this is a “test” or have something to teach me.

I got the normal, salt, sage, other herbs, crystals, meditation, prayer, commanding them to leave, bright white light of protection, calling in angels and guides, eat healthy, be happy, grouding, dont talk to them. But I really really really did all of that. 

I don’t know if I or it or them are coming or going I just know I am tired.

Here is hoping I can push through. Just trying figure out if I shough do meds or not. I remember when I didn’t hear them, they were doing these crazy insane pass out almost headaches and sparkles and little tricks like that.

I will figure out what my next move will be. 

Real Talk: #MeToo πŸ’”

OK so it has been healing for me to write about my schizo demon freely in my blog because therapy was short and you never talk about the real stuff OR you get a gross bitch therapist who licks her lips like she was getting the juicy details of some ravenous sexapade when I tell I was raped, only for her to say, “some people like it like that”. Which is the same thing the guy who raped me said. My guess is her gross ass does. If I wanted to pay to be offended I would have just went on a dutch tinder date with another fuckboy. 

Point is. In my blog even though I mention rape, or child abuse, I try to be mindful of how I am writing it. I still have some shame. I don’t go into details of the rapes or nightmares or visions i recieve because well they are gross and triggering.

Same thing with the Hollywood/ Government rapist pedo call out and #MeToo stories coming out. How can we talk about this with out it being 1. Just sensationalism 2. Does not trigger sensitive people like myself 3. Does not become satisfying low key porn for people who are clearly rapists.

Telling our stories is important and healing. It’s just the internet is not really a safe space, there are trolls at every corner.

Idk. Hope it makes sense.