Targeted Individuals: Hearing your Frequency 🎼

So I for once I had a peaceful moment in my parents home. All the tvs where turned off and I could breathe. I recently had to go to the ER because I had like a inflamed siatica and it was getting really hard to walk. I’m pretty sure this was an Entity attack but can’t tell the doctor that. So the docs gave me a toradol shot for pain and a pain patch which was golden.

Now mind you this was AFTER the week my friend had a healer remove 7 Entities from me and I felt super light and I could walk fine I felt better than I have in a while. Just light. He had told me I had a big one on my spine. I even remember the day it attached because I was in my friends bathroom and I felt like someone punched me in my back. Right where the spine and tailbone is. I hunched over in pain. But being use to pain I just pushed through. Before the spine it was migraines so bad I had to just sleep to not deal with them. I felt like my brain was going through a cheese grater.

Either way, I was in silence. Had my pain patch on feeling alright. I could hear a frequency. Then I felt a shooting pain in my pain patch (probably another attack) and I could literally hear the frequency go down.


When the Entities realized I could hear this they started a higher pitch sound so I couldn’t hear the lower pitch frequency they were running.

I had put two and two together.

Now everyone says “raise your vibes” “raise your frequency” and my compassion goes out to those who really can’t no matter how much they try because they are being constantly attacked. The attachments (non conscious beings) that the Entities (conscious beings) place on us have low vibrations and it breaks down our natural frequency.

Can you imagine if we were truly at our highest or natural frequency?

I have been slowly fighting to get my body back from being hijacked and I mean this isn’t about crystals and yoga. Like this is our biological etheric bodies being messed with. The mechanics of being on earth. It’s malware, spyware, virus, Trojan, ………… spam (for those with looping or intrusive thoughts) lol.

Why us? Why me?

So get to know your frequency in silence. Say positive words in your mind like Ho’ponopono (I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you) or try other more positive words.

Maybe it’s just me. But let me know how it goes.


Healers can’t seem to find the voice

I’ve been to so many light workers and healers and they can clear attachments (which are non conscious entities) but they can’t seem to remove this voice. The Entity that put them there.

I don’t know why.

The house is plagued with non conscious entities. But this one Entity that won’t shut up and says and does gross things like rape me…… they can’t seem to see or remove.


Good D 🍆

I should have trusted my gut and not dated my ex for those 6 month.

Now I’m stuck with some demon alien entity that think it is him. And rapes me. If I would have known sex was an exchange of entity/energies I really would have thought differently.

But I didn’t have an issue until I met this man. And my whole life is ruined. I just want it to stop.

What I wrote in a forum.

I study the dark. The evil. What latches on to men.

Human are crazy for a reason. Evil exist and is just as real as God. Their influence to confuse mankind has been since the dawn of time.

Not all are meant to study the dark with out letting it consume them. But when you realize their hold on our kind you then realize WHY God came down to be the final sacrifice for our sins.

Men (people) are easily persuaded. It doesn’t take much but a whisper from an evil being to make us walk into trouble. To be self serving.

And while we may look at those who commit disgusting crimes we also see and pity the fact they they too were victims of evil.

Weak. For whatever reason.

I was weak. I didn’t know evil was SO REAL …. now in the flesh. My child like mind thought it was reserved for hell in the after life. But no it is here now.

Fortunately we have the internet to connect across cultures and geographically location. And those who are awaken we can be hip to their games. Even the pretty games that no one would suspect.

But revolution ….. evolution of the collective soul is needed.

We much have a balance of both craving justice for our 3D lives on earth and praying for those who are too weak to see beyond the veil or their own immediate needs.

Gifted a Healing Session 🙏🏼

I was gifted a healing session by a dear friend. And he found 7 attachments to me.

Now attachments aren’t the same as entities. The Entities I believe are the ones who put the attachments there. Attachments are more like parasites. They drain you, fatigue, make you feel heavy, depress you. An entity has a bit of consciousness they kind of orchestrate the situation. It’s the Entity talking to me NOT the parasites attachments.

So he removed a big one on my back and now I can walk more freely with out stoping every block.

While my main goal is to remove this Entity that I know is using the attachments to cipher energy from me or torture me. I am appreciative of the gift of healing.

If you would like the healers contact and feeling heavy weighed down normal than usual then just comment and I will give you his contact information.

Being able to walk down the block is a blessing.

But I’m still got my eye on this Entity'(s)!

When the Entity actually enters the body it’s a low vibration. My body would vibrate or shiver (not a cold shiver) I would feel like electric shocks, sometimes lose consciousness, so an entity is much different than the parasitic attachments.

I took pictures and I don’t see as many smaller entities around like I did before. In the beginning it looked like war hundreds of them all around me all over the place. Now I see like 2 here or there in a photo and their structures they set up.

Unfortunately smudging did not work. I tried multiple times. This is also not my home so I desperately not have control over the space and I live with 3 other adults living with their shit.

I haven’t got complete control over my consciousness the Entity is still there. But I’m going to work on my body. Cleaning it out and it being a tool to ME and not these monsters.

Still looking for someone to remove this Entity and not just the parasites. But I am grateful either way.

God Broke My Heart 💔

So I’m sitting here with a positive decision for disability case. I’m labeled schizophrenic now. It makes me sad.

I don’t know what that means for my future. Discrimination is real.

I’m not Job.

But I’ve had so much taken away, home, possessions, job, lovers, friends, innocence …….. down to my sanity.

And I gave it all up. I payed there watching demons and spirits going in and out of my body. Unable to move half the time. Being raped by demons. Shown visions of child sexual abuse. Voices saying I want to have sex with my family members. Watching my ex and rapist get married.

And all I tried to do was make the world a better place. To help others. I gave all my heart and soul to the world FOR God. To combat the evil in this world. The evil I didn’t even know was THIS real.

I never asked for anything from God. Ever. Just thanked God for the opportunities. For the love I got to experience. But this time I begged God to remove this pedo rapist demon out of my life. And not to jump to the next person, but remove it for all.

I spoke to soooo many spiritists, targeted Individuals and schizophrenics…. who all one day out of no where started suffering a demon placing these taboos in their life.

All I wanted, prayed for, examined in waiting was for this to grossness to be removed.

And it hasn’t.

I live everyday jumping over the voices saying pedophile things. I have to love and teach my godson about life with the guilt and shame of even having this voice in my life saying these things while all I am trying to do is love. Bring love, peace, joy, compassion, gentle lessons into this life.

And God hasn’t removed it.

I persevered!

And still. The thorn on my side. The worse possible thing. The idea of hurting a child. Replays at any opportunity.

I’m disgusted with myself even though I know it’s not me. It never was and never will be.

But I begged God to remove it. And God hasn’t. My bottom line is removal. Not sometime pedo, or a little bit of incest. GONE!

And I feel like a brat being unmoving from my position at the same time. But I can’t and will not accept this as my life. It’s not me.

God broke my heart. The one time I begged for God to show up, God didn’t.

I don’t know what that means for me. I don’t know why. I don’t know why God would let me suffer being raped by demons.

I don’t get the lesson. I just feel like a lab rat on all these meds which I never would have taken but I am desperate. I feel like there is this dangling carrot of faith in front of me to get to the prize and I just want it GONE.

And people will tell me it’s because I need this crystal or bath, I’m not praying hard enough or the right way, faith is not strong enough, I need to eat this or that way, I need to cast this spell, that whatever I have done (which has been a lot) was or is never enough. They persecute me like the demons do. That I’m not enough for God grace.

God broke my heart not showing up for this one. And I don’t know what that means for our relationship.

I really don’t know.