Duality and “Opposite World” πŸŒ“

A common theme that seems to play both in the “spiritual” and “occult” but also with in the mental health community and maybe most visible among schizophrenics is duality. Dark vs Light Good vs Bad Truth vs Lies Reality vs Illusions I called it “opposite world” because this is how the Entity debased my reality. … Continue reading Duality and “Opposite World” πŸŒ“

Opposite World: “As above So Below” β˜πŸ‘‡

Kundalini is a eastern spiritual concept. Prayer is a western spiritual concept or can be known as meditation. And “shadow work” is a western psychological concept. So Carl Jungs “Shadow Work“ identifies the “issue”, where is comes from and the belief that supports it. And the “prayer” or meditation  helps to find I guess a solution … Continue reading Opposite World: “As above So Below” β˜πŸ‘‡

What I see: vision: sea of couples πŸ’‘

In this world opposite world, of duality which I am not accustomed to, pairing seems so important. Pair of the opposites or compliments is so important to the Entities game. I saw a sea of couples that look like on (my assumption) one masculine and one feminine. Just a huge sea of couples. A few … Continue reading What I see: vision: sea of couples πŸ’‘

Pretty Awakening 🌿🌷🌿

I wish I had a pretty “Awakening”, if that is what you would call this….. I call it a curse. Others they call it ascension or weakening or kundalini or dark night of the soul or plain ol schizophrenia or Demonic possession. So many names for the event in which I life crumbles and it … Continue reading Pretty Awakening 🌿🌷🌿

Fish Against the Flow

” Complete reasons why you should be happy for being a total failure during awakening” By oltjano13@gmail.com On awakenpanda.com Having reached unconditional love for myself and others, lately I have come to the conclusion that there is a godlike reason for everything that had to happen to trigger my awakening. The false twinflame experience, failure … Continue reading Fish Against the Flow