Are We All Mad?

Are we all a little crazy? Like are we all being duped by the same type of entity? Or I’m the special one who all of a sudden gets the loud obnoxious stupid big head alien demon floating around like Casper?

Like wonder if all the “I hear God”, “God told me”, “Arch Angel Micheal spoke to me”, “Acturian Aliens channeled a message through me”, “I AM Isis reincarnated”, “Jesus came to me in a vision”, “I sparked to people who have passed on”……….

Like wonder if this is all apart of the same trick? Like we are all a little mad? Crazy?

I’m not saying that the universe isn’t vast. I’m not saying that God doesn’t exist. I’m just saying I feel like there is something out there that does NOT LOOK LIKE GOD OR ARCH ANGEL MICHEAL OR JESUS OR YOUR DEAD GRANDPA…….out here pretending to be these things in our lives. To control it.

Would you still believe in God?

Would you still believe your ancestors and loved ones that has passed on are proud of you? Can you know these things for yourself?

Something is not adding up with all of this and I’m just throwing this out there.

Call theme what ever you want, but something isn’t right with all of this and I’m not sure what is going on. Or why. Or why so many people.

While I know we have different belief systems. I like to find a commonality.

I can still believe God exist and know for a fact whatever is communicating with me is NOT GOD.

What does that mean for the rest of my life knowing how these entities play games and interact with other people entities?

Game over for me?

25 thoughts on “Are We All Mad?

  1. You know, there was a group of people who made up early Christianity who wrote a book about these beings, or beings very similar. What is so interesting is it could have been the result of a hidden group if teachings by Jesus. In a way, that isn’t as important as it is that someone was describing these things two thousand years ago and also that the descriptions are dead-on for what we think are ET’s. They come in threes, they have an appearance like that of an aborted fetus, which is to say they don’t look like babies, but infants before fully formed: large heads and spindly arms and legs. This book was no doubt deemed heresy by the church, but it has an amazing level of insight into an absolutely flabbergasting phenomenon. It casts doubt on whether these beings are what we think they are, which is flesh and blood beings from zeta reticuli or wherever. Not that this necessarily solves your problem in regards to those beings.

    There is a very interesting connection between kundalini/awakening and schizophrenia. A number of years ago, flush with the juice of this phenomenon ahold of my physiology, I identified the compound most prominently featured in my chemical landscape body-wise. It wasn’t hard to identify because the symptoms were so obvious and strong. I just turned on my computer in input my symptons. I found it in ten minutes. No, less than that. It was dopamine.

    So going about this somewhat scientifically I asked what happens when there is a malfunction physiologically in the body when it comes to dopamine, as in a condition where either too little or too much is produced. I got one, and it wasa gene responsible for metabolizing dopamine and it leads to a build up of it in the brain. We call it schizophrenia.

    That was interesting. So I studied the condition more closely to see if there were similarities between it and kundalini. There were. Some were exaggerated results, but they were there. But hold on, this gets even more interesting…at least to me anyway.

    I literally stumbled across a conversation on a message board between a group of schizophrenics about what happened when they went off their medication. They all hated the drugs. So it looked like the average window before a psychotic break was ten days or so after ceasing their antipsychotics. But one guy said something really telling. He identified that before he had his break, he was having symptoms identical to kundalini. He went on to describe an experience identical to my own, an activation of the third or inner eye. He described the same “portal ” in the center of his brow where he could essentially remotely view things far from him physically. He felt like it was very likely what he was seeing wasn’t a hallucination. Then a few days later he began to hallucinate with the voices and paranoia. Well sure, anyone would feel paranoid hearing that stuff.

    I have the feeling that kundalini is being highly amplified for those who are schizophrenic. I also think that hard though it may be, it isn’t anyone’s job to fix you for the simple reason that no one seems to know how to deal with this. I took my discovery to a leading researcher at the city hospital in NYC in schizophrenia and got crickets. I guess I should have expected that. They think its just about being unwell…but that is only a,part of it.

    I think that I am made aware of my own repressed emotion because of dopamine. It drives it to conscious awareness. Would it turn into voices if I had more dopamine lije a schizophrenic? I think it follows that I might. Would it help if you released stored emotion, no matter what it seemed to be saying? I think it follows. Would it stop all of the voices, I don’t know. Only you would. But in regards to entity issues, I know that removing them can accelerate healing. But it seems your hyperawareness might attract them in some way. I do wonder if there is an agent, maybe even diet or natural substance that isn’t toxic to your body that coukd help metabolize dopamine or convert it. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter as well and could be overloading you with too much information. Big pharma doesn’t seem to be interested in creating a drug that might achieve this end.

    All that and I am not a doctor. If it were me, I’d be feeling pretty impatient with the lack of progress on that front. I can’t speak for you, but I would be digging into finding work-arounds. Does exercise help, are there natural nontoxic compounds that act as dopamine antagonists that break it down without making you feel worse. Maybe this is what the drugs thus far do. I don’t know. But boy I sure would want to find something to smooth it out a little more.

    Good luck! Me, I’m going to read up more on the pharmacology of managing high levels of dopamine in the body to see what I find.


    1. I really respect your insight. I enjoyed reading your post. Comment. It is gentle.

      I explored kundalini as per your suggestion, however in contrast with my personal experience, I find kundalini to be an inception by entities. If this wasn’t the case it would be happening to everyone and the same way.

      Dopamine has a lot to play into this. When I took ungodly amounts of Benadryl (which can be a dopamine inhibitor) to stop this experience, I ended up going to the other side of the spectrum and I think having too little. I could see I was SWIMMING IN ENTITIES. Attached to my eyes, my body, breast, stomach. Little geckos, jelly fish looking things, trolls, spiders, alien heads, NUTSO!

      So it seems to be an opening on both ends.

      The definition of black magic to satanist is lying as a means to manipulate. Things aren’t adding up on my end. So to me that means there are multiple lies involved.

      I don’t know if I will ever understand in my life time. But I’m not gonna take the bait anymore. Just document the bullshit. ☺️


    2. Also I am familiar with the gnostic text. I have seen the Archons (the fetuses) they speak of only I saw them attached to or carried by the other very grown looking entities which ranged mostly in troll looking (draco) to reptilian and some that looked very pudgy looking entity almost like an evil Buddha.

      Either way some have described them as embryos as well….. but those aren’t the actual entity, that’s their connection/ attachment to US. And that just from what I have seen.

      Right now I am dealing mostly with spider alien heads and not the the reptilians as much directly. They are all an ecosystem I am sure of it. But I’m not seeing them. As much.

      It all sucks essentially. 💩


  2. Sometimes thinking about it, we obsess and it only gets harder, or if you see a picture of anothers’ description. Later, if it emerges and the heart moves, great.

    Because of my own experience with this, I wonder what your perspective is based on your experience. I know awakening released great creative energy in me, a raw pure energy that I had to learn how to let move through me. Part of it is sexual energy, like a facet of this larger creative energy…but it is only a facet. So many say kundalini is sexual energy, but I feel it as that and all other aspects of creative energy. I know that this energy cones from the creator. It seemed as if it rose up in me, but I know it was always there. It wakes up and I feel what seemed like my being apart from the creator was there all along waiting for me to realize it. This creative energy deeper down is love, but I think we distort it when we try to limit it.

    So when I feel this, I try not to grasp it, I do what the love within it does, which it does not grasp. It knows how noble it is because it has no conditions. This makes us slick inside so nothing hooks us, it all moves through us. Yes all sorts of things move through, but nothing stays. I remain aloof, no attachment. This is not perfect, it grows through practice. Its not easy, my passionate nature has to be quieted because not all passions are pure or clear of hooks. And those beings snag us by those hooks. After a while, when things just slide through, these beings aren’t interested. No more friction, no more drama. This light is boring because these beings are themselves not interested in this higher level of awareness. But it was simply awareness that caused those entities from going.

    So I wonder if these entities are trying to harness our energy or if they don’t know any better and don’t know the energy is in them also. I wonder too if you sense if these are on their own or if they are a kind of automaton or vehicle for something else not seen.

    When I had trouble with this, I found focusing on the source or creator energy over beings, staying doggedly focused for months, years, their influence waned. Could it be you became focused on these beings at one point over the light, the creator, God, whatever your term you use? When I just focus on it alone I am singularly with this energy, its presence, and I become peaceful…but it has also meant being singular, alone, because no one seems to know this let alone integrating it in their lives. I woukdn’t feel right being with someone who didn’t have that same experience because they and I just wouldn’t understand each other very well, so then troubles would naturally arise. This has already happened a number of times for me with the same results each time. So now, nonattachment living with this light that is, in all things (and me) seems how I must go. But this relationship with this light requires such a singular way of being in order to stay balanced in the energy. Hard at first, but I remind myself how much more peaceful I am. But some have misinterpreted the quantity or quality of my bliss as meaning something, but it doesn’t. I have had people drawn to it thinking it means I love them, but no, I AM this love, this light is the love. Some get angry at me, bizarre behavior, but it is because deep down they hunger to feel it themselves but don’t know that it comes from within so they only look at the outside, compares, then grows jealous (I think based on observation).

    What helps me is deep devotion, love for this love, this creator’s nature. Its simple and makes me simple, single-minded. Everything falls into place for the most part. I help manage things and push things in one direction or another. I can’t fall into uncertainty or fear. Greater and greater faith grows like a garden. Gradually, but better and better. Some moving back and forth, yes, but two steps forward for one back.

    I’m sorry. I don’t know why I am yammering on.

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    1. Uhm I can see where maybe reptilians came into my perspective through light worker blogs that magically showed up on my Facebook. But I had no real understanding of them. Just that they existed and usually where in government. I was under the impression that “the light was winning”. However I do not currently feel like that. Outside of that EVERYTHING ELSE except the concept of demons are pretty new. The praying mantis, the alien spider heads, teddy bear trolls on flying flowers, draco, that buddha thing, I even saw two different cars and electronics like an iPhone or iPad.

      I never new this side of life existed like this. And so from what I seen I don’t trust anything. But observe.

      If an Entity rapes me, sure my perspective could be it. Do I enjoy it or not? It is not consented nor do I enjoy it so, it is rape.

      I use to be all love and light kind of person. But I’m also a realist. If I’m getting raped, I’m getting rape. If I’m being tortured I’m being torture. There is no level of extra story needed to excuse what is happening that I don’t want in my life. They are breaking down my nervous system and causing pain, no matter how much I try to stay positive about what they are saying or doing.

      Believe it or not. I am a deeply loving, caring, creative/artistic, empathetic and optimistic person. I am fighting to not be tortured out of existence.

      My creative energy is gone. These entities use it to create dreams in which they get to live and play in. Meanwhile my body is in so much pain I can barely walk a block, or I’m so fatigue I have to go to sleep where they can live in my dreams again. They try to convince me I like the dreams and maybe before all this happened I did like dreams. And my dreams usually were lonely which I liked. Now there are hundreds of “people” or entities in my dreams. No I don’t want their dreams or their rape sex. Tired of it.

      I am literally forcing myself self to live a semi normal life. But it normally tired me out in a way I am not use to. It’s like they don’t want me to go anywhere, so they tire my body out, but they want my brain active so they can use it. Like it’s super difficult to go into deep sleep for me as tired as I get.

      Either way I really challenged myself with all perspectives. But love and light just seems to be a small fraction of what’s going on. And I want this to STOP NOW.


  3. I’m not suggesting that it is in some way welcomed, no. I do wonder how to find a way to clear your mind in such a way that you are no longer aa bothered by these presences as you are. My shortcoming is in always trying to find a solution to problems like these. I hope you find a way through.


      1. Okay, obviously I cant leave it alone.

        In the gnostic texts Jesus tells James that when he encountees these beings he is to tell them that he is a child of the one true light from which he comes and to which he returns. Then the archons are unable to detain him.

        There is within each of us an energy that radiates outward. Mystics call it the divine masculine. It isn’t male, not really, but lacking a better understanding that is how it was described. This outward facing energy can be felt like yhe opposite of gravity-it can repel. It really feels like a force. It acts like one. When I removed the entity the first time this force flowed through me. I was aware that while it was me, it was also coming through me. Maybe the higher self, maybe the creator. If you can imagine it, it can actually become real. Imagination is the channel through which real forces and effects can be brought to bear. Like the gateway. These were the simple tools I used, and I hope they might help you. Okay, I will stop with the yammer and let you be.


      2. I don’t mind talking to you. It’s more of a dialogue then some of the people that come on my page.

        I was told my “male light body” felt hopeless and was hiding inside of the female. And anything the healer did to help me would not work because of the hopelessness.


      3. So…what if you played this imaginitive game, feeling that transmittive or radiant side of yourself and imagining it like the sun, or reverse gravity, or whatever it is that you respond to as an energy that is part of that yang or male light body side?

        Well…that is interesting that this person said this. Don’t you think?

        Do you feel like this masculine or yang side might not be as active as the receptive parts of you? What do YOU think? I know what someone else told you, but you will only know if you delve into it.

        If it is true, that this masculine part is underactive, could it be that there is a way to make it more active…and maybe maybe maybe…it might help you with dealing with all of this? The healer isn’t going to fix it for you-you will, but they will help you to get there. It wont work, though if something inside of you is doggedly stuck deep inside. I think something deep down is stuck and does not want to face the light of day. If you can bring it with compassion into the light, it can transform like snapping your fingers, it is just that fast, but you have to be the one to decide that it is going to happen.

        ‘But I DO want it to happen! That stuff doesn’t work!”

        “It doesn’t work because an unconscious part, the stuck part, maybe lodged in the male, is unable to step forward. Maybe it is some deep trauma or scar or transgression it feels unable to face. Whatever it is, if you can get straight with it, the issue will evaporate amazingly fast once you are ready, not just consciously ready, but subconsciously ready also. All the way down.”

        Just a thought.


      4. I tried “light magic” and surrounded my self in white light A LOT, so much that healer said I was covered in this thick layer of fake white light. This made things worse and often I could see it. I didn’t know what I was calling on.

        Light is living. Ever think about that? That light is comprised of a fracture of living beings that are conscious to various degrees. How else is it commanded with out be conscious to some degree?

        I was told the male also is carrying false trauma. A brown line (light information) striking through it. Which is torturing it and making it feel hopeless.

        I don’t work or see so much in the astral or ethers. I see everything very 3D but I can’t see myself lol unless I have mirror or another person to tell me what’s going on. That is what is so frustrating about this. And these healers have to trust the light (conscious entities that they work with) to tell them the truth.

        I can’t do that because the main entity with me is a lair. The very opposite I know myself to be. And I have to make sure the healer is not being fooled by this light entity as well.

        I couldn’t even begin to explain all of the light entities I have seen. Just like the Buddha one they all seem to be of light and “dark”. I reference dark based on their agenda.

        I asked all beings good or bad to go. And the only ones that have not respected my wishes so far is these i female and two male alien spiders.

        So now I know who is orchestrating but not why. And I’m not sure if I will ever know because they lie.

        As for subconscious I tried to command it like you say. I am a fighter by nature. But I really have no idea how to unwind all of this or be effective. Again I work mostly in 3D even though I can see them. Remote healers see them I guess more etherically I see them just chilling in my house. Hear the, feel them, smell them.


      5. Lordy, yes. I have learned that protection doesn’t really work…it is the “slickness” brought on by awareness of the divine, what we are connected to, which is light. Not forced, but natural.

        Maybe that false wound is like all wounds…we perceive hurt or harm, and there it is. Five people all experiencing the same event, five different reactions. Whose to say what is harmful?

        Well, I’d say you had a pretty major victory getting all those creatures to bugger off, no?


      6. The healer also said I’m not connected to “collective consciousness” like I should be (or was). It’s a very thin line connected.

        I’m intaking all this information but I’m not sure what it all really means or how to change it. I just document as I go along.

        What I realized is I have to live life as painful as it is and hopefully things will change. I was literally stuck in bed for 2 years because I could not physically move because of the energy or entities.

        Sooooooo many people are going through this well over the number of “schizophrenia”. It’s when we think we are sure of what it is does it become a delusion of sort. I am still trying to just observe and document.

        I hate documenting astral rape. But I hope that others who feel this get comfort that they are not crazy. I would rather some other truth rather than this torture be revealed.


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