Dear Mental Health Providers:

Telling someone that they are purely paranoid or delusional is dangerous!

To tell someone who is experiencing something, that it is not real is dismissive of what the person is actually going through whether you see it or not.

I know it’s a fine line between enabling and dismissing. But I think allowing someone to talk through their experiences is important for self realization.

Dismissing them only further isolated them and possible put them at risk of rejecting care or oversight all together.

YOU don’t have to actually believe what the person is going through. But you need to believe that they are actually going through it.

My therapist told me I was paranoid because in my Disability Hearing some of her notes where repeated back to me in the disability hearing. And I was like why was that in there?

She had made assumptions that my schizophrenia was “genetic” because my sister was born underdeveloped and with a chromosome issue. 🙄 huh?

Anyway I wasn’t sure why that was in my notes. I assumed that when they correspond with the disability attorneys that she writes something specific up. Not just send hand over my whole file. So when I mentioned my issue with this. She explained that whatever I signed means they handed over the whole file.

So now I know. What is so paranoid about that if it actually happened?

I asked her not to put certain things in my file. And she said I am paranoid.

She also said I don’t look schizophrenic or act it previously. Then throws in my face that I am being “paranoid”, because I didn’t agree with her putting certain things in my chart.

There was nothing paranoid with what I expressed. And she get offended and choose to write off my concerns as “paranoid”. Just like she choose to write me off as possibly not being schizophrenic.

She has been super dismissive.

She doesn’t even listen to me during sessions and picks a sentence of when I am talking to type out and then we sit there wording the sentence for her notes.

So when she called me paranoid for not wanting something in my chart I just told her I was done and got up and left. She has no idea how to work with people experiencing “hallucinations”.

Like I wanted a space where I could speak out loud what was going on with me. I wanted someone to just listen. Allow me to work out the kinks. And I get a chart filled with strange notes and being dismissed as this or that.

This is why I started my blog. I have no one to that believes me, and even if they are listening I can feel the weight of them not wanting to go much deeper with me about my experiences. Like talking about it is too much for them. So I stop to spare the relationship.

I just wanted someone to listen.

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