Why does it Hurt so bad?

I think one thing that is not talked about is the PAIN of schizophrenia/ Demonic oppression.

I mean the migraines, skull pressure or sucking, nerve pain, your body doing weird things, I actually projectile vomiting maybe 4 time since this has started (and I only puked 2 when I was drunk in my youth), tummy pains, stabbing pains that come out of no where, electrocution, brain zaps, body vibrating, burning sensation, genitals being tortured, being put to sleep or woken up when ever the Demonic Entities feel like it.

I mean these may manifest as, migraines or allergies or sciatica or frybromyalgia or seizures or insomnia. I think if I didn’t have the voices and the “hallucinations” I might have been endlessly searching for medical answers. But since I know my body and I know myself, I know what feels normal and what is not.

So far the healer I worked with alleviated the situation temporarily, the pain that was on my sciatic nerve moved back my head as migraines and jaw and facial pressure.

So the pain, the attachment has not been severed it has only moved.

I’m tired of being tormented, I’m tired of being in constant pain. I miss what it felt like before this attack.

4 thoughts on “Why does it Hurt so bad?

  1. It’s so sad and hard just reading and imagining what you’re going thru, and wish there was something I could say to make it less painful for you. I just can recommend you 4 very good youtube channels that have been of great help for me, because I’ve been there for quite sometime, and I know you’re not making it up, it’s all real. In my case the only difference is that I don’t have any visuals, I only hear them, but everything you say about the lies and false accusations is exactly the same here, and all the abusive mockery whenever I look in a mirror is the same here, it’s just in a different language (spanish). The worst is the hate, the evil pleasure in their voices, the pure sadistic nature of everything they yell or whisper, or the false compassion with which they laugh at you if you show your sadness or despair. Please go and look this channels, your spirit will guide you to the ones you need to see right now. I send all my understanding, love and light.
    1. https://www.youtube.com/user/SpiritualAwakeningNt
    2. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5t8L3h1U94Ot5fs-8miPAQ
    3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cny-WtYKu7A
    4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0K4pEcsXzyA

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    1. Hello! Thank you for reading my blog. ❤️ thank you for your kind words and concern. We really do have to stick together through this experience even despite our differences.

      I am familiar with 3 of the 4 channels you recommended. I guess my only thing is I really do t think this is “spiritual awakening”. Maybe it is an “awakening” (realization) to the fact that there are actually spirits out there. But not this idea of ascending to higher levels of consciousness. Like I’m the same me in essence with a different experience and some new information.

      I thought a spiritual awakening journey was one in to better understand God as God relates to this life. I thought it was beautiful. I thought it was feeling supported and protected.

      Not night terrors, walking nightmares, being spiritually raped, losing everything, being marked clinically insane, feeling abandoned by God. When all I wanted to do was get closer (be it the wrong or right way), the intention was there. My “spiritual awakening” has been nothing but entities pretending to be God, or some Deity, Angel, Twin Flame. Just a bunch of make believe to distract from the fact these bad actors actually exist.

      Once I broke off from that fact (that these Entity Actors where not who they said they are) pure torture ensued.

      So I feel like this “spiritual awakening” concept is purely an initiation into spirit play or a cover up for spirit play which I’m not down for because all they do is lie. So now I’m joined at the hip with the dumb liar that has nothing better to do but insult my every move and my mere existence.

      FUN TIMES! Lol 🙄


  2. Hello, Divine Love. I want to invite to watch this TED talk, in which the speak person talks about it in terms not much different of what you write about. Although she speaks about hallucinations, she does it with irony, as using quotation marks in her voice. Hearing Voices : an Insiders Guide to Auditory Hallucinations | Debra Lampshire |


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