Demonology: Which Demon I think may be bothering me

Asmodai (also Ashmodai, Asmodeus, Asmody, Asmoday) appears as the king ‘Asmoday’ in the Ars Goetia, where he is said to have a seal in gold and is listed as number thirty-two according to respective rank.[4] He “is strong, powerful and appears with three heads; the first is like a bull, the second like a man, and the third like a ram; the tail of a serpent, and from his mouth issue flames of fire.”[4] Also, he sits upon an infernal dragon, holds a lance with a banner and, amongst the Legions of Amaymon, Asmoday governs seventy two legions of inferior spirits.[4]


According to Wiki link on Solomon’s demons this particular one above seems the closest to what I have seen. It is a lesser demon not a “king” and is in charge of spirits which would explain why I have seen so many of them. I called them centipedes but it could be a serpent tail and they have little arms.

Also the demon wanted to take on the person of my ex which his name is Ash and this one, one of its names is Ash-modai which by their twisted logic prolly makes sense to act as someone’s name closest to its name.

Idk man. Shit is bugged out. I’ve seen part of Satan’s kingdom. Is heaven only reserved for the dead? Cause he’ll sure isn’t it seems.

I’ve been calling Earth Pedo Planet cause that what it feels like at this point, with the fact that almost everyone I know has been molested as a child, that along with this demon doing this pedo molestation shit on me I’m kind over this place. I’m holding on trying not to commit suicide cause I know that is what they want but it just SUCKS!

Life is a gift! Yuh right! Life is a JOB!

7 thoughts on “Demonology: Which Demon I think may be bothering me

  1. I’ve been bothered with them trying to get me to sucidal in agony with counsellor.but still holding on. Last night I heard me say a spirit was hitting me. This is too deep. I love me so much. Why would I wish to hurt me. All because they said she wil not break. They trying everything. They trying to give up my soul. I said no. They tried to self harm. I’m still standing. They trying to stop me received love that works… But I’m aware of it. They are blasting seems like pops bangs against my head. They stop me from living. I’m exhausted. I need love desperately. The cause trust and doubt.
    They say I have to believe in my guy. He confessed he had an affair. Yet they keep telling me to act. Why act if he doing another woman??? Like I’m stupid… But they swear we need to be together. They say you can only be angelic if all four quarters of a soul and a shared heart are one


    1. They would zap my body, burn it, vibrate it, jerk my body, convulse, have me cramped up in between sleep having almost like seizures, move my eyes, I mean the migraines for YEARS.

      I would get attacked in my head and lower back. I got hit/attacked in the center of lower spine so hard one time in my friends bathroom I folded over from the force. And this happened again in her house.

      So I hate to say this but there is a certain level of this we have to just put up with or go through. Not to excuse the experience but accept it as it is happening. But stand up to them as well. Not fight with them, but stand up to them.

      And at least for me the more I allowed certain experiences to pass easier it became.

      Honestly this is not your fight. It’s Gods and Jesus fight. We are not fully equipped to fight this on our own. We can see or feel it happening. But the only true way to fight back with in our true ability is not being ignorant and allowing ourselves to be duped by these entities lies.

      You are human. You are not angelic. It’s cute to think about. But we are not actual angels. We are humans. They just want to play with our super egos (the archetypes that we hold in our subconscious). But we are painfully human.

      The more you let go of the story they are telling you and reject everything they say, things will change.

      Also SLEEP is very important. Your body and mind is working overtime. You have multiple processes happening at once.

      So try to focus on God, healing and self care as much as possible.

      I have not gotten rid of them or saved, but I am definitely not where I was 3 years ago.

      Give them NO ROOM to play.

      This isn’t about anyone else but you at this point. No twin flames, no family, friends…. this is about you getting better. Do what brings you joy when you can. Just a little something.

      This does take time.



      1. Bless you. I am in pain but they saying my guy is in pain. A voice told me that you think we attack you. The volume CE now said you are the brain when texting to you. I’ve had metal swords against my head back. I’ve had my head knocked out. I can’t talk on train hands are full lol


      2. They tried that whole tethering to my “twin flame” too. Question if you two were actually tethered wouldn’t it be since birth? Wouldn’t you have had this experience prior? The only thing we are tethered to is Entities trying to play us and cause pain mentally and physically so they can have control.

        The voices can not be trusted. They are vague. They twist the truth if they do try to say something other then a short vague confusing sentence.

        I am here for you.


      3. Tank you for I have done it alone and ppl are making me out to look crazy. I’ve been in agony to point I heard a voice say it was me that was hitting you. I’ve closed down coz I’m getting bitter. I don’t trust. I need to know how to create and recieve love. Writ gv and he will come. I’ve wrote n shouted in rants at home. Then a sad man present himself and goes that man is me. N I’m Sparling off hatred or I don’t care coz the pain is too much to bear. My head does not want it no more. They split the head from my soul. I strengthen my head to protect me. They say your head is not you but your heart is you.
        I’m sat on the sofa n they telling me it’s your self worth. That I’m now just me. It will kill her. They say something is in me. It’s all my fault. They tapping on my head. I’m unsure what to believe at this moment. I push the guy away sometimes coz I don’t want to be hurt no more. He hurt.i love him to pieces. They say act and believe but not one heals me etc. Then they say well you don’t believe. To point they done it so long attacking me I’m like I need to be me in the head. Everyone say to me voices are not there. Sighs… Thank you for being. Oh n I have a bad image of my twin flame after they did it to me and now I’m scared to hurt him

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    1. I never heard of Lupin before. Also if it’s the voices saying this, know they will say almost anything to kick your mind in a frenzy. They will say I’m this or that. Even in one of the forums I am in multiple people said the voice named itself Azreal or some variation of that name. Two of them didn’t even know it was a fallen angels name and never heard it before.

      As I said these beings will wear archetypes as clothing. It’s a disguise. They won’t show their true form or intention. That is why they hide behind the voice of people we know, the idea that it’s the government, different dirties. To gain authority. Don’t give it to them!

      Honestly if something is here for my good then it won’t matter if I believe them or not. I have been tricked so many times. So I would only assume that if something is good and doing good it doesn’t need my belief in it. That is where I am at right now. But I’m not falling for another storyline.


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