The Devil is Predictable

That is all.

At this point. Between the regular old stuff, sickness, death, and what I explained as the me millennia games (twin flames, angel channeling, aliens etc )

The biggest one we are working on is the lie. If you think about it we went for the “tree of knowledge” and to know all like God all we got was a matrix of LIES. And there are SOOOOOOO MANY lies to peel back. Just when you think you got one peeled back then you got another. I

Said that Lucifer is an angel of light but the devil is in the air … like light particles. Again matrix. One larger bigger entity Lucifer and then you get satan then you get the devil then you get all the demi gods and all the many demons…. that work in conjunction with each other. In a hive mind …. that is one particular matrix. That is the best way I can describe it. And they are using new age to torture people and even religion. But have more recently moved to new age. And I see you and your bullshit. And if we are here to “wake people up” feeding them more bullshit is not helping anyone.

They have have a hand in our government, our spirituality, and everyday lives and I’m just seeing how this all runs and it’s sickening. I know there is beauty to this world and that there is a God and good in this world but I’m stuck in a matrix that does not allow me to experience that not matter how hard I try. It is quickly canceled out.

Everything just seems pointless and dumb now. And I never thought I would think like that.

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