Twin Flame: Astral Sex

Someone came to my blog by seaching for “astral sex with twin flame” i guess i wanted to make it clear as someone who can see, feel and hear the astral. As someone who has been through the “twin flame game”, anything you mess with in the astral is NOT your twin flame. They are entities. A large entity made up if smaller entity of the groteque manner. They can use light in the imagination/dream state to make you THINK it’s a specific person, they can mimick voices, they can even tell the future by influencing it. But they are not that person. It is an entity, a nice broader word for alien or demon. At best they maybe attachedto your twin flame or just became attached to you if you were looking for your twin flame to harvest sexual energy from you.

You give them an inch and they will take over your life!

They would force me to orgasm as i would wake up making me think my ex (so called twin flame) was try to please me. It felt real. It felt like he was holding my hand sometimes. He wasnt. It is not him or his higher self. It is complete entity play. It is rape (if they are impostering a human twin flame).

I don’t want to incite fear into anyone. And belueve me i would rather have the daydream. But i feel it is my duty to let people know at least my truth…… Because eventually the entities were trying to make me so depressed about my twin flame they were trying to force me into suicide saying we would be together my next life time. Yes! These entities impersonated my ex saying we will be together next life time and i should kill myself!

Only reason i ever attempted was because once i stopped believing the twin flame thing the entities stopped impostering my ex and then started showing me sick visions of child abuse and i wanted to die.

Whatever these entities are at the end of the day they are gross liars. So dont fall for the tricks.

4 thoughts on “Twin Flame: Astral Sex

  1. Divine, I went through this and I found how odd it was that if I felt her thinking about me at a particular time, I could contact her through email often to find that she could remember the time she was thinking about me.

    It got more detailed as time went by. I found I could know her thoughts down to specifics. I charted the day with the peaks and valleys and honestly, 85% of the time I was dead-on.

    In one case I began to think “I hope that your soul helps you to seek bliss” and other things like this related to bliss. She was having trouble not experiencing bliss. I knew better to say anything to her physically or via email. It was like an experiment of mine. We hadn’t talked about it, I just knew deep down that she just hadn’t gotten there. So I spoke to her soul. Then, just four or five days later she calls me up and she asks me point blank about bliss and my experience with it. I smiled and began to tell her that I delt it almost all the time. She asked me what it was like. Instead of telling her I told her to close her eyes and to breathe a certain way. While she did, I spoke to her soul as I spoke to her personality…not easy to do, but I did it. In a matter of moments she felt a flood of bliss. She was dumbfounded. Me, I think we communicate like this all the time, and it is amplified when we are awakened.

    I have however seen instances of entities that have tried to shoe-horn themselves inbetween a transmission from a distance, for example. I could feel her thinking about me so I willed myself there to see what was up, to be with her. There in the room with her was this being that had slipped into the stream and was…Im not sure if it was acting as a surrogate or if it was feeding on what was between us. This happened twice. When I mentioned seeing this very specific looking being (I didn’t say what I saw him doing to her) she replied, “That’s my guardian!” I thought to myself, “Girl, that isn’t a guardian of any shape or kind!” I realized she wouldn’t be able to hear the truth. I knew what I saw. So I think there can be interference when people haven’t done the clearing work, but I haven’t seen that they interfere with communication of the energy.

    I am sure you could set up experiments with your other to see better how this works. Maybe it works differently for you, but I took time to chart it. It all fits into a direct soul to soul interaction. The stronger the bond often the clearer the signal. But sometimes I think different people might have a different level of coherence when the interaction takes place.


    1. I have no other. I’m a lone wolf out here. I experiment with a friend and was able to read his mind and body because the entities were telling me exactly what was going on with him and he confirmed as well. If my psychic abilities have anything to do with these rapist entities I want nothing to do with it nor do I want it touching anyone else just so I have the “in” on them.

      After that I never wanted to mess with that stuff again.


      1. I’m glad you had a pleasant experience. But my eyes, intuition and body is showing me something else.

        If I can do this with a random internet friend then it’s not (for me) a special connection with a twin flame, which I originally believed.


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