Some Truths About My Experience

1. The voices have gradually (i mean really slowly) over 3 years have become lower in volume with or with out medication. It went from a concert amp in my brain to maybe that of conversation level/thought level volume. This included zaps becoming buzzes. Ect. But there are still occasionally the bursts of very loud voices or electrocution.

2. I transended the storyline of Twin Flame. Even when i still didn’t believe it, i made the choice it still played out but it is not as every 5 seconds a thought about my ex like it use to be. Occasionally there might be a thought. Or hey i might bring him up when talking to my friend about relationships. But what these demons where doing was abuse. I rarely react to their negative intrusive thoughts about him. Or how he is better off with out me or how we are suppose to get back together. Or some twisted thought. I feel as though through hard work of the mind and standing my ground in my belief i transended the twin flame game.

3. Targeted Individual. Now the demons kind of started off with targeted individual/thought broad casting/ gang stalking only this was being done more on an astral and semi on a physical plane (if that makes any sense). It started out with my ex and then my coworkers. Then all of new york city and thats when i said this is impossible. Once i quit my job that aspect stopped a bit but i didnt have the language of targeted individual. More recently a started researching it more as i gained more insight and as i did….. Guess what the demons did…. YOU BET! Gang Stalking. More physical this time. So im on the bus or street walking and someone is holding up a cell phone or passes by me and these demons are trying to convince me that they are gang stalkers following me. All they while before that was not on their agenda. But NOW all of a sudden it is. That is how desperate they are for a storyline and a game to play.

As much as i can identify with both Twin Flames and Targeted Individuals i believe i have trancended these points of view and these games of the mind. I was blessed (if we want to call losing everything that) enough to spend a 2 years in almost meditation to really get to the bottom of why my life was spiraling out of control.

4. What i havent been able to transcend is this alien demon reptilian spirit matrix thing. It is what i see, it is what i hear, dream, feel. Being called vile names all day. It’s a plateau that i have reached. And i desperately want to shake it off like i did the others. I want it to be a lie …… Like the others. What ive seen. I want it to not be true. Seriously.

I know everyone has their unique situation. So they will peel away their own layer and also get stuck at their own plateau. And i hope eventually transcend. But thats what makes it so hard for us to come together ya know? But i respect each persons path only to share mine in hopes they can shed another layer of this bullshit. And maybe help me shed another layer of mine.

This is just such an awkward place to be in. I have my standards. Im standing my ground. Firm. I refuse to lower my standard to just accepting my life with these demons as normal. I will not stop. I will find other ways. I will keep praying. I will strengthen my faith. I will keep researching. Keep being a big mouth. I dont care. Having ghost aliens rise out of my belly and being raped by demons every day is not a normal life. It is not a quality life. And shit there are people who would probably like that shit so i dont know why they are fuxin with me.

I dont need a title of 144k or light worker or a star seed to know i am a decent person who cares about people and the planet. Thats just a lulliby to my tragedy. This shit has to stop. I spoken to tooo many people about this. Way too many people. And those are just people who are open about it. It has gotten out of hand. Thats just our spiritual life. And we expect our reality to change any time soon? When we have innocent people trapped in their homes afraid of everything because the slightest interaction will get them raped or electrocuted by demons? Its out of control. Until we start being honest about our spiritual lives how we going to chang the physical? I pray for my brothers and sisters who are suffering from this i really do. Like actually.

Im trying to keep the faith. Just some random thoughts.

8 thoughts on “Some Truths About My Experience

  1. Word perfect. They done twin flames with me too. I’ve seen him he’s real but once every so often. We both messed up. The devil’s I see through my phone screen. I’m trying not to feel insane. I’m so exhausted but your experiences are way similar to me. They told me I had to act and go on the run like tomorrow People if I wanted my boyfriend. So natural loving not….. N I don’t even live in New York. I hear it will kill her that’s what they trying to do. I use ayat kursi and surah barrack you want to see orbs fly out of me. So cool to read your experiences are similar. A voice is saying your guy is in pain.

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    1. Twin Flame is not real. Whatever type of Entity this is using Twin Flame to control us. To make us feel overwhelmed, emotional, unwanted, guilt, shame, unloved, and insane.

      My false twin flame (ex) is doing fine has a woman he loves and had a child now. Which is fine. He has a family now. I have no ill will about any of this.

      I just can’t deny the part of my actual story that this started happening after him.

      Praying or invoking Angels is not my thing because what I use to think were angels revealed themselves as Entities that attacked me. I use to see sparkles thinking they are angels and they were Entities trying to get into my body or field.

      Now these entities will say or do ANYTHING to keep you exhausted, to keep you in fear or worry. They would say my family is going to die if I don’t run away. And that was a lie.

      They might know some truths or better yet influence it. BUT that is only to reel you into their lies. The web of lies that keep you in confusion and exhausted.

      You have to get rid of the storylines they try to create in your mind. You have to do this to get this or that. Do anything else but believe what they are telling you. They do it to keep us on the hook and running around and feeling crazy.


      1. I totally believe you. They made it out to be that archangel Michael kicked me out of heaven. The angels just say if you believe. They one minute say something nice and next voice is something dark. Yesterday they said we cant break you. I’m seeing black energy and they almost killed me. They turned people against me who were super close. This guy is real and that confuses me. They say it’s out of our hands. I messed up. They let me meet him n then put black substance over him it’s was freaky n I saw him as ugly. This hit me like a brick. I am dumbstruck. They said they are you. They blame my tongue. They say loads to sto me loving


      2. Seriously I think all the demons had a conference and came up with the western story line to fuck with people.

        Yea they tried to make it seem like I was “kicked out of heaven” because of my ex. Said “my angelic ties have been severed”

        They are full of SHIT. They are lying to you to keep you on the hook. They aren’t Angels!!!

        They will play God/ Satan, Demon/Angel, Good/Evil, Black/White, Dark/Light. They will play all of that to keep you like a ping pong ball going between both of the Actor Entities and make you feel like shit.

        I know they hurt your physically and that is serious, but at this point you CAN NOT take them seriously. Otherwise they will wrap you up in a fantasy land that they created and they have control!

        Yes they do want to keep us from real love. But love is an action. For yourself, for other, for God. Love yourself and stop letting these Entities use your mind and body as a playground. Do something selfless, volunteer somewhere if you can, something you are good at or care about. Devote time to God even if it’s to be silent. I’m terrible at praying so I make mine short and sweet or a feeling I access.

        But stop letting these Entities play with you. They are really making me mad now.

        You can do this!!! 🙏🏼❤️❤️


      3. They are here saying why they have all left me. How it’s all my fault. That I should stop shouting at them. They are negative they blame me. I was so attacked.they said that two ppl were or three were part of me and it’s now my fault that they all left. Again what do you think of this. I have sent these people a letter and I equally said that they can come back any time but they shut me out and I gave up. I need to look after me. I fed up of voices and they say I’m in fear because of me rejecting them. Pretending they are real angels. O I just said if your here to love me teach me to receive love etc then come in. But when I hear that iget attitude and the popping have started. They say they are now you.


      4. This is what I need help with. I’m the grim reaper. In your mind you are you. You have a destiny. This what I’m channelling now. They said I’ve left myself. They keep saying this and then they say something to point I don’t care I’m so hurt. I just want to get off the planet or someone assist me in closing down.i keep pushing every voice away.


      5. You are in pain. And I know that pain all too well. And I will be honest things seem to have intensified for you since the last time we emailed/corresponded.

        Right now, what is important is you and your relationship to God. And understanding how that works. I’m still learning.

        This journal is not an absolute truth. It’s documentation of my experience and some theories and speculations thrown around.

        I’m in a different place then when I first started this journal and I hope to be in a better place in the future.

        I know it’s not easy to NOT listen to the voices but they are tormenting you and that not good. If it was holy you would not be feeling this way nor would you be confused.

        The most important thing right now is You, God and healing.

        Not these lame ass vague voices trying to throw you down one rabbit hole to the next. Not your “twin flame” who is not your twin flame, not the people you may feel rejected by, not anyone you think may thinks you are crazy. This is about YOU now and gaining your peace back and strengthening your relationship to God. When someone would say that to me I would get offended because nothing I did felt like it was enough. But each day we can do something to strengthen the relationship with God. I sat and studied these voices/Entities and realized that was not strengthening my relationship with God. But in doing so it helps me relate to the many games they play with people.

        I am going to post two videos in a moment that I just finished watching. Let me know what you think.

        This is not an easy experience. But I want you to get through the thick of the woods.

        I’m here with you. I’m learning too.


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