It’s not fair! 💔

Someone I was talking to maybe two years ago recently contacted me again. He originally contacted me because his fiancé was “schizophrenic” and struggling. She had a car accident 5 years prior that resulted in long term memory loss. But I guess in 2017 she started to develop schizophrenia. She said she was followed by a woman in all black telling her to kill herself.

Well the guy contacted me and said she broke up with him and then passed away in December of 2017. Her family wont tell him how she passed which i think is really unfair since they were engaged for so long.

I guess ……. Most of the people i know struggling had a truamatic event such as car crashes or trumatic lives such as abuse as a child…… And like…… They are then vunerable to these “energies” or entities. And its not fair that their suffering must be on loop because they are vunerable due to truamatic events.

Like why aren’t the people who abused children tortured in this way? Into suicide? Why is it the child? The adult that grew up with all these wounds? Now being told by a demon to kill themselves.

And why must these energies/entities exist in the first place? All it is doing is perpetuating the same cycle of violence. Maybe if we didnt have these dark energies unfortunate events like an accident may happen. Not covert operations to take our kids. To hurt our people. War. Hurt the planet…..

I just don’t get it. It’s not the first person I heard that passed because of this. These demons. It’s just so sad.

The vunerable are made even more vunerable and revictimized in the spiritual planes?! It’s sooooooooooo fucked! Why can’t God just vaporize them?!

I wish there was another way. I wish i could help. Just yank these demons out of people rather than see them lurking around people plotting and planning waiting for our weakest moment to strike.

Just over it. Im always over it. But it sucks another life was lost due to this. Honestly that is why i keep this blog. So someone knows they are not alone or crazy. Just having a crazy experience. And that there are ways to handle it and speak about it so that you are not neck deep in the crazy. And some days suck more than others. And we can get through this and maybe we can figure out something soon…… For all of us.


Update: a friend just told me a dude from our schiz group chat committed suicide yesturday. This is a lot in one day. I hope they all have found peace.


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