Lonely Targeted Girl 💔

So the guy i was seeing just stopped talking to me out of no where. He originally blamned it on his depression but its been going on 2 weeks and im not going to chase him.

So i officially give up on dating. I try so hard to be perfect….. Being a good conversationalist, not being overbaring and contacting them so much because i can talk all day tbh, a loving sex partner, 50/50 and not adhering to gender norms that the man cant be treated or pampered. And none of this is working out to anything. Its so pointless.

I need like a kitten or something to love cause these menz out here are really disappointing.

I mean the last dude was talking about living together and having a baby …… And boom no reason just ghost….. Which is lame and not fair. I expected more from him…… He was doing the nice guy act i guess. It’s so cowardly not to let someone go at least in a conversation. Because then im hanging on for a week or so “giving him space” when he has probably already moved on.

I wanted to have control over my sexuality. These demons/being/alien/perps rape me or show me images of child abuse and molest me at the same time or say stuff about me and my dad …. Like my dad is looking at me funny, incest shit. And its all fucking sick.

And i just wanted adult sex/relationship with a man that gives a shit about me. Like bare minimum shit. And i can’t even have that.

Now im stuck on my own to these demons raping and molesting me and putting sick thought in my mind. Just one day out of no where this started happening. It nuts and im tired and i wanted just cuddle up next to someone who make me feel like its going to be ok.

I guess i am on my own. 😢💔

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