To See or Not To See

Conscious creates our environment. Once we become conscious of an idea or form we are no longer unconscious.

Immediately after becoming conscious the subject that we were unconscious of alters.

A relationship forms regardless of the nature of the object and subject. The object and subject become Meridians that now are connected by the Phenomena or Science of Quantum Entanglement.

Most of this activity occurs in a metaphysical nature or state in the subconscious which the Modern day authority of psychology believes to be 30,000-100,000 times the size of the conscious.

In representation we can compare the conscious as our body and the subconscious as or Soul or Spirit

In the Quantum Physics Double Slit Light Wave experiment the light wave or laser changes motion when and or as observed by a conscious thought complex.

Therefore if we are being observed without knowing or being conscious of the observer nonetheless our subconscious knows and is conscious with the ability in time to translate the observer to our conscious via the meridians and the Quantum Entanglement that now exists between the observer and the observer or the object and the subject.

This dual nature or natural duality is a relationship that takes turns in the Law of Opposites.

The observer becomes the observed and the observed becomes the observer. It’s a matter of consciousness knowing the subject and object and identifying the cycle of time each one represents in the relationship.

“When you stare into the abyss the abyss also stares into you.” ~ Nietzsche


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