Light Magic vs Black Magic

Sooooooo as someone who can unfortunately see these into these worlds. I have seen the same “being” glow a great light and turn into the blackest black. A demon is a demon.

If some one casts it out into the work then they are responsible. Some of these being ARE nicer then others but they are all liars and manipulators and that’s dangerous and makes the castor an idiot and a fool.

I want to believe that this many people are talking to Angels and such but I’m gonna have to say nah on that. Maybe it’s because no Angels have come to save me from these demons who torture me. They don’t tell me how to get rid of them.

I have not seen ANY human like spirits at all. Maybe a few but they were too tiny to say they there actually human. And some of the demons were masks.

So to me this light vs dark thing is all the same coin and I don’t want to play their game at all.

I do not come from duality consciousness. So this is very difficult for me. I want to left alone by these demons. I come from a place of love usually, understanding and resolve. I can’t do that in this consciousness. It is insane. It is Demonic. And I don’t understand why I am all of a sudden linked to it.

Like many other people over the last 3 year something happened where they were linked to this insane Demonic consciousness.

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